B&B Transcript Thursday 7/16/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/16/15


Episode # 7111 ~ Julius puts Rick to the test to find out just how committed he is to Maya; struggling with the changes at Forrester, Aly turns to her dead mother, Darla, for advice.

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Maya: Look, I'm -- I'm sure my father hasn't fully accepted me, but he might be willing to try.

Rick: He might be?

Maya: I-I know it doesn't sound like much.

Rick: It means a lot to you.

Maya: It's just a lot more than I expected. I always hoped that my mother would come around and accept my transition, but he -- you know what? He always took it so personally, like I was rejecting him and everything that he stood for. Until today, I never thought he would see me as anything but a huge disappointment.

Nicole: You talked about Maya like she was a monster. And now suddenly you think you can accept her?

Julius: I told her I'd try.

Nicole: Yeah, I know that's what you said, Dad. But did you mean it?

Vivienne: Nicole, that is not how you speak to your father.

Nicole: Do you believe him?

Julius: Hey, don't you drag your mother into this. And don't you ever --

Nicole: Question you? How can I not?

Vivienne: Shh.

Nicole: A few hours ago, you were calling Maya a freak. But that's not what you said to her. You made her think that you might actually want to get to know her. Is it true? Because I don't buy it.

Ridge: But I'm making that clear, right? I mean, it's not a stunt. It's our chance to make a statement about understanding and acceptance.

Steffy: Mm-hmm. Yeah, of course. That's what California Freedom is all about.

Aly: Freedom. Acceptance. Tolerance. What kind of message is that? What happened to romance? Elegance and glamour? This line isn't sexy. It's smut! Perverted and disgusting!

Darla: That's right, baby. It's wrong.

Aly: But they can't see it, Mom. Not even Ivy. [Sighs] God, they think they're doing something good. But if they don't stop, they're gonna ruin everything. You should have heard them. Acting like Steffy and Maya are role models. [Sniffles] I couldn't stand it. I had to get out of there.

Darla: You have to go back there right now.

Aly: But they won't listen. [Sniffles] They don't understand.

Darla: That's why it has to be you. You know what has to be done for the company, for your family.

Aly: I'm the only one.

Darla: Go to Forrester and stop it!

Ridge: Let's keep going. Where's the second set?

Caroline: Right here.

Ridge: Thank you. And accessories?

Steffy: It's all updated.

Ridge: It is, huh?

Steffy: It's amazing how much I can get done without Aly breathing down my neck.

Caroline: You know, I-I am so glad you got through to her.

Steffy: Well, it was either get on board or go back to Paris.

Ridge: I'm glad it didn't come to that.

Steffy: Well, I really didn't want her to leave. I just wanted to wake her up, make her realize how disruptive she was being, and I think it worked.

Ridge: We all got to be on board, including Aly. We got to make California Freedom a success.

Maya: Look, I have to get back to work. There's still a lot to do.

Rick: It's your big day tomorrow.

Maya: Not just for me, but yeah, there's a lot to be excited about.

Rick: Is that how you're feeling about your dad?

Maya: Cautiously hopeful.

Rick: It's okay to be cautious.

Maya: Look, I-I want to believe that my father's being sincere and that he wants to try. But my parents haven't been in my life in a long time. If this doesn't happen, I'll be okay. But it would be really great to have a relationship with him again. [Chuckles]

Vivienne: This isn't appropriate behavior.

Nicole: I can't ask a question?

Julius: Ask politely. Show some respect.

Nicole: Oh, is that what Maya did? Is that how she got through to you?

Julius: Your brother can become a woman and... [Sighs] This is not easy for me, honey. But I'm trying. I am trying to see things a little bit differently now. I think it would be beneficial to all of us if we could come back together as a family again.

Vivienne: Yes.

Nicole: You want a relationship with Maya?

Julius: I want what is best for this family. That's what I've always wanted, Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, that's why you sent her away, told her to leave us alone?

Julius: Listen, I didn't know at kind of life a person like that could have. I didn't know the kind of people that Maya would meet, that she would bring around us, that she would bring around you. And I was right. She ended up in jail. So I assumed that when she got out, it would be the same when she went to L.A.

Nicole: Except that it wasn't. And I told you that. I sent you pictures and e-mails. Did you not even look at them?

Julius: I had to see for myself.

