B&B Transcript Wednesday 5/20/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/20/15


Episode # 7071 ~ Maya makes a major decision about the future; Brooke makes a move she thinks is in Rick's best interest.

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Eric: [Echoing] Thank you for bringing him home, Scott.

Scott: [Echoing] Well, Rick insisted on getting back to L.A. Right away.

Eric: We're lucky you were at the crash.

Scott: His car was off the road -- in the trees. He must've been going pretty fast.

Rick: [Groans] Where's Maya?

Brooke: Oh, Rick, honey.

Rick: Is she here?

Brooke: No.

Rick: Has she called? She was in a car in front of me. We were on the phone, and she asked me a question. I have to see her.

[Keys clacking]

[Maya sniffling]

Rick: I can handle it. Scandal, humiliation, mockery. I've been through it how many times? I-it may seem like a disaster in the short run, but I swear to you, I will bring the company through untarnished somehow. I swear it, dad.

Maya: [Sniffles] [Sighs]

[Computer whooshes]

[Knock on door]

[Knocking continues]

Maya: Come in. You found it.

Nicole: I didn't recognize the address. What are you doing here?

Maya: I still have the key. This is where I live now.

Pam: Ridge, it's everywhere. It's on every tabloid, every news site...

Ridge: [Sighs] Spencer made sure of it.

Pam: Maya...is...transgender.

Ridge: Who knew?

Pam: You know what? Charlie did. He knew it. [Scoffs] And he was right.

Ridge: He knew and he didn't tell anybody?

Pam: No, he did. He -- he told me. But I didn't believe him. I mean, like you said... who would?

Ridge: So, Charlie knew that Maya was transgender?

Pam: Well, we found her estrogen pills, and Charlie just figured it out. I thought he was crazy.

[Cell phone rings]

Ridge: If that's the press, don't answer it.

Pam: Oh, it's a text from Eric. [Gasps] Rick was in a car accident.

Ridge: What? Is he okay?

Pam: Well, it says he's resting at the house, and Eric and Brooke are with him.

Ridge: What about Maya?

Pam: It doesn't mention Maya.

Ridge: I knew it. He's lost it. He's freaking out.

Brooke: Rick, you need to listen to the doctor.

Rick: I have to find Maya.

Eric: You can call Maya after you rest.

You're lucky there was no head injury. But you're still gonna be very sore for a while. Want you to try to take it easy, let yourself heal. If you suddenly start feeling worse, contact me right away.

Brooke: We will. Thank you.

Eric: Thanks very much, doctor. I appreciate you coming out.

Brooke: Wait, wait, wait, wait. What are you doing?

Rick: Maya, I --

Brooke: Stop.

Rick: Mom, I need to explain. The things that I said to her --

Brooke: Honey, she lied to you. All this time, she kept it --

Rick: She didn't lie to me. Stop saying that. Yes, there are gonna be things that will affect our future because she took too long to tell me, but there were no lies. I'm clear about that, even if you're not. I still love her. She needs to know that.

Nicole: You told Rick?

Maya: I did.

Nicole: So, he didn't see it in the news?

Maya: Not at first. But then all these alerts kept coming in, and... everything went wrong.

Nicole: It's my fault. I told Wyatt.

Maya: What?

Nicole: He promised he wouldn't say anything.

Maya: How could you do that? His dad is the biggest media mogul on the planet. You knew that.

Nicole: I thought that I could trust him.

Maya: You begged me not to tell Rick, the man that I love, and then you -- you go and tell someone you just met?

Nicole: I'm sorry. Please believe me. I didn't want to hurt you. I didn't want for any of this to happen.

Maya: It's not all your fault.

Nicole: Did Rick walk out on you? Is that why you're here?

Maya: No. I walked out on him.

Brooke: No, I'll stay to make sure he's okay.

Rick: [Sighs]

Brooke: Honey, what are you doing? You need to stay in bed.

Rick: Where's my phone?

Eric: No, you need to rest, all right?

Rick: I have to find Maya.

Brooke: No.

Eric: Brooke, look --

Brooke: No, no. No more chasing after Maya. Rick, you could have been seriously hurt tonight.

Rick: The only one who's hurting is Maya. The things I said to Bill and to dad... I should've known how it would sound.

