B&B Transcript Thursday 8/13/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 8/13/15


Episode # 7131 ~ Nicole & Zende's connection becomes stronger; Ivy & Wyatt think about the positive that came out of her breakup.

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Aly: You were my friend. You looked out for me. Don't let Steffy get away with what she did.

Ivy: [Gasps]

Aly: Don't let me die in vain. She killed me. It was murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder.

Wyatt: Good morning.

Aly: Murder.

Wyatt: Ivy. Morning. Hey. Good morning.

Ivy: [Gasps]

Wyatt: Sleeping beauty awakes, or at least I think she does. You okay?

Ivy: Uh, yeah. Thanks. Thank you. [Sighs]

Wyatt: You sleep okay?

Ivy: Yeah. Yeah, well, probably -- probably a lot better than you did, I suspect. Sleep on a couch in your own house. I'm so sorry.

Wyatt: Hey, hey, hey, hey. My bed is yours whenever you need it.

Ivy: [Chuckles]

Wyatt: Okay? Hopefully next time, I could be in it, too. I mean, you know, here, like -- here in this general vicinity.

Ivy: [Chuckles]

Wyatt: No, I mean -- you know, forget it.

Ivy: I just -- I can't believe there's a wedding going on in my house that I'm not invited to.

Wyatt: I know. And here we are, the morning after.

Ivy: [Sighs]

Wyatt: And you are in my shirt. And looking incredibly sexy...

Ivy: Mm.

Wyatt: ...If I might say. Uh-oh. I, uh, lost my touch already?

Ivy: No, no, no. I'm -- no, I'm -- actually, I'm really sorry. It's -- it's not you. I just... [Sighs] Just -- just then, before you woke me up, I was having this dream where I-I saw Aly. I saw Aly, and she was asking me to bring Steffy to justice.

Nicole: Seriously? Ridge is letting us sit in on the meeting later?

Zende: The lowly interns.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Steffy: Oh. Well, if you'd rather have Kristina and -- and Charlotte attend --

Nicole: Oh, no, no, no, no. Uh, it's an honor to be included.

Zende: Yeah, absolutely. So, what can we do to help you get ready?

Nicole: Steffy?

Zende: Everything okay? You -- you seem kind of distracted.

[Door opens]

Thomas: Yo, troops. How's it going?

Nicole: Oh, well, Zende and I get to sit in on the meeting later. Pretty cool, right?

Zende: I'm...sure you both need to prepare. So, guess we'll see you guys later, right?

Thomas: Yeah. Thanks.

[Door opens, closes]

Thomas: Well, you look like Hell.

Steffy: I know what you're gonna say. I can't keep letting Ivy get to me, that her insinuations are just that. [Sighs] She has nothing to back it up with. But enough is enough.

Thomas: What does that mean?

Steffy: No. I am going to talk to her. It's either she backs off or I'm going after her with everything I've got.

Thomas: Steff, slow down.

Steffy: No, I-I mean it, Thomas. Ivy is gonna drop this or I...

Thomas: Or what? It's not like you have a lot of options here.

Steffy: I could -- I could... I could fire her.

Thomas: And what? She'll just pack her bags quietly and move back to Australia? Come on, Steff. Do you really think you can get rid of her that easily?

Steffy: Thomas, I don't care! I'm sick of her making me the bad guy. Aly attacked me, first with a car and then with a tire iron.

Thomas: Don't go there again, okay? You did what you had to do to keep from being killed. Aly went off the deep end. Even Ivy admits that.

Steffy: [Scoffs] Yeah. But Ivy won't admit that Aly's death wasn't my fault.

Thomas: Look, when you told me the whole story about what happened that night...

Steffy: Mm-hmm?

Thomas: ...That was the whole story, right? I mean, some details could be blurry, even now.

Steffy: Oh, my God. What are you saying? Are you doubting me?

