B&B Transcript Thursday 10/1/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 10/1/15


Episode # 7166 ~ Ridge & Thomas come to blows; Deacon urges Quinn to take a different approach with Wyatt, Bill, & Liam.

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[Carolineís voice flashbacks]

Thomas: We made love.

Dr. Li:  You really had no idea you might be pregnant?

Caroline: Please just tell me that I'm carrying my husband's child.

Ridge: I had a vasectomy. I can't be the father to your kid.

Ridge: How'd that feel? Hitting your own dad?

Thomas: You disrespected me. You have been all my life.

Ridge: I disrespected you? So now you think you have the right to hit your father?

Wyatt: All right, what is my mother up to? You're in one piece. That's always a good sign.

Liam: I'm not joking, Wyatt. It's starting to seem like Quinn is on the move.

Ivy: Whatever that means.

Liam: He knows what it means.

Wyatt: No, actually, he doesn't.

Liam: [Sighs] Quinn confronted me.

Ivy: Liam, she's just annoyed because you keep siding with your girlfriend about me being fired.

Liam: No, that had nothing to do with it.

Ivy: Well, I think it does, and I think it has everything to do with the fact that you keep getting these great breaks while Wyatt is being marginalized. What? Do you really think that that makes her crazy?

Liam: We both know the signs.

Wyatt: So, what? She threatened you?

Liam: In so many words, yeah.

Wyatt: Okay. In how many words, and what exactly did she say?

Deacon: Baby, you sure you want to be wasting your energy on that kid when you can waste it on a man?

Quinn: [Sighs] I could care less about Liam Spencer. He's a spineless twerp. He isn't even worth a breath of my time. But when he interferes in my son's life, which he's doing on so many different levels, he has to be stopped.

Deacon: Guy is your boss.

Quinn: And he's Wyatt's brother. Not like he acts like it.

Quinn:  Aren't brothers supposed to look out for one another?

Deacon: Cain and Abel sure didn't.

Quinn: [Sighs] And, as usual, my son is the innocent victim.

Deacon: Innocent. Now, you really sure you want to use that word?

Quinn: Okay, fine. Let's just take a look at it. Um, Liam made a play for a job that should have been Wyatt's.

Deacon: Vice president of Forrester.

Quinn: Right. And then Liam stole a girl that Wyatt was clearly interested in.

Deacon: Steffy.

Quinn: Now Wyatt is dating a girl that Liam rejected.

Deacon: Ivy.

Quinn: Right.  And he let his girlfriend Steffy fire her. It's like he's on a mission to take down his brother.

Deacon: You ever wonder why he feels that way?

Quinn: Yeah! Because of me.

Liam: You know how she is, Wyatt. Quinn's threats are -- are --

Wyatt: Sometimes veiled. Sometimes implied. Sometimes direct. So, which were they, Liam?

Liam: Implied.

Wyatt: Oh, my --

Ivy: Implied? Really? That's not a threat, Liam.

Liam: You don't know her, Ivy, not like we do. Don't pretend I'm overreacting.

Wyatt: I'm not. Mom's upset. She thinks I've been passed over, she thinks Ivy's been treated unfairly, and she thinks that you're dad's golden child. Imagine that. How could she get it so... right?

[Carolineís flashbacks]

Dr. Li:  This might come as a shock, but...you're pregnant.

Ridge: And I just want to give you a baby, but I can't.

Ridge: How do you do that? How do you hit your own father?

Thomas: I guess for a minute that I forgot you were my father. I just haven't had many reminders --

Ridge: Stop acting like a child.

Thomas: I'm not a child, and you need to stop making me beg for your approval, all right? That's something I got very little of over these years, and I don't need it anymore, all right? I'm through with it. And I sure as Hell don't need you telling me who the Hell I can go to bed with.

Ridge: Must be quite a list you got going there. Who else is on there, Thomas? Can only imagine.

Liam: Look, I'm not saying your mom is off her rocker. Yet. But she's getting in my face, dude. I don't like that.

Wyatt: Well, maybe you're feeling guilty about everything that's happened. You ever think about that?

Liam: How are you not taking this seriously?

Wyatt: You forget -- I work with her. And while you're playing V.P. and footsie or whatever the hell it is you do with Steffy, I'm in the trenches with my mother every day.

Liam: Make your point.

Wyatt: My point is, I have not seen any of these so-called signs. And if you ask me, I mean, she's been on her best behavior.

Ivy: Yeah, she seems to be one of my biggest supporters right now.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Liam: [Scoffs] That's reason enough to keep an eye on her.

Ivy: Wait, you're gonna be concerned about me now, Liam? That's really sweet, but I think it's a bit late for that, don't you?