Brooke: Honey, stop, please. The doctor doesn't want you to get upset.

Rick: Then let me call her. She needs to know that I still love her. I didn't get a chance to say that on the phone.

Brooke: Maya can wait to hear what you have to say. She made you wait long enough. Didn't she?

Nicole: I told Wyatt that it was a secret.

Maya: Not anymore. It's everywhere. [Scoffs] My private life is front-page news.

Nicole: I should've let you handle this your way.

Maya: It just could've been so different.

Nicole: Well, what did Rick say? Did he propose?

Maya: Yeah. It was the most beautiful, romantic moment of my life. And I wanted to say yes, but I couldn't. Not until I told him everything.

Nicole: So what happened?

Maya: He was shocked. He was disappointed I didn't tell him sooner. But he understood. He was incredible. And he told me he still loved me.

Nicole: So...I don't get it. Why did you leave?

Maya: I had to tell him the rest. About Brooke and Carter and Ridge. How they all knew and he didn't. And I tried to explain, but his phone kept buzzing with all these stories. And then he called Bill and his father and... [Sighs] The things he was saying... he said nothing had changed and that everything was okay. But the way he talked about it, about me... shame and embarrassment. I wasn't gonna sit there and listen to that. So I left.

Nicole: Rick loves you. You said he understood.

Maya: Before it all came out.

Nicole: That's not your fault.

Maya: I can handle the fallout. Rick shouldn't have to. He is better off without me. That's why I left. And why I resigned from my position at Forrester.

Pam: You should probably call Eric and find out what's going on.

Ridge: Let him deal with Rick. We have to step in front of this disaster.

[Knock on door]

Ridge: Hey, not now, Jake. It's a bad time.

Jake: Yeah, I know. Hr just received this e-mail. They, uh, want you to see it right away.

Ridge: Ah...

Pam: Maya resigned.

Ridge: Did you forward this to Rick or Eric?

Jake: No, not yet. Should I go ahead and do that?

Ridge: No. I'll take care of it.

Eric: Tell us what happened, son.

Rick: Maya was in the room with me when I was on the phone with you, dad. I just didn't take into consideration how it would make her feel.

Brooke: Honey, you have every right to be angry.

Rick: With Bill. [Inhales sharply] For taking it public.

Brooke: Yes, what Bill did was despicable, but Maya isn't blameless. She should've told you a long time ago.

Rick: She didn't know how I would react.

Brooke: All the more reason for her to get it out in the open before you developed feelings for her, before you made her the face of the company.

Rick: No, I don't -- I don't regret that. I don't regret any of that. Yeah, I was in shock when she told me. I had just asked her to marry me.

Brooke: She let you propose? Are you engaged?

Rick: No. No, she wouldn't take the ring until she told me.

Brooke: Good. Okay. So you have some time to think about it.

Rick: No, I don't -- I don't care about Maya's past, mom. I just love her.

Eric: You accept her.

Rick: Yes. The thing that enrages me the most is how everybody was talking about it behind my back without telling me a word. You, and you, dad, and Ridge. All this time. [Scoffs] These cryptic warnings, this smug attitude, saying that I didn't know Maya... just waving your little secret in front of me, just -- just like you did with Caroline.

Eric: Your brother was concerned about you.

Rick: No, he was toying with me. He was trying to use this to his advantage.

Brooke: Honey, please. You need to calm down.

Rick: All right. All right.

Eric: Good. Stay calm. You need to recover.

Brooke: I want you to relax. We're gonna be downstairs if you need anything.

Rick: What I need is to talk to Maya.

Eric: We'll let you know if she calls or tries to get in touch with you, all right? In the meantime, you rest. Try to get some sleep.

Nicole: No. You can't quit. You earned your place at Forrester. You made a life for yourself. You can't just give that up.

Maya: I wanted a life with Rick. I wanted to be someone he could trust and rely on. We were a team. We were good together until this. This press and backlash.

Nicole: Like the Forresters have never caused a scandal before. Come on, Maya. If anybody can take a little bad press --

Maya: I don't expect you to understand. You didn't hear what he said to his father. No, Rick...Rick is a good man. And he wants to accept me as I am. But this is bigger than us. This is his family and the business and his career. He's worked too hard to get to where he is.

Nicole: You need to talk to him.

