B&B Transcript Wednesday 9/9/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 9/9/15


Episode # 7150 ~ Not many people are pleased by the unexpected announcement made at Forrester Creations; Steffy becomes suspicious of Thomas' sudden change of heart regarding Ridge & Caroline's relationship.

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Caroline: She deleted it?

Steffy: Every copy she had.

Thomas: Off of all of her devices?

Steffy: The video's gone. Wyatt made sure of it.

Thomas: [Sighs] This doesn't sound like Ivy.

Caroline: I mean, at least not the Ivy that she's been lately.

Thomas: So she's finally come to her senses?

Steffy: Yeah, apparently.

Thomas: Do you trust her?

Steffy: Do I trust Ivy? No. But I do believe the video is gone. We made a pact to never talk about it again. To anyone. I wasn't thrilled Thomas told you about it. You didn't say anything to my dad?

Caroline: No. Not a word.

Steffy: Good. Let's keep it that way.

Ridge: Wow. Good morning.

Steffy: Hey.

Ridge: Hi.

Steffy: Uh, Lieutenant Baker called. He said that the investigation into Aly's death has been closed.

Ridge: Well, good. There shouldn't have been an investigation in the first place.

Steffy: He also called Thorne. It's all over.

Ridge: All right. Good news. Oh, and speaking of good news, I have some. At least I hope you think it's good news.

Katie: Oh! Hey!

Brooke: Hi! Oh, this is a surprise. What are you two doing here?

Katie: Oh, well, we've been summoned. Caroline wants to talk to her uncle.

Brooke: About what?

Bill: Well, it's a big mystery. But she says it's important.

Ridge: We're engaged.

Steffy: What? Oh, my God. How -- how did this come about?

Ridge: Oh, the craziest thing. I asked her, and she said yes.

Steffy: I know -- [Laughs]

Ridge: I know you weren't crazy about this in the beginnings.

Steffy: No, no, if -- if this is what you want. I mean, if this is what both of you want.

Caroline: We do.

Ridge: We do.

Thomas: Aww. And the two shall respond as one.

Steffy: You knew about this?

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, Dad asked me to be his best man.

Steffy: Well, then I-I guess congratulations are in order.

Caroline: Thank you, Steffy.

Steffy: Yeah, of course. Have you posted anything?

Caroline: No, no, no, no. Uh, but I did tell my moms, and they were very excited.

Thomas: What about your uncle?

Caroline: Oh, my gosh. Yeah. I'm supposed to go talk to him right now, so I'm gonna -- I'm gonna see you later, okay?

Ridge: Hmm. All right. Now you can tell me.

Steffy: Tell you what?

Ridge: What you really think.

Steffy: Well, it's -- it's obvious you're all-in.

Thomas: More than you think. Dad, you want to tell her the other part?

Ridge: We're not only getting married. We're gonna start a family.

Bill: You've been around Caroline more than I have. What's going on with her?

Brooke: Well, uh...

Bill: Come on, Brooke. I mean, we're all...family.

Katie: Maybe she doesn't know what's going on. Don't make her uncomfortable.

Bill: I'm not making her uncomfortable. Am I making you uncomfortable?

Brooke: I'm not Caroline's confidante.

Bill: But she's dating the dressmaker, which means I'm sure you're keeping tabs on her.

Brooke: Ridge and I are friends. Nothing more.

Caroline: Hi! Sorry, sorry, sorry. Didn't mean to keep you waiting.

Bill: Well, you did keep us waiting. So...cut to the chase.

Brooke: I'll give you some privacy.

Caroline: Uh, no, no, no. It's fine. I mean, I have happy news, and I'm okay to share it with everyone. Care to guess?

Bill: No.

Katie: Did you get a promotion?

Caroline: I did not. But I will give you a hint.

Katie: Oh...my God. You're engaged.

Steffy: So you broke up with Caroline for one night before deciding you want to have a baby with her?

Ridge: It was a significant night.

Steffy: Must have been.

Ridge: [Sighs] I told her I wasn't gonna be the one that can give her a baby yet -- I just didn't want that -- and to find someone who wants to give that to her, so she left.

