B&B Transcript Tuesday 1/6/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/6/15


Episode # 6987 ~ Caroline makes an impassioned plea to Rick to rethink his decision to end their marriage.

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Caroline: [Crying] We're married. We can't just quit. That's -- that's what marriage means!

Rick: You should have thought about that before Ridge.

Caroline: I never didn't see myself as your wife.

Rick: No? Everybody wants marriage to last forever. But tell me -- who do you know that's made it last? No one we know.

Caroline: The women who raised me, they -- I -- [Sniffles] They did it. I-I know what a commitment looks like. I-I know how to keep one.

Rick: Caroline. I can't turn back the clock and love you like I used to.

Caroline: That's fine. I will settle for how you love me now. I will -- I will take the anger and the hurt and -- and -- and all the lies. I can take all of it. You promised. You promised to love me till death do us part, and I'm -- I'm gonna make you keep that promise.

[Truck beeping]

Maya: I think we should be friends.

Ivy: How? Maya, all you've done since I've known you is prove how untrustworthy you are.

Maya: Oh. That's a little harsh, but whatever. I just think you were trying to be work besties with the boss' wife, and Caroline's not gonna be that for much longer, so... I could use a work bestie, too.

Carter: Eric, we don't have a grace period. The agreement doesn't have a rescission clause.

Eric: You told me that when I signed it, and I said, "Oh, we don't need that." This is all on me.

Ridge: It's not on you, Dad. It's on Rick.

Eric: [Sighs]

Carter: Guys, I'm not seeing anything here.

Ridge: Wait, wait, wait, wait. What's this? What's this? "Signator may petition to cancel the contract if his or her consent to it was obtained by fraud or material misrepresentation." I think we may have something. That makes sense. It was obviously fraud.

Eric: I don't think that's gonna fly, Ridge?

Ridge: Why not? You signed under false pretenses, right?

Carter: There is no clause about Rick's personal life in this contract, and if there were, to be honest, any court of law would declare it invalid.

Ridge: Carter, Carter, it's a family business. He has a right to certain expectations.

Eric: You can't honestly believe that I would go in front of a judge and tell them that I tried to bribe my son out of a divorce and a scandal. It's just foolishness. It was foolish and it was interfering. It was just an invitation for Rick to lie to me.

Ivy: I don't see friendship as a part of our future.

Maya: You weren't here when Rick and I first fell in love. And you didn't see how Caroline went off the deep end trying to take Rick away from me. [Chuckles] I guess she knows how it feels now. I almost feel sorry for her.

Ivy: [Laughs] Wow! Wow, that's big of you.

Maya: Yeah. I have some things to take care of before Rick gets home.

Ivy: Yeah, home -- where exactly is that now?

Maya: Look. I get that you don't like me. You're forthright and you don't disguise your feelings. And you probably don't even know that your honesty is risk free because it's been bought and paid for. But I think you can warm up to me. Because as of today... I can afford integrity, too.

Rick: [Voice breaking] How can you talk to me about promises? Is there one that we haven't broken?

Caroline: We'll make new ones.

Rick: Caroline, sometimes it's just too damn late.

Caroline: No. No, this -- [Sniffles] That's just what people tell themselves when it gets too hard. I don't care that it's too hard. I don't care. I'll -- I'll do it. I'll do all the work for both of us, and I will prove myself to you every hour of every day, and all you have to do is just let me. And don't leave.

Ridge: Okay, so, Rick scammed us all and we're all fine with it, huh? That's the takeaway. Good.

Eric: So what chance do we have, Carter? I mean, legally.

Carter: Well, it's hard to claim an ambush once the documents are signed and notarized, and the misrepresentation angle, that might work, if he fired Caroline.

Ridge: He tried to fire both of us.

Carter: Yeah, but Rick's too smart for that. He's not gonna give us an opening.

Ridge: Please don't. Don't do that.

Eric: And say what?

Ridge: It's only a year. Right? That's what you're thinking. And with Rick and Maya here, after a year, it's gonna be a war zone.

Eric: He's not that destructive. Look, all he wants is a chance to do this. You know, I'm not excusing it, but I'm giving him that chance.

Ridge: Of course you are. You always give him the chance. It's Rick.

Eric: [Sighs]

Ridge: What?

Eric: It's only a year.

{Ivy’s flashback}

Rick: I'm your boss. Don't forget that.

