B&B Transcript Wednesday 3/11/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 3/11/15


Episode # 7023 ~ Quinn thrills at the idea of marriage; Rick pulls no punches at the beginning of a meeting.

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Brooke: [Sighs]  [Groans]

[Doorbell rings]

Brooke: Yes?

Man: Delivery for ms. Logan.

Brooke: What?

Man: You ordered a case of vodka.

Brooke: No. No. You must be mistaken.

Man: Brooke Logan?

Brooke: Yes.

Man: Order came in late last night. Told you we'd bring it in the morning. You okay, ma'am?

Brooke: Yeah. Yeah, I just -- I just woke up. Come -- come in. Put it -- put it down over there.

Quinn: Hi.

Deacon: Hey.

Quinn: You were up early this morning.

Deacon: How's the wife-to-be?

Quinn: Feeling very engaged.

Deacon: Ah.

Quinn: [Chuckles] Everything okay?

Deacon: Yep. Big day today.

Quinn: How so?

Deacon: I'm gonna get it right this time. Means cleaning up my act, so I'm going to an A.A. Meeting.

Aly: Please don't say anything, okay, Ivy?

Ivy: Well, Aly, aren't you furious?

Aly: Yes, of course I am. Massaging Maya's feet, cooking, getting their laundry --

Ivy: Exactly, so let's confront Rick.

Aly: You know how I feel, but he's giving me a shot with my shoe line. I don't want to mess that up, okay?

Ridge: What's going on? It's Ricky, isn't it?

Maya: Nice to be away from prying eyes.

Rick: Was your sister awake this morning when you left?

Maya: No. But Ivy and Aly were. They haven't been the happiest of campers lately.

Rick: Well, they can find another campground.

[Both chuckle]

Maya: You know, you might want to ease up on those two a little bit.

Rick: It builds character.

Maya: [Chuckles]

Rick: Trust me. I know what I'm doing.

Maya: If you say so.

Rick: Clock is ticking, Maya. My one year in control is ticking down. But when it's all over, there will be no doubt that I am this company, that we are this company, and Aly and Ivy and Ridge, Caroline -- they're all gonna know that.

Quinn: You're serious about this -- going to A.A.? I've seen you drinking, but I've never really seen you drunk.

Deacon: It's called chipping. It's -- you know, you have a beer here, a beer there. Next thing you know, it's a fifth of whiskey a day. Believe me, I've been down that path. I'm not doing it again. I got too much to live for. I'm just saying --

Quinn: Huh.

Deacon: Wh-what "huh?" What?

Quinn: Now I understand why you won't stop talking about Brooke and her drinking.

Brooke: Oh. [Sighs]

Aly: Why is he doing this to us?

Ridge: Because he can. Your grandfather gave him the power, and he's abusing it. And he's gonna keep abusing it until his year is done.

Aly: But can we last that long? I'm not sure I can. I mean, if I have to take another midnight snack to that bedroom, I may actually put rat poison in it.

Ivy: Aly, all that has to stop. You are not the domestic help.

Aly: Well, what am I supposed to do? I've already lost my bedroom. By the end of the month, I may be out on the street.

Ridge: Stop it. You're not gonna be out on the street.

Aly: I've almost totally lost hope that Rick's going to make good on his promise with my shoe line, so --

Ivy: You know what? Rick has to be taught a lesson.

Ridge: Yeah? And what lesson is that?

Ivy: I honestly don't believe he's as cruel as what he appears. I mean, I think he's insecure, and I think he's a scared little man who clings to power like a life raft. Someone has to call him to task.

Ridge: Already tried that.

Ivy: No, we've tried it with his father in the room, Ridge. This time, we have to do it without that. I-I'm gonna go see him.

Ridge: I'll go with you.

Ivy: No. Don't. Just let me deal with it, okay? Cousin to cousin.

[Door closes]

Maya: Well, you've seen the latest numbers.

