B&B Transcript Monday 2/9/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 2/9/15


Episode # 7011 ~ Ridge helps Caroline move forward; Liam's reaction to Steffy's vulnerability surprises her.

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Liam: Steffy... we're always gonna care about each other. I mean, good God, what we've been through together.

Steffy: Did you just hear what I said? I said I still love you.

Liam: I know. I know. Listen, listen, we can figure this out. We have time for that. But this plan is not gonna work if --

Steffy: No, Liam, no. I won't sell out my family just so you can play hero for your new girlfriend. I can't be in this unless we're in it together.

Liam: We will be. Just...not like that.

Steffy: I told myself I wouldn't do this. I told myself. I told myself.

Liam: Hey. I'm sorry. I mean, I-I didn't want this to be hard for you.

Steffy: No, no, it won't. Because I won't be part of it.

Caroline: Ridge, it's...

Ridge: It's beautiful.

Caroline: Is that really how you see me?

Ridge: It's how I want you to see yourself.

Caroline: Show me more.

[Insects chirping]

Aly: Look at this.

Oliver: Yeah, it's great.

Aly: Yeah, if Rick doesn't stop ignoring me, you'll be the only person who will ever see it.

Oliver: Make me a pair in a size 12. I mean, that'll get his attention, right?

Aly: [Laughs] Maybe.

[Door closes]

Ivy: Ooh. Sorry, guys.

Aly: Uh, you don't want to do that. Rick is up there with Maya.

Rick: Chase everybody out of the house, we keep this up. Is that what you'd like? Have this house all to ourselves?

Maya: I do kind of wonder why Aly and Ivy are still here.

Rick: I don't think they're gonna be here for long if we keep this up.

[Both chuckle]

Oliver: What are you working on?

Ivy: Oh, Maya thought this blouse could use some studs. And she wants to wear it tomorrow, and all the sewers had gone home from work, so...

Oliver: You're doing her a favor?

Ivy: Rick asked me to. I'm just trying to be a team player.

Aly: Only it doesn't feel like we're all on the same team anymore.

[Cell phone vibrating]

Maya: Shouldn't you get that? [Chuckles]

Rick: Better be important. Dad. How's the teaching gig going? No, everything's fine. The gun? No, no. That -- that was -- that was dumb. No, I know that it could have. But everything's better now. No, no, there's no reason to rush back to L.A. I've got the whole situation under control.

Caroline: It's time.

Liam: You haven't forgotten, and neither have I.

Steffy: I can't.

Liam: Steffy, I came to you with this, because I can't imagine running Forrester without you. I mean, how many times did we talk about this, what you could do as CEO, all the things you could change?

Steffy: Not the things that matter most to me!

Liam: You deserve this. You could finally have control.

Steffy: [Scoffs] Something to call my own? No. No, this is a mistake. I had one rotten conversation with my father, and I thought this was a good idea. No, this is not for me, Liam. I can't.

Liam: Oh, come on! No, Steffy! You could end the chaos! You could get Forrester back on track, and I can help you do that!

Steffy: If I sell my stock to Spencer?! No!

Liam: No, no, that's just the first step! This ends with you running the company! And I'll be there to support you.

Steffy: [Sighs]

Maya: I wish we could stay in this bed forever.

Rick: We can.

Maya: [Laughs] I'm starving.

Rick: Like, you want some ice cream?

Maya: Now you're just making me hungrier. It's not nice.

Rick: Watch this.

Oliver: Is it more --

[Telephone beeps]

Aly: Hold on a second. Hello?

Rick: Aly, uh, I'm a little bit hungry. My sweet tooth is acting up. Is there any ice cream in the freezer?

Aly: Uh, I think so.

Rick: Uh, rocky road?

Aly: Maybe. But, Rick, listen, um, since I have you, I-I've been working on some new shoe designs, and --

Rick: You know, it's funny that you mention that. I've actually been considering some of your ideas for the line.

Aly: You have?

Rick: I would actually be able to consider it more if I had some ice cream in my [Chuckles] Stomach.

Aly: I'm sorry?

Rick: I'm so comfortable up here right now with Maya that I would go get it myself, but...

Aly: So, you want me to bring you some ice cream?

Rick: That -- that'd be great! Three scoops, two spoons.

Maya: [Laughs]

Liam: This isn't just about Ivy, you know.

