B&B Transcript Friday 7/3/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/3/15


Episode # 7103 ~ The Forresters & Spencers celebrate the Fourth of July; Maya's mother shows up looking for Nicole.

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[Upbeat music plays]

Singer: Let's rock it Yeah Rock it Yeah Make some noise and really wild let's rock it Yeah Rock it Yeah Bang, boom, kapow let's rock it Yeah Rock it make some noise and really wild let's rock it Yeah Rock it Yeah Bang, boom, kapow it's time for us to celebrate to enjoy all the things that make us really great from ocean to ocean it's just another year of freedom and liberty the time is finally here let's rock it Yeah Rock it make some noise and really wild let's rock it Yeah Rock it Yeah Bang, boom, kapow let's rock it Yeah Rock it make some noise and really wild let's rock it

Caroline: Happy Independence Day!

Wyatt: Hey! Footloose on the 4th! I like it!

Steffy: Is my dad coming?

Caroline: Uh, no, because his flight doesn't get in until tonight.

Steffy: Oh, no.

Caroline: I know. Bummer.

Oliver: Steffy, come get changed.

Steffy: Yeah, okay. Does this look okay? Thank you. Hey.

Liam: Hey.

Steffy: Wish me luck.

Liam: Yeah, like you need it.

Singer: Let's rock it Yeah Rock it Yeah Bang, boom, kapow let's rock it Yeah Rock it make some noise and really wild let's rock it Yeah Rock it Yeah Bang, boom, kapow Yeah

Carter: Are you okay?

Aly: I can't handle this.

Brooke: Wow, Pam! That's a lot of butter.

Pam: Cholesterol be damned. This is Independence Day.


Eric: Aly, how's the photo session going out there?

Aly: Why is Maya still the face of Forrester Creations?

Pam: Honey, it's the 4th of July.

Charlie: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Why aren't you in your Dolly Madison costume?

Eric: The two of you are going to another party after this?

Pam: It's not really a party. It's a colonial reenactment.

Charlie: Come on, Aly. Go get changed. You can bring Oliver along.

Aly: I'm sure Oliver will be too busy taking pictures of Maya and Steffy in their bikinis.

Carter: You guys need anything?

Ivy: No, I'm good, thanks.

Carter: You good? You good?

Singer: Together again it's me for you and you for me and a whole lot of...

Maya: So?

Rick: You were great.

Maya: Aww. Thank you. It's been a while.

Rick: No.

Maya: That one, she's a natural.

Singer: There's no better time hey, friend forever never thought we'd be here you can say whatever it brings me to tears where are we going? I just don't know starting all over I guess so yeah! Here we go, go, go together again it's me for you and you for me and a whole lot of friends we're thick as thieves and partners in crime so crank it up, crank it up 'cause there's no better time

[Camera shutter clicks]

Oliver: Couple more. Shoulder to the lens. All right, we got it. How about Liam and Steffy, our new president and vice president?

Caroline: Ah! The executives at work. I like it.

Liam: N-n-no. No, guys, I don't think so. That's...

Steffy: Come on. What, are you scared?

Liam: Carter, am I gonna get in trouble for this?

Carter: Seems like you're already in pretty deep, man.

Liam: [Sighs] All right, good point, good point.

Steffy: Honey, you better work. Get up.

Liam: What do I --

Steffy: Catwalk. One foot in front. Posture. Foot out.

Oliver: Dude, dude, loosen up, have fun.

Steffy: Yeah, loosen up.


Oliver: You're killing me, buddy.

Wyatt: Can I get a picture of this?

Caroline: Spencers aren't usually this bad at taking photos.

Steffy: So?

Oliver: You still got it.

Steffy: So do you.

Oliver: It was nice working with you again, Steffy.

Steffy: Yeah, you too, Oliver. See ya. Hey, Aly.

Oliver: What?

Aly: Could you be a little more subtle?

Oliver: Subtle?

Aly: The way you were looking at Steffy in that bikini.

Oliver: [Chuckles]

Aly: It is not funny, Oliver.

Oliver: I work with girls dressed like that all the time. You've never been upset before.

Aly: She is disgusting and filthy.

Rick: I'm gonna have to take this over to my mom.

Maya: Okay. Something nice to look at, isn't he?

Nicole: Who?

Maya: Right. Who?

Nicole: He is pretty hot.

Maya: Who needs fireworks when you have a Zende?

Nicole: Ew. Holiday humor. Well, do you approve?

Maya: I am happy for you.

Nicole: I'm happy for both of us. How far we've come -- you with Rick, I'm getting a second chance at Forrester, getting to know Zende. I owe so much to you, Maya.

