B&B Transcript Wednesday 9/16/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 9/16/15


Episode # 7155 ~ An epic battle of Spencers vs. Forresters begins; Ivy's bad luck becomes Quinn's good fortune when it comes to business at Forrester Creations.

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Bill: You want to start a fashion house?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Bill: Spencer is a communications company.

Wyatt: Right, but it's one of the most influential conglomerates in the world. I'm telling you, the name speaks power, success. The CEO is quite handsome. That is a nice haircut, by the way.

Bill: Save it.

Wyatt: Okay.

Bill: We don't make clothes.

Wyatt: But if we did, they'd be the best damn clothes anyone's ever seen! Am I right?

Katie: You can't really argue with that.

Wyatt: See?! Dad, I'm telling you. If we do this, and if we do it right, we can beat Forrester at their own game.

Steffy: There's nothing to stop me?

Carter: Ivy's contract can be terminated at any time.

Steffy: Do it.

Carter: Steffy --

Quinn: Uh, hey. What's so important? I was in the middle of a call.

Steffy: You are now in charge of the jewelry line.

Quinn: What? Excuse me?

Steffy: Ivy's been fired.

Pam: Steffy.

Steffy: Uh, Pam, we're in a meeting.

Pam: Well, I thought you might want to know Ivy's in the building. Charlie just stopped her in the lobby.

Liam: Uh, you want me to...

Steffy: No, no. I'll deal with it.

Carter: Ivy's back?

Quinn: I didn't even know she was gone!

Liam: So you didn't know?

Quinn: No, I told you I've been in meetings. What happened?

Carter: Nobody knows.

Quinn: I-I know things have been tense. Did she and Steffy have a fight or...

Carter: No, everybody was waiting for the photo shoot, but Steffy showed up, canceled it. Next thing, Ivy's fired.

Liam: No, no, no. No, no, no. It didn't come from out of nowhere. Guys, Ivy did something, and it made Steffy feel like she can't trust her.

[Elevator bell dings]

Steffy: You can't be here.

Charlie: Yeah, I, uh, I told her that.

Ivy: Steffy, my belongings are upstairs, and I'm not leaving without them. I need to get my tools, my photographs, my laptop --

Steffy: Charlie, can you handle that?

Charlie: Yeah, I'm -- I'm on it.

Steffy: And not the drawings. Those belong to Forrester.

Charlie: Right. Okay, Ivy, let's make this quick.

Steffy: No, no. You go. Ivy stays with me.

[Elevator bell dings]

Bill: Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

Katie: When was the last time you didn't do something you wanted to do?

Bill: He wants to one-up his brother.

Wyatt: Okay. Liam doesn't know anything about fashion. He had to learn a lot about running a business before you made him president of Spencer. I've got the experience and the know-how. All I need's a chance.

Bill: And a company to run. Which you expect me to provide.

Wyatt: It's a good investment, Dad! I learned a lot at Forrester, and now I want to use it. I want to build something of my own. This is the next step for me. I mean, come on. Can't you understand that?

Katie: I understand. But we have to be careful about taking on Forrester. They are king of the hill, and they have been for quite some time.

Wyatt: Because no one has challenged them enough. Look, that is all about to change.

Quinn: I'd like to know what Ivy did.

Liam: Doesn't concern you, Quinn.

Quinn: But Ivy and I were partners. She got on Steffy's bad side somehow --

Liam: Do me a favor. Do your job. If Ivy had done hers, maybe this wouldn't have happened.

Quinn: Was she not happy with her work?

Liam: No, if -- [Sighs] Ivy let her emotions get the best of her. And she made some decisions that I wish she hadn't. And she probably now does, too.

Quinn: But not decisions about the collection?

Liam: No, Quinn, Steffy needs people that she can rely on. If she can't trust your judgment, then you got to go. That's all I'm gonna say about it.

Carter: But you don't feel good about it. After everything you and Ivy went through, Liam, man, I know how much you cared about her.

Liam: Yeah, and I still do. I hate this for Ivy. She's a brilliant designer. She contributed a lot to this company. But Steffy felt it was necessary to let her go, and I understand why.

Wyatt: The timing couldn't be more perfect.

Bill: Forrester's at the top of their game, Wyatt.

Wyatt: Yeah, but they're focused on themselves. They're not even thinking about the competition!

Bill: What competition?

Wyatt: Exactly.

Katie: They'd never see us coming.

Wyatt: Forrester's a juggernaut. They have all the lines, international, the stores. Our company will be completely different. A new breed of fashion house just stripped down and streamlined.

Katie: Keep your overhead low, maximize profits.

Wyatt: Right.

Katie: Grow the business by putting money back into the product, establish a brand.

Wyatt: Exactly. Tell me more! Katie, you know about this business! You ran Forrester for how long? Spencer, too! I want to know what you think!