Thomas: N-no, Steff. No. I'm not. It's like I said -- you were defending yourself that night.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, tell that to Ivy.

Thomas: Okay. You leave Ivy to me. I know how to handle her.

Steffy: So do I.

Thomas: Do not go after Ivy. You're only gonna make things worse for yourself. [Clears throat]

Liam: Am I interrupting? What's going on?

Wyatt: Well, this is embarrassing.

Ivy: What?

Wyatt: I promised I was gonna cook you breakfast, but all I could rustle up is some cereal. I'm sorry.

Ivy: No, no. It's fine. I'm not that hungry anyway. God, I just -- I keep thinking that I'm gonna find something in this footage that I haven't seen before.

Wyatt: Well, have you tried making the footage bigger or slowing it down?

Ivy: Yeah. Yeah, no, I've done all that. It's just too dark. It's too blurry. Oh, it's just this video! It -- it doesn't do Steffy any favors. You know, I've given her every single chance to tell -- tell the truth, be honest. She just keeps denying it. Deny, deny, deny. Meanwhile, Thorne's lost his wife and now his daughter.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Ivy: I mean, his life is in shambles. But not Steffy's. No, no. Hers -- hers is totally fine. She just picks up exactly where she left off like nothing ever happened, but it did happen, Wyatt. Aly's life was cut short. And, yes, she was a little emotionally unstable, but... it doesn't excuse what Steffy did. I mean, it's murder. That's the only way to look at it.

Nicole: I still don't think this is a good idea.

Zende: Working out clears my mind.

Nicole: Mine, too, but don't you think that maybe we should be going over the latest sales figures instead?

Zende: [Sighs] To impress Ridge at the meeting.

Nicole: I know he's your uncle, but... [Sighs]

Zende: If he's not gonna cut his own son some slack, he's not gonna cut his nephew any. Speaking of Thomas, did you pick up anything weird between him and Steffy?

Nicole: Yeah. Like there was something they new and we didn't. And they weren't about to share it, either.

Zende: It was pretty obvious Steffy was distracted and that Thomas knew the reason.

Nicole: Well, Steffy's been through a lot lately -- I mean, Aly's death, how it happened...

Zende: You think it has something to do with that?

Nicole: I don't know. Do you?

Steffy: What are you doing here?

Liam: I...work here? Vice President, in charge of... what am I in charge of?

Steffy: Oh, my God.

Liam: I can't -- oh, no. I remember. I remember.

Steffy: Aww.

Liam: Best job I ever had.

Thomas: [Clears throat] I-if -- if I'm interrupting...

Liam: [Chuckles] Sorry.

Steffy: Oh, sorry. Apparently my brother left his sense of humor back in Europe.

Liam: Ah, it's a shame.

Thomas: Let me go find that.

Steffy: Uh, you should. You should.

Liam: He's not wrong. We could all use some of that levity.

Steffy: Yeah.

Liam: Especially with the media circling more and more. Aly's death is really shining a spotlight on Forrester, and you most of all.

Steffy: Me?

Liam: Yeah, Steffy. You. You were there. You know what happened. You're the one the media wants to speak to.

Wyatt: Okay. I know how much you cared about Aly. But it's starting to consume you.

Ivy: I'm turning into a real drag, aren't I?

Wyatt: No, no, no, no, no. No, no. You could never -- no. Hey. Hey, hey. You could never be that. Okay? I mean, we both got burned by... Liam and Steffy.

Ivy: Yeah.

Wyatt: And I-I got to say, I mean... I don't think this is a bad outcome. I never saw this coming at all.

Ivy: Yeah, neither did I.

[Both chuckle]

Ivy: Well, then again, I didn't see a lot of things coming. I mean, I didn't see Steffy waltzing back into town and turning Liam's head and turning everything upside down.

Wyatt: You're still having a hard time accepting what happened with Liam.