Maya: Oh, cut it out.

Nicole: No. You taught me courage. I certainly didn't learn that at home.

Steffy: Ivy. Hey.

Ivy: Hey, that -- that was a really great shoot.

Steffy: Oh. Yeah. It's called getting my chops back.

Ivy: No, it was really good.

Steffy: Thanks. Look, um... I want us to get along.

Ivy: Yeah, well, it's probably a good idea now that we work together.

Steffy: Yeah, that. And we're family.

Wyatt: Couple of beauties.

Liam: It's nice to see them getting along.

Wyatt: Yeah. Why not? They each have a Spencer. [Chuckles]

Ivy: Well, I'm gonna go and see if Pam needs a hand in the kitchen.

Steffy: All right. See ya.

Pam: Honey, you have to cut the watermelon. You can't bring it out like that.

Charlie: This is a manly hunk.

Pam: Charlie, no, you -- Ivy, could you help me with these trays?

Ivy: Uh, yeah, sure.

Pam: Oh, thanks, sweetheart. And I want them done like this but not like this.

Charlie: Hey, hey!

Aly: Hey, uh, Ivy? I need to talk to you.

Pam: She's busy right now --

Aly: It's important.

Pam: Okay. Charlie, let's -- let's take this stuff out. If you could just do the tray? Thank you so much, Ivy.

Aly: What are you doing? Playing nice with Steffy?

Ivy: Aly, we work together.

Aly: She is after your man. Don't give up.

Ivy: I'm -- I'm not giving up. It's just Liam and I are only dating.

Aly: You were married!

Ivy: Can we not -- can we not do this again? I mean, you know that I shouldn't have asked him to marry me.

Aly: But he loves you.

Ivy: Well, he also loves Steffy.

Aly: No, no, no, no. He just -- he just lusts after Steffy. Running around in her underwear? I mean, what man wouldn't get turned on?

Ivy: I've -- I really appreciate your support on this --

Aly: Steffy is a tramp!

Ivy: I think there's a little more to her than that.

Aly: No, there isn't. All there is with her is just sex, sex, sex.

Ivy: Aly, you have to calm down.

Aly: Now she's here in this home -- our home. It's bad enough we have to deal with Rick and Maya, but Steffy? No. Everyone has their breaking point, Ivy. I'm telling you, I am reaching mine.

Maya: I still can't believe that's up there.

Rick: Believe it. That's where it will stay.

Maya: Maybe one day I'll get used to it, but I will never take it for granted.

Rick: Someday, I hope you will. 'Cause that's where you belong. This... this is where you belong.

Caroline: So, great shoot today. I'm gonna post some behind-the-scene teasers.

Oliver: Thank you.

Steffy: Yeah, my dad will agree. Nice job.

Oliver: Anytime you want to put in a good word for me with Ridge is fine by me.

Liam: Hey, where's your better half?

Oliver: I don't know. I'm worried about her.

Ivy: Aly, you have to get ahold of yourself.

Aly: I can't help it! Steffy, the way she uses her sexuality... I mean, did you see Oliver checking her out?

Ivy: Oh, he's a fashion photographer.

Aly: Ridge was supposed to save us from that -- from -- from Rick and that awful Maya. And now she's back. I hate her.

Ivy: I know you don't mean that.

Aly: You know how she treated me. You too. And Maya supposedly loves Rick, but she hid her past to him until he proposed.

Ivy: No, that -- Aly, that's not how it happened.

Aly: That's not right. She is not right.

Ivy: Okay, that's enough.

Pam: Um, is everything okay in here? 'Cause Eric... would like everyone in the living room.

Eric: Everybody, I want to say something just for a minute, all right? This is my house. I get to do that.


Eric: Right?

Rick: We wouldn't have it any other way.

Eric: Thank you, thank you. Just want to say how happy it makes me that everybody's here. Makes it a very special day in this house. Very special day all over the country, actually. It's Independence Day. Independence is not a gift. It's something that our founding fathers had to earn for us, and they did. They fought for it. And that made it a birthright of ours. And so from the time we're born, we have this in our lives -- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That's what Independence Day is all about. I'm really happy that we've made this part of the message for -- for the California freedom line. Self-reliance, self-respect, the right to choose how we want to live this life, and how we want to present ourselves to the world and -- and to each other. I'm very proud of that.

Aly: That's beautiful, Grandpa. But I have to say it -- freedom doesn't mean taking off your clothes for the world to gawk at your body.

Steffy: Okay. Wow. Um... would you rather have someone dictate what you should wear?

Eric: This isn't a debate. I mean, you have your own opinion. We all respect that.

Aly: Steffy doesn't. Look at her.

