B&B Transcript Thursday 8/6/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 8/6/15


Episode # 7126 ~ Brooke tells Eric she's unsure of Julius' true motives; Nicole opens up to Zende about her relationship with her parents.

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Rick: Mm.

Maya: [Chuckles]

Rick: The countdown begins.

Maya: Yes. This time tomorrow...

Rick: Are you nervous?

Maya: I am marrying the most incredible man in the world. Of course I'm nervous.

Rick: Why? He's crazy in love with you.

Maya: It's not really you. It's my parents, especially my dad.

Brooke: Ready to head out?

Eric: Yeah. I'm just about ready. Big night ahead, huh?

Brooke: Yep. Seems like our son has finally found his match.

Eric: I'm happy for those two.

Brooke: You know, it's amazing how well-adjusted Maya is, given her parents. And her mom seems sweet, but her dad, Julius...

Eric: He's a real piece of work, isn't he?

Brooke: To disown your own child? He better be on his best behavior at the rehearsal dinner tonight.

Vivienne: We shouldn't just walk right in.

Julius: Why not? Our daughter lives here, right? Our daughter.

Vivienne: Is it really such an effort?

Julius: You know, you would never think from the street, how close the houses look, that the property behind it just goes on and on and on. I mean, they could actually have a golf course out back.

Vivienne: You know what I really think?

Julius: Yeah, you think it's a crazy waste of money. That's what you would think. But you have to understand -- this is a completely different social atmosphere, something that you're not used to. Who's paying for this extravagant wedding? I'm not. I mean, I may be the father of the bride or whatever that is, you know, but I just can't.

Vivienne: Well, the Forresters don't have that expectation. They're far too gracious to even mention money.

Julius: Well, I'm not coming here empty-handed like some no-class pauper offering nothing in return.

Rick: Mr. and Mrs. Avant.

Vivienne: Oh. [Chuckles]

Rick: So glad that you could make it.

Vivienne: Hi.

Rick: This means the world to Maya.

Julius: Family is as family does.

Zende: I mean, how can anyone not accept Maya, especially her own father?

Nicole: He says he's trying. It's just -- I don't see it, is all. But maybe that's not fair. Maybe I just don't know what Dad trying looks like.

Zende: Well, why would he say he is if he isn't?

Nicole: You grew up a Forrester. You don't -- you don't know what all this looks like to someone who's struggled their whole life.

Zende: When Mom and Dad brought me to the states, they bragged to everybody about how I made my bed perfectly every morning. Had to have been a couple weeks gone by until they realized I didn't want to mess it up and that I had been sleeping on the floor. [Chuckles]

Nicole: Sorry. Sometimes I forget what it must have been like for you, since you're so --

Zende: Handsome?

Nicole: Well...

Zende: Smooth.

Nicole: Mostly.

Zende: Charming.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Okay. I think you know what I was getting at. Let's go.

Zende: All right.

Nicole: Thank you.

Julius: And you run the international division?

Rick: That's right.

Julius: So, I would imagine that you have, uh, some homes in various places around the world.

Vivienne: You know what? I saw Maya on that stage, modeling those beautiful dresses. I clapped so hard my hands went numb. I mean, for real.

Rick: [Laughs] I know, Vivienne. So were mine.

Julius: [Chuckles] I suppose after tomorrow, you'll be calling her "Mom."

Rick: Tonight should be fun.

Vivienne: Mm.

Rick: You're gonna meet a lot of interesting people. Have you met, uh, Maya's friend Nick yet?

Julius: Not unless we met him right here.

Rick: But she's talked about him. He'll be performing the ceremony.

Julius: Oh, a preacher.

Rick: No.

Vivienne: Oh, there she is! Hi, honey.

Maya: Hi, Mom. You like it?

Vivienne: Yeah!

[Both laugh]

Vivienne: Oh!

Maya: Hi, Dad. Hi. [Smooches]

Julius: Well, you certainly look like a model wherever you go.

Vivienne: [Chuckles]

Rick: I sent Nicole and Zende out to tell everyone that dinner's almost ready.

Maya: Mm. Good.

Rick: I thought the rehearsal went well. Didn't you?

Maya: My dad behaved.

Rick: Oh, we all behaved. And that never happens at Forrester weddings. It's normally my family that's acting out. [Chuckles]

Maya: Well, it was only the rehearsal.

Nicole: It is so nice outside. There is no one in a rush to come back in. [Chuckles]

Maya: That's fine. We want everyone to be relaxed, eat, drink when, where they want.

Nicole: Well, you know, I've only been at two weddings before, and Mom made me go to both of them. [Chuckling]

Zende: Yeah, I've been to two or three weddings...for every Forrester.

Maya: Oh.


Rick: Well, you'll never go to another one of mine.

Maya: That's right.


Nicole: Look, I don't know if I'm the type to cry at weddings, but I definitely cried at your rehearsal.

