B&B Transcript Tuesday 8/18/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 8/18/15


Episode # 7134 ~ Steffy sticks to her story as Lt. Baker asks her hard questions about Aly's death; Ivy uses the sweet art of seduction to ensure that Wyatt stays her ally.

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Ivy: What are you doing?!

Wyatt: I-I don't know. Having this video, it just -- it feels dangerous.

Ivy: This is proof of what Steffy did! This is all we have! We need this! You can't delete this video!

Thomas: You think Wyatt will actually do it?

Steffy: He said he would. He seems like a man of his word. Aly attacked me, and I defended myself. Wyatt understands that now. He'll erase the video, and I can put this horrible situation behind me.

Ridge: So this is a case now, huh? Aly's death is a case.

Lt. Baker: You sound surprised.

Ridge: I am surprised. I guess maybe I'm missing something. I thought it was ruled an accident.

Lt. Baker: Well, I just want to make sure I'm not missing something. You know me. I got to cross my T's, dot my I's, make sure I ask all the right questions.

Caroline: She fell and she hit her head. What questions do you need to ask?

Lt. Baker: Not what. Who. There's a lot of questions I need to ask your daughter.

Pam: Okay, I'll just, uh, send her out again. No, no, no, no. No problem. No problem. I promise. You know these interns. [Chuckles] Okay. Charlotte! You just drop off hot dogs any old place? Those were supposed to be for Jake and his crew. And now we're short.

Charlotte: I know. I'm so sorry. It's just -- Ms. Spencer told me to leave them and --

Pam: I know, and obviously you got to do what she asked you to do, but that doesn't solve Jakeís lunch problem, does it? So, I guess you're gonna have to head on back and get another order. Oh, Charlotte, um, would you get an extra chili dog for me? With jalapeŮos!

Ridge: So you want to talk to Steffy?

Lt. Baker: I sure do. There's a lot of unanswered questions about that night. [Sniffs] Goodness, what is, uh...[Sniffs] Something smells good.

Caroline: Um, yeah, the -- the interns just dropped off some food. Are you hungry?

Lt. Baker: [Chuckles] Well, I-I wouldn't want to take your lunch.

Caroline: No, no, please. I mean, they're just some hot dogs we didn't even order.

Lt. Baker: Oh, you don't say.

Ridge: Help yourself.

Lt. Baker: Excellent.

Ridge: Now, you said you had some questions?

Lt. Baker: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Those -- those interns, what are their names?

Ridge: What -- what do, um...

Lt. Baker: I thought I knew the best hot dog joints in town, but my gosh, this is --

Ridge: No, I meant you have questions about Aly's death. What do you need from Steffy?

Thomas: I hope you're right. I hope this is over now.

Steffy: Once this video is erased, I'll have no reason to worry about Ivy.

Thomas: She could still go to the police even without the video. Just her word against yours.

Steffy: Police already know what happened. They know I'm a victim. I don't think Ivy running to the police crying murder is gonna make a big difference. Look, even if I end up telling the police more about -- about certain things, it doesn't change the truth.

Thomas: Yeah, yeah, not -- not the entire truth. But you left out details. Now, what's that considered? Obstruction of justice?

Steffy: [Sighs]

Thomas: You know, it just makes me wonder, Steff, maybe you should have told the police back when you remembered.

Ivy: Let me take my phone back.

Wyatt: Let's just -- let us -- let's just talk about this for a second.

Ivy: Have you been playing me?

Wyatt: What? No!

Ivy: I thought I could trust you, Wyatt. I thought we were getting closer to each other.

Wyatt: You can, and we are! It's just that --

Ivy: You went behind my back and took my phone. Why would you do that? We need this video. Why would you even think of deleting it?

Wyatt: Because I spoke with Steffy.

Ivy: [Scoffs] Of course you did. And she got to you, didn't she? You want to know how I know she got to you? Because you're a Spencer male and you can't resist.

Lt. Baker: I just need to have a little chit-chat with your daughter, that's all, find out a little bit more about what happened that night that Alexandria died.

Ridge: Well, I'm not sure what else you could possibly need. The officers that were there, they asked all the questions.

Lt. Baker: But maybe they didn't ask all the right questions.

Ridge: So, what's the right question?

Lt. Baker: Was there any animosity between the two cousins, for example?

Ridge: Animosity? I don't know if that's the right word. I think, um, they had issues, but Aly had issues with a lot of people. She was a troubled kid, difficult.

Lt. Baker: Difficult in what way?

Ridge: Well, ever since her mom died, um, she had mental issues. She'd go off on people.

Lt. Baker: Like the night she died, going after Steffy?

Ridge: Yeah, that was one of those times.

Lt. Baker: Well, times like that, things could get out of hand. It might be tempting to push, get physical. I wonder what Steffy has to say about that.