Rick: Hell of a quarter -- best in years.

Maya: Yeah, but we have three more to go.

Rick: Growth and expansion all year long. That -- that is my mantra. I've got one year, and by the end of that year, our profit sheets have to speak for themselves. That's the only way that I'm gonna get permanent control. I mean, otherwise --

[Knock on door]

Rick: Yeah, what is it?

Ivy: I need a few minutes.

Rick: Then make an appointment like everyone else does.

Ivy: No, Rick. I'm not everyone else. I'm family, and we're gonna talk.

Deacon: I get that Brooke is a touchy subject for you, but could -- could you please stop doing that?


Deacon: Thank you. I get that it's a touchy subject for you, but, honey, I don't want her to bottom out. I've been there.

Quinn: She's not your problem, Deacon.

Deacon: No, you're right. She's not. I'm my problem. Which is why I'm going to an A.A. Meeting.

Quinn: Fine. Then go to the meeting on the west side. I hear it's a higher class of people.

Deacon: It doesn't matter whether you live in a dump or a mansion, we're all boozers. So, uh, how was she doing when you left her?

Quinn: Soused. Peppers?

Deacon: Great, so she was still drinking.

Quinn: Yeah, and not getting any more sober. You know what? I don't want to talk about Brooke.

Deacon: She get nasty?

Quinn: Other than insisting you and I are never going to get married?

Deacon: Yes, other than that.

Quinn: [Chuckles] Well, she decided to play the hope card, said that I ruined her daughter's life. Pathetic.

Deacon: Look, I-I know you don't want to hear this, but the fact of the matter is I-I feel for her. I mean, she's alone. She's -- she's just -- it's her and the bottle, you know? I mean, I just hope she can fight her way out of it.

Quinn: You know, and I hope that you have a really big appetite, because I've just lost mine.

Brooke: [Crying]

[Keyboard clacking]

Ivy: We're family, Rick. Most of us, anyway. And as you know, family, to this organization, means everything.

Rick: That's it? That's what was so important that you had to interrupt me?

Ivy: Family means respect, and right now, we're getting none.

Rick: And what about the attitude that everyone's been dishing out towards me, towards Maya? That's respect?

Ivy: It's a reaction to how we're being treated.

Rick: Oh.

Ivy: Right now, we're only good for polishing your shoes and mixing your drinks, not much else.

Rick: [Sighs] I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you feel that way. I'll rectify the situation.

Ivy: Oh? How, exactly, do you plan on rectifying this?

Rick: By, uh -- by raising my expectations of all of you.

Ivy: [Chuckles] Are we allowed to raise our expectations of you?

Maya: Ivy, you've seen the latest reports. Rick has more than exceeded everyone's expectations.

Rick: Particularly the man who founded this company.

Ivy: I'm not talking about the profits, Rick, which, by the way, were only brought in by Ridge and Caroline's efforts.

Rick: [Chuckles]

Ivy: What I'm expecting of you is, at the very least, you start treating us like valued employees.

Maya: Rick treats everyone as a valued employee.

Ivy: Can you not? Because I'm here talking to my cousin, not his girlfriend. Rick, the way you are treating Aly, another one of your family members, is despicable -- kicking her out of her bedroom, making her feel like some temporary live-in whose only purpose is to serve you and Maya. Do you actually have any intention of putting her shoe line into production, because we don't -- we don't actually think you do. So I'm here to warn you right now. If you --

Rick: That's quite enough. Who do you think you're speaking to? Lecturing me on respect when you haven't even earned it yourself. And right now, Ivy, you have not.

Quinn: How long do these meetings usually last?

Deacon: It depends. Why?

Quinn: Thought maybe you could use a little comfort when you get back...other than a drink.

Deacon: I think I could be up for that.

Quinn: Bet you could. Good luck.

Deacon: Thanks.

Quinn: I'm here for you.

Deacon: I know.