Nicole: Getting to know the Forresters and Maya has been good for me.

Julius: And your mother and I deserve the same opportunity to get to know Maya and the life that she's living and this family she's become very close to. You know, as a matter of fact, I think I should go and talk to the man she's been living with.

Nicole: You want to go see Rick?

Julius: Yeah. On my own. You can take your mother back to the hotel. Honey.

Vivienne: Oh.

Julius: I'll see you later.

Vivienne: Yeah, okay.

Ridge: Alex, I think right here. Tighten this.

Maya: I'm sorry I wasn't here for introductions.

Steffy: Oh, no, it's okay. Sonja's doing great. Thanks for putting us in touch.

Maya: Absolutely. She heard about the collection and said she had to be involved.

Ridge: How's that feel?

Sonja: As good as it looks.

Caroline: Ah. That's what we like to hear. And then, Alex, do you think you could... right.

Aly: Who's that?

Steffy: Who? Oh, that -- that's Sonja.

Aly: I don't recognize her.

Steffy: She's Maya's friend. She's in the show tomorrow.

Aly: Oh.

Ridge: All right, Alex, we're gonna send her down in about five minutes. Thank you.

Sonja: I can't thank Maya enough for hooking me up with you guys.

Caroline: Oh, no, we're the lucky ones to even get you.

Ridge: Yeah, we thought you were gonna be booked.

Sonja: Oh, I wouldn't miss this opportunity for anything. Wearing this collection, what it stands for.

Ridge: Yeah. It's easy to take the sense of freedom for granted.

Caroline: Yeah. I mean, it's so precious, and we just want to share it.

Maya: And that's what we're gonna do tomorrow. So, does anything else need to be done?

Caroline: No, I mean, it looks...

Ridge: Well, a couple things. If we tighten this one here...

Caroline: Yeah, but we already told Alex.

Ridge: She was asking a question.

Nicole: We should have gone with him.

Vivienne: He wants to talk to Rick alone. We have to let your father handle this his way.

[Knock on door]

Rick: [Clears throat]

Julius: Are you Rick Forrester?

Rick: I am.

Julius: Julius Avant.

Rick: Maya's dad. Yeah. Nice to meet you. Come on in. Right this way. Maya had to head back to the office. She's getting ready for the big show tomorrow.

Julius: They don't need you?

Rick: Well, different hours. I'm coordinating the launch from the international offices.

Julius: You must travel a lot.

Rick: I used to live in Paris. But no, no, LA's my home base now.

Julius: Hmm. Well, I guess if I had a home like this, I wouldn't want to leave, either.

Rick: [Chuckles] Please take a seat. Yeah, Maya and I, we're, uh, we're comfortable here.

Julius: That's good to hear.

Rick: Is it? I'm sorry. Maya was telling me about the conversation you had earlier. You have an interest in getting to know her better. I'm not exactly sure how much you want to know.

Julius: You mean, do I want to know about the relationship?

Rick: Yeah.

Julius: Actually, I do. I want to know what kind of man wants to make a life with a woman like Maya.

Maya: It's gonna look amazing.

Caroline: Oh, my gosh. The lighting.

Maya: I was just thinking the same thing.


Steffy: Do you want me to introduce you to Sonja?

Aly: No. I mean, they- they're busy. I don't want to get in the way.

Steffy: Okay.

Maya: [Laughs] Yeah.

Ridge: All right, you can head on down and see Alex. Thank you.

Sonja: It's a beautiful gown, and I'm so proud to wear it.

Caroline: No, you know what? This is just a proud moment for all of us, truly.

Maya: Yeah. Do you need me to take you down to alterations?

Sonja: No. Thanks. See you there tomorrow.

Maya: I can't wait. [Laughs] Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. All right.

Caroline: She's great.

Maya: I know.

Vivienne: Thank you.

Nicole: You don't think it's a good idea.

Vivienne: I didn't say that.

Nicole: I saw your face, mom, when he said that he was going to see Rick. What's he going to say?

Vivienne: I don't know.

Nicole: Okay, well, what are you afraid he might say?

Vivienne: [Sighs] Your father can be blunt, and some people, maybe this guy Rick, might not appreciate his directness.

Nicole: Like when he called my sister disgusting?

Vivienne: He's not gonna say anything like that.

