B&B Transcript Wednesday 7/22/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/22/15


Episode # 7115 ~ Maya & Steffy uncover the reason for Aly's odd behavior; Ivy makes a startling discovery in the Forrester mansion.

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Steffy: [Grunts] Come on!

Aly: This is for you, Mom.

Darla: For the whole family. Put an end to her.

Aly: Not my company. Not my family. She is just like her mother, taking everything from me! California Freedom. This isn't freedom! It's perversion! It's wrong! It's wrong!

Darla: Get rid of her. Make her pay, Aly! For what her mother did to me, strike now!

[Engine revs]

[Tires screech]

Darla: Strike hard!

Steffy: [Screams]

Liam: [Sighs] Steffy must be in a dead zone since the last time I talked to her.

Wyatt: Well... so now we know.

Ivy: Well, do we? I mean, what? What exactly do we know?

Wyatt: That whatever's alienating Aly from the rest of us, it isn't about a disagreement or a bad mood or a grudge about her shoe line. It's hate.

Zende: What about you? You taken?

Nicole: Anything wrong with waiting for Mr. Right?

Zende: No. Kind of waiting for Miss Right, myself. So, now you think I'm cute?

Nicole: That wasn't what I said.

Zende: That smile you just gave me said something otherwise.

Nicole: You're pretty sure of yourself.

Zende: [Chuckles] You gonna let me take you out sometime? You all by yourself?

Nicole: Oh, Ivy had something to show the Spencer brothers. Lots of skinny dipping out there?

Zende: When Forrester people show off, we show off in clothes.

Nicole: Oh. Like today. You know, I always thought that a fashion show would be boring unless you were the model.

Zende: [Chuckles]

[Door opens]

Maya: Hello!

Nicole: Hey. You two missed your standing ovation.

Maya: Oh.

Rick: Did we?

Nicole: Yes.

Rick: How was it?

Nicole: Everyone was waiting here for you guys, but then they smelled barbecue, so...

Maya: Well, I bet all those poor girls who were existing on carrots and celery just stampeded right out the door.

Zende: That's actually kind of accurate.

Nicole: Okay, I know this is a total fangirl moment, but you did so great today, and I am not worthy to be your assistant.

Maya: Oh, please. Uh, so does this mean I get to boss you around now?

Nicole: No. But, I mean, you even changed Daddy's mind at least about staying.

Maya: Did you ever think that this would... uh, no.

Nicole: [Chuckles] That we would be anything close to a real family? Never.

Maya: Yeah.

Rick: Are they here? Your parents?

Nicole: Uh, yeah, our father's not really a party person.

Rick: Oh. Well, I want to get out of these clothes. But first we have to invite our executives down to toast their success. You see? You see how good I'm being?

Maya: I do.

Nicole: Yeah, Ridge and Caroline aren't here, either.

Zende: Ridge said they, uh, were going home.

Rick: Figures.

Zende: I haven't seen Steffy, either. Have you?

Nicole: She's not down by the pool?

Maya: Oh, Steffy's the definition of a party girl.

Rick: Oh, yeah. She'll be showing up with a case of tequila and a mariachi band before you know it.

[Light laughter]

Ivy: I-I think what we're seeing here is just Aly's way of dealing with whatever she's feeling.

Wyatt: You're not gonna say this is how she relaxes, are you? This is -- this is -- lookit. Obliterating Maya and Steffy's face? This is crazy!

Ivy: It's just this all feels wrong. I mean, it's a huge invasion of privacy. We came into her room --

Liam: Ivy, are you kidding me?

Wyatt: No!

Liam: Listen, I know you're alarmed right now, and you're -- and you're being a good friend. But Wyatt is absolutely right. This is a mental health emergency, and somebody needs to get in touch with Aly's therapist.

Wyatt: Does she have a therapist?

Liam: According to Hope, yes, since -- since she was little. I just -- I don't know how often she's been going since her father's been in Paris.

Ivy: No, no, she outgrew the therapist or something. I don't know. Look, she seemed pretty level-headed until recently.

Liam: Well, she's not now. And I think we would all do well to acknowledge that straight up.

Rick: A lot of people ask me how I feel about this woman. And I'd like to answer that question without any reservations. Maya, you inspire me. Your honesty, your strength, your beauty in and out. You're the woman that I've been looking for. I want to marry you.

[Audience gasps]

Nicole: You know, straight up, shaken, stirred -- I just don't get martinis.

Zende: Well, you're not supposed to like them.

Nicole: No?

Zende: No. They taste bad so that you drink them slow.

Rick: Did I ask for this?

Maya: Every day after work without fail.

Rick: Hmm.

Maya: You might not drink it, but it will always be here. Cheers.