Ivy: [Sighs]

Maya: And let's just be clear. Rick and I have history. We were a serious couple before Caroline's claws came out, so don't get it twisted. I'm not just some side piece.

Ivy: Maya, all I know is that Rick is still married to Caroline. Are you seriously willing to risk everything? Your C.E.O. position, your marriage to Caroline, for -- for Maya?

Rick: I'm not losing anything. Because you're not gonna say anything to anybody. Not to me, not to anyone else. Are we clear?

{Present time}

Maya: Those are for Rick's desk, right?

Ivy: Uh, what is going on?

Maya: Oh, hey. I'll be with you in just a minute. So, you're gonna go through there, and on the left you'll see a room with an interesting shade of orange on the walls.

Ivy: The study?

Maya: Yes, the study. So, set up Rick's desk in there, and anything that's in the way, just box up for storage. Okay. Thank you.

Ivy: Does my uncle know what you're doing?

Maya: Oh, whoa, just one minute. Hi. Kyle. Maya Avant. Yes, Rick wanted me to call to confirm that you're flying Eric out tonight. Okay. That's all I needed to know. Have a safe flight. Okay, great. Hi! Okay, those go in the walk-in closet in the master bedroom.

Ivy: You're moving into Eric's bedroom?

Maya: What is the problem? He's not here.

Ivy: This is outrageous. You and Rick are actually moving in.

Maya: This is his home, Ivy. This is Rick's father's house. And while Eric's away, you know, we have time to fix up the guest house, the wiring and plumbing and all that.

Ivy: But did Eric actually invite you to move into his home? That's what I'm asking you.

Maya: Yes. Eric Forrester, Jr. You got a problem with that?

Caroline: How many ways do you want me to say it? I was wrong.

Rick: You didn't get it then. You're not gonna get it now. You know, honestly, Caroline, I'm just so tired of explaining it to you. How could you be married to me and know so little about me?

Caroline: Look, I realize that your history with Ridge is --

Rick: Just stop. Just stop talking, because the more you do, the more clueless you sound.

Caroline: Then make me understand. If there's information that I am missing, I want to know it.

Rick: I know what you think. It was just a few kisses. Translation of just a few kisses -- you don't know how many it was.

Caroline: God, Rick, will you please --

Rick: No, first you lied and you said, "Ridge is mentoring me." And then when I cornered you, it was another lie. "Ridge can't draw. He needs my help."

Caroline: That wasn't a lie.

Rick: Maybe not the first time. But how long until it became one, Caroline? And then you allowed it to blossom into this huge spectacle, this huge humiliation for everyone's entertainment, especially Ridge's. I can forgive anything... except for that.

Eric: I'm gonna be another hour, I think. Is that gonna be all right? Good. Thanks, Kyle.

[Cell phone beeps]

Carter: Before you travel, I'll work up a petition to nullify. Is that okay?

Ridge: Yes, of course it is.

Eric: I don't see the point. [Sighs]

Ridge: You really don't get it, right? You don't know what kind of a monster you've created over there.

Eric: Rick would say the same thing about you.

Ridge: Well... what is it, really? What is it? You just have a guilty conscience 'cause you don't think you were a good enough father to Rick? Because of the other family that mom never recognized?

Eric: [Sighs] Wow. You just refuse to see your role in this all.

Ridge: No, I recognize my part in it. That doesn't make it okay for Rick to stab you in the back.

Eric: As if you never did.

Ivy: Maya, don't you think you're getting a little ahead of yourself?

Maya: Rick needs a partner who listens and does what he asks. That's what I'm doing.

Ivy: Okay, then what about the rest of us who live here?

Maya: Do you see an eviction notice posted on the door? It's not like this house isn't big enough for all of us. Look, I know that things are a little bit disruptive right now, but I have a great idea, and I think you and Aly will love it.

Ivy: Did it not occur to anyone to actually ask Aly and me if we actually wanted to live with you?

Maya: I am sorry that you don't think we can all live here and get along.

Ivy: [Chuckles] No. No, you are not pushing me out.

Maya: That's not what I'm suggesting. I'm a positive person, and I'm looking for solutions.

Ivy: Okay, well, while you're busy trying to stay positive, let's not overlook the facts here that Aly and I are Forresters and you're still a wannabe.

Caroline: You know, in point of fact, and I'm not trying to make excuses for myself here, but Maya is the one who engineered the public humiliation, not me.

