B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/22/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/22/15


Episode # 7051 ~ Ivy & Liam guess what Rick could be hiding; Liam tries to get information on Maya from Nicole.

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Wyatt: I'm right, aren't I? Rick and Maya -- there's something major going on there, and you know what it is.

Nicole: Another margarita? I'll show you what I put in mine.

Wyatt: Are you serious? [Laughing] Come on. W-- does it make you uncomfortable?

Nicole: What?

Wyatt: Talking about your sister and Rick. Look, I'm just -- I'm really enjoying this, that's all -- getting along, getting to know each other, you know?

Nicole: Me, too.

Wyatt: Well, good. Like we said, you know, we just got to be totally open and honest with each other. No secrets.

Rick: So, I take it Nicole won't be home for dinner.

Maya: Yeah. It was a little inconsiderate of her not to call, huh?

Rick: Do people her age actually make phone calls?

Maya: This is a good point. Uh-huh. "Guess who's gonna be a jewelry model" -- five question marks. "I'll be home later. Heart, heart, heart." [Laughs]

Rick: She's getting friendlier.

Maya: Yeah. She was talking to Wyatt when I left work, so...

Rick: Oh. Well, good for him, although it might be a blatant attempt to try to suck up to me, which I'm fine with, but Liam -- what was up with him?

Maya: That was a very strange visit.

Rick: So Ivy brought him to annoy me. Okay. But why would he keep going on about Forrester's revenues?

Maya: You don't think Spencer's got some big exposť in the works, do you?

Rick: Let 'em give it a try. We've got nothing to hide.

Liam: Where's the light switch?

Ivy: I don't think we'll need that, 'cause they might see it from outside.

Liam: Yeah, but they have to know that Rick works all hours, right?

Ivy: Liam, they wouldn't know if Rick is inside the building or not.

Liam: Oh. Let's see. What's...in here?

Ivy: You know what? I don't know because I don't know where Rick really keeps anything.

Liam: I'm sure that anything important in the desks are locked.

Ivy: Yeah, because it wouldn't be very top-secret if we could get in to it that easily.

Liam: Ah, see? That -- unfortunately, I don't know how to pick a lock, so...

Ivy: You know what? That's a real unfortunate part of the American educational system. I need a paper clip. Yes.

Aly: Okay, Rick. Here's the crab you wanted.

Maya: That looks wonderful, Aly.

Rick: You did all this?

Aly: My hands still smell like cat bait, so...

Rick: So, you cracked all the crab claws all yourself?

Aly: I did.

Rick: Huh. What fun is that for me?

Aly: I thought it would be easier for you to eat it.

Rick: No, crab is not about easy. It's a conquest. It's a fine line between brains and brawn, maybe a little finesse, but this... no, no, no. Leave it. Maya might want some. I'll have a turkey burger -- lettuce, tomato, light mustard, no mayo, couple pickle slices. Oh, and, um, give me those additions you mentioned about your shoe line, or your proposed shoe line, that is.

Aly: Okay. These I imaged on the computer so you can see every step, so to speak, and how they're put together. Okay.

Maya: Rick...

Rick: What? I couldn't help myself.

Maya: You are so bad.

Rick: [Chuckles]

Liam: Well, apparently, you didn't actually need that key to my place.

Ivy: Oh. Yeah. Don't you know? The Brits sent all the convicts down to Australia, so this is pretty much in my blood.

Liam: [Snickers]

Ivy: Learned this skill because of my dad, 'cause he can't hold on to a set of keys to save his life.

Liam: Well...let's see what we have here. Ginseng? Why does Rick need ginseng?

Ivy: I don't know. Maybe it makes him more virile or something.

Liam: Okay. [Laughing] Oh, my God. Ohh. You can't see this. You're too young.

Ivy: Who was that? [Gasps] Oh, it's donna!

Liam: Yeah.

Ivy: Wow, she has a good body.

Liam: Mm.

Ivy: Wait. Isn't she Rick's aunt?

Liam: Wait a second. Wait a second. This is not Rick's stuff. This is Eric's stuff, and he left it locked in the drawer. Rick just never bothered with it. Whatever Rick's hiding, it's not gonna be this obvious.

Ivy: Well, if there's no paper trail, maybe Wyatt can still get something out of control.

[Up-tempo dance music playing]

Wyatt: Mmm. Not bad. Not bad.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. I thought you'd like this batch.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Nicole: No offense, but mine are better.

Wyatt: What?! Seriously, don't you want to talk? Hmm?

Nicole: Sure.

Wyatt: Please? Good. I just want to --

[Music stops]

Wyatt: I'm -- I'm serious about the "no secrets" rule. You know, I can sense you're conflicted. Your sister lives with Rick. You don't want to say anything to upset her. I get that. It wouldn't surprise me if Rick told you to deny, deny, deny. But I just want you to know... you can trust me.

