B&B Transcript Thursday 10/15/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 10/15/15


Episode # 7176 ~ Steffy & Brooke are baffled by Ridge's actions & draw their own conclusions about his motives; Rick & Maya meet with a professional in their quest to begin a family.

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Caroline: You told Brooke about the vasectomy?

Ridge: I should have told you.

Caroline: You said that no one could know, but know Brooke does? She knows that you can't have children, and when she finds out that I'm pregnant, she's gonna know that the baby isn't yours.

Brooke: These will need to go to accounting.

Charlotte: Sure thing. Um... I just heard Thomas is in Paris.

Brooke: Yeah. So did I.

Charlotte: Do you know why?

Brooke: He didn't mention anything to you?

Steffy: Charlotte! I thought you might be here. Not with Brooke, though.

Charlotte: Were you looking for me?

Steffy: No.

Charlotte: Oh. Then, uh, I should go.

Brooke: Something is going on there.

Steffy: With Charlotte?

Brooke: And with your brother. Maybe that explains why he's off to Paris?

Steffy: He's where?

Maya: Well, nothing's official yet.

Rick: We've both agreed to give Maya's sister some time to think about it.

Maya: But it would be great if we could give Nicole more specifics about the process.

Dr. March: Well, there is a lot to consider, for the parents as well as the potential surrogate. May I ask, is your sister younger or older than you?

Maya: She's younger.

Dr. March: Does she have children?

Maya: No.

Rick: Does it matter?

Dr. March: Typically, a surrogate candidate has had children. In fact, ideally, she's finished having a family of her own. It helps to avoid attachment. You see, there are several psychological concerns involved with using a first-time surrogate. But, obviously, I gather she's someone you trust to take on the role for you.

Maya: Nicole's the perfect surrogate. We really hope she says yes.

Nicole: Really? You don't want me to be Maya's surrogate?

Zende: I understand why you'd want to. A little Forrester-Avant baby? You'd be giving Rick and Maya a baby that's a part of them, but for nine months, that baby would be a part of you. I mean, come on. Do you really want to be pregnant right now? Or would you rather be doing this?

Nicole: We can still do this if I'm pregnant. It would just be more like this.

Zende: Yeah, but this is so much better.

Dr. March: Being a surrogate is a huge commitment, and involving a member of your family is wonderful, and I understand the desire for the shared genes. But as I've said, it is atypical to use a surrogate who's never had a child. There are risks for everyone involved. Your sister's ability to get pregnant is an unknown. And even if she can give you a healthy child, what if she has her own fertility issues later in life and suddenly decides that your healthy child that she carried should be hers? Now, there are legal ways to prevent this from happening, of course, but emotionally --

Maya: Nicole would never do that.

Dr. March: It's easy to say now. But there are several reasons like this one why we use a gestational carrier in this scenario.

Rick: We, uh -- we read about that.

Maya: Harvest her eggs and find a surrogate.

Dr. March: Exactly.

Maya: But we -- we would just feel more at ease having my sister carry our child. We trust her. We could be with her every step of the way. And, honestly, it would feel more like my own. Look, we don't even know if Nicole's gonna say yes to all of this, but if she does, we just want to make sure that she understands everything, especially the concerns.

Rick: Not only psychologically but physically. Nine months is quite a bit of time.

Dr. March: And the process begins before that. There are tests, psych evals, legal documents, potentially medications. With only one attempt per cycle, it could take a few months before you achieve a successful result.

Rick: So, like, what, a year, maybe more?

Dr. March: Realistically.

Maya: Okay, but once she's pregnant, i-it's a normal pregnancy?

Dr. March: Her obstetrician would monitor the pregnancy through regular checkups, ultrasounds, blood tests.

Rick: Do we get to go to those?

Dr. March: That's something you'd have to talk about with Nicole. But it sounds like you two are close.

Maya: Closer than ever.

Zende: You're talking about turning your whole life over to Maya and Rick.

Nicole: Not my whole life -- just some things.

Zende: Everything.

Nicole: Not my relationship with you.

Zende: Okay. Will they let you go to parties? Let you go to music festivals? Fly off to Miami or to South America?

Nicole: You want to take me to South America?

Zende: I don't know. I want to take you a lot of places. I want to do things that we've never experienced. Maya's not the only one making plans for the future, Nicole. Look, you want to help your sister. I respect that. But you have to think about yourself, too. Okay. If you do this, what is your future gonna look like, and is there any room in it for me?

Steffy: Thomas is in Paris?

Brooke: You didn't know?

Steffy: When did he leave?