Steffy: And then?

Ridge: And then I-I just couldn't get her out of my mind. Thinking about what I did to her, what I did to us. So I tried to -- I wanted to talk to her about Aly and Thorne and about Phoebe. And not a day goes by where I don't miss your sister. There's something that comes with the great gift of being a parent, and that is the constant fear of losing them. But there's been so much loss, and...and I just -- I don't want to lose Caroline. But she was out there in the night, devastated and alone, probably wondering if she was ever gonna be enough. So I called her. She didn't want to tell me where she was. And I just wanted to make things right, you know?

Steffy: Make things right by getting married and having a child?

Ridge: Yeah. It's gonna be funny, huh? Have another boy or girl running around --

Steffy: No, Dad, I'm serious. You didn't want this. And Caroline knew that. I mean, God, have you really thought this through?

Ridge: Did you think it through when you wanted to be with Liam? No, sometimes we just do what we think is right. And I want to spend the rest of my life with this woman. I love her. And I know what it feels like for her to walk out the door, and I don't ever want to feel that again.

Steffy: And you're okay with this?

Thomas: It's not about me. Or you, for that matter. Dad proposed, and Caroline accepted. What I want is for Caroline and -- and Dad to be happy, and I'm not gonna do anything to get in the way of that.

Katie: Wow, that is some ring.

Bill: You do realize he has a drawer full, though, don't you?

Caroline: Uncle Bill. I'm getting married.

Bill: No, no, you're engaged. That doesn't mean you're actually getting married.

Caroline: No, I'm getting married. Look, I get it. It's kind of weird, because everybody has history with him. But everyone's moved on. I mean, look, you're with my superstud uncle. Brooke, you could have anybody that you want, so...

Katie: It's just, um, this is a bit unexpected.

Bill: Not to me. I knew the second you started working with that predator this is where it was heading.

Caroline: Well, I didn't. I mean, I was attracted to him, obviously.

Bill: But you were married. Of course, the dressmaker likes it that way.

Katie: Bill.

Caroline: What about you, Brooke? You haven't said anything.

Brooke: Marriage can be a huge commitment.

Bill: Not to Ridge.

Brooke: Have you thought about the implications?

Caroline: That -- yeah, I get to spend my life with the man that I love, so...

Bill: Latest in a long line for him.

Caroline: You know what? We all have our pasts, okay? I used to be with Rick. Ridge used to be with Brooke and you.

Bill: Yeah, why don't we just recite the list? Start now, maybe we'll be done by sunset.

Caroline: It doesn't matter, you know? All that matters is that I found Ridge and that he found me.

Brooke: Are you ready for marriage?

Caroline: Yes.

Brooke: Is Ridge?

Caroline: Yes. He's as committed as I am.

Brooke: Marriage is more than just a husband and a wife.

Caroline: What -- what does that -- what does that even mean?

Brooke: You want to have a family.

Caroline: So?

Brooke: Well, it's been a point of contention between you and Ridge. Ridge can't give you a family.

Caroline: And I was just happy to be with him.

Bill: Without the possibility of having children?

Caroline: Uncle, I love him. I want to have kids, but it's not a dealbreaker for me not to be with him.

Katie: Okay, so you're gonna marry Ridge and not have children?

Caroline: No. Because he changed his mind, and we're gonna actually start a family. He even bought a bassinet.

Katie: Really?

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Bill: Wait a second. You're actually gonna have children with this guy?

Caroline: I can't wait.

Bill: [Chuckles] Really? You're excited about this? Do you understand that you will be pushing him to a high school graduation in a wheelchair?

Caroline: He is not that old!

Bill: Caroline, do the math. It's not like he's gonna be tossing the football around with his grandkids.

Katie: I thought Ridge didn't want another family.

Brooke: He doesn't.

Caroline: He didn't, because like I said, he changed his mind.

Brooke: Sometimes men get caught up in their emotions, and I've seen Ridge do that many times.

Katie: So have I.

Bill: All right, I'm gonna give you a little advice here, okay, sweetheart? You're gonna go away. You're gonna take a little vacation. You're gonna clear your mind. You're going to gain some perspective.

