B&B Transcript Monday 8/31/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 8/31/15


Episode # 7143 ~ Ridge & Caroline have an emotional and potentially game-changing conversation; Brooke shares important information with Thomas about Ridge & Caroline's relationship.

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Caroline: Do you see? The neckline?

Thomas: [Clears throat] Yeah. Yeah. It's subtle, but, um... you're right. Yeah. I get it now.

Caroline: Yeah, 'cause you just -- you want to take the focus --

Thomas: No, no. No, no, no. I'm talking about you and Dad. I understand how it only took one touch.

Caroline: Thomas... what are you saying?

Brooke: It sounds like you made a decision.

Ridge: The only one I can make.

Brooke: Don't rush in to anything. You really need to think this through.

Ridge: I need to think about Caroline. You just said that. I've been selfish until now, just thinking about living in the moment 'cause it serves my purpose.

Brooke: That's right. You're in a relationship with somebody. So maybe living in the moment isn't the best thing for her. And maybe having a child wouldn't be the best thing for you. So, is that it? Is that what you've decided? You're gonna have a family with Caroline even though you don't want to?

Nicole: Welcome home.

Maya: Thank you.

Nicole: It seemed like you were gone forever, though.

Maya: Did it? To me, it seemed like a millisecond.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Eric: [Laughs] It's good to have you back.

Maya: Oh, thank you. [Smooches]

Eric: So, your honeymoon -- tell us all about it.

Maya: [Sighs] Wow.

Zende: It's a honeymoon, Grandpa. We don't want to know every detail.

Rick: We have exactly 7 million photos to show you. In some of them, we're even dressed.

Maya: [Gasps]

Eric: Oh, I'm interested in seeing those, I guess.


Nicole: Copenhagen is beautiful.

Maya: Isn't it?

Eric: Tivoli Gardens.

Rick: Yes.

Eric: I have a picture of Stephanie standing in exactly that same spot.

Rick: Yeah?

Eric: [Chuckles] Yeah, I do. I'll look for it. I have to show it to you.

Maya: I'd love to see it.

Eric: It looks like the two of you made some good memories, didn't you?

Rick: Yeah. We sure did.

Caroline: I-I should -- should I have not?

Thomas: No, no, no, no. No, I-I'm not trying to make you uncomfortable.

Caroline: No, you're not.

Thomas: I just want you to know I understand it. You know, I-I poked fun at you before for being Dad's muse and the age difference. But I get it -- how creating hand-in-hand and working so closely together can develop something more.

Caroline: Well, it's not like we intended it to, but --

Thomas: Oh, I know. Sometimes, you just can't help... he makes you happy, right?

Caroline: Yeah.

Thomas: I hope so. That's -- that's all I want for you -- is to be happy and fulfilled.

[Cell phone beeps]

Caroline: Oh, speaking of... Ridge wants me to meet him at home.

Thomas: [Clears throat] So, I guess this is, uh, good night.

Caroline: Yes. I, uh -- I will tell him how hard you've been working.

Thomas: Ah.

Caroline: Yeah.

Thomas: Thanks.

Brooke: Are you seriously considering this? Midnight feedings, toddler tantrums, changing diapers...

Ridge: Oh, it's all just part of the fun, and you know it. The joy far outweighs the... diaper changing and the late nights and everything else.

Brooke: Ridge, you've already done it.

Ridge: Caroline hasn't, and she needs to. I'm not gonna stand in her way. [Smooches]

Rick: So, the artwork and the statues -- I mean, it's just so beautiful.

Eric: I understand.

Zende: How does it feel to have your sister home?

Nicole: Like everything's back to normal. I really missed her. It's kind of strange. So many years, I didn't have her in my life, and now that I do, there's an emptiness when she's not around.

Zende: I know exactly what you mean.

Eric: Zende, you want to help me gets some glasses together? We'll toast to these two. What do you say?

Zende: Sure.

Rick: That's a great idea.

Maya: So...what did I miss?

Nicole: Not much. I've just been keeping busy at Forrester.

Maya: Uh-huh. Getting along with the other interns?

