B&B Transcript Friday 6/26/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 6/26/15


Episode # 7098 ~ Ridge lends Caroline a hand; Ivy surprises Liam with the truth.

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Maya: Are you sure this is what you want?

Rick: By "this," you mean...

Maya: Me. Are you sure --

Rick: Yes. The answer's yes. [Speaks indistinctly]

Caroline: [Sighs]

Ridge: Hey.

Caroline: Hi.

Ridge: How you holding up?

Caroline: Well, you know, good.

Ridge: It's gonna take a little while, you know?

Caroline: I know. It's just -- mm. Thank you. [Chuckles]

Ridge: Thank me for what?

Caroline: Taking such good care of me, you know? I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. So... I'm... really gonna have to find a way to repay you.

Ridge: What are you thinking, little lady?

Caroline: Oh, I'll think of something.

Ridge: Yeah?

Caroline: Yeah!

Steffy: I need to get back to work.

Liam: Don't -- don't do that.

Steffy: Don't do what? I'm not the one who got married.

Liam: Yeah, well, it's temporary.

Steffy: I know you want to believe that, but you're not the first person to help someone dodge deportation. It isn't that easy.

Liam: You think -- you think we didn't take precautions?

Steffy: Oh, my God. They're gonna be watching you, Liam -- you and Ivy -- every move that you make. It could take months, maybe years, to find your way out of this. Look, I know you were trying to help her... but you destroyed anything we had in the process.

Ivy: I have to tell him. I will not trap Liam!

Quinn: He wants to be married to you.

Ivy: No, he doesn't, Quinn, not after what I just heard. He loves Steffy.

Quinn: Well, maybe he has feelings for both of you. I mean, if he didn't love you, he -- he wouldn't have agreed to help you.

Ivy: But it turns out I didn't need his help. I have dual citizenship. He just doesn't know that yet. All that's gonna change. I have to tell him.

Quinn: Ivy -- Ivy, please! Just wait. Just...think about this.

Ivy: Quinn, I am tired of thinking about this. It's time for action -- honest action.

[Door opens, closes]

Wyatt: All right. I need to cross-check inventory, 'cause we seem to be short on --

Quinn: Short on what?

Wyatt: Exactly. What? What's going on? You seem all riled up. What'd you do now?

Liam: This doesn't have to stop us.

Steffy: It already has.

Liam: Okay. All right. Don't you think that we've come too far to let something --

Steffy: Liam, you're married, okay? I love you, but this isn't gonna work.

Liam: Okay, I know I made a mistake -- I know that -- but it's a mistake that I am in a position to correct, if you let --

Steffy: No, we can't correct it. We have to accept it.

Liam: [Sighs]

Steffy: It's not gonna happen between us.

Ivy: Liam, we have to talk.

Steffy: Good idea. Talk to your wife.

Liam: Wait. I'm sorry. I didn't --

Ivy: I know -- I know how you feel about Steffy. If you still want her... you'll be able to have her again.

Liam: It wasn't as easy as we thought it would be, was it?

Ivy: You knew it wasn't gonna be easy. You told me that.

Liam: I know. I was just...trying to make sure we both understood.

Ivy: We did. It was no strings attached. Just two signatures on a piece of paper. It was a marriage license.

Liam: And it kept you from being deported.

Ivy: It just -- it wasn't necessary.

Liam: Yes, it was. Ivy -- Ivy, yes, it was! I wasn't gonna let them do that to you. Your -- your family, your life, your career -- everything is here.

Ivy: Yeah. Yeah, everything. And you were willing to help me. I'm always gonna love you for that, Liam. I am so grateful. You've literally -- you've saved my life. I mean, no one's done anything like that for me.

Liam: Well, I don't regret it.

Ivy: Well, I-I know. I know you don't. I guess that's just the kind of man that you are. You know, you're -- you're loyal, and you're -- you're strong, and you're someone that everyone can depend on. But these feelings you have for Steffy -- it just really complicates things.

Liam: I know, but it's not -- it's not really her fault.

Ivy: [Sighs] I know that. I know that. I know. You -- you guys have a history together. But you love her, Liam. I mean, when you love someone, they become a part of who you are.

Liam: Hey, you were there for me, and I'm gonna be there for you, okay? So we stay married until you have your citizenship. I'm not -- I'm not gonna leave you out to dry.

Ivy: Liam, I don't need rescuing. I can't be deported. I'm already a citizen of this country.

Ridge: What are you doing?

Caroline: What we do best.

Ridge: What we do second best.

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Ridge: You okay?

Caroline: Yeah. I'm -- I'm -- I'm fine. It's just -- it's a lot, you know, being -- being back here and everything, so...

Ridge: You can design at home. Why can't you design here?

