B&B Transcript Monday 8/24/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 8/24/15


Episode # 7138 ~ Ivy & Quinn are combative regarding who should be the new face of Forrester Creations; Steffy is haunted by the memory of Aly's accident.

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Steffy: You can't see the rock at all? God. God, that damn video.

Liam: I know. Listen. I don't doubt for a moment that it happened the way that you said, but that video...is not good.

Steffy: Well, thank you for believing in me.

Liam: Of course.

Steffy: I'm sure Ivy was hoping that you'd turn your back on me.

Liam: Yeah, Ivy -- Ivy's not herself. I don't know if it's Aly's death or the breakup, but -- not that that excuses what she's doing.

Steffy: There's no excuse for blackmail. But Ivy didn't kill someone. I did. Not on purpose. But it doesn't stop the nightmares. I just keep going over it, and I-I see Aly on the ground, lying there, and --

Liam: I know. I know. God, if Wyatt had just deleted the damn video...

Steffy: You know what? I don't care. I don't care about the video anymore. Let the chips fall.

Liam: Okay. You don't mean that.

Steffy: No, I do. I do. I've wrestled with this for far too long, thinking about what I should do about Thorne and -- and the family, and maybe I should just tell the police and Thorne that I finally remember everything. But then I go back, and...I don't know. Is that what's best for everyone or is it gonna make things worse, especially if there's a trial? But one thing I do know -- I will not let Ivy Forrester control my life.

Liam: Okay. Listen, I -- listen, I hear what you're saying. I get it. I really do. And the fact is we -- we don't even know if it was you hitting Aly or the fall that caused her death, but the fact is I've seen --

Ridge: Hey. Everything okay? What are you guys talking about?

Quinn: You see what I mean? If you make the slightest adjustment to the setting, it'll make all the difference in the world.

Ivy: Yeah, well, I really like my design the way it is, so...

Quinn: Uh, okay. All right, but if we look at it from a different perspective, then maybe --

Ivy: Well, what if you stopped critiquing my work like I'm your flunky?

Quinn: Excuse me?

Ivy: Need I remind you, Quinn, that I took over this jewelry line because you got fired. And then Rick rehired you, and for whatever unfathomable reason, Ridge decided to keep you on. But I'm not gonna back down to you just because --

[Cell phone rings]

Ivy: Ugh. Ridge has called a meeting.

Quinn: Okay. Where and when?

Ivy: Did I say you were included?

Wyatt: Okay. Uh... is this the face of Forrester decision?

Ivy: Uh, yeah, well, I assume so.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Ivy: Look, let's hope he chooses me and not Steffy.

Quinn: [Sighs] Ah, so, the rumors are true about the new face of Forrester.

Wyatt: Yeah. Ridge wants to expand the image of the company by adding a new face. He is deciding between Steffy and Ivy.

Quinn: [Laughs] You?

Ivy: Yes. Me. I have modeling experience. Amsterdam. I mean, I didn't really think I'd want to be back in the limelight again, but here we are. And who better, right?

Quinn: Um...I would think Steffy.

Ivy: [Scoffs]

Quinn: Because she ha-- well, she has all that experience, and not to mention she is hot.

Ivy: Hey, hey, what's wrong with the way I look, Quinn?

Quinn: Nothing! Nothing. I'm just -- I'm just -- what I meant was --

Liam: Besides Ivy's obvious attributes, Ivy is not the target of the reporters. Steffy is because of Aly.

Quinn: Because she was there when Aly died, you mean.

Wyatt: Yeah. And there's still a lot of questions swirling around, and I just think it might be a good idea to keep Steffy out of the limelight.

Ivy: Yeah, and -- and if you're wondering that my new job position would take me away from this jewelry line, it's actually the opposite. I'll probably be more hands-on, if anything.

Deacon: Wow. If looks could maim... what's going on here?

Ivy: [Sighs] You know what? Quinn is all yours. We have a meeting to get to.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Deacon: [Chuckles] Someone's feeling a little bit superior. What's going on with Ivy?

Quinn: [Sighs, scoffs]

Ridge: You and Liam seemed pretty intense. Everything okay?

Steffy: Yeah, yeah. It's fine.

Ridge: Didn't seem fine.

Steffy: It's -- it's nothing. No worries.

Thomas: Uh, I assume there's a reason that I've been called here, too. You've made a decision?

Ridge: [Sighs]

Ivy: Starting without us?

Ridge: Ivy, Wyatt. Well, let's have a seat. Might as well get started. First off, I would like to acknowledge what we all already know. The face of Forrester is a very critical position. It defines who we are as a company, as a design house. It defines the excellence that we strive for, so I need someone to step up and do the work that Maya's doing right now, and she's doing an excellent job, by the way. Now, having said that, Ivy, I understand and appreciate why you threw your hat in the ring, but...Steffy's gonna be the new face of Forrester.

Wyatt: And this is final? No further discussion?

Liam: Ridge has already made his decision, Wyatt.

Wyatt: Oh, you're speaking for our CEO now?

Ridge: I hope you know that it's not a reflection on you. I think you're beautiful and very talented.