Nicole: Yeah. Charlotte and Kristina are cool.

Maya: Yeah, they seem nice. And what's that other guy? Uh, gosh. What is his name? Yeah, Zende. He seems pretty cool, too.

Nicole: I like hanging out with him.

Maya: It's obvious he likes hanging out with you.

Nicole: You think?

Maya: Nicole. He doesn't take his eyes off of you.

Rick: So, did you call your mom, let her know you're home, safe and sound?

Maya: I texted her. You know how she worries.

Nicole: Oh, I know.

Maya: Have you heard from Dad?

Nicole: Nope. You?

Maya: No. Not that I expected to after everything that happened at the wedding.

Nicole: Wonder if he'll ever come out, back into our lives again?

Maya: You know, having Mom and being connected to her again is more than I ever hoped for.

Eric: And we're all thankful to have been a part of that -- to witness your mother standing up for you, accepting you. Please tell her anything she needs, anything we can do for her, all right? She's family.

Maya: Thank you.

Eric: To family, especially our newest member. I'm thrilled to have another daughter in my clan. [Chuckling] To Rick and Maya. Welcome home.

Nicole: Cheers.

Maya: [Chuckles]

Thomas: Oh, hey, Brooke.

Brooke: Hi. If you're looking for Ridge, he went home to be with Caroline.

Thomas: I know. I was with her when he texted. Mm, what's that look for?

Brooke: Nothing. It's just... I know you have your concerns about Ridge hurting Caroline.

Thomas: Yeah. Some things just seem inevitable.

Brooke: Well, maybe not. I think he's going to make Caroline very, very happy.

Thomas: Do you know something that I don't?

[Lock disengages, door opens]

Caroline: Hey. [Sighs] Guess what.

Ridge: What?

Caroline: I was just with Thomas. And...I think that you are not going to be ripping up his designs anymore, because he's really making some progress, and I think that he's right in line with what we are looking for for California Freedom. And he's taking in and processing every single note and applying it, so...

Ridge: Well, you're a good teacher.

Caroline: I mean, obviously.

Ridge: [Chuckles]

Caroline: As are you.

Ridge: I want Thomas to succeed. I want everything -- everything that's good for him, and I-I-I want the best for you.

Caroline: Then it's a good thing I'm with you, because you are the best thing for me.

Ridge: Did you get me something?

Caroline: [Chuckles] No, you -- you remember my friend Meriah? She had the baby earlier this year. I showed you the pictures.

Ridge: Yes. I remember.

Caroline: So, this is for her. Uh, it's kind of funny. If you, uh -- if you saw her in high school, you would have never imagined her, like, being a mom at all. [Chuckles] She was just very career-oriented, you know? But I guess -- I guess things change and priorities shift with people. It's kind of funny how that happens.

Ridge: You want to talk about it?

Caroline: Meriah's baby?

Ridge: No. Your baby. The one you want.

Caroline: [Clears throat] I don't know. I mean, I know how you feel about that, so no. You know, I'm fine.

Ridge: You know, the fact that you would choose me over having your own child -- that -- that is amazing to me.

Caroline: You're what's best for me.

Ridge: Having a kid, you know, being parent -- one of the greatest things in my life. And...I want you to experience that. I-I don't -- I can't have you sacrifice that for me. I want you to have your child.

Eric: These castles were cold, you know, and that's why they had tapestries on all the walls, because they had stone walls...

Maya: [Chuckles] Thank you for our honeymoon.

Rick: Did you have a good time?

Maya: The best.

[Singing in native language]

[Singing continues]

[Song ends]

Thomas: Brooke, why would you say that? What do you know?

Brooke: Uh, I don't know anything, but your father hinted.

Thomas: Hinted...?

Brooke: He wouldn't come right out and say it because he knew I wouldn't approve. But I think it would make Caroline happy.

Thomas: What would? Brooke.

Brooke: I can't really say. It's not my place. Okay. Caroline wants to have a family.

Thomas: Yeah. What? She's opened up to me.

Brooke: You talk about having kids?