Caroline: You guys are such Debbie Downers! Seriously! I'm getting married, and I'm gonna start a family.

Brooke: Ridge told you he could give you a child?

Caroline: Yes, Brooke. Yes. He wants what I want, so yes, we're gonna have kids.

Brooke: Good luck with that. Congratulations. I have a meeting to attend.

Steffy: Okay, we're gonna get real here.

Thomas: It's a shocker. I know. Dad wanted to tell you himself.

Steffy: What's shocking is that you accept this. Dad and Caroline getting married, having a child. I know you, Thomas. This isn't what you want for her.

Brooke: What is going on with you?

[Door closes]

Ridge: You heard.

Brooke: That you're marrying Caroline? Are you out of your mind?

Caroline: I didn't expect you to pop champagne bottles, but I didn't...

Katie: Listen, you have to understand --

Caroline: I have to understand what? I'm getting married. This is something that you celebrate. It's not something you grieve.

Bill: We would be celebrating if --

Caroline: If I weren't marrying Ridge. I get that. But I thought that you two were okay.

Bill: Why would you think that? Just because I own some shares in his little dressmaking company doesn't mean I want Ridge walking my niece down the aisle.

Caroline: So, does that mean that you're not gonna be at the wedding?

Bill: I'll tell you what it means --

Katie: If there's a wedding, I mean, when -- when there's a wedding --

Bill: When is it?

Caroline: It's soon.

Bill: Oh, for God...

Caroline: Uncle Bill, you and the boys are the only family that I have in town, and I'm sure that Steffy and Brooke and the rest of the Forresters are not gonna be thrilled about this, so I really just need some support.

Katie: What about Thomas?

Caroline: Yeah, fine. Thomas is supportive. He's just about the only person that is. But I really, really want you guys to be happy for me.

Bill: [Sighs]

Caroline: Especially you, Uncle Bill. Come on. Could you please just put aside your differences and just do this for me? Please.

Bill: [Sighs] You're like a daughter to me, Caroline. So, of course, I will be there for you. Always.

Thomas: I told you what I want for Caroline.

Steffy: Her happiness. You didn't believe she could have that with Dad.

Thomas: Guess I was wrong.

Steffy: No, no. No. What's really going on here?

Thomas: Nothing, Steff. Let it go.

Steffy: Is that what you've done? 'Cause you were so convinced Dad was all wrong for Caroline.

Thomas: Did you hear about my, uh, my new, big promotion?

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, that you're a part of the design team.

Thomas: Yeah. Dad finally came through.

Steffy: Oh! That's why you're supporting the wedding.

Thomas: Hmm.

Steffy: You honestly expect me to believe that?

Thomas: Caroline wants a family with Dad. Nobody knows that better than me.

Steffy: And you talked to her about this?

Thomas: Yeah. We're friends. We talk.

Steffy: Did you forget you guys were more than friends at one point?

Thomas: [Sighs] So what?

Steffy: Something is going on here, and you're not telling me. Come on, Thomas. Tell me what it is.

Brooke: What are you thinking?

Ridge: Thinking is overrated, Brooke.

Brooke: Ridge, this is nothing to joke about.

Ridge: Who's joking?

Brooke: You're in denial.

Ridge: In denial about what?

Brooke: Caroline. She's from a different era.

Ridge: That's funny. That's exactly what Mom used to say when you married Dad.

Brooke: [Sighs] What is it that you have in common, really? Besides a physical attraction.

Ridge: This in common.

Brooke: Fine. Okay, the Bohemian artist shacks up with a younger woman. Just leave it at that. You don't have to marry her.

Ridge: Yeah, 'cause that wouldn't be Bohemian, would it?

Brooke: You already have grown children, and one of them still needs your attention.

Ridge: Is that what this is about? I'll always be there for RJ. You know that.

Brooke: Why are you spinning this dream in her head?

Ridge: It's not a dream. We're gonna have a life together.

Brooke: She thinks that includes children.

Ridge: It does.

Brooke: Do I need to point out the obvious?