Rick: Nice ring.

Maya: Yeah, I kind of can't stop looking at it.

Rick: Hmm.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Rick: Do you want to change, maybe head down to the pool?

Maya: Should we wait for the others?

Rick: Yeah, we probably should. I wonder where Steffy is.

Maya: Yeah.

Rick: She must have had to make a stop.

Steffy: [Breathing heavily] Are you crazy?! What the hell are you doing?! Get out of the car. Get out of the car now! Get out! Get out!

Aly: No! No!

Steffy: Get out! Get over here now!

Aly: Get off me!

Steffy: What are you doing?! You could have killed me!

Nicole: Whose is this?

Zende: Hey. That's, um... oh.

Nicole: Seriously?

Maya: What is it?

Nicole: It's one of the swag bags from the fashion show.

Maya: Oh.

Rick: I never saw them.

Nicole: Eye cream? Anti-aging mask? A beaded purse!

Maya: Wow.

Nicole: And a scarf with a label that I cannot pronounce.

Rick: [Chuckles]

Nicole: Oh, my. Luxury sheer pantyhose.

Maya: [Laughs]

Zende: All right, um... hey, okay, I picked up the wrong bag from the table.

Maya: Uh-huh.

Zende: I'm sending that to my mom.


Rick: Does she knows she's getting that?


Ivy: Hey, did -- did Aly go to the airport? Thorne was supposed to fly in for the show, but I think his flight was delayed.

Rick: Last I heard, Thorne said don't worry about him. He's probably not gonna be in till morning. Isn't Aly in her room?

Wyatt: No. But these were.

Liam: You can see why we're a little concerned.

Ivy: Yeah, look, when -- when Aly gets...like this, Thorne's really the only person who can calm her down.

Rick: So that's it? We wait for him to arrive?

Ivy: Well, I might be able to talk to her if I knew where she was.

Wyatt: Look, Aly's disappointed in a lot of us, but I just -- I don't get what she has against you or Steffy in particular.

Maya: She doesn't think we're the right kind of women.

Liam: Yeah, well, she's gotten narrower and narrower since Thorne left.

Ivy: Look, basically, in Aly's mind right now, she either sees you as a good person or a bad person. I could rob a bank. I'd still be considered good. Maya, on the other hand, you could save a baby from a burning building, and you'd still be bad.

Nicole: Yeah, she thinks you and Rick didn't treat her well.

Ivy: 'Cause you didn't. But that's besides the point. The point is, Aly thinks you're either a decent person or you're not.

Liam: Yep. Well, the question is, what does Aly take that word to mean exactly?

Ivy: Well, women like her mother, women like Stephanie.

Wyatt: Women who are pure and righteous.

Rick: Women who are dead and righteous.

Maya: Women who aren't at the center of a scandal.

Ivy: Women who don't exhibit their bodies.

Rick: Making fashion the wrong business for her.

Maya: Women who don't make anyone think of sex.

Wyatt: Yeah, women who don't do anything that Aly herself wouldn't do.

Liam: I wish Steffy would get here.

Steffy: You could have killed me!

Aly: You disgust me!

Steffy: Yeah, well, 100,000 things disgust you! Oh, my God.

Aly: Not like you and Maya do.

Steffy: [Breathing heavily] Were you following me?

Aly: Of course.

Steffy: [Gasps] You did this. You want to reenact the night your mother died. Oh, my God.

Aly: The night your mother killed my mother!

Wyatt: You don't know Thorne's flight number? There are more flights from Paris to LA than I thought.

Rick: I told him not to fly commercial.

Ivy: I'm gonna go find Aly.

Liam: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. How you gonna do that? You don't know where she is.

Ivy: No, well, I know where she goes when she wants to be alone.

Maya: Where?

Ivy: She goes to her dad's old office at Forrester in the basement.

Rick: Night security would already have that buttoned up by now.

Ivy: Okay, well, sometimes she goes to the beach to the house she grew up in.

Rick: Yeah, Darla and Thorne's old place. Sure, sure.

Wyatt: Wait, so she could be walking around somewhere on the beach alone in the dark?

Ivy: No, no, no. She doesn't do that. She, um... she actually -- she parks her car on that stretch of the Coast Highway, and it's actually pretty close to...

Nicole: Pretty close to what?

Ivy: It's, uh, it's close to where her mom's accident was.

Liam: Let me go with you.

Ivy: No. No, you, uh, you just stay here and wait for Steffy, okay? It's fine.

[Door opens]

Nicole: Aly's mom was in an accident?

[Door closes]

Rick: I was working in Paris at the time.

Maya: I basically know what happened, but I-I don't know any of the details.

Liam: Zende, were you around then?