Thomas: I'm worried the truth will come out and it'll look like you've lied.

Steffy: But I didnít. Not intentionally. I-I don't even know what I could have said differently. My head was spinning. I was in a daze. Everything was going so fast. The one minute, I'm changing the tire. And the next, a car is barreling down at me. And suddenly I'm answering questions from the police while our cousin is lying dead on the ground. I was in shock. I don't even know how I answered those questions.

Thomas: Steff, Steff, I agree with you --

Steffy: Then why are you doing this? Why are you stressing me out? It was self-defense, okay? Aly attacked me. I can't change what I said that night. Digging it up now won't do any good. Wyatt will get the video, and he'll delete it. And then Ivy can heal. And she can finally move on.

Ivy: So, what did she do? She wink at you and then you all of a sudden start blabbing about the video?

Wyatt: No, she already knew about it. She's the one who brought it up to me.

Ivy: Okay, so then Thomas must have told her.

Wyatt: I don't know. Probably.

Ivy: So instead of coming to me about it, she went to you. Do you want to know why she did that, Wyatt? Because you're so easy to manipulate.

Wyatt: Wow. A lot of stuff that she said made sense. Just hear me out on this. Steffy could be charged with murder.

Ivy: Appropriately so.

Wyatt: Not necessarily!

Ivy: Wyatt, she lied to the police! Aly was defenseless! She didn't just fall over. Steffy hit her.

Wyatt: Steffy said that Aly was trying to attack her with a rock.

Ivy: What?! There wasn't a rock!

Wyatt: Maybe it's on the video! I don't know! But Steffy said that Aly was trying to attack her and she had to defend herself!

Ivy: Okay, well, she's lying.

Wyatt: I don't know about that.

Ivy: Play the video again.

Wyatt: [Sighs]

Ivy: Seriously, Wyatt, play it. There's no rock!

Wyatt: Well, maybe it's not the angle or something! I don't know! We can't see her hand!

Ivy: Oh, my God! How convenient. How convenient for Steffy. When is everyone gonna realize that that girl is a very good liar? It's what she does. She lied to the police that night. I mean, she even lied to you. She led you on to believe that you were gonna have a chance with her. She's lying about Aly, and she's lying about this rock.

Wyatt: But what if it isn't? What if this video sends her to jail because she was just trying to defend herself? Look, there are other ways to handle this without all the bad publicity. Forrester's been good to me. This could jeopardize my job.

Ivy: Um, hi. I'm a Forrester, too. Just because I didn't grow up in Beverly Hills doesn't mean --

Wyatt: You know what I mean. They've been good to you, too, Ivy.

Ivy: Wyatt, I'm not trying to jeopardize my family name, not trying to shine a spotlight on some scandal, and I'm not trying to ruin our jobs. Aly is dead. I know that she was a really hard person to get along with, but she was a good person. She just got caught up in all of this. I can't let her death mean nothing.

Wyatt: So, what do you want?

Ivy: I don't know. I don't know yet. All I know is that Steffy is at the bottom of all this. Rock or not, she is responsible. Wyatt, that video stays on my phone. One day I'm gonna figure out how to use it properly. I have to, for Aly's sake.

Steffy: Careful, Pam. If my dad's in there with Caroline, you never know what you might overhear.

Pam: [Scoffs] They're not alone, Steffy. I wouldn't have my ear to the door if they were in alone there canoodling. This is much more exciting. Lieutenant Bakerís in there, so it's got to be something juicy, right? Now, normally I wouldn't have pegged Caroline as a convict type, but she's been alone a lot, you know, 'cause of her leg and everything at home, and she's, like, really into social media, so I thought maybe --

Thomas: I doubt that's it.

Steffy: Well, only way to find out.

Pam: Okay. Give me a full report.

Steffy: Hi. Are -- are we interrupting?

Lt. Baker: Well, hello, Steffy. We were just talking about you. Thomas, good to see you.

Thomas: Likewise.

Steffy: Me? Why?

Lt. Baker: Well, first of all, let me give you my condolences. A terrible loss for you and your family.

Steffy: Thank you. So, this is about Aly.

Lt. Baker: Imagine my surprise when this case came across my desk. Another Forrester death along PCH. Darla's daughter, no less. Does your problems with Alexandria stem from what happened with your mothers?

Thomas: Whoa, whoa, whoa, who said they had problems?

Lt. Baker: Your father did. He said most people had difficulty with Alexandria. Mental issues, Ridge said.

Steffy: Yeah, she did have mental issues. Um... she was crazy.

Lt. Baker: Sounds a bit harsh.

Steffy: [Sighs] We're talking about a girl who tried to reenact her mother's death. Put a nail in my tire, waited for me to pull over so she could run me over with her car.