Ivy: No. Not really. I mean... no. He's made his choice.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Ivy: And I've made mine.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Ivy: You know, when I give myself to you, Wyatt, they'll be no turning back.

Wyatt: What? What are you thinking about now?

Ivy: I just... I'm just thinking I've been pretty understanding. Wouldn't you agree?

Wyatt: Yeah. Yeah.

Ivy: And now -- now I have this video that proves that Steffy killed Aly. And I've given her every chance to come forward, to admit the truth. It's not like I've -- I've gone to police. I haven't told, really, anyone. Look, I-I kind of feel like I'm owed something for my silence.

Wyatt: Okay. What -- what kind of something are we talking about here?

Ivy: Well, the California Freedom line -- it's pretty successful, right?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Ivy: Yeah, well, your mom actually was telling me that she overheard Ridge saying that he wanted to expand on the brand and add another face to Forrester Creations.

Wyatt: Okay.

Ivy: So, I'm just saying... [Sighs] I'm just saying that, even if the Forresters don't realize it yet, they kind of owe me. And what better way to show your appreciation than...

Wyatt: Than what? Like, make you the new face of Forrester Creations?

Ivy: Yeah. [Chuckles]

Wyatt: Okay. So, the new face of Forrester.

Ivy: It would just be Maya and me. Okay, look, just think about it, okay? I know that Ridge is gonna want Steffy as the new face of, but --

Wyatt: Yeah.

Ivy: But if it's me, I can control it a little bit and I can make sure that the campaign doesn't become too overt. And I can honor Aly that way.

Wyatt: Yeah, I mean, you -- you did -- you totally proved yourself in Amsterdam. I mean, the way you stepped up, you modeled, you were amazing. You -- you handled it like a pro.

Ivy: I mean, it's gonna be tough. Steffy is the daughter of the C.E.O. She is president. Your brother is V.P.

Wyatt: Yeah, I know. Even though he has zero experience in the fashion industry.

Ivy: Exactly. Exactly, Wyatt. This is my whole point. You know, these people need to know that they can't have everything. There are consequences in life. So... are you on board?

Wyatt: Yeah. Yeah. I got your back.

Zende: It's still hard to believe.

Nicole: How Aly died?

Zende: That she's dead at all. She was just a kid.

Nicole: A kid who tried to run down her own cousin and then attack her. Look, not that I'm passing any judgment, but...

Zende: But if you were Steffy --

Nicole: If I were Steffy and Aly put me through all of that, I would just -- I guess I would just want it all behind me. Only, from what we saw earlier, I'm sensing that she's not able to do that.

Liam: So, we've been at this for a while.

Steffy: [Sighs]

Liam: You sure you don't want to take a break?

Steffy: No. No time. The meeting is starting soon, and my dad's gonna want feedback on these.

Liam: Okay. Well, who did this one?

Steffy: Uh, that is Quinn.

Liam: Really?

Steffy: Pretty awesome, right?

Liam: Yeah. She's got a flair.

Steffy: Yeah. But Ivy, on the other hand -- I mean, look. It's like...

Liam: What?

Steffy: Where's the spark? Where's the originality?

Liam: What?! It seems okay to me.

Steffy: No. [Sighs] Okay is not good enough. We need to wow. Like Quinn's jewelry. This is nice. I mean... [Sighs] Look, I-I'm just starting to wonder if Forrester Creations is the right fit for Ivy.

Wyatt: I'd reconsider that thought, if I were you.

Thomas: Been looking for you.

Ivy: I'm not that late.

Thomas: Yeah, about that video you showed me yesterday.

Ivy: Yeah, see, about that video. [Chuckles] Videos don't lie. Especially not that one. Unless, now, Steffy's tried to convince you otherwise.

Thomas: Yeah, I didn't tell Steffy about it. Yeah, I didn't want to --

Ivy: You didn't want to -- you didn't want to freak her out? Because if the police found out --

Thomas: The police aren't gonna find out. No one is. Because you're gonna delete that video, Ivy.

