B&B Transcript Tuesday 10/6/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 10/6/15


Episode # 7169 ~ Steffy pushes Thomas to right the wrong he made with their father; Caroline is shocked when Ridge asks her to keep a secret.

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Ridge: You're pregnant?

Caroline: Yeah.

Ridge: With Thomas' child? My beautiful wife... and my son... are having a baby.

Charlotte: I'm totally going to die the next time I see your dad.

Thomas: You're not. I promise, all right? I'm the one who needs to start tiptoeing around.

Charlotte: Well, maybe meeting at my place next time would be a better idea.

Thomas: Yeah, definitely.

Steffy: Charlotte, there you are. Pam's been looking for you.

Charlotte: Right. Uh, well, I was just --

Steffy: Hitting on the designer? That makes you look bad, too.

Eric: Steffy's role in Aly's death? It was -- what are you talking about? It was an accident.

Ivy: It was a horrific, terrible accident. A-a lot of things happened that night that people don't know about, Eric. You asked why I got fired. Well, it all started because of that night. It started with how Aly died.

Eric: How Aly died? Why would that have caused problems between you and Steffy? I mean, you both lost your cousin that night. You were both grieving and in shock, standing on the side of the road together. I thought that would've bonded you.

Ivy: Well, I mean, that's what should've happened. We should've come together, and we should've helped each other with our grief. But instead, we decided to argue.

Eric: A very stressful time for both of you, especially given that you didn't have the greatest relationship to begin with.

Ivy: I mean, it's no -- it's no secret that we've had some trouble in the past because of Liam. Look. Steffy and I haven't been getting along for a very long time now. And we're both to blame for that. But we both could've done things very differently. And I want to make amends. We're cousins. You know, we're family, so we should be doing whatever we can to make this relationship work. And I tried. I actually tried. I reached out to her, and I apologized, and I was hoping that it would inspire something in her to maybe do the same thing, maybe let me have my place back at the family company, at least consider it. I want to work again. I want to be a part of the action. I mean, my last name is Forrester, too. Everyone seems to be forgetting that I told Steffy, I said, "I'm not gonna cause any trouble," and I will earn her trust back, but she just won't budge.

Charlotte: I'll head down to the showroom now, Ms. Forrester. Call you later.

Thomas: All right.

Steffy: When she does, don't answer.

Thomas: She's not gonna sue, if that is what you're worried about.

Steffy: Doesn't matter. It's inappropriate. I don't understand you -- hooking up with the intern, punching Dad? Why are you acting like this?

Caroline: I wanted to forget about that night, just to put it behind me and pretend like it never happened. I almost could. I got to the point where I could -- I could look at Thomas, not even remember it.

Ridge: Now you're pregnant.

Caroline: So I had to tell you.... because that night want to forget just won't -- it won't fade away now.

Ridge: No. It won't.

Ivy: If there is anything you can think of, Eric, any suggestions at all -- [Sighs] Look, I'm not asking for special attention. I'm really not. It's just, this tension with Steffy, it's unbearable. I don't think I can do it indefinitely.

Wyatt: Ivy has tried.

Ivy: It's humiliating, getting kicked out of my own family company? Steffy's president. I get that. I have no way of challenging her decision.

Eric: But I do. I mean, that is why you're here, isn't it? You want me to go over Steffy's head.

Thomas: Look, I'm fine. Don't worry about me.

Steffy: I can't help it. Have you even talked to Dad?

Thomas: No.

Steffy: Maybe you should call him, extend the olive branch.

[Knock on door]

Steffy: Come in!

Monica: Sorry to interrupt. Ridge said he'd leave the fabric sample?

Thomas: Mm, yeah. It's right here. Uh, here is the order form and the samples.

Monica: Thank you.

Thomas: Yeah.

Monica: And can I say, it's great having you both back from Paris. I know it makes your dad proud, seeing you succeed.

Steffy: Oh, thank you, Monica. That's sweet. Thank you. See you.

Thomas: Well, at least one of us is making him proud.

Steffy: Oh, of course you do you just got to get past these issues, okay?

Thomas: I'm trying, all right. It's -- it's just hard to get past all these old wounds. You know, growing up the way that we did, I mean, Dad is the definition of an entitled man telling me that... I want to focus on now. I want to focus on -- on growing my relationship with Dad. You know, he's -- he's married and starting a new family. I-I want to be there for that, you know? I want to be a part of that. I just -- I want him to let me.

Ridge: Thomas knows?

Caroline: No. Not yet. Just you.

Ridge: Tell me again about that night. Make me understand what happened there. Let me just -- I don't --

Caroline: I-I can't, because I don't understand myself. I can't. I can't.

Ridge: Tell me what you did. Tell me what he did to you.

Caroline: [Sighs] He came over because he -- he was concerned about me. I thought he was helping.

Ridge: Needed a friend, right? He's your friend. He -- he came to help you. And then it's -- everything was so good... so right, and now... it's all wrong. Everything is wrong.

Caroline: He didn't know.

Ridge: He, uh --

Caroline: The -- the wine just hit me a lot faster than I --

Ridge: Stop. He wanted to get to me.

Caroline: No, I don't think that he would -- I don't think that he would --

Ridge: Stop! Look at me. Look at my face. Want to hear all the horrible things he said before he hit me, before he lost his temper on me? How I destroyed his life, destroyed his mother's life. Completely rewritten version of... of what I remember his childhood being. He slept with you because he wanted to get to me. He wanted to hurt me. And he did. Broke my heart.

Eric: I don't hold a title at the company anymore.

Ivy: [Sighs]

Wyatt: You're Eric Forrester. That's the title to hold.