Maya: Aww, sis.

Nicole: I love you.

Maya: We love you. All right. Go get some food, drink.

Nicole: Will do.

Maya: Do something.

Zende: [Chuckles]

Maya: Behave.

[Both laugh]

Julius: So, how was I? Your mother said that I was a little stiff marching you up to the preacher.

Vivienne: Julius, you were born a little stiff.

[Both chuckle]

Rick: Well, we couldn't be happier.

Vivienne: Mm.

Maya: And actually, Nick is not ordained. We're not having a religious ceremony.

Julius: Well, what is he?

Maya: He's a dear friend who I asked to marry us.

Julius: Oh, so this is a play wedding.

Rick: No, sir. He went down to the courthouse and was deputized. It's all very official.

Julius: California Freedom.

Eric: Rick, Maya -- the house looks beautiful.

Rick: Well, don't look at me. This is all a collaboration between Mom and Maya.

Eric: Yeah?

Brooke: Yeah, we did a pretty good job. The flowers and the candles look fabulous.

Maya: [Chuckles]

Julius: Hey. So, you're a Forrester.

Zende: Yeah. Since my mom is. I was born in Africa. I'm adopted.

Vivienne: Oh.

Julius: Luck of the draw, huh?

Zende: Uh...no luck involved. They chose me. I chose them.

Woman:  Caviar?

Julius: Of course.

Maya: I can't thank you both enough for doing this for the wedding party.

Eric: Brooke loves everything about a wedding.

Rick: She does. Especially getting married.

Maya: Rick...

Brooke: Oh, it's the least we could do since you're taking our smart-mouth son off our hands. [Chuckling]

Eric: Very grateful for that.

Zende: You okay, sir?

Julius: Yeah. Mm-hmm. It's delicious. I'm not the kind of person that would, um, criticize his hosts' taste in caviar.

Vivienne: [Chuckles] Well, it's like they say. It's salt made into a jelly.

Julius: Don't embarrass yourself, darling.

Eric: Julius, you did a wonderful job at the rehearsal. The father of the bride is a complicated situation.

Vivienne: Brooke, you look lovely.

Brooke: Thank you. You, too.

Vivienne: Oh.

Julius: Listen, um... would you guys mind if I had a little time with Eric? You know, father to father?

Zende: Are you a gardener, Mrs. Avant?

Vivienne: Oh, not like I used to be.

Zende: You should see the roses.

Julius: So, I understand you're retiring.

Eric: Well, not entirely.

Julius: Hmm. Just pulling back a bit, huh? Like me.

Eric: Just like that. Yes.

Julius: Listen, I, um -- I bought you something. Vibration-dampening insert. Parallel and perpendicular guidelines for alignment. Very forgiving. It's what the pros use.

Eric: Wait, I'm very grateful, but I don't play. I don't play golf.

Julius: Uh... maybe you want to take it up.

Nicole: Dad sure is doing his best to fit in.

Maya: You think he's really trying?

Nicole: To be your father again? I know you want to believe that.

Maya: But you think I'm wrong.

Nicole: It's never wrong to hope.

Nick: Aside from the legal things I have to say, they leave room for personal touches, and I wrote some remarks for your and Maya's approval.

Rick: I trust you. Maya trusts you. Surprise us.

Nick: [Chuckles] All right.

Vivienne: I'm gonna admit -- I am nervous.

Julius: Oh, everything makes Vivienne nervous.

Vivienne: That is not true. This is just so...exciting and different -- a day I never thought I would see.

Julius: I'll tell you what's hard is coming to the understanding that a man is never gonna be a grandfather.

Eric: I imagine the two of them will adopt when the time's right.

Vivienne: Mm-hmm.

Rick: Julius, Vivienne, I know you saw him at rehearsal. We were all so busy trying to find our place and taking orders, but I wanted you to meet our friend Nick.

Vivienne: Oh, you're like the justice of the peace.

Nick: For a day. Deputy marriage commissioner. [Chuckling] I think I'm more thrilled about it than Rick or Maya, actually. But you know, if there's anyone I wanted to see married, it would be your daughter.

Vivienne: Thank you.

Julius: How long have you known Maya?

Nick: We go back and forth on that. Since soon after she came to L.A.

Julius: The first time?

Eric: Let's not bring calendars into this. It just reminds me of how old I'm getting. Aren't we supposed to be doing something nuptial? Toasts to the bride and groom?

Rick: I think you're right. I think it's time.

Eric: Well, let's do that.

Vivienne: Yes. Okay.

Eric: Come on. Let's go in.

Vivienne: Let me get my glass. Thank you.

Eric: Shouldn't leave that around, huh?

Vivienne: [Chuckles]

Julius: Listen, uh, you seem to be in pretty good shape.

Nick: Thanks.