Liam: You ever heard of knocking?

Wyatt: Hey, the door was open. What's the big deal?

Liam: I-I'm not saying it's a big deal, but Steffy and I were, uh...

Wyatt: Just ripping Ivy's work to shreds? Behind her back, no less. That's just -- that's not nice, bro.

Steffy: We weren't ripping her work apart. I just have some concerns.

Wyatt: Oh, I heard. Only I just -- I wonder how objective you can actually be.

Liam: Well, she's president of the company, so --

Wyatt: And you're V.P. Yes. And you remind me of that every chance you get. But I'm reminding you -- the jewelry business is second nature to me. I know what's exceptional and what's not, and this work is exceptional work.

Steffy: Okay, for a different fashion house. But for Forrester, California Freedom, not so much.

Wyatt: I think you're being unfairly hard on Ivy.

Steffy: You're entitled to your own opinion.

Wyatt: What about you, bro? You ready to throw your old girlfriend under the bus now?

Liam: Okay, dude, you are so overreacting.

Wyatt: Really? Because I walked in here and I heard Steffy saying she wants to get rid of Ivy.

Liam: That is not what she said.

Wyatt: That's what she was implying. Wasn't it?

Steffy: [Sighs] Okay. Since when did you become Ivy's defender? Oh, never mind. I'm pretty sure I know.

Wyatt: Maybe. Maybe there's a lot of things going on that you don't know about. One, in particular.

Liam: Enlighten us.

Wyatt: You know, I would if I could, bro. It's not really my place. Anyway, uh, back to Ivy. She is a Forrester. And there is not way she's getting pushed out of this company. It's not a wise idea to even try.

Ivy: I don't think you're in a position to be making demands.

Thomas: Oh, it's -- it's not a demand. It's -- it's a request.

Ivy: "Delete the video." Nope, still sounds like a demand, not so much a request.

Thomas: Fine. I'll rephrase. For everyone's sake, including your own, please delete that video.

Ivy: And what about Aly's sake? What about what's best for her?

Thomas: Aly is not with us anymore.

Ivy: It doesn't mean her death and her life doesn't count.

Thomas: Her life does count. Okay, Aly was a sweet, loving girl. A-and unfortunately, she was extremely troubled.

Ivy: Being troubled isn't a crime.

Thomas: No. But what she did to my sister was -- the way she attacked Steffy on the side of the road like that. No, no. What Aly did was premeditated.

Ivy: She was not in her right mind, Thomas. What your sister did to Aly was appalling.

Thomas: She was defending herself. Wh-what's appalling about that?

Ivy: Because she picked up a tire iron and then hit a defenseless girl over the head with it. That's what's appalling.

Thomas: Okay. All right. That's not how it happened.

Ivy: Okay, well, the video suggests otherwise.

Thomas: Mm.

Ivy: Unless, of course, you'd like the police to be the judge of that, which is totally fine. It's your decision. But I think we both know what conclusion they're gonna come to.

Thomas: What do you want, Ivy?

Ivy: I want what I've always wanted -- justice for Aly.

Thomas: Besides that. Because it seems like there's something else.

Ivy: [Sighs] Look, I'm -- I'm keeping quiet. And I think that deserves a little more than just a thanks.

Thomas: Mm-hmm.

Ivy: I want to be the new face of Forrester Creations.

Thomas: You?

Ivy: Yes. Me. I overheard your dad saying he wants to expand the brand and he wants to bring on a new model.

Thomas: And I'm sure my dad will be asking my sister to step up.

Ivy: Yeah, see, not if you get to him first. Change his mind. Give me what I want.

Thomas: This isn't you, Ivy.

Ivy: You have a choice. Help make me the new face of Forrester Creations or...

Thomas: My sister goes to prison.

Ivy: Still on you, Thomas. So, what's it gonna be?

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