Ivy: Well, but I'm not your daughter.

Thomas: Ivy, I know my father. He doesn't play favorites, especially when it comes to his own children.

Wyatt: What about Steffy's public profile?

Liam: Okay, what about it?

Wyatt: I think we all know what I'm talking about.

Ridge: Yes, I think we do. Aly's death. It's a tragedy for everyone. Steffy was there. We know the circumstances.

Wyatt: Right, but the press just isn't gonna go away. They have questions. She has answers. As the face of Forrester, she's gonna be...

Ridge: Wyatt!

Wyatt: ...Exposed.

Ridge: Steffy knows how to deal with the press. She's done it for years.

Wyatt: This is different.

Ridge: How is it different? Hey, Ivy. You got something you want to say?

Ivy: I just think you're making a big mistake... one that you're probably gonna regret.

Steffy: Um, actually, I'd like to speak to, uh, Ivy alone, please. It's just -- it'll be a minute.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Quinn: [Sighs] You know, the way she reacted, you'd think I'd asked her to redo this whole piece.

Deacon: Who?

Quinn: The prima donna from down under.

Deacon: [Chuckles] Ivy giving you a rough time?

Quinn: [Scoffs] You know, I remember when she used to be nice.... and easy to manipulate.

Deacon: Okay, Quinn. You know what? Just tell me. What did you do to set her off?

Quinn: [Gasps] Nothing!

Deacon: No.

Quinn: I asked her to make a few tweaks, and she blew a gasket.

Deacon: Okay, well, maybe you could cut the kid a little bit of slack, all right?

Quinn: What?

Deacon: It hasn't been that long.

Quinn: What? What long? Since when?

Deacon: Since she --

Quinn: Since what?

Deacon: Since she lost her cousin, Quinn. You know how close they were.

Quinn: Well, that gives her the right to rip my head off? I mean, come on! We're supposed to be having a-a good, successful working relationship.

Deacon: Well, you know, if you have a big problem with it, I suppose you can always take it to Ridge.

Quinn: [Chuckles] Ridge? What am I supposed to say to him? She's stepping into her nickname?

Deacon: What nickname? Tell me. Come on.

Quinn: Want to know?

Deacon: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Quinn: Poison Ivy.

Deacon: [Laughing] Oh, no.

Quinn: That's what I call her.

Thomas: You know, maybe -- maybe one of us should have stayed behind.

Ridge: You heard your sister. She wants to figure things out with Ivy.

Liam: Yeah, I think it may be more than that.

Ridge: Like what? There's something you know that I don't?

Ivy: Surprise, surprise. Ridge chooses his daughter over me. I mean, seriously, why did I even let myself believe that this would turn out differently?

Steffy: I'm sorry.

Ivy: No, you're not, Steffy. This is just another thing you've taken away from me.

Steffy: Ivy, just listen to me, okay?

Ivy: No. You know what? Anything other than "Hey, I'm gonna turn myself in to the police" is a complete waste of time.

Steffy: Aly is gone. Thorne, our family -- we are never gonna be the same. What you are doing right now --

Ivy: What -- what I am doing is holding you accountable for something, probably for the first time in your entire life.

Steffy: That's what you keep telling yourself. It's, like, what you need to believe to justify your actions.

Ivy: I want justice for Aly. What you're doing is trying to save yourself.

Steffy: No, I'm not. I am -- I am so not doing that. Look, who do you think you are?

Ivy: [Scoffs]

Steffy: You are using our dead cousin as blackmail to get ahead of the company so you can be a model.

Ivy: You want to spin this around on me now?

Steffy: I'm trying to --

Ivy: No. You know what? I know exactly what you're trying to do. You're trying to make out to Liam like you're the reasonable one, you're reaching out. Because when he saw that video, you were worried that his feelings might have changed for you. But, hey, I guess that doesn't really matter, 'cause he's right back to defending you like he always has. You took Liam, you took Aly, and now you've taken away the face of Forrester. Well, guess what, Steffy. You aren't gonna get away with this anymore.

Quinn: Harder.

Deacon: Yeah.

Quinn: Harder.

Deacon: Ooh.

Quinn: Yes!

Deacon: Right there. That's called a sweet spot.

Quinn: I like that. You know how to do it, don't you?

Wyatt: Ugh. Still here?

Deacon: What was your first guess?

Quinn: How was the meeting, honey?

Wyatt: Ugh. What usually happens. The underdogs lose out yet again.

Quinn: Oh. So, Ivy is not the new face of Forrester?

Wyatt: No. Ridge appointed Steffy, not that we couldn't see that one coming.

Quinn: I don't think you could, the way you two left here.

Wyatt: Mom, don't even, okay? Ivy and I already feel bad enough about this decision.

Deacon: Hey, look, just make sure that Ivy doesn't give your mother a rough time, all right? She's already put up with enough crap from her today.

Quinn: Eh, I can take care of myself. Where is Ivy, anyway?

Wyatt: Steffy wanted a private one-on-one with her. Not that Ivy's just gonna accept what's gone down.