Julius: I peg you for a golfer.

Nick: I know my way around the links.

Julius: [Chuckles] Well, listen, Rick's dad just got a brand-new, very fine putter. All he needs is some clubs to accompany it and somebody to teach him how to play the game.

Nick: I don't know how good of a teacher I would be. I-I-I find golf a really frustrating game as far as sports go.

Julius: Oh. Kind of lose your cool on the course, huh?

Nick: [Chuckles] Well, I try not to, but, you know...

Julius: [Chuckles] Throw a couple of clubs in the water from time to time? Hey, listen. I understand. It happens to us all. Testosterone. You can't just pack it up and put it in a drawer. You feel me? [Chuckles]

Nick: Well, actually, you can, as long as it's not past its expiration date. You know, I think they're ready for us. We should just...

Rick: Vivienne, you said you'd like to go first?

Vivienne: Oh, thank you, Rick. Um... this is a grand occasion for me and my husband. You know, when you're apart from your child, you worry every day, no matter the years. And to see her so happy and successful -- I just don't have the words. I'm just truly thankful. To Rick and Maya. May you have a long and happy marriage!

Eric: Absolutely.

Vivienne: Yes.

Nicole: Cheers.

[Glasses clinking]

Nick: May I go next?

Rick: The floor is yours.

Nick: To Rick and Maya, my two dearest friends. May your cup runneth over with all good things. And to my new friend, Julius.

Brooke: Oh. [Chuckling]

Eric: Cheers.

Vivienne: Cheers.

Eric: Brooke and I have seen the change that Maya has brought to Rick's life.

Brooke: Everyone has seen it.

Eric: They're an inspiration.

Brooke: And not just to us, but to the whole world. We wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Eric: Hear, hear.

Rick: And now for the lucky groom. [Chuckles] [Sighs] Words cannot express the love and the respect that I have for you. Your courage is limitless. It's humbling. And there can be no doubt that the world is a far, far better place because of Maya Avant.

Maya: [Chuckles]

Rick: And I can't wait to make you a Forrester.

Maya: [Chuckles]

[Glass clinking]

Maya: [Chuckling]

Vivienne: Yeah...

Eric: Should we be here for this? [Chuckling]

Brooke: I think we should check on the food.

Eric: The food?

[Indistinct talking]

Maya: Dad.

Julius: Spit it out. You're neglecting your guests.

Maya: I need to know whether you want to be here or not... and what you feel or don't feel about me.

Zende: You think she's okay?

Nick: He's her father. She wants his love.

Nicole: Always has. And over and over again, he hurts her.

Julius: I would hope that my being here is enough.

Maya: We -- we've lost a lot of time, Dad.

Julius: You grew up, and maybe I did, too.

Maya: There were years when you wanted nothing to do with me.

Julius: You have to understand -- you're of a different generation. We didn't talk about things like this. We didn't even think about things like this.

Maya: I have to believe there were other kids who were different like I was.

Julius: Yeah, well, if they were, maybe they pretended like they weren't.

Maya: Well, I can't pretend. This is who I am. And I don't feel different anymore. I-I feel at home in myself. If I had my family again, I would have all my dreams. But in order for that to happen, I need to know that you accept me as I am.

Julius: You can't just ask me to snap my fingers and overturn everything I've ever felt my whole life.

Maya: That's fair. That's fair. I understand that.

Julius: Listen, I certainly cannot fault you for how well you've done with your life.

Maya: What does that mean?

Julius: I came up short with you, okay? Dad had some problems. But there were reasons. That's all behind me now.

Maya: Is it?

Julius: Yes. I am seeing things very differently now.

Maya: Like what things?

Julius: Like you. And what you've become and what you've done with your life. [Sighs] Listen. I know you doubt my sincerity. But I want you to know I want to be a part of your life. I really do.

Maya: Thank you.

Rick: Maya. You okay?

Maya: He said everything I needed to hear.

Eric: Hey. I think that's enough of the hors d'oeuvres, huh? We should have dinner.

Maya: My heart is just so full.

Eric: Julius, I-I'm sorry about the golf thing, but I appreciate your generosity.

Julius: Don't worry about it.

Brooke: And thank you for your daughter.

Vivienne: Oh.

Brooke: She really is a blessing to our family.

Vivienne: Thank you.

Eric: I'm starving. Are you not hungry?

Rick: There will be a few rough spots.

Maya: You don't think he's sincere?

Rick: I don't think that that's knowable. Will your father change? Possibly. What I do know is that what we have is what we have, either way.

Maya: Yeah. Yeah. Tomorrow, I begin a whole new chapter of my life. All I want is to be your wife. Does it sound crazy to say that I think that's what I was born to be?

Rick: No.

Maya: [Chuckles]

Rick: I love you, Maya Avant. And in a few hours, you'll be Maya Forrester.

Maya: [Chuckles]

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