Ivy: This would be a lot easier if we knew what we were actually looking for.

Liam: Okay. Okay. Listen, let's -- let's -- let's just review for a second. What do we know? We know that Rick has a secret. We know that it could be damaging to Forrester. It could get him forced out as C.E.O.

Ivy: And we know that the Avant sisters know what this is.

Liam: It's got to have something to do with money.

Ivy: What if he ran over an old lady or he has a drug problem?

Liam: No, no. You had to be there. I mean, the way Maya was talking, it was more like a-a disgrace than something criminal.

Ivy: Right. Well, raiding the Forrester treasury would be criminal.

Liam: Yeah, but Rick's never needed money. I mean, that's not what interests him. What interests him is his image. It's how the world sees him.

Ivy: Yeah, and right now, the world sees him as a smashing success.

Liam: Well, it could be that. It could be -- what if -- what if the numbers aren't as good as he's letting everyone believe?

Ivy: Okay. So, we're looking for, what, a double set of books?

Liam: I don't know -- maybe like some p&l statements he doesn't want anyone to see.

Ivy: I think I found something.

Aly: Just the way you like it.

Rick: Oh! Aly, this looks great. Thank you so much.

Maya: And the crab was wonderful, too. Thank you.

Aly: Oh, and, uh, those drawings you wanted to see -- they're in the folder marked "for Rick."

Rick: Okay.

[Knock on door]

Rick: If that's Liam again --

Aly: Liam was here?

Maya: Yeah, with Ivy, but she wouldn't knock.

Aly: Well, I'll get it.

Carter: Hey, Aly. I'm just dropping these off for Rick.

Aly: Okay.

Rick: Carter, don't run off! I was wondering when I was gonna see you.

Carter: I put the proposal together as fast as I could.

Rick: Well, if I'm gonna be conferencing with Croatia at 6:00 A.M., I want to make sure that our conditions and terms are very clear. Hey, have you eaten? Alexandria made us a wonderful spread.

Carter: Well, since you asked, no, I haven't.

Rick: All right. Well, help yourself. And, Aly, I'm gonna have to review these pages that Carter brought, but I promise tomorrow I will look at those drawings.

Aly: Well, I'll be in my room if you want to talk about them.

Carter: Aly cooks for you?

Rick: No. We have a cook. She just likes to do nice things for me.

Nicole: You say I can trust you.

Wyatt: Yeah, you can.

Nicole: Okay. Then be honest with me.

Wyatt: Okay.

Nicole: What do you think about my hands?

Wyatt: I think they're... very beautiful... just like you.

Nicole: Wouldn't they look better with rings on them?

Wyatt: [Clears throat] I-I am technically still married for a little while longer, even though I don't wear it. Oh, you were talking about the jewelry line.

Nicole: Yeah.

Wyatt: Yeah, I missed that. That was -- [Whistles]

Nicole: Well, tell me about it.

Wyatt: Uh... I'd rather not get on that subject.

Nicole: Oh. Hey, you're Mr. Open book.

Wyatt: I have been. I told you my deep, dark family secret.

Nicole: Oh, right -- that you recently found out that you're a Spencer...

Wyatt: Yeah.

Nicole: ...And how many years your mom kept it from you.

Wyatt: Exactly. And now it's your turn.

Nicole: [Sighs] Why are you so curious about Maya and Rick?

Wyatt: I don't know. I work there. Rick's my boss. In order to get ahead or make a difference at the company... I need to know everything about him. And I got the feeling you can help me with that.

[Lock rattles]

Liam: [Sighs] We tried Rick's birthday. We tried Maya's. We tried hope's. We tried Caroline's. Your father didn't teach you how to crack a safe, too, did he?

Ivy: Dad didn't believe in safes. He thought the world was safe enough.

Liam: Well, that's a philosophy not very well subscribed to these days. You know something? Rick is not gonna pull off a company-wide hoax with just a few pieces of paper. I mean, he would literally have to go in to the company's network and rejigger the numbers from every single department.

Ivy: So, what are you thinking? You gonna hack in?

Liam: I mean, hey, whatever it takes to find out Rick's secret, right?

Rick: Well, I appreciate how detail-oriented you are.

Maya: Yeah. Carter, can I get you a water, tea, a glass of wine?

Carter: No, thank you. I can't stay. I'm glad you're pleased.

Rick: I wish I could send it out tonight. It would save me so much time.

Carter: Well, I put it on a thumb drive in case you wanted to make changes.

Rick: See? That's what I'm talking about -- detail-oriented. I'm gonna go upload this right now. I'll be right back.

Maya: How you doing?

Carter: So, what -- the sight of me is a threat to you now?

Maya: I know you're not happy with me.

Carter: Then don't do to Rick what you did to me.

Maya: I had lost myself when you and I met, Carter. And I'm not proud of the way I treated you. You really loved me.