Deacon: Uh, well, the great and powerful Ridge Forrester's spoken, so...I would say her options are nil to none.

Wyatt: You don't know Ivy. She's not giving up without a fight.

Deacon: Well, that's exactly my point, Wyatt. I mean, what does she have to fight with?

Wyatt: Oh, you'd be surprised. Certainly know Ridge will be.

Quinn: What -- what is going on?

Wyatt: Hmm?

Quinn: I'm getting the feeling like you and Ivy -- is there more going on than you're telling me?

Wyatt: What? What are you --

Deacon: [Coughing] Girlfriend.

Wyatt: If you're saying that we're dating or maybe we're -- I don't know, she's my girlfriend -- maybe. I guess.

Deacon: "I guess?" [Laughs]

Quinn: You know what? Whatever she is to you, you better rein her in or I'm gonna do it for you. More pressure.

Ridge: Liam.

Thomas: Look, why are you grilling Liam?

Ridge: What do you know that I don't?

Liam: I -- Ridge, if -- if -- if there is something, I'm sure Steffy will tell you.

Ridge: What about you? You're backing Ivy over your sister?

Thomas: Whoa. I-I told you already. That was looking out for Steff.

Ridge: Being disloyal is not looking out for somebody.

Thomas: Okay, I can see how that might look. But I gave you my reasons. It's a lot more complicated than that.

Ridge: Whatever. Steffy's the new face of Forrester. I expect you to support her -- you and Ivy, both.

Steffy: Another threat?

Ivy: Well, you shouldn't have accepted the position.

Steffy: Technically, I didn't. But if you keep this up --

Ivy: Oh, [Chuckling] Really, Steffy? Now who's threatening whom?

Steffy: Damn it, Ivy. I am not a monster, okay? I feel terrible about Aly's death, and I'm gonna have to live with that for the rest of my life. But I'm not gonna let you blackmail me.

Ivy: See, what you see as blackmail, I just see as justice for Aly.

Steffy: What you think you saw --

Ivy: No, what I know I saw. I have the video.

Steffy: Okay. Show me. You keep talking about it. I want to see the video. Show me.

Ivy: You claim Aly came at you with a rock. There's no rock. You attacked her, Steffy, not the other way around. Do you really want the whole world to see what's on this video -- that you killed your cousin?

Thomas: You've seen the video, haven't you?

Liam: It's pretty damn incriminating.

Thomas: I know.

Liam: It's a good thing Steffy hasn't, though, 'cause it would freak her out --

Thomas: How much of a threat Ivy really is?

Liam: Exactly. And right now, Ivy's using that video as leverage. Your dad appointing your sister -- I don't know. That could push Ivy to make good on her threat to Steffy, and if that happens... that can't happen.

Thomas: I know. We've got to stop Ivy, but -- but how?

[Knock, door opens]

Ridge: Hey. Sorry. Ivy, I would really like to talk to my daughter for a minute.

Ivy: Uh, yeah. We were actually in the middle of hashing things out. We were just replaying what happened.

Ridge: Great, so you came to an understanding. Listen, you got to -- it's not personal. You know that, right?

Ivy: Oh.

Steffy: Actually, Dad, I, um -- I thought I wanted this, but I think Ivy should be the face of Forrester.

Ridge: What? No. What -- what are you --

Steffy: No. Let her be the face of Forrester. I can concentrate on being president.

Ridge: Wh-what are you doing? What is --

Steffy: I just -- I-I just changed my mind. That's all.

Ridge: But...you haven't told me why.

Steffy: Because I-I have enough on my plate, and I can't keep adding more. Let's leave it at that.

Ridge: And you're sure that's what you want?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah.

Wyatt: Careful, Mom. You don't want to get on Ivy's bad side right now, okay?

Quinn: Seriously? Who are you talking to? Besides, I'm not the one making all these demands and getting all uppity.

Wyatt: Oh, you're overreacting.

Quinn: Hello! Did you hear how she spoke to me earlier?

Wyatt: She just wants you to respect her choices as a designer.

Quinn: I do. Mostly.

Wyatt: Oh, okay.

Quinn: But I have a lot more experience than she does.

Deacon: Okay, okay. I think what your mother's saying is if Ivy is actually your girlfriend now, it might be the time to ask her just to chill out a little.

Wyatt: Fine. I will. But Ivy's dealing with a lot more than you can imagine, and Ridge choosing Steffy doesn't help one bit. She may even get that promotion after all. But if not, well, let the chips fall.

Ivy: You know, I think Aly would be really happy that you aren't getting your way.

Steffy: Aly had issues. And I'm starting to wonder if you do, too.

Ivy: Oh, come on, Steffy. I'm just holding you accountable for something, probably for the first time in your entire life.

Steffy: You're not a judge or a jury, Ivy.

Ivy: Well, no, but I, uh -- I am holding a video that would convince a jury, so...

Steffy: Okay, what that video shows or what it doesn't show --

Ivy: What this video shows, Steffy, is that you're a murderer. I have played it too nice for too long. Don't mess with me. As long as I'm around here, I own you.

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