Lt. Baker: Is anybody gonna eat this last hot dog?

Ridge: Help yourself.

Lt. Baker: Well, even as such, being a little crazy doesn't justify killing someone.

Ivy: Do you understand why I can't give up this leverage?

Wyatt: I understand why you want revenge, but --

Ivy: No, see, don't make it sound like that!

Wyatt: What?

Ivy: Like it's wrong! Aly being dead is what's wrong! Steffy getting away with it is what's wrong!

Wyatt: I --

Ivy: She gets everything. She does. She takes whatever she wants and then people just turn a blind eye. I can't do that. Aly's dead, and I don't want to let that go.

Wyatt: I agree with you to a certain extent. But if she goes to jail because we can't see a rock in this video --

Ivy: Do you want to know why I don't understand this rock story?

Wyatt: Why?

Ivy: Do you want to know why I don't believe it? Because she should have just told the police that at the scene of the accident. Why didn't she just tell them exactly what happened?

Wyatt: I don't know! Fear, maybe? Maybe she was too freaked out to say the right thing? Any number of reasons! But we have to be careful not to turn this into a witch hunt.

Ivy: You know, I really thought you were on my side.

Wyatt: I am!

Ivy: Well, it doesn't feel like it!

Wyatt: What are you talking about?!

Ivy: Because you just -- you go and talk to Steffy and now suddenly you're following her story!

Wyatt: Oh, my God!

Ivy: Wyatt, I feel so alone here in LA! It is hard enough being this far away from my family and my friends. But to have fallen for Liam and then have him leave me, my cousin die -- my best friend die -- both of these things because of Steffy. And now you're gonna stand here in front of me and start sounding like you're on her side. It's too much for me.

Wyatt: I'm -- I'm not. I'm not -- I'm not on her side, okay? And you're not alone. I have found something in you that I don't want to mess up. I'm sorry.

Ivy: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hey.

[Both chuckle]

Ivy: I told you when... when I was ready to give myself to you, I...I'd give you everything.

Wyatt: Right.

Ivy: I'm ready. Whoa.

[Both laugh]

Wyatt: Wow. Um, I wasn't -- I wasn't expecting that.

Ivy: Yeah, I know.

Wyatt: I mean, it was great. I'm glad we did it. It was...[Whistles]

Ivy: Hey, um... look, I just -- I just have to let you know that I'm not usually like this. Like, I don't just do this on a whim.

Wyatt: I-I know. Yeah.

Ivy: And I just -- I have to let you know -- and I hope that this doesn't scare you off, but I want you to know that when I give myself to a man, I-I give myself entirely.

Wyatt: Okay, that doesn't scare me off one bit.

Ivy: Okay. But I just have to say...

Wyatt: Okay.

Ivy: When I'm with a man, I'm really -- I'm with him, you know, and -- and I want to be desired for that, and I want to be appreciated for that. And in return, I want him to give me all of himself.

Wyatt: Well, you found him.

Ivy: Have I?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Ivy: 'Cause I need to know that you're on my side just as much as I'm on yours.

Wyatt: I need that, too.

Ivy: Good. Because I want to be in this bed with you.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Ivy: And I want to lie here in your arms with you.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Ivy: But I can only really do that if I trust you. So, there are certain things, like, for example...

Wyatt: Mm-hmm.

Ivy: ...My phone. That footage is important to me and to Aly and her legacy. So I need to know that you wouldn't delete that without my knowledge. 'Cause if I know that and I can trust you with that, well, then we're gonna be just fine.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Ridge: What are you talking about? Aly's death was an accident. No one killed anybody.

Steffy: She killed herself. If she hadn't tried running me over with a car...

Lt. Baker: Along the same stretch of road that your mother ran over hers.

Thomas: Okay, you keep bringing that up, but mom was proven innocent.

Lt. Baker: Of a crime, maybe. But Darla was still dead. And now after all these years, their daughters confront each other on damn near the same stretch of road.

Ridge: Well, that ought to prove that there was something going on -- there was something going on with Aly the way she's going after Steffy.

Lt. Baker: It does appear she did have mental issues. I'll need to speak to Thorne about that, of course, get the names of the doctors that she's been seeing. I do believe she was targeting you, Steffy. The nail in your tire does support that theory.

Steffy: So does driving towards me at full speed. So does attacking me, raging.

Lt. Baker: When she fell.

Steffy: Yeah, when she fell. Yeah.

Lt. Baker: I don't know. It just feels like something else is going on here.

Steffy: It's pretty straightforward.

Lt. Baker: Yeah, we'll see. Maybe. Anyway, an investigation has to be done, paperwork properly filed, questions asked. Any time there's a death in my little corner of Los Angeles County, it's my job to find out exactly what happened. Especially if that death could be a murder.

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