[Door opens, closes]

George: Fooled myself for a lot of years. My family enabled me. They didn't want to suffer my wrath, I guess. [Voice breaking] I could get nasty when I was drinking.

Diane: It's okay. Take your time.

George: Not that I drank all day. I didn't. I waited till I got home. That's why I didn't think I had a problem. But a finger or two of whiskey now and then quickly became half a bottle a night, and I'm talking every night, until I stumbled off to bed. Anyway, that's my story.

Diane: Thanks for sharing, George. Okay, then. Uh, hey, come in. Come in. Come in. Please join us. We're just getting started. So, does anybody else want to say anything before we continue?

Brooke: Uh, yeah, I-I would.

Diane: Great. Uh, would you like to introduce yourself and -- uh, no last names, please.

Brooke: Hi. [Chuckles] I'm Brooke.

All: Hi, Brooke. [Chuckling]

Brooke: [Sighs] I-I've been drinking a lot lately. By myself. Uh, I just, um -- I'm just a little concerned that maybe I was becoming an alcoholic.

Ridge: Well, Ivy's fired up.

Carter: Mm. Not afraid to take on Rick.

Ridge: No, she's not. She's family, and she's gonna call him out. Just a little concerned how Rick is gonna react.

Ivy: Oh, really? I haven't earned your respect? I mean, why don't we just jump online and see what the buyers have to say?

Rick: [Scoffs] Is that the best you got? What the cyberheads have to say?

Ivy: I don't have to defend myself, Rick, and I'm not gonna sit here and cop abuse from you, either.

Maya: Stop this, Ivy. Rick is not abusive. Admittedly, yes, he's been having a little bit of fun with you and Aly. Why do you have to take it so seriously?

Ivy: Really? You know what, Maya? Massage my feet.

Maya: This isn't funny.

Ivy: Really? Because you just said it's fun and games. So, why? Why now are you taking it so seriously? You two are running this business like it's your own personal sweatshop. What exactly do you want? Rick, do you want me to call your dad? He's with my dad, so I can guarantee they're gonna listen to what I have to say.

Ridge: Oh, go ahead. Call my daddy. But before you do, do me a favor. Get back online. After you're done reading all your fan mail, get that ego boost you need, read the one I sent. Because I got some notes on your jewelry, and unfortunately, well, it's just not up to par. In fact, it's not even near the quality that Quinn used to give us. So I strongly suggest that you fix it.

Deacon: Look. You're nuts. You drive me nuts. But God help me, I want to marry you.

Diane: You want to tell us a little about your story?

Brooke: Well, like I said, I've been drinking. Alone. And that's just really not like me. I mean, I-I must have passed out last night, because then I woke up to the doorbell ringing, and -- and it was a delivery man dropping off a case of vodka, which was so strange to me, because I don't even remember ordering it. I just must have blacked out.

Diane: Mm, well, that can be frightening.

Brooke: It was. It was very frightening, and that's what brought me here.

Diane: Then it's a blessing.

Brooke: I hope so.

Diane: I know so. Don't question it, Brooke.

Brooke: I just, um -- I just -- [Sighs] I-I don't really know what to do, 'cause my whole life, I have been surrounded by people who love me, or -- or I thought they loved me. And now my kids are -- they're grown, they're gone, and my youngest -- he's off at boarding school. Thank God. That's a good thing. Because I don't want -- want him to see me the way I am right now. I just -- I just thought that I was loved.

Diane: I'm sure you are.

Brooke: Oh, lord, listen to me. This is ridiculous. I'm just going on and on about myself.

Diane: Well, that's the beauty of this place. No one judges here. We're -- we're all equal. We're just helpful brothers and sisters. And -- and you are, too, Brooke, if you want to be.

Brooke: Yes. Yes, I-I need to be.

Diane: Well, then welcome. Hello. What's your name?

Deacon: My name's Deacon, and I'm an alcoholic.

All: Hi, Deacon.

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