Nicole: Because he feels different now? He's ready to accept Maya as she is? Mom, please. I need to know. Is he being honest with her?

Vivienne: This isn't easy for him, Nicole. I mean, being here, facing all of this -- I mean, you know how difficult it's been all these years, the embarrassment and the ridicule. God.

Nicole: So what's changed? Why is he fine with this now?

Vivienne: He's not. Not yet. But I think spending time with Maya might help. I mean, I hope so. I can't tell you what's in your father's mind. All I can say is that he is genuinely interested in your sister's life, and he's trying to see the good in Maya and what she can bring to our lives.

Julius: Maya says this was your idea.

Rick: Actually, it's, uh, it's a family tradition. When Maya moved in, my father had a portrait of his wife up there.

Julius: Lady of the house?

Rick: Something like that.

Julius: You didn't know when you put that up?

Rick: No, I didn't.

Julius: But you never took it down?

Rick: No.

Julius: That says a lot.

Rick: Maybe. You know, to be honest, I'm not exactly proud of how I reacted when I found out.

Julius: You didn't suspect?

Rick: That she was transgender?

Julius: Hmm.

Rick: No, I had no idea. Neither did anyone else until Spencer Publications made it public knowledge, and that's why I didn't handle it very well.

Julius: Humiliating.

Rick: No. See, Maya thought that, too. She thought that I would reject her. Let me tell you something. That's not gonna happen. Mr. Avant, I love your daughter, and I am completely committed to her.

Julius: So you're straight?

Rick: I'm sorry?

Julius: You like girls.

Rick: Well, yes. Obviously.

Julius: Before you met Maya, you dated regular women?

Rick: I-I don't really see any difference between Maya or any other woman, at least there's no difference to me.

Julius: Rick. [Chuckles] You're a successful man, good job, beautiful home. You can have any woman you want. Do you really want Maya?

Rick: Yes. Does it surprise you that someone could appreciate her for who she is? Mr. Avant, I-I thought you were trying to accept her, at least that's what Maya told me. Was she wrong about that?

Julius: I'm trying. That's why I'm here. I see the life that Maya's made for herself here, and her mother and I want to be a part of it. But we want to know that you're committed...and will that commitment last.

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Ridge: All right, so what's next?

Steffy: Uh, is that the last of our, uh, our fitting?

Maya: Yeah, is there anything else I can do?

Steffy: No, no, you should go home and get some rest, all right? You hear that, Aly?

Aly: Get some rest.

Ridge: Yeah, everyone get some rest. I want everyone on their best behavior. I want nothing to overshadow our statement.

Caroline: Or the designs.

Ridge: Or the designs. California Freedom -- it's to capture the openness and the acceptance of, well, of California. We're a California fashion house, so that is what we are.

Steffy: Yeah.

Caroline: Well said.

Ridge: Thank you.

Steffy: We all need to get some rest. Busy day tomorrow.

Caroline: Absolutely. Oh, my gosh.


Aly: This can't go on. [Sighs] I have to stop it.

Rick: Maya and I, we've been through a lot. I'm not sure how much you know.

Julius: I'd rather not know what Maya's "been through."

Rick: I think you might be impressed. See, I've never met anybody so determined, so sure of herself. Maya -- she inspires me in ways that no one has ever inspired me before.

Julius: Where do you see this relationship going, Rick?

Rick: You'd like to know my intentions.

Julius: Yes, it's a little traditional, but yes.

Rick: It's perfectly fine. I know my father would want to know if some guy was moving in with my sister that he didn't know.

Julius: Do you see a future with Maya?

Rick: I most certainly do.

Julius: That's good. You know, I... I used to pride myself in the stability of my family. When Maya left, we lost that. And, uh, maybe this trip to Los Angeles... might help us get that back.

Maya: Hey, Ridge. I just want to thank you. I know you haven't always been my biggest supporter, but you're doing something really different with this line, and I'm grateful to be a part of it.

Darla: It's almost time, Aly. Make them pay.

Aly: How?


[Tires screech]

Darla: [Screams]

[Engine revs]

[Tires screech]

[Present time]

Darla: Take from them what they took from you. Tomorrow, the day of reckoning finally arrives.

Steffy: I agree. Introducing this line could be a catalyst for change in so many people's lives.

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