B&B Transcript Monday 3/16/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 3/16/15


Episode # 7026 ~ Nicole's arrival at Maya's photo shoot causes tension; Katie seeks help regarding Brooke.

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Nicole: I know your secret, Maya.

Maya: You don't know anything.

Nicole: Be careful with your attitude, or I will go straight to Rick.

Maya: You think I'm scared of you? I'm not. You have no power over me.

Nicole: You sure about that?

Maya: Get out of here. If this is the way you treat family, I don't want you in my life.

Nicole: Well, don't pretend like you welcomed me with open arms.

Maya: I gave you a place to stay.

Nicole: No. Your boyfriend did. If it were up to you, I'd be sleeping on a park bench, just as long as I'm not intruding on your fancy new life.

Maya: I want you gone, Nicole. Pack your bags and leave.

Nicole: Won't Rick wonder why you're kicking me out?

Maya: You have some nerve coming into my home and threatening me, making accusations.

Nicole: If it's not true... then what's the problem?

Oliver: Perfect. Perfect. That's great. All right, try some, like, soft -- yeah. Perfect. I love that. Okay. A little to the left. Nice. Nice.

Aly: So, we're almost ready for the next setup, and Maya's not even here.

Rick: It's not like her to be late. I'm sure she's coming with some of her base makeup done.

Carter: Did you call her?

Rick: I texted her twice. I'm sure she'll be here soon.

Katie: Wow. Check this place out! You finally got the loft space you always wanted.

Ridge: Yeah. I get more done here than I do at the office. There's no distractions.

Katie: No Rick and Maya. How's Caroline?

Ridge: She's grateful the divorce is almost over. It's a little sad.

Katie: Yeah, I guess it's always bittersweet when you end a relationship with someone you used to love.

Ridge: How was your honeymoon?

Katie: It was good. It was beautiful.

Ridge: Where'd you go?

Katie: Um...aspen, actually.

Ridge: Aspen?

Katie: Yeah. You know, I wanted to stay closer to home for will and -- whoa! Wow! What's this?

Katie: Well, it looks like your muse is inspiring something other than fashion these days. I'm sure she appreciates all the support you've been giving her.

Ridge: Well, if anyone knows about divorce, it's me.

Katie: Yes. You are quite the expert.

Ridge: You know what I didn't know? There's a 6-month waiting period before the divorce is final. Did you know that?

Katie: Well, I'm sure Caroline is only planning on doing it once, so...

Ridge: I'm sure she wasn't planning on doing it at all. I think she wanted the relationship to last for a long time -- have a family, you know.

Katie: And no one likes feeling like they've failed at something.

Ridge: If you go into something with an open heart and give it a shot, that's all you can do.

Katie: Yeah. I guess ultimately, it was... out of her hands.

Ridge: So, why are you here?

Katie: Uh, actually, I'm here because of Brooke. I'm worried about her.

Oliver: Beautiful. Beautiful. Let me see the bracelet a little bit.

Rick: All right. All right. I think we got enough of that look.

Oliver: Yeah. Yeah. I'm ready to move on.

Aly: We can't without Maya.

Rick: Relax, Aly. We're just gonna have to improvise a little.

Carter: How? Maya's our lead model.

Aly: We've already been stalling as it is.

Maya: Sorry. Sorry I'm late. Hi, baby.

Rick: Hey.

Aly: Are you okay? Where have you been?

Maya: There was something I had to deal with.

Nicole: I want to double-check the address of Forrester Creations. Haragate. Right. Okay. Thanks.

Katie: Uh, maybe this, uh -- this might have been a bad idea.

Ridge: Why?

Katie: Well, we should have an etiquette between us, right? I mean, I-I can't just show up here without calling first. I mean, you could be with your -- with Caroline.

Ridge: Etiquette? Really? Come on. We know each other pretty well.

Katie: Yeah. But we're redefining who we are. I mean, I'm back with Bill, and you're...

Ridge: Yeah, Bill. Is he treating you --

Katie: He is -- he is -- well, is he behaving himself? Is he acting like a gentleman? No, but he's Bill. But he's, um... I like the way he's treating me.

Ridge: Really?

Katie: Yeah.

Ridge: Interesting destination for your honeymoon, though, wasn't it?

Katie: Yeah, aspen. I mean, Bill wanted to, of course, do something exotic and then take the yacht and --

Ridge: So, why -- why -- why aspen, of all places? Why?