Katie: I think it's an interesting idea.

Wyatt: Okay. One that you might want to be a part of?

Katie: If it happens.

Wyatt: Okay. That's perfect. Katie and I will run the company, and, Dad, you can just rake in all the cash.

Bill: You really think there's something to this?

Katie: I think it's something that you should consider.

Wyatt: Great. I want to get started right away.

Bill: You don't start a business overnight, Wyatt.

Wyatt: You don't by dragging your feet, either! Dad! I know I can do this. I am asking my father to support me here.

Bill: Who's gonna draw the pretty pictures? A design house needs a designer.

Wyatt: We'll hire the best up-and-coming talent.

Bill: You need a name.

Wyatt: Well... how about a Forrester? I hear Ivy's out of a job now.

Ivy: This isn't over, Steffy. I have a contract.

Steffy: It's being terminated as we speak.

Ivy: On what grounds?

Steffy: You blackmailed me.

Ivy: I deleted the video.

Steffy: After threatening me with it for weeks.

Ivy: Oh, Steffy, you know I was trying to defend Aly. You know how that video looked.

Steffy: Wasn't what happened. I said that to you over and over again, and you wouldn't listen to me. I can't work with somebody like that.

Ivy: I admitted that I went too far. I don't know what else you want me to do.

Steffy: You came back here thinking you were still the face of Forrester. You didn't feel guilty about how you got it, or about anything, for that matter. I don't want anything from you, Ivy. But you're done here. You showed your true colors when you held that video over my head. You tried to manipulate me. You want to see what a person's really like? Give them a little power. Look at Rick when he was CEO, the way he treated you. And that didn't stop you from using his same tactics on me, being cruel and vindictive.

Ivy: What about you, what you are doing to me right now?

Steffy: Honestly, Ivy, I really was hoping that we could get past this. But I can't. I can't forget about it. I need people that I can count on, that I can trust, not turn on each other when things get rough.

Ivy: Steffy, you know that's not how I am.

Steffy: Yeah, you say that, but what you did says something completely different. I don't know, maybe... maybe you should go back to Australia or wherever. But your days in LA fashion are over.

[Elevator bell dings]

Charlie: I, uh, I think we got everything, Ivy.

Ivy: Thank you so much, Charlie.

Steffy: Pam.

Pam: Hmm?

Steffy: Can you tell Liam that I'll be up in a minute?

Pam: Yeah. Sure.

Ivy: Thanks.

[Elevator bell dings]

Ivy: So, you're not gonna have me escorted off the premises?

Steffy: Do I need to?

Ivy: No.

Steffy: I didn't want it to come to this. We're family. And I know you thought you had a place here, but you don't. You're no longer welcome at Forrester Creations.

Bill: You want to do this for your girlfriend?

Wyatt: I'm doing this for me and for the Spencer family.

Bill: You'll be in direct competition with your brother, going head to head. You think that's good for your relationship?

Wyatt: Look, Liam's happy to sit back and let other people tell him what to do. But I'm not, and neither is Ivy. She wanted to take a leadership role over there, and Steffy wouldn't let her do it. She and Ridge are running things over there, and everybody, including Liam, has to jump when they're told. Well, I'm not about that. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm all about being a team player if I can move my way up the roster, but I don't see that happening at Forrester. So yes, I do want to start my own team, one every bit as successful and talented as Forrester Creations.

Bill: You want to be the boss.

Wyatt: Well, I mean, I am a Spencer. Of course, I want to be the boss. But it's more than that. I want to prove myself. I just -- I want a challenge.

Bill: Starting a company. That's a big one.

Wyatt: And I can handle it. Especially when I have the right help. Look, I know that it's a lot to ask, Dad. And I don't expect you to give me anything. And unlike Liam, I intend to earn it.

Pam: You know, Charlie, business can be really harsh. I know that, okay? I just can't help feeling sorry for Ivy.

Charlie: You didn't see this coming?

Pam: No. Not at all. Which is what makes me think there's more to this than we know.

Liam: Ivy's gone?

Steffy: Yeah. We can all move on. She won't be a problem anymore.

Ivy: Oh.

Wyatt: Hey, Ivy. Just in time.

Bill: Rough day at the office?

Ivy: Well, I'm guessing Wyatt told you I got fired.

Katie: Yeah, we're really sorry about that.

Ivy: You haven't even heard all of it. I just went back to Forrester to pick up all of my belongings. Steffy had Charlie go upstairs to get everything for me and then told me that I'm no longer welcome at Forrester.

Wyatt: Wow. I hope you have your pencils in that box.

Ivy: Why my pencils?

Wyatt: I'm just saying you might need them at your next job.

Ivy: [Scoffs] That's if I can even get one. I mean, Steffy could blackball me and shut me out completely.