Brooke: Yesterday. Ridge said it was urgent. But Rick wasn't aware that there was a problem at International.

Steffy: No. No. The problem is here.

Brooke: Well, then, why would Ridge send Thomas to Paris? Unless, of course, the problem is between the two of them.

Caroline: Brooke will know the minute she finds out I'm pregnant.

Ridge: We have time.

Caroline: You told her that you can't have children. You may be able to fool everyone else, but not Brooke.

Ridge: I'm not trying to fool anyone. You're my wife. We're gonna be the parents to this little kid. No one's gonna interfere with that -- not Thomas and not Brooke.

Maya: Not to get ahead of ourselves, but assuming Nicole does say yes and understands all the concerns, the technical side of things is actually easier, right?

Dr. March: Well, this kind of surrogacy -- traditional surrogacy -- can actually be less complicated. Once the testing and evals and preparation are finished, we do what's called an I.U.I. -- intrauterine insemination. The surrogate's ovulation is monitored, and then at the peak time, the prepared sperm is placed into the uterus. The rest is up to nature.

Maya: Are there any risks?

Dr. March: Besides the ones associated with any pregnancy, the risk of adverse affects to this procedure are actually quite low. In fact, the greatest concern with I.U.I. is the possibility of multiple births.

Rick: [Chuckles] Twins. It'd be fun. A lot of work but fun.

Dr. March: Well, that's only if fertility medication is necessary, and we still have to run some tests, but based on Nicole's youth and her general good health, I don't think it'll be necessary.

Maya: And the procedure usually works?

Dr. March: Well, success rate for pregnancy varies, but, best-case scenario, up to 20% per cycle. I know that doesn't sound very high, but it's actually quite good. This has all been very technical, and it's probably been a little daunting, but it is good information for you and your sister to know. If she has any questions, she can call me.

Rick: Thank you, Doctor.

Maya: Yeah, thank you. You've really given us a lot to think about.

Dr. March: Fertility specialists do these procedures all the time. Now, I encourage you to consider some other options. But if your sister says yes, we can get started on this process right away.

Zende: It's not a bad idea. It's just bad timing. Nicole... there's never going to be another time like this in our lives. We're young, free. We're interns. We don't even have real jobs yet.

Nicole: Don't let Ridge hear you say that.

Zende: You know what I mean. We can just enjoy ourselves -- and each other. Don't you want that?

Nicole: You know I do.

Zende: Okay. Okay. Uh, well, can you just give them your eggs -- you know, let someone else carry? It would still be the same genes, right?

Nicole: But that's not what they asked me. And, honestly, even though it's a huge sacrifice, I like the idea of being a part of every step. If I do this, I want to do what's right for all of us.

Zende: Am I a part of that "us"? We shouldn't put this, what we have, on hold -- the way we feel about each other, the way we are in each other's lives. We can't just put this down and pick it up a year later. We have to keep going.

Steffy: I don't know what's gotten in to him lately -- hooking up with an intern, punching Dad, because he called him out on it.

Brooke: What?

Steffy: Yeah. Dad caught Thomas and Charlotte together.

Brooke: No. I-I'm talking about the punch.

Steffy: Oh. Uh, I don't know. Dad was yelling at him, calling him a spoiled brat, and Thomas wasn't having it, so he was going on about mom and how he was letting the family down. And then Thomas just punched him. So now instead of being part of the design team, he's getting a time-out in Paris.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Ridge: Brooke only knows what I told her.

Caroline: You told her that you can't have kids.

Ridge: Then I'll tell her the doctor was wrong.

Caroline: And what? And your fertility issues -- what, those are just magically cured? 'Cause she's not gonna buy that.

Ridge: She asked me to get a second opinion. I'll tell her that I did. She has no reason not to believe me. She knows how much -- how much I wanted to have a kid with you, so... we'll figure it out. Just right now, we need to keep the pregnancy under wraps.

Caroline: More secrets.

Ridge: Wait. Stop. We'll get past this. Let's just... I know it's complicated. I know it's not... it's not perfect. But we'll make it work. It'll be okay. It's gonna be fine. It's just not exactly... what we hoped for. That's all.

Rick: I think that was a great idea. Do you think all this medical stuff is gonna scare Nicole away?

Maya: No. She's always been the brave one in our family.

Rick: I think all the Avant women are very courageous.

Maya: Well, once we decide to do something, we do it.

Rick: So, nothing that the doctor said changed your mind?

Maya: She brought up some good points about gestational surrogacy and the concerns. But...I still feel more comfortable having Nicole carry our child.