Eric: Aly, that's enough. We're not here to judge one another. Everybody, let's celebrate. Happy Independence Day.

All: Happy Independence Day!

Maya: I don't have a drink.

Together: Cheers!

Eric: Get me one, too, will you?

Maya: Thank you so much for all of this.

Rick: If there's anybody who personifies the California freedom line, it's you, Maya.

Maya: We live in a pretty amazing country, huh?

Rick: Well, there is that, yeah.

Zende: That's one happy sister.

Nicole: She deserves it. I'm really proud of her.

Zende: You know, you should be proud of yourself, too. Your determination, courage... you never gave up.

Nicole: Um, I'm gonna go talk to my sister.

Wyatt: I mean, never a dull moment at a Forrester party, right?

Caroline: I'm just grateful to be here.

Carter: Speaking of freedom, how does it feel? No walker, no boot...

Caroline: I know. Look at me. Feels like I can finally get my tan on. You know, it's not going well.

[Both laugh]

Caroline: But I have to thank your good buddy Ridge, because I wouldn't be here without him.

Wyatt: Aww.

Caroline: Aww!


Nicole: Okay. This cake -- when are we having some?

Rick: Not yet, because I made it, and if you touch it --

[Knock on door]

Rick: Excuse me. Someone's at the door.

Nicole: What? Okay.

Rick: Hi. Can I help you?

Vivienne: I'm looking for...

Nicole: Really good. I'm waiting. Mom? What are you doing here?

Vivienne: I found you.

Maya: Mom.

Rick: Mrs. Avant. What a pleasure. I-I'm Rick Forrester.

Vivienne: I've been looking for you.

Nicole: Why? What do you want?

Vivienne: Your father sent me.

Maya: What does he want?

Vivienne: From you, nothing.

Rick: Why don't you come inside? Why don't you meet the family?

Maya: Rick, no.

Vivienne: For once, we agree on something. Nicole, get your things. I'm taking you home.

Nicole: Wait. What?

Vivienne: I'm taking you home. We don't want your sister to brainwash you.

Eric: I can't believe it. You're an inspiration to us all. Look at you.

Caroline: Oh, thanks. Well, you can't keep me down.

Eric: Yes, that much is clear. And you two -- you've outdone yourselves. Way to go.

Pam: Well, thank you.

Eric: Thank you, Brooke, for everything. Thank you.

Brooke: Yes, of course. And I agree -- everything was delicious. It just felt like there was one thing missing.

Pam: Couldn't be these, could it?

Charlie: Ta-da!

Wyatt: You know what's so weird?

Liam: What's weird?

Wyatt: You two are no longer married but dating, and you two are no longer married but dating. It's weird.

Liam: Oh, yeah, it's weird. What about you two?

Wyatt: Oh, no, we -- we've never been married.

Liam: Oh. And you know what else? You've never been on a date, either.

Wyatt: No, not yet.


Steffy: Come on. You guys are brothers. You have to get along.

Ivy: Well, for the next few months, we're gonna be rubbing elbows.

Wyatt: I can throw in a few elbows, if need be.

Steffy: No, no, Ivy's right. Ivy's right. We're gonna be working very closely together.

Wyatt: Right. And I'm liking this more and more.

Steffy: Hey.

Wyatt: Hmm?

Steffy: You're rolling out a new line. The company is counting on us, so we either execute or fail, okay?

Liam: Yeah, well, we're not gonna fail after how far we've come to get here.

Ivy: Right. So, we all agree? We're gonna work on peace and cooperation.

Wyatt: With a little friendly competition.

Liam: Great.

Ivy: Fine.

Steffy: Works for me.

Oliver: Made you a plate.

Aly: Not hungry.

Oliver: I was thinking. I'm gonna talk to Rick, reschedule the Milan shoot, so I can stay in town.

Aly: I don't need babysitting.

Oliver: You need to loosen up, Aly. It's 4th of July. Have fun.

Aly: You mean like take off my clothes? Seems to be the dress code around here.

Oliver: It's summer. What do you want them to wear? Turtlenecks?

Aly: Like to be alone, Oliver. Mom.

Darla: You're upset.

Aly: I don't like it. Steffy and Maya, why do they always win? It's not fair. Mom... what is it? Your sunshine, it's... it's fading. It's Steffy, isn't it? She's doing this to you.

Steffy: It was an accident.

Aly: Your mother killed my mother.

Steffy: The anger and hate are consuming you. Don't give in to it, Aly.

Aly: Killed my mother. [Echoing] Killed...

Darla: Her mother killed me. An eye for an eye. Retribution. I know what you're thinking. Do it, Aly. Do it!

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