Ridge: The vasectomy is...

Brooke: Our little secret? Which isn't going to be a secret much longer.

Ridge: I'm gonna have it reversed. You even mentioned that yourself. So that's what I'm doing.

Brooke: Have you talked to your doctor?

Ridge: Not yet.

Brooke: There is no guarantee.

Ridge: I realize that.

Brooke: So have you told Caroline? No. Of course, you haven't.

Ridge: I haven't told her, because I don't want to worry her.

Brooke: Ridge! This has disaster written all over it, and I don't want that for you.

Ridge: And I appreciate that, but you can rest easy. We're gonna have a nice wedding and a beautiful life. This is gonna last.

Brooke: You know how devastating secrets are. You have to tell Caroline about the vasectomy. She has every right to know.

Caroline: Hey. What's going on?

Katie: That was very sweet.

Bill: Oh, yeah. That's me. A real sweetheart.

Katie: [Chuckles] Well, Caroline thinks so, and so do I.

Bill: Then I'm doing something wrong.

Katie: No. You couldn't resist your niece. It was nice. It was nice to watch.

Bill: I said I would support her. I hope I don't regret it.

Katie: You won't.

Bill: Well, you obviously trust that loser more than I do.

Katie: It doesn't matter whether I do or not. I know that you will always be there for Caroline.

Bill: I don't want to have to pick up the pieces, Katie.

Katie: Maybe there won't be any pieces to pick up.

Bill: He better treat her like a princess.

Katie: Like you do?

Bill: No comparison.

Katie: So sexy when you're protective.

Bill: I won't be so sexy if I have to come down on Ridge.

Katie: Hmm. My big, bad Bill.

Bill: [Growls]

Katie: [Chuckles]

Steffy: Something is off with you.

Thomas: I've got a lot of design work that I have to finish.

Steffy: No, it's more than that.

Thomas: Look, Steff, stop analyzing. It's annoying.

Steffy: And you look uncomfortable.

Thomas: I'm tired. I just want to get past this.

Steffy: Past what?

Thomas: All this talk about marriage and children, and now we've got a wedding to look forward to.

Steffy: Bad attitude for a best man. What's the real problem?

Thomas: I don't have a problem.

Steffy: It has to do something with Dad and Caroline.

Thomas: Look, a lot has happened between those two in the last couple of days.

Steffy: Yeah, and you're in the middle of it.

Thomas: Can we change the subject?

Steffy: So there is a problem.

Thomas: It's --

Steffy: You do have an issue with the marriage. You do.

Thomas: It's their life, Steff. If they're happy, then I'm fine with that. Now, I have a lot of work to get back to, so if you don't mind...

Caroline: Seems tense in here. Did I walk in on something?

Ridge: Brooke and I were just having a little chat.

Caroline: Ah. Let me guess. About weddings and babies?

Brooke: You wanted children with Rick.

Caroline: Yes, and I'm going to have them with Ridge.

Brooke: Sometimes it's not that simple, Caroline.

Ridge: Brooke, that's enough.

Caroline: Look, Brooke, I don't want to disrespect you. I mean, you obviously have feelings for Ridge still. You have a child together. I mean, but is it so hard to believe that I would want that, too?

Brooke: No, of course not. Under the right conditions.

Caroline: What -- what conditions?

Ridge: Brooke, that's enough. We're engaged. We're gonna get married.

Brooke: But that's not really the issue.

Caroline: What issue?

Ridge: There is no issue. [Sighs] We're gonna have a life together. What are you -- why? Why?

Caroline: And a family.

Ridge: Yes, a family.

Brooke: We'll see.

Caroline: Is it my love for him that you're questioning, or is it his for me?

Brooke: No, this isn't about love.

Caroline: Then what is it about? Because he knows how I feel.

Ridge: And she knows how I feel, so everything is fine.

Brooke: But she doesn't know everything.

Caroline: What is she talking about?

Ridge: Nothing.

Brooke: Caroline has expectations. She has a right to know.

Caroline: Know what?

Brooke: Tell her, Ridge. If you don't, I will.

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