Katie: Well, I guess I can talk to you about this. I mean, I keep telling everyone that it was because of will and that I wanted to be close to him and not be so far away, and that's true. That is true. But a part of me just wanted to reclaim that place, you know? I mean, we're trying to move on and we're trying to get past that part in our lives, and aspen was so much a part of Bill and Brooke's relationship, and I just wanted to... create memories of our own, make it ours. And I feel like I did that, you know? I feel like I can hear the word "aspen" and I can smile and not twitch every time I hear it. And we had fun. We skied and we snowboarded and we climbed rocks, and it was -- it was fun.

Ridge: I got to tell you, I'm... you happy?

Katie: Yeah, I am.

Ridge: Well, you deserve that.

Katie: You do, too. I'm glad you have this, you know -- a place to create. I-I-I always wanted you to...

Ridge: You always gave me everything I wanted. It was nothing -- [Sighs] It wasn't like that at all, so... hey. Maybe -- I mean, this place -- [Sighs]

Katie: Well, it's someplace that you can share with your muse. [Laughs]

Ridge: Well, I'm happy. You're happy. There you go.

Katie: Yeah. I just wish my sister was.

Head straight through those doors. May I help you?

Nicole: I'm Nicole Avant. I've been here before.

I don't have you on the list. I.D.?

Nicole: I'm Maya's sister -- Maya and Rick Forrester.

Oh, I'm sorry. I haven't met you before. I believe your sister is up in the sky lounge. Big photo shoot today.

Nicole: Right.

Elevator's straight through the door. Take it up to level 3. Sky lounge will be on your left.

Nicole: Thank you.

You're welcome.

Maya: Are we good? Okay.

Rick: All right, ladies. We can call it a day. Thank you so much. Good job.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Carter: Thanks, ladies.

Rick: You look beautiful.

Maya: Thank you.

Rick: Is everything cool? You never told me why you were late.

Aly: So, are we ready?

Oliver: The light's perfect right now. We need to take advantage.

Maya: Great. Let's get to work.

If you show what you got then you get what you want stop being a good girl when you show what you got then you get what you want stop being a good girl if you show what you got then you get what you want stop being a good girl when you show what you got then you get what you want stop being a good girl

[Instrumental break]

Stop being a good girl if you show what you got, got, got then you get what you want, want, want stop being a good girl

Oliver: Are you all right?

If you show what you got

Oliver: What's going on?

Rick: Let's take five, everyone. Hey! I'm so glad you're here! Hey, everyone, this is Maya's sister.

Carter: Hey. I'm Carter. It's nice to meet you.

Nicole: You, too.

Carter: This is Oliver, our master photographer.

Oliver: Hey.

Nicole: Hi. Hi, Aly.

Rick: Maya didn't tell me you were coming.

Nicole: I thought I'd surprise her -- see my sister in action.

Nicole: So glamorous.

Maya: Believe me -- it's really not all that exciting. You should come back on another day, like when we have a fashion show.

Nicole: Oh, this is fun for me. I've never been to a big photo shoot before.

Maya: Well, we're kind of rushing through it. I got here a little late.

Nicole: That's okay. I don't mind.

Rick: No, stick around. Stick around. Your sister's just being modest. Pay attention to this woman. She's got some serious talent.

Nicole: Oh. What's Maya got going on? Can't keep something like that hidden.

Rick: No, you can't, can you?

Carter: Hey, guys, Oliver says we're losing light.

Oliver: Yeah. We need to get rolling again.

Rick: All right. Let's go. Hey, why don't you, uh -- okay. Great.

If you show what you got then you get what you want stop being a good girl when you show what you got then you get what you want stop being a good girl if you show what you got then you get what you want stop being a good girl when you show what you got then you get what you want stop being a good girl

[Instrumental break]

Oliver: What's wrong?

Stop being a good girl

Rick: Oliver, why are we stopping?

Maya: You know what, Rick? He's right. I'm kind of tired. Can we be done for today?

Rick: No worries. I think we got what we need. That's a wrap, everybody!

Katie: You saw my sister at the wedding.

Ridge: Well, we all saw your sister.

Katie: She was being good to me, you know, standing up for me, and we're trying to put the past behind us.

Ridge: That was a lot to ask.

Katie: I know, and a part of me thinks I shouldn't have, but she said she was okay with it, so...

Ridge: That's what she said.

Katie: She just seems off. And I know my sister very well.

Ridge: What does donna say?