Thomas: Yeah, I mean, you know how it is when you're working closely with someone. You -- you talk about things, like Dad not wanting to start a family.

Brooke: Or so we thought.

Thomas: Wait. Are -- are -- are you saying that --

Brooke: I'm concerned he's changed his mind. In fact, I think he's at home right now talking to Caroline and telling her he wants a baby.

Caroline: [Chuckles] You want me to have a child? I -- [Chuckles] You -- I -- you're -- [Chuckles] I'm sorry. What are you -- what are you saying, exactly? You're willing --

Ridge: I'm saying I've been -- I've been a little unfair.

Caroline: I don't think you've been unfair. You were honest. I mean, you -- you told me what you want. You want to live in the moment. And --

Ridge: To live in the moment. That's just it. That's -- that's just it. That works for me because of where I am in life. But you -- you're -- you're somewhere else. And I remember being there and how important family was and -- and, uh, a career and children. And I remember how exciting it was and how you must be anticipating that, you know? And I think about what would have happened if -- if the person I was with then had said "No" to me. Um... no -- no to being a -- to having a family, you know, to raising kids -- it would have been devastating. And -- and, uh, then I think about you and how incredible I think you are and... what an incredible parent you're gonna be.

Caroline: I mean, with you as my partner, I don't really have a doubt, you know? [Crying] God, Ridge, I -- you know, I was trying really hard to be okay with never having kids, and -- and I think I was, you know? But it's just -- 'cause our love -- it felt like it could be enough, but we just have -- we have so much love that I feel like we could give that love to a child or -- or maybe, like, two or three. I don't know. And just -- we could have this great little family and just raise that family.

Ridge: Yeah. That would be nice.

Caroline: But it's -- but that's what we're gonna have. We're gonna -- you just --

Ridge: That's what you're gonna have. You. You're gonna be an incredible mother. And whoever the father's gonna be is gonna be one lucky guy. Can't be me.

Thomas: Dad changed his mind? Are you serious?

Brooke: I told you -- he wouldn't say for sure. But it certainly felt that way.

Thomas: I don't know. Maybe I've -- maybe I've been underestimating him. Maybe he's way more invested in Caroline than I thought. Yeah, I-I-I was trying to help her, you know? Like...I'm waiting for the eventual day that he just walks away. And I know how hurt she will be. But if he said he's ready to start a family with her, to give her the child that she wants -- I mean, those are the words that she's been dying to hear. And you said he's -- he's telling her now?

Brooke: As far as I know.

Thomas: She must be thrilled.

Caroline: You're not making any sense.

Ridge: I'm setting you free.

Caroline: I don't want that. I want to be with you.

Ridge: No, you don't.

Caroline: Ridge.

Ridge: You don't. Trust me. I'm too old. I can't --

Caroline: What are you talking about?! Why are you even bringing up the whole age thing right now?! Stop acting like you're some wise old man that's, like, doling out advice to me. You -- you've been a parent. You've had those experiences. That doesn't mean that you know what's best for me. I want to be with you! That's it. Period. I just want to be with you.

Ridge: You want being a mother more, and you should have that.

Caroline: Then have a child with me! You just said that the man I have a child with is lucky to have a child with me.

Ridge: I-I-I can't be that man.

Caroline: Why?

Ridge: Because I can't. Just -- you need to find somebody else.

Caroline: Is this really the age thing? 'Cause cut -- cut the crap. That has nothing to do with anything. You may live for 50 years. You may die tomorrow. You could be walking on the street and hit by a car! It doesn't matter! It shouldn't have any bearing on whether or not we have a child.

Ridge: You're right about all of that, but that doesn't change anything. I can't have a child with you.

Caroline: You can -- you can have a child. You can't have a child with me. That's what you just said. You said you can't have a child with me! It's me!

Ridge: My whole life, I've never loved like this. You are my irreplaceable.

Caroline: Then why are you doing this? Why are you doing this?

Ridge: 'Cause we weren't meant to be.

Caroline: [Sobbing] You've never been more wrong.

[Door slams]

Ridge: [Sighs]

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