Ivy: Eric, you and Stephanie built Forrester Creations. It only exists because of your hard work. Do you know that, um -- that Dad, he was so proud of you. He would always speak about you, and he would buy all the fashion magazines and show me all the pictures you were in.

Eric: No, he didn't do that.

Ivy: Yes. Mm-hmm. He did.

Eric: I didn't think my brother paid any attention.

Ivy: He was so proud. And he wouldn't just speak about the business. He would speak about your family, you, your children, your grandchildren. And then when you finally gave me the opportunity to design jewelry for this company, I mean [scoffs] It was just -- it was the culmination of everything I'd ever hoped for. You know, moving to L.A. and not just being the -- the Aussie cousin that everyone would see in photos. I was thrilled I was so proud to be a part of this. You know? So to just have Steffy take it away from me like that, it's just -- it's -- Uncle Eric, I need you to know how much I hate being in this position. I really need you to understand that.

Eric: I do. I get it.

Ivy: Do you?

Steffy: I don't think you have to be worried about being included in Dad's new life.

Thomas: [Scoffs] I punched him in the face.

Steffy: Yeah, he'll forgive you. Just go up to him tomorrow and apologize. You're his son. Just do what's right. He'll forgive you. I swear, Thomas. And he'll see that you're putting in some effort.

Thomas: I'm trying.

Steffy: Yeah, we are both trying. And we've both been extremely vocal about Dad dating Caroline. But they're married now. And they're thinking about having a child. And you said that you want to be there. You want to be part of this. Dad will appreciate that. So stop hooking up with interns and face punching. Dad will come around.

Caroline: What do we do now?

Ridge: I don't know.

Caroline: I can go. I can just go. I can just go away. I can --

Ridge: You don't have to go away. You don't have to go anywhere.

Caroline: You can. You can go. You don't have to --

Ridge: I'm not going anywhere, either. I almost lost you once. It almost killed me, so I'm not gonna do that again. It's us. We can figure this out. I'm sorry. I-I'm... you shouldn't have to go through this. I'm -- what --

Caroline: [Crying]

Ridge: What do you need? What can I do? I -- you know we have options, right? You don't have to keep this baby.

Caroline: Some people can't get pregnant. [Sniffles] They try, and they try, and they try, and they -- they can't. And what... what if this is it for me? What if... this is my only chance? I always wanted to have a child, and now I have one growing inside of me, and I want it. I want to keep my baby.

Ridge: Well, that's it, then.

Caroline: Okay.

Ridge: We're having a baby.

Caroline: What?

Ridge: We're gonna raise it as our own. We're married. You're pregnant. We want to have a family, so that's it. What do you say?

Caroline: You would really do that?

Ridge: I want to see something good come out of this. Okay?

Caroline: Okay. Yeah, okay. How do -- how do we tell Thomas?

Ridge: Thomas? Thomas is never gonna know about this baby.

Ivy: I understand that Steffy's your granddaughter, and you have your own priorities to think out.

Eric: I do. I have my family, and I have my company. You and Steffy are a part of both. I'll speak to her.

Ivy: Really?

Eric: You're my niece. You're a Forrester. I'm not sure I understand exactly what's happened between e two of you, but, uh... I'll talk to her.

Ivy: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Steffy: I still think it's a little crazy.

Thomas: What?

Steffy: Our dad starting family. I mean, either one of us could've made him a grandfather by now, but he's jumping back into doing the Dad thing. [Sighs] But, hey, that's what happens when you marry a girl half your age. What do you expect, right?

Thomas: From Dad? Hate to say it, but at I was expecting was for him to disappoint Caroline. He's just gonna string her along, get her hopes up about their relationship and then... it would all come crashing down. Well, it -- it seemed like things were going that way. I'm glad I was wrong. You know, he saw how important she was and how special she was. He gave her what she wanted. That meant a lot to her, that Dad agreed to give her that child.

Steffy: Nothing bonds two people more.

Caroline: What are you talking about? We can't keep that from Thomas. We have to tell him about the baby.

Ridge: No. I don't even want to hear his name.

Caroline: He has to know.

Ridge: Why?

Caroline: Because we can't -- how could we -- we can't keep that from him!

Ridge: You're my wife. You're not supposed to have kids with other men. You're not supposed to have a kid with my son. When I married you, I said I would take care of you, take care of all of you. Now that includes a kid. So that's what we'll do. We'll raise him as our own. And Thomas won't know.

Caroline: Ridge...

Ridge: You're my wife. And that's our child.

Caroline: How could we keep that from him?

Ridge: How can we not keep it from him? You needed a friend that night. You needed a shoulder to cry on. Thomas came over, and he was willing to give you much more than that, and he did. It was never about what you needed. It was about what he wanted. It always is. That's my boy. Using women, interns and... [Sighs] and when he's out of words, he hits his father. So is -- is that... what you want around your son or your daughter growing up?

Caroline: [Sniffles]

Ridge: He's a child himself. He's incapable. That's why he can't know about this kid. You understand that, right? Look at me. I know this isn't perfect. I know this is not your dream. It's not my dream, either. Didn't want to raise my grandkid. But I'll do it for you. I'll do it for us. Caroline, I'm gonna love that kid with everything that I have. I will. And I will give him -- her, him, her... a life that's filled... with magical dreams... fairy tales and wonderment and possibilities. Thomas is not gonna be part of that life. He's not gonna be anywhere near that kid. He's not gonna be anywhere near you. It's our child now. Our secret. Say yes.

Caroline: Yes. Okay. This is our baby. Thomas will never know.

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