Katie: Not much. I'd get little bits and pieces, you know, when I was video-chatting with will.

Ridge: She's concerned, yes?

Katie: She's visited donna and will a couple of times. She just seems so aloof. I don't like to think of my sister alone.

Ridge: Brooke is never alone.

Katie: I know. That's my point. I don't know how she's dealing with it. That's why I wanted to check in with you and see if you've talked to her.

Ridge: Not really.

Katie: Has she been into the office?

Ridge: No. I mean, I'm sure she has, but I haven't seen her. It's been a little crazy over there.

Rick: Are you sure you're all right?

Carter: That's a great shot.

Aly: Ooh, that one, too. I really like that angle.

Carter: That looks spectacular. Ridge and Caroline will be pleased.

Nicole: Mm. Can't take a bad pic, can you, sis?

Rick: That's why she's the face of Forrester. The camera adores her.

Nicole: Oh, yeah. Well, no secret there.

Maya: So, we got enough coverage?

Oliver: We should be fine.

Nicole: Hope I didn't get in anyone's way.

Rick: Of course not! You're welcome here anytime. You're family.

Nicole: Thank you, Rick.

Oliver: All right. I'm gonna upload these to the server.

Aly: I'll help.

Oliver: Thanks.

Carter: Nicole, it was great meeting you.

Maya: Sweetie, don't you have a phone interview?

Rick: Oh, that's right. Thank you for reminding me. Uh, great job today.

Maya: You shouldn't have come here.

Nicole: What's the big deal?

Maya: It's bad enough that you've infiltrated my home, Nicole. This is my livelihood. This is my work.

Nicole: Head model. Very prestigious job. I could use some work myself.

Maya: Oh, we're not hiring any interns.

Nicole: Oh. I don't want to be an intern. I want to be a model.

Maya: What?

Nicole: Come on, sis. You've got pull. Talk to Rick. Make it happen.

Ridge: So, you're heading to Brooke's now?

Katie: Yeah. I'm gonna swing by Spencer first and pick up Bill.

Ridge: Really? You think that's a good idea?

Katie: Maybe not. But I don't want her to think that it's just her little sister checking up on her.

Ridge: But it kind of is.

Katie: Yes. But for most of my life, Brooke was the one who was always there for me, and I-I want to be there for her -- you know, return the favor.

Ridge: She's a big girl, Katie.

Katie: But she doesn't do well by herself.

Ridge: True. She's lucky to have you.

Katie: Caroline's lucky to have you.

Ridge: Come here.

Oliver: Anyone else pick up on a vibe?

Aly: Between Maya and her sister? Totally. For some reason, those two do not like each other.

Carter: Maybe it's just the age difference.

Aly: Mm, I get the feeling it might be more than that.

Carter: Like what?

Aly: I don't know.

Oliver: Maya was so loose, into the shoot, and then Nicole walks in, and she stiffens up.

Aly: She was trying not to show it, but her demeanor totally changed.

Carter: Okay. I can tell Maya was surprised to see her. She had no clue she was coming.

Oliver: Maybe Maya was just overwhelmed. I mean, you said they don't know each other that well.

Aly: It's a lot. Nicole moves in to the house, and now she's showing up at work.

Carter: Okay, guys. Family's family. It shouldn't be that big an issue.

Oliver: I'm just thinking there's something going on here that we just don't know about.

Maya: You want me to get you a job -- here?

Nicole: All I'm asking is that you put in a good word with Rick.

Maya: As a model?

Nicole: I don't think it would be too hard to convince him. I mean, after all, I am blessed with the same genes as you.

Maya: You're a computer programmer. You're busy with college.

Nicole: If you can model... I can model.

Maya: Do you really think it's that easy?

Nicole: You put on expensive clothes and smile at the camera. It's not rocket science.

Maya: Here's the problem -- I don't want you working here. I don't want you living in my house.

Nicole: Maya, that's not very nice of you. Sure you want to talk to me like that?

Maya: Or what?

Nicole: You seem a little tense. I'll let you get back to your thing. Oh. Hey. What's on the menu for dinner tonight?

Maya: You cannot be serious.

Nicole: Rick invited me into his home. I'm not leaving, Maya. I know your secret, and I'm not afraid to use it.

Maya: You're bluffing.

Nicole: Try me.

Maya: Trying to control me, trying to blackmail me? What kind of sister does that?

Rick: Is everything okay? Maya? What's going on?

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