Zende: Yeah. I went to the funeral. I was at that age where adults think you're still a kid, you won't understand their conversations, you know?

Nicole: What happened to her?

Zende: Aunt Darla was a beautiful lady. She loved children. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do for any of us. It -- it was Aly's birthday. [Chuckles] Aunt Darla's little princess, so you know there had to be a party. Uh, Steffy's sister, her twin, got a flat on the Coast Highway in the dark. Aunt Darla went to help her change the tire since it was nearby. But Steffy's mom was already on the way. I guess they said she had been drinking. I don't know. She hit Aunt Darla with her car and killed her.

Rick: She left the scene. It was a hit-and-run.

Zende: Uncle Thorne didn't know how to tell Aly. He wanted professional guidance. Steffy's mother is a psychiatrist, and... he had no idea she was the one who...

Nicole: That's terrible.

Maya: No wonder Aly sees betrayal everywhere.

Wyatt: Especially in Steffy.

Steffy: I didn't take Darla away from you!

Aly: No, but you're the same. You and your mother and Rick and Maya -- you take! That's all you do! "Thou shall not steal" doesn't apply to you when you think that -- that everything is -- is yours, that the whole world belongs to you!

Steffy: What about "thou shall not kill"? Oh, you think your morality says it's okay to crush me under a car?!

Aly: We have a right to defend ourselves.

Steffy: Who? We? What?

Aly: People who want a decent way of life!

Steffy: How does this affect you, Aly?! You think the clothes that I wear are slutty! You don't like Maya because she's transgender!

Aly: Some things are not good!

Steffy: You don't get to say who is right and who is wrong!

Aly: [Breathing heavily]

Steffy: Oh, God. God, Aly, life is short! If losing someone you love teaches you anything, it is that. We just got to make do with the cards we've been dealt. People are gonna judge you. They're gonna tell you that -- that you're doing things wrong, but as long as you're not hurting them, what does it really matter?! [Voice breaking] God! You got to let this go!

Aly: [Sobs] With your parents in Australia and my dad in Paris, we're just two Forrester girls taking care of each other.

Ivy: Mm-hmm.

Aly: And I know you miss home, but I wouldn't want you anywhere else. I love you, cousin. [Chuckles]

Ivy: Thanks.

Aly: I brought you a pint. Chocolate peanut butter, right?

Ivy: Ooh, my favorite.

Aly: But was that Liam I saw driving away?

Ivy: Turns out the party was a success after all.

Aly: I don't understand people.

Wyatt: What are you -- what do you mean? What people?

Aly: Why we let ourselves get walked all over. Why do we let people like Rick and Maya and Steffy take whatever they want?

Nicole: Night. Bye.

Zende: Drive safe.

[Engine turns over]

Nicole: What? Are we Mom and Dad now?

Zende: [Chuckles] Well, I thought that some Forresters should say good night.

Nicole: Oh, so sorry. I forgot that you outrank me.

Zende: Yeah, no worries. I'll remind you.

Nicole: Ooh. [Chuckles]

Zende: [Chuckles]

Rick: Is that everyone?

Nicole: Not quite.

Wyatt: Do you want us out of here?

Rick: Generally speaking, yes. But you two have a better relationship with Aly, so please stay to help me talk to her when she gets home.

Liam: Did you have to be such a bastard to her, Rick?

Maya: Look, I'm the first to admit that we were in the wrong, but whatever Aly's crisis is about, it clearly runs deeper than friction at home.

Aly: Have you ever known someone who was truly good?

Steffy: Your -- your mother?

Aly: She's a saint.

Steffy: Aly, nobody's perfect. Even the best people we know make mistakes. My grandmother, your mother. They've lied, they've cheated, they've --

Aly: Don't you dare accuse my mother of lying!

Steffy: I'm not! I'm not! I'm not accusing your mom of -- of anything. I'm just saying nobody's perfect. Darla lived her life like Maya's living hers. And I am doing the same.

[Waves crashing]

Steffy: Look, your...your mom died on this road, okay?

Aly: [Sobs]

Steffy: And there's nothing we can do to change that. You just got to accept it. Like so many things in life.

Aly: [Sobbing]

Steffy: Oh. Oh, come here. Come here. Come here.

Aly: I have lived [Sniffles] Most of my life without a physical mother because of yours. [Sniffles] Dad's in Paris. And now Forrester's lost its way, too. I'm all alone.

Steffy: Oh. No. No. No, no. Shh. Shh. [Gasps]

Aly: Everything good and decent has been taken from my life. And now you want me out, too.

Steffy: No.

Aly: You're not gonna get away with it, Steffy.

Steffy: [Gasps] Aly. A-Aly, Aly, put -- put that down. [Gasps] Oh, my God.

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