Liam: All right, fine. You want to trust somebody who tried to drown you, go ahead. That's your prerogative. I'm just here to deliver a word of warning.

Wyatt: Consider it delivered. Goodbye.

Liam: Why does it have to be this way?! We're a family! We have a family problem. Quinn may not be my mom, but you are my brother. And, you, why are -- why are you defending her after everything that she's done to us?

Wyatt: Maybe she's defending my mom because Quinn is defending her after the way you treated her. You strung her along when Steffy came back to town, demanding that you two get back together. Then you broke up with her at her cousin's memorial, of all places. And then you did nothing -- nothing -- when Steffy was firing her from her family company.

Liam: I get that you're upset. I understand why. But Quinn is the issue here, and I am worried about her for all of us.

Deacon: Babe, I want you to listen to what I'm about to say. You are not responsible for Wyatt.

Quinn: I'm his mother.

Deacon: Or anything that has happened to him.

Quinn: Okay, tell that to his brother -- or his father, for that matter.

Deacon: Spencer? I don't see him winning any father of the year awards.

Quinn: Do you know that he says Wyatt is reckless and impulsive?

Deacon: Wait, wait. This is coming from a guy that took off, went to Dubai, and then threw Forrester out of a helicopter?

Quinn: And he says he gets his instability from my genes.

Deacon: I'd like to see him raise a kid all by himself.

Quinn: No, no, no, no, no. That's a terrifying thought.

Deacon: I mean, it really is a good thing that Liam was raised by his mother.

Quinn: I don't think she should get any gold stars. Liam is as unstable as his father is.

Deacon: Come on, Quinn. Liam's okay most of the time.

Quinn: Oh, why? Because your daughter fell in love with him?

Deacon: About half a dozen times.

Quinn: [Scoffs] Wyatt has lost so much because of Liam. And because of me, too.

Deacon: That is not true.

Quinn: Oh, come on, Deacon. I'm not looking for a pity party, but let's be real here. Wyatt is judged based on his mother's behavior, and I'm not gonna make any apologies, but I got to admit that it does have its consequences.

Thomas: All right, great, yeah. Turn your back again.

Ridge: No, Thomas.  You turned your back on decorum, on good sense, and now on family.

Thomas: Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, no. Don't give me "family." All right, where were you when I was younger, when I was just a little kid, when I needed you the most? You were so wrapped up in your ego, you're too busy hanging out with Brooke and mom and messing around with them! That's not family! That is dysfunction!

Ridge: We have issues.

Thomas: I'm way past issues at this point. Blocked them out.

Ridge: You're past it? 'Cause you just hit me.

Thomas: Because you can't keep treating me like your little boy! I'm an adult! I deserve that much!

Ridge: You're not an adult! An adult knows that there are things that are off limits!

Thomas: So what if I slept with her?! Even if I did, it doesn't matter! We're both young! We're both single! And I'm definitely not ready to settle down like you are with a woman who is half my age! I did what I wanted in Paris. I lived the way that I was gonna live, and I'm gonna do exactly the same here.

Ridge: With no respect and no boundaries.

Thomas: I set my own boundaries, just like you.

Ridge: But you don't. You're the great Thomas Forrester. You don't need boundaries. And I guess you don't need respect, either, for anyone, not even your dad. I won't forget this.

[Door closes]

Deacon: I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but maybe Spencer's right. I mean, the kid does have a lot of you in him.

Quinn: Gee, thanks.

Deacon: That's a compliment. I mean, think about it. He's -- he's got your brains, he's got your loyalty.

Quinn: Do you know that Bill says that Wyatt is not as smart as Liam?

Deacon: Oh, like he would know? I mean, Spencer's such a genius.

Quinn: Yeah. He's an idiot.

Deacon: Moron.

Quinn: [Sighs] There's got to be a way to get through to Liam.

Deacon: You work with him. Come on, baby. Charm him.

Quinn: Hmm. I don't do charm.

Deacon: You can be pretty charming when you want to be. I've seen it.

Quinn: Liam detests me. Almost as much as his father does. And they both use that to keep Wyatt down. It infuriates me.

Deacon: Honey, Wyatt can take care of his brother.

Quinn: Really?

Deacon: Yeah.

Quinn: And if Hope were being treated unfairly by her family, would you not get involved?

Deacon: I don't know. Maybe I need to talk to Liam. Hell, maybe I need to talk to Spencer.

Quinn: They're not gonna listen to you any more than they're gonna listen to me. No. I have to handle it.

Deacon: Yeah?

Quinn: Mm-hmm.

Deacon: How you planning on doing that?

Quinn:  Umm, I donít know but somehow Liam has got to be neutralized.  