Maya: I tried. In the car. I-I gave him the opportunity to tell me he loved me. I asked him if he still wanted to get married.

Nicole: What did he say?

Maya: He hung up.

Eric: Rick still loves her. I have to believe Maya feels the same way about him.

Brooke: Then where is she, Eric? The truth is out. There's nothing keeping them apart. Why isn't she upstairs with our son?

Rick: [Groans]

Rick: How? How could you let this happen?

Maya: I didn't let it happen. No one gave me a choice.

Rick: Ridge has been laughing at me behind my back.

Maya: I guess that makes me the office joke.

Rick: I'm just -- I'm just saying, the last conversation I had with him, he knew. And I couldn't figure out for the life of me what he's been lording over me.

[Knock on door]

Ridge: Well, at least you're in one piece.

Rick: Who let you in?

Ridge: I got something for you.

Rick: Get out, Ridge.

Ridge: You're gonna want to see this.

Rick: Yeah, I already know.

Ridge: Okay. So what are you gonna do about it?

Rick: Forrester doesn't respond to tabloid rumors.

Ridge: Rumors? Your girlfriend just confirmed them. Here's an e-mail. "To whom it may concern, effective immediately, I resign from my position at Forrester Creations. Maya Avant."

Rick: What? No. No, no, no. She can't do this.

Ridge: Ricky, we have to take control of the situation. But if you're too tied up with personal problems, then I will take over.

Eric: Maybe we should call her.

Brooke: If Maya wanted to talk to Rick, she would be here.

Eric: Maybe she feels unwelcome. Would she be right?

Brooke: I'm not going to judge Maya's decision to be who she is now.

Eric: No, and neither is Rick.

Brooke: Eric, I'm just worried. How he was chasing her down the mountain, how he crashed his car...

Eric: I know. This turned out to be a very, very bad night.

Brooke: Yes, it did. Maya's been involved in our son's life for a long time, and she never, ever said a word about this.

Eric: I can't imagine a more private, personal thing.

Brooke: Bill was wrong to publicize it, but Maya was wrong never to say anything. They were involved, Eric. They were planning a life together. They had a very serious relationship. He trusted her. She let him down. Just like Caroline. Just like amber. He thought that she was different. But Maya is just like every other woman in Rick's life.

Maya: [Sighs]

Nicole: Rick loves you.

Maya: Sometimes that's not enough, Nicole. He doesn't want to marry me.

Nicole: He didn't say that.

Maya: He didn't have to. Yeah, what he said to his father was enough.

Nicole: Well, has he called? Has he texted?

Maya: It's over.

Nicole: Have you even checked?

Maya: I turned it off. It was -- just kept ringing. I don't even know how the press got my number.

Nicole: I feel so terrible. Do you want me to text Rick, let him know that I'm with you?

Maya: No.

Nicole: Does he even know where you are?

Maya: No. I should've told him. I should've listened to you and -- and to Carter and told him before he proposed. He would've accepted all of me. I know it. I should've told him before anyone else found out. Especially Ridge.

Rick: I told dad. I told him that you would try to use this against me.

Ridge: I'm thinking about the company.

Rick: I'm still C.E.O.

Ridge: Really? 'Cause right now, it looks like you're hiding under the covers.

Rick: Oh, come on, man. I was in a car accident.

Ridge: That's right. You wrecked your car up in big bear. Was Maya with you? Were you guys fighting?

Rick: She left the cabin, and I went after her.

Ridge: Left why? Why? You scared her?

Rick: No.

Ridge: Then why'd she run away from you?

Rick: I don't have to tell you anything.

Ridge: No, you really don't. You know why? I already know everything. I knew before you did. Maya. I told you about her. Everybody told you about her. But you know best, don't you? You don't have to listen to anybody. That's how arrogant you are. Things have changed a little bit now, haven't they? Portrait downstairs, you got the Forrester matriarch -- the woman behind the man. You freaked, didn't you? Like you always do. Like you did with Caroline. Say something. Deny it. Say that you're the man who's gonna lead Forrester out of this crisis. You can't. Because your girlfriend told you that she's transgender and you couldn't deal with it. You snapped. And that's why she isn't here. Am I right? You lost it like you always lose it with every woman in your life, every challenge you ever had. You brought this on yourself.

Rick: No!

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