Rick: Me, too. We are asking a lot of her. All we can do is hope that she'll actually do this for us.

Nicole: As if this decision wasn't hard enough.

Zende: I didn't mean to make it harder.

Nicole: You don't want me to do it.

Zende: It's just things are going so great right now. I don't want them to change.

Nicole: Who says they'd have to?

Zende: I'd still be your boyfriend. We could still hang out and still be working at Forrester. But the baby will be the priority. Everything else will come second.

Nicole: You know what I think? I think you just want me all to yourself.

Zende: Don't you ever doubt it.

Brooke: So, you think Ridge sent Thomas to Paris to get rid of him?

Steffy: I think he just needs some time to cool off.

Brooke: I just can't believe all of this happened because of an intern.

Steffy: I know. It's so weird. It's like the funny thing about families. You argue about one thing, and who knows what else comes up? Well, wish me luck.

Brooke: Off to see Ridge?

Steffy: Oh, I think it's time for the president and the C.E.O. to have a little chat.

Caroline: You keep saying not to worry and that everything is gonna be okay, but it doesn't feel that way. It feels dangerous, this -- this thing with Brooke and -- and sending Thomas to Paris.

Ridge: Thomas, Thomas. I thought he'd outgrown his hatred and his anger towards me, but he hasn't.

Caroline: Don't you see that maybe sending him away just -- it might make everything worse?

Ridge: No. I made a decision. I got to stick with it. When the time is right, we'll tell everyone that you're pregnant, and you will have a baby shower and you'll design the nursery and... live all of it, all the milestones that you can cherish.

Caroline: When is this gonna feel normal? Because it doesn't. It feels like this horrible secret that we're keeping.

Ridge: We're protecting our family. There's no shame in that. It's our job right now. And do I wish I could go back in time and change what happened? Yes, every day. But I can't. The past is the past, and now we got to deal with what's in front of us, and what's in front of me... is you. And I love you, and our commitment to this child -- I love that, too. That's all I'm thinking about. Come here.

Maya: I don't want Nicole to feel pressured.

Rick: I agree.

Maya: Then we can't overwhelm her. But she has to know what she's getting in to.

Rick: If it's too much, she can always change her mind.

Maya: But will she? Look, Nicole knows how much this means to us. She's got to feel obligated. I have to tell her about the gestational option, right?

Rick: I-I thought you were feeling good about this.

Maya: I am. I just... I don't want to get too excited.

Rick: You said your conversation with her went well.

Maya: It did. There was no awkwardness. Neither of us felt afraid to say anything.

Rick: Good.

Maya: But we're asking a lot. But if she does this... if Nicole gives us this gift... I swear the moment I hold our child in my arms, I won't ask for anything else.

Nicole: All that stuff you said about being young and free...

Zende: All true.

Nicole: ...Not the real reason you want me to say no to Maya.

Zende: No.

Nicole: Okay. So... out with it.

Zende: Well, I almost said it earlier, when you were talking about how adorable your babies would be.

Nicole: You don't agree? You don't think I would have adorable babies?

Zende: I'd just rather you be making them with me.

Nicole: Just to make sure that they're ador-- wait a minute.

Zende: No. Okay. I'm not saying we should start making kids.

Nicole: Um, yeah, Zende. You kind of just did.

Zende: Okay. I think neither one of us is ready for that. But someday... if this is... what I think it could be... if this is what it feels like, I have to be honest. Nicole, I want to be a part of every amazing thing in your life. I want it to happen for both of us.

Nicole: I feel that way, too.

Ridge: I'll talk to Brooke. We'll work it out.

[Knock on door]

Ridge: Come on in.

Charlotte: Uh, sorry to interrupt. P.R. just needs your approval on these proofs for the California Freedom release.

Ridge: All right. Just put them on the table, Charlotte.

Charlotte: I'm really sorry that Thomas had to go Paris. I really hope it wasn't because of me.

Ridge: Thomas shouldn't have been involved with an intern, but that's not why he left, no.

Charlotte: Thank you for telling me.

Caroline: You see? People are already asking questions.

Ridge: Thomas and Charlotte were an item. It makes sense.

Caroline: No, but she's worried because he left without any explanation.

Ridge: Well, she's not worried anymore, and you don't have to be worried, either. It's okay. We're not using these. This is what I mean. I don't want him standing next to you, touching you. That's why he's in Paris -- because of stuff like this. He betrayed me, and he betrayed you. Thomas -- I don't need him here.

Steffy: Dad, what's going on? Is this about Thomas? Did he do something else? Tell me. I want to know now.

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