Rick: But how? By telling me the truth about you, about Ridge. You know, you could hike that skirt up for the mailman or limo driver and I'll tell you, I probably would have gotten past that. But somehow you managed the ultimate betrayal, tailor-made to turn all the feelings that I had for you right into dirt.

Caroline: Who are you trying to convince? You keep saying that, but I don't believe that those feelings are gone.

Rick: Have you ever seen how he treats me? Of course you have. You used to defend me. You used to -- used to back him into the corner, right in this very room. But I guess his gaze, his soulful gaze, was all too much for you, made you forget all that, didn't it?

Caroline: He was injured. And I tried to help.

Rick: You keep telling yourself that, but you knew better. Yeah, Ridge. The great man. The great artist. He needed you and only you. You know, everything always came easy for Ridge. You know what came even easier? Women. And the funny thing is, every single one of you... always thought that you were the love of his life. But I will tell you something else. I won't be here to mend your broken heart when you find out differently. I did too much of that in my life. I have dried too many tears as a kid.

Caroline: There is nothing between Ridge and me. And what little there was is over.

Rick: Keep telling yourself that, see how it works out. Because no woman is ever done with Ridge Forrester.

Eric: So, are we really at this thin-skinned place again, you and I?

Ridge: When are we not at that place, Dad? Huh? Pretend that we're not, but even when I was a kid, one wrong word and we'd be father and son one second and then rivals the next.

Eric: I don't remember it that way.

Ridge: Well, that's what it was. Rivals. For mother's attention.

Eric: Never much of a contest. You were always one in Stephanie's eyes, so...

Ridge: Yeah. Well, then, it makes sense. You had to retaliate, didn't you?

Eric: Did I?

Ridge: Yeah. You had to be with Brooke. And you favored your son with her over me.

Eric:  So you want to reenact all of that with Rick now? Is that what you want to do?

Ridge:  No, I don't. I don't -- I don't want to do any of it. I don't even know why -- I don't know --

Eric: You don't know why you came onto Caroline like that? I do. You didn't like being impaired. You needed her. You didn't like the fact that you needed her help. You've never liked that. It's always chafed. And so you decided to exert a power over her, and you did. Except it worked a little too well.

Maya: Oh, no, no, no, no. Those are Miss Spencer's clothes.

Ivy: Uh, "Mrs. Forrester."

Maya: Caroline's. They go in the smaller van outside.

Ivy: Maya, does Caroline know what you're doing?

Maya: She will soon enough. Oh, great. The new pillows and bedding. Master bedroom. Look, I get that you don't approve of me. Do we need to keep making that point? I choose to believe that now that things are calm, my good qualities will come to the fore and we can get along again. But until then, can we just be civil? I am not taking anything away from you, Ivy.

Ivy: Oh. [Chuckles] No, you're just taking away my privacy, my uncle's bedroom, my ability to choose who I actually want to live with.

Maya: I think I'm gonna grow on you, Ivy. I want to be your friend. And I usually get what I want.

Ivy: Yeah, well, I can obviously see that.

Rick: Are done here?

Caroline: There's something that you seem to not understand about me. I am not like any girl or woman that you have ever known.

Rick: Oh, Caroline. I understand how important your uniqueness is to you.

Caroline: What standard-issue wife would stand here fighting for you, knowing that you are shacking up with your old girlfriend? Who would sit here and take the scorn and the insults, like hiking my skirt up for the mailman? Never having been unfaithful the way that you have. I should be bouncing back and forth between my therapist and the divorce lawyer. Well, I am not. What you did may be killing me, but I get that I trespassed on something raw inside of you and out of your control. I may be angry and I may be hurting, but I am not about to give up on the life that I want with the man that I love.

Rick: That door is closed.

Caroline: Well, I don't accept that. So can we both agree that you win? Okay? You proved that you can be smarter and you can be meanest. You got us all. So if that's supposed to prove something to yourself, then consider it proved. But you made a fool of your father today. You used his love and mine against us. And you may be pretending that you are proud of yourself, but I know you, and I know that you hate it. So undo it. And we can walk out of here. We can go find Eric. We can tell him that we are afraid. That we have taken some knocks, but in spite of everything, we are still together. And you can lead and I will design, and we may be furious with each other, but we will know how strong our love for each other is. You can't just throw that away. I won't let you.

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