Caroline: I don't know. It's just different being back here. And just nothing is working right, so I'm not -- feel -- I -- [Sighs]

Ridge: Okay. Come here.

Caroline: I just -- I just want to focus on this.

Ridge: Focus on me. Come here. Come here. [Chuckles] Good job.

Rick: Are you okay?

Maya: I'm not sure. Are you?

Rick: Yeah. I'm sure. What are you not sure about? Maya? Hey, look. Hey, look. Listen, you got nothing to prove to me...or anybody else. I'm lucky. I'm grateful. I love you. I want you with me on this journey. Our journey.

Caroline: [Giggles]

Liam: What did you just say?

Ivy: I'm a citizen of the United States.

Liam: Right. Because we're married.

Ivy: [Sighs] No, I've always been a citizen. Someone made a huge mistake. I was just informed. You don't have to be married to me, Liam. I can't get deported.

Liam: Hold -- wait a second. Who -- who told -- why do you think this?

Ivy: An immigration officer visited me and confirmed everything. I'm legal, which means you're free. I'm in love with you. I love you, and, yeah, one day I was hoping maybe I would be your wife, but not like this. Not like this, with this -- this constant need and desire for someone else. It's...

Liam: You didn't have to tell me this.

Ivy: Of course, I had to tell you. I'm not gonna trap you in this relationship, Liam. It's not fair on you. It's not fair on either of us. You deserve to know the truth. And now you do. Look, I -- I'm sure -- I'm sure Carter can draw up the annulment papers. It should be easy enough.

Liam: Oh, my God. Wait, Ivy. Ivy, hold on.

Ivy: Liam, I-I know that you care about you. I know that. Otherwise, you wouldn't have made the sacrifice and married me in the first place. I love you, and I want a future with you. But I'm not gonna stop you from being with Steffy if that's the life you want.

Ridge: Just one line at a time. Start with one. One up here. Time. It's gonna take some time. Come on.

Maya: You know, every time we make love, it's the same.

Rick: Gee. Thanks.

Maya: No. I mean, I have the same thought. That I couldn't be more in love with you than I am right now. I never expected to find someone who could feel the way you do about someone like me.

Rick: Someone like you? Let me tell you something, Maya. There's no one like you.

Maya: I'm just a woman... trying to bring as much as I can into your life.

Rick: Oh, you do. You do.

[Both chuckle]

Maya: I'll settle for that.

Rick: I'm a lucky guy.

Maya: [Chuckles]

Rick: I am -- mm -- a lucky guy.

Maya: [Laughing]

Wyatt: I don't know why you're wearing out the rug. Liam's gone nuptial. Steffy's upset. How's this -- this isn't a bad scenario for me. What? Mom, what? Liam's out of the picture. It's a good thing for me, right?

Quinn: You told him?

Wyatt: Told who what? What the hell's going on?

Ivy: I don't have to be married to Liam. He's free to be with Steffy.

Steffy: Are you stalking me?

Liam: Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

Steffy: Well, it needs to be the last. Did you talk to your wife?

Liam: Yeah. About that, um --

Steffy: There's nothing more to be said.

Liam: This time you're wrong.

Steffy: No, Liam, this isn't easy for me.

Liam: I know that, Steffy.

Steffy: I don't want to hear it, okay? Your undying love for me -- well, it did die the moment when you married that woman. And I already know her tragic story, but do you even think about us? Do you think about our tragedy?

Liam: Okay, can I say something?

Steffy: No, because you'll just make it worse.

Liam: All right.

Steffy: God. [Sighs] Look, I came back for you, because I love you. And if don't see that, either you just don't care or you don't want to. And I'm gonna have to see you two together, so I just -- I can't handle it. I just got to go. I'm sorry.

Liam: Wait, wait, wait. Wait a second. Hold on. You're right. Yes, I made a mistake. I should have thought about you -- about us -- when I made that decis--

Steffy: Why didn't you? Why am I even doing this again? Why am I asking these questions? Now just get on your white horse and be on your way. I'm sure your damsel in distress is waiting for you.

Liam: Okay, the damsel needed help, and I was in a position to deliver. That's all there is to that.

Steffy: Liam, again, you married her. Ivy is your wife, and I'm the other woman. I'm not playing that role.

Liam: Yeah, well, you don't have to.

Steffy: I know that, all right?

Liam: No, you really don't have to. Steffy, the marriage is over.

Steffy: What? It's over? You're letting her be deported?

Liam: No, she won't be deported. There was a mistake. She had dual citizenship the entire time. She didn't know. We just found out.

Steffy: [Sighs]

Liam: We didn't have to get married. And -- and even if we did, I shouldn't have done it, because I am still totally nuts about you. So can you forgive me? Can you forgive me now? Please?

Steffy: [Inhales sharply] [Inhales, exhales deeply]

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