Deacon:  See, you know when you start using words like neutralized, thatís when my head startsÖ

Quinn:  I mean heís gotta change his attitude.

Deacon:  Right.  Towards you.  And that ainít gonna happen if you carrying around a big stick.

Quinn:  What if I speak softly and carry a really big, pointy stick.

Deacon:  [Chuckles]  Look, Iím just saying that I donít think Liamís going to respond to threats.  My suggestion, leave the stick at home.

Quinn:  Alright, well, weíll see.  I mean Iím gonna do what I have to do.  But [sighs] itís just Wyatt cannot keep being marginalized by Liam Spencer.

Wyatt:  I get that youíre concerned, and not just for yourself but for Ivy and me.  And thatís, thatís sweet but I still think youíre overreacting.  I know my mother andÖ

Liam:  [Sighs]

Wyatt:  I havenít seen any of these signs that make her seem like sheís going to make a bad choice.

Liam:  Well I wanna believe that.

Wyatt:  [Sighs]

Ivy:  Look Iíll keep an eye on her.

[Cell phone chime]

Liam:  Alright.

Wyatt:  Good.  

Ivy: Okay.

Wyatt:  [Clears throat]

Ivy:  I guess you better be getting back to the office.

Liam: I want you to know, I didn't want things to work out this way. I didn't think Steffy should have fired you.

Ivy: Yeah, okay.

Liam: Well, call me an optimist, but I still think there's a way for all of us to get along.

Thomas: Still not good. Not good at all.

[Thomasí flashback]

Ridge: Maybe it's the fact that you're a spoiled, entitled brat with no accountability, who will take whatever he wants from his father!

Thomas: [Grunts]

[Door opens]

Caroline: I've been waiting for you.

Ridge: I had to go see somebody first.

Caroline: Who?

Ridge: Thomas.

Caroline: Why?

Ridge: Are you all right?

Caroline: What happened to your face?

Ridge: Oh, I took a punch.

Caroline: Why? When?

Ridge: It was at the house. It was Thomas.

Caroline: He hit you?

Ridge: We were arguing.

Caroline: Arguing about what?

Ridge: About who he's been sleeping with.

Wyatt: Wow. My brother with the olive branch. Do you believe him?

Ivy: I want to.

Wyatt: [Sighs] He could have talked to Steffy, tried to convince her not to fire you. He should have done that.

Ivy: Look, I'm not making excuses for Steffy. You know I'm not doing that. But I-I do understand why she's having some issues with trusting me.

Wyatt: I thought we were past all that.

Ivy: Yeah, look, so did I. You know what? Regardless of what Liam said, whether he means it or not, I don't know. But what matters to me today is that... you stood up for me again.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Ivy: It kind of turns me on.

Wyatt: Oh.

Ivy: Yeah, a girl loves having a man in her corner.

Wyatt: That's right where I am.

Ivy: I know.

Wyatt: Hmm.

Ivy: Hmm.

Thomas: [Groans] No, no, no, no, no. No. [Sighs]

Caroline: Thomas told you who he was sleeping with, so you fought?

Ridge: He didn't have to tell me. She was right there.

Caroline: She was?

Ridge: Yeah. Charlotte, the intern. She's...

Caroline: Oh.

Ridge: You don't seem surprised. It doesn't matter. The kid's out of control, you know. He's, um...

Caroline: So you fought?

Ridge: No, we didn't fight. It was...one punch, that's all.

Caroline: You didn't...

Ridge: No, I didn't. I'm not gonna hit my kid. He's my kid. Even if he's not acting like it.

Caroline: I'm sorry. I see you're upset.

Ridge: I am upset. It just -- it seems so disrespectful, you know, with an intern, and it just -- I don't -- perfect recipe for another lawsuit.

Caroline: I don't think that Charlotte will go down that route at all. I --

Ridge: I hope not.

Caroline: Why did he hit you?

Ridge: He just was telling me everything I did wrong and how I destroyed his life, and I called him on it. And I got to tell you, I think... [Sighs] I think he really enjoyed hitting his dad.

Caroline: I don't think that. I think that -- I think he just lost his temper. I mean, that's not really Thomas.

Ridge: I don't know anymore. He challenged me, told me he would take whatever he wants, whoever he wants. I can just imagine that list of women in his bed, you know. It just makes me sad. Sorry, I don't mean to -- I don't want to put that on you. We've got our own stuff going on. We've got our own issues, and -- and... I don't even know where to start. I just wanted to give you a baby, you know. That's all I wanted to do, and... but there are alternatives. This -- this...this is gonna be okay. We're gonna work through it, so can we talk about that?

Caroline: No. 'Cause there's something I have to tell you first.

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