Carter: I didn't know you.

Maya: I'm sorry I hurt you. You didn't deserve that. You helped me find my way again.

Carter: How can you say that? Maya, what you're doing -- this is crazy.

Maya: Why -- because I'm not wearing a sign around my neck with my medical condition? This is between Rick and me. It doesn't concern anyone else. And if the question of marriage and children comes up, then I will have the talk with him that we need to have.

Carter: Unless Nicole has it first.

Nicole: You're asking all these questions, and I'm still curious about her.

Wyatt: Who? Oh. Hope?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Were you two married long?

Wyatt: Not really. It's not like it makes a difference, you know. I thought I'd be living here with her by now, starting a family. Didn't quite work out that way. Uh, now I'm standing here, having a margarita with you.

[Both chuckle]

Wyatt: You're the first woman I ever brought her since my marriage fell apart. And you even got a laugh out of me.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Wyatt: I haven't really been laughing all that much lately. I'm just -- I'm not the kind of guy that wears his emotions on his sleeve, but I just -- I feel comfortable talking to you, confiding my... innermost secrets. And I just -- I hope you feel the same way about me, too.

Nicole: I do.

Rick: Carter, thank you.

Carter: All in a day's work.

Rick: Listen, I-I was thinking that maybe we should just...clear the air. I don't really know much about your relationship with Maya while we were apart, but I know that she respects you and she respects your privacy, and, well, so do I. And wherever those feelings are now, I want you to know you don't have to feel uncomfortable around me.

Carter: I won't lie. Yes, it's, uh -- it's been awkward, though probably not for the reasons you think. I still want what's best for Maya, even though I can't say I ever really understood her.

Rick: We appreciate that. Don't we, Maya?

Maya: Thank you.

Carter: Good night.

Rick: Did I just make it worse?

[Door closes]

Maya: No. Don't blame Carter. I'm not proud of who I was when I was with him.

Rick: He's Ridge's buddy. I just don't trust him.

Maya: I know what you mean. But... I can definitely trust you.

Rick: And your sister. I got a good feeling about her. I feel like she's somebody you can trust.

Maya: I hope so.

Wyatt: I admit it -- I am curious about Rick. You live in the Forrester house. You've got a front-row seat to everything that's going on with Rick and Maya, and, in my perspective, he can be a bit of a tyrant.

Nicole: That's a bit extreme.

Wyatt: No! When I returned from Europe after trying to convince my wife, hope, his sister, to come back with me, he told me to get on my knees and beg for my job back.

Nicole: What?

Wyatt: Yeah. He thought it was funny. Me -- not so much. And I'll tell you another secret. I mean, maybe I shouldn't tell you that one, 'cause you still live with him.

Nicole: Is it about Rick?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Nicole: You can trust me. Tell me.

Wyatt: [Chuckles] I'd like to see someone else running Forrester, because the way he treats people -- no. It's not right. It's not right at all. And anyone who's that much of an authoritarian has their insecurities and their quirks, not to mention their deep, dark secrets. So if you know anything -- anything at all... ...please.

Nicole: Excuse me. [Chuckles nervously]

Wyatt: [Groans]

[Cell phone rings]

Liam: Hey. It's me.

Wyatt: Yeah, I know. I can't talk right now. She's in the next room.

Liam: Good. He's still with Maya's sister. What did you find out?

Wyatt: Well, she's sweet. She makes an awesome margarita.

Liam: Margarita?

Wyatt: Yeah. We're having margaritas. I like her. I think she's a good person, okay?

Liam: That's great. What about Rick's secret?

Wyatt: Every time I mention him and Maya, I can see there's something there -- something big, something major.

Liam: Okay, but do you get the sense that it's something Rick did -- something immoral or illegal, something that would ruin his reputation or get him kicked out of Forrester?

Wyatt: I'm not sure. But there's something there.

Liam: Yeah, but do you have any -- any reason to think that she would tell you?

Wyatt: I'm making progress. She likes me, okay?

Liam: Fine. She likes you. You like her. It's a wonderful thing. Whatever. But we are striking out here at Forrester, so while you're getting better acquainted, could you please try to find out what Rick is hiding?

Wyatt: What do you think I'm trying to do here? Look, you know what? You're just upsetting me. I don't want to talk to you anymore. I'll call you when I find something out. Bye.

Nicole: I'm sorry. I didn't realize what time it is, um, so I'd better go. Your jewelry is amazing, and I can't believe I'm actually gonna be modeling it for you at Forrester.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Nicole: Um, this is really the most fun I've had since I've been in L.A., but I called a car. It should be here shortly.

Wyatt: Wait. Called a car? You don't have to go rushing off. I thought we were having a good time, you know? Finish our conversation.

Nicole: We can talk at the office.

Wyatt: Yeah, but, I mean, I... I don't want you to go. Stay.

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