Wyatt: I wouldn't worry about that. Who knows? Losing your job at Forrester might have been the best thing that ever happened to you, for all of us, really.

Ivy: Yeah, well, I can't really see how.

Katie: Wyatt has been trying to convince Bill to open a fashion house.

Wyatt: Yeah, and Dad was just about to tell me what a brilliant idea he thinks it is.

Bill: I haven't given it my okay.

Wyatt: But Katie's on board.

Ivy: Spencer Fashion.

Wyatt: Well, Spencer Designs, Spencer Couture. I mean, whatever. We'll figure that out later.

Ivy: I didn't know you were interested in the fashion industry.

Wyatt: Spencer's been a major player in the industry for decades.

Bill: Reporting on it, not making it.

Katie: Well, that shouldn't be a conflict, right?

Wyatt: Yeah! It hasn't been a problem for Liam. It shouldn't be for us.

Ivy: Okay, hang on. Is this actually happening?

Wyatt: I'm gonna make my pitch right now, and you're a part of it. Meet the new leader of our design team.

Ivy: Me?

Wyatt: Yeah. Yes. You told me you designed before.

Ivy: Yeah, no, but not professionally, I haven't.

Wyatt: Hey.

Katie: Have you ever shown your work to Eric or Ridge?

Ivy: No, but, I mean, why would I? Why would he ever choose me over his son or Caroline?

Bill: I'm not making an immediate decision, Wyatt. And for the record, fashion generally is not a big return business.

Wyatt: Just because Forrester hasn't blown you away doesn't mean that we can't.

Bill: I'll consider it.

Liam: Ivy's not here?

Steffy: Yeah. But I still don't think she gets it.

Liam: That she's fired?

Steffy: No, what -- what she did to me, what she put me through. She threatened me with that video. She -- she accused me for killing Aly. I tried to get through to her. You know that. I -- [Sniffles, sighs] I tried to get through to her, and I tried to make her realize that what she was doing was wrong, and I know that you did that, too, and she didn't care. She let everything that happened with Aly, with us, cloud her judgment. I honestly don't know how I thought we could -- we could work together after that.

Liam: Yeah, well, she sure did. So did Wyatt.

Steffy: Yeah. [Sniffles] No hard feelings, no consequences.

Liam: Well, he is Quinn's son. Which makes me wonder. I mean, I know he helped you out and all, but...

Steffy: What?

Liam: He didn't know you were gonna fire his girlfriend, and that made him very angry. What he said when he left...

Steffy: Yeah, that we're gonna regret this decision?

Liam: Yeah, I don't like that at all.

Steffy: Neither do I. But Wyatt did right by me. The best thing that Wyatt could do is get as far away from Ivy as he possibly can.

Wyatt: Okay, tell me you're in.

Ivy: To start a new company?

Wyatt: Yes! You, me, and Katie!

Ivy: I know, but, Wyatt, you still have your position at Forrester. Steffy didn't fire you.

Wyatt: She could. I could step out of line, and then I'd be gone. And by dear, old brother won't stick up for me, either. Ivy, we have to look out for ourselves, and running our own business is the best way to do that.

Ivy: Look, I don't know what to say.

Wyatt: Say yes. Yes.

Ivy: Yes, yes. Of course, yes.

Wyatt: Okay.

Ivy: It's just -- look, today, leaving Forrester, I was devastated. I put in so much work, you know, and what do I have to show for it? Nothing. So then I started thinking maybe Steffy's right. Maybe -- maybe I do need to go home to Australia.

Wyatt: What?

Ivy: Yeah. But then I walk in here, and I see you making all these incredible plans, and I know that you're gonna say it's not because of me. It's all just business. Look, hey, I just -- I really, really appreciate it.

Wyatt: Ivy, what Steffy did to you was unfair. Punishing you after you made things right.

Ivy: Yeah, I know. She said she can't trust me.

Wyatt: Well, I do. And my dad and Katie will, too. Once they see what you can do, I mean, come on.

Ivy: I don't even know what I can do.

Wyatt: But don't you want to find out? Doesn't that turn you on? Finally being able to test your limits and show everyone what you're capable of? Look... [Sighs] After Ridge got control of Forrester, I asked myself, "Why Liam? Why does Liam get all the breaks? Why does he get to be vice president of Forrester? Why not me?" And then it hit me. Why not me? I don't want to answer to the Forresters. I'm a Spencer. There's a building with my name on it. I don't have to wait for someone to give me a break. I can make my own.

Ivy: Do you really think we can do this?

Wyatt: Ivy, I believe in us, our talent, and what we can accomplish together.

[Both chuckle]

Ivy: Yeah, I do, too.

Wyatt: Good. I told Steffy and Liam that they're gonna regret firing you. They just made a huge mistake underestimating us. I just -- I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they realize it.

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