Steffy: It's more than that. It's everything. It's Rick, it's my dad, it's Caroline. Nothing about this feels right.

Liam: I know. It's a mess. But you can help me clean it up.

Steffy: I wish I could. I wish I could forget everything and say yes.

Liam: Forrester is falling apart at the seams, and somebody needs to get in there and stitch it back together, Steffy. You have a passion and an instinct for this business. And make no mistake -- you are the leader Forrester needs. You're tough, you're smart, and you have never been intimidated by anyone or anything, including my father. You inspire people. You do. You inspire them with your attitude and your energy and everything that you've been through. And you're a fighter. That's the thing -- you're a fighter. And there's nothing you can't do. Say yes. Steffy, please say yes. Do this with me. I promise you we can make it happen, and you will be the most bad-ass CEO this industry has ever seen.

Caroline: It's beautiful.

Ridge: Not as beautiful as the real thing.

Caroline: I love it. When you said that you wanted to paint me, I... I thought that you meant that you wanted to paint me.

You've got tiger eyes

Ridge: [Sighs]

A heart of gold and in my heart I already know that you've been sad like I've been hurt you've been had as I've been burnt it's not us that's odd it's the world

[Knock on door]

Rick: Mmm. I guess dessert is served. Come on in!

Aly: Okay, here we go. Okay, well, I didn't think you'd be --

Rick: No, no, no. Bring it over here. Bring it over here.

Maya: Come on.

Aly: [Clears throat] There you go.

Maya: Oh, good. [Laughs] Mmm! Mm. This is perfect. Thank you, baby.

Rick: You're welcome.

[Both laugh]

Maya: Here.

Rick: Mm, mm.

Aly: So, um [Clears throat] I-I brought you the sketch I told you about.

Rick: Thanks.

Aly: You don't want to look at it?

Rick: I'll look at it later after dessert. I wouldn't want our ice cream to melt. [Laughs]

Maya: Nighty night.

[Both laugh]

Maya: You are so bad.

Rick: You don't think I was too hard on her, do you?

Maya: [Laughs]

Caroline: If this is what moving on feels like... I should have done it a lot sooner.

Liam: You're ready for this.

Steffy: CEO, maybe. But the rest of it? Getting off the elevator, walking down the hall, picking up the phone and hearing your voice. I have to be realistic. We were a great team, Liam, but it is different now. You have Ivy.

Liam: Shouldn't stop you from taking the job.

Steffy: All these memories.

Liam: But if -- if we focus on the future...

Steffy: We were gonna have a family. That was our future. Till it all fell apart. And now you're asking me to come back here and run Forrester Creations with you.

Liam: If that's not what you want...

Steffy: No, I do want it. I want it more than anything. But I can't. I can't do it, Liam.

Liam: Wow, Steffy.

Steffy: You really didn't know this?

Liam: You never said anything.

Steffy: Your life went on. And I let you assume mine did, too. Maybe now it can.

Ridge: [Sighs]

Caroline: You have [Laughs] A little bit of paint.

Ridge: Yeah? Did you get it?

Caroline: Yeah.

Ridge: Okay, good.

Caroline: What about me? Do I have any?

Ridge: [Laughs] Yeah.

Caroline: Where?

Ridge: Ah, it's all over.

Caroline: [Laughs]

Ridge: Hey, next time I'm gonna paint you a little bit more abstract.

Caroline: You want to paint me again?

Ridge: I do. Want to paint you and draw you, want to sculpt you. You know, all my life, I just wanted to create beauty. Now all I want to do is appreciate it, savor it. Every moment. My muse. But you're more than that. You are...fantastical.

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Liam: I'll never forget what we shared, you know. All those memories -- just as important to me. It's good to remember.

Steffy: It is. But it's not why you called me, is it? I can't run Forrester Creations with you. My dad still wants to be CEO, and it can still happen when Rick's contract expires.

Liam: A year from now.

Steffy: Maybe quicker than you think. Being here with you, it just feels like it was... it was yesterday. Look, I'm sorry I, uh, I unloaded all this emotion on you.

Liam: No, don't, don't, don't. I'm grateful you could be honest with me.

Steffy: I should -- I should go, yeah.

Liam: Yeah. Um... before you do...

Steffy: Good luck.

Liam: You, too.

[Door closes]

Steffy: [Sobs]

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