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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 12/24/14


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John McCook: Welcome to a special holiday episode of "the bold and the beautiful." Today we're at union rescue mission in downtown los Angeles. People interviewed are not actors, but rather guests of this extraordinary home for those in need.

Maya: We're ready to help.

Eric: You better be, because we're gonna serve like 4,000 meals here today.

Othello: Wow.

Eric: Yeah, it's gonna be very busy. We have to set up the tables and we're gonna break them down later. We're gonna serve the food, and we want to greet everyone, too.

Rick: Great. How's Andy and kitty?

Eric: Reverend Bales and Kitty and Chef Darin -- they've been up all night deep-frying these turkeys. If they seem tired, it's because they are. Now, look, don't forget. Don't get so busy we don't say hello to people, right? Staff and the volunteers and the residents, and most especially these folks who are living on the street. Ready to work?

Maya: Yes.

Eric: Let's go. Come on.

["Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" plays]

Eric: There you are! You made it!

Carter: Yeah, I'm ready to help. What do you need?

Eric: What do I need?! Andy, hi! There you are. Good morning.

Looking good, guys.

Eric: Thanks. You know what? I think we're all here. My whole gang is here. Do you have a second to talk?

Of course.

Eric: Good. We're gonna talk for a second.

Carter: Yeah, I'll find something to do.

Eric: [Chuckles] You better. I am so impressed. You really look like you know what you're doing around here.

Thank you guys for coming. It means a lot.

Eric: Our pleasure.

Let's go over here where it's quiet.

Eric: So how are you hanging in there, my friend?

Doing well. I've got a bit of a sore foot, but I'm not gonna let that stop me.

Eric: Nah, you can rise above that. I've seen you do it. Yeah. I have to ask you, what's the hardest thing about doing this?

I think the hardest thing is raising enough resources to meet the need, and the amount of need you can meet depends on how many resources you raise. So you can never do all that your heart wants to do. It takes a lot to take care of the 800 folks that are under our roof, but what do you do about the 2,000 people living out on the street? And that -- that bothers me every night as I drive home.

Eric: You have days where you're disappointed in what's happened and what you're able to do.

Certainly, and especially when somebody has turned their life around, gotten on their feet, and then they fall back into the old destructive patterns.

Eric: There's not enough support.

And you don't know where your friend has gone now.

Eric: I would like very much to be able to talk to some of these -- some of the residents here and some of the people from the street. Can you help me with that?

Absolutely. That's really what makes the difference, you know? We think that feeding and all of that makes the difference, but looking somebody in the eyes and spending time with them and building a relationship -- that is the way to change lives. That's the way that we're gonna end homelessness. It's not going to be a big program. It's going to be a friendship.

Aly: Hey!

Maya: You guys, I'm really glad we're doing this.

Ivy: This is what the holidays are all about.

Aly: Talking with people.

Rick: And the stories -- there's so much wisdom in this building.

Eric: I'm glad to hear you say that.

Aly: [Chuckles]

Eric: I'm so proud of you all for showing up here today. Come on. Let's get to it.

Ivy: Okay.

Eric: Yep.

Maya: And what's your experience been like being here?

Oh, wow. At first, it was like, "whoa." [Laughs] But a lot of love. A lot of love. And a lot of support.


I feel a little bit better.

Maya: Do you celebrate Christmas?

Yes, I do.

Maya: Yeah? And what -- what does that holiday mean to you?

It brings joy to everyone by getting presents.

Maya: Yeah.

And food.

And there's also love.

Maya: Love. Yeah.

Because everybody --

Stories. Like, pictures -- you bring out pictures and share with family.

Maya: Do you have pictures with you?

No, I don't. I didn't get a chance to bring any of that with me. So I'm basically starting over.

Maya: Wow.

With everything -- furniture, TVs, everything you can name. I have to start over.

Maya: Yeah.

And that's hard, meaning taking the bus, trying to find an apartment, credit checks, and saving. And then you have to save to get beds, couches, refrigerators, everything. So it's hard.

Eric: Oh, that's nice.

[Indistinct conversations]

Oh, my gosh! Thank you guys so much for coming! We're so glad to have you here.

Rick: Of course.

Oh, my goodness. So, I understand you've got something special for our guests later on.

Maya: Yeah. We have a little something planned.

Yay! Perfect! [Laughs]

I finally made the decision to come here, and it was the best move I made in my life. I had a hard time when I first got here because of the phenomenal craving was so strong. The only thing I wanted to do was go out and have one more drink. Slowly but surely, God started to relieve the craving, and I stopped having the withdrawals and I started being able to look at myself in the mirror and accept who I was at that point. And it started to move uphill. Here, I got my sanity back. It was really a great learning process for me because I learned about discipline, I learned about having integrity, I learned about having respect, and owning up to your mistakes. Trying to make the best decisions in your life moving forward.

Eric: Are you in the mentoring program? They have a mentoring program here that's --

We have different churches that mentor some of the guys here.

Eric: That's cool.

And I've been to a couple of the churches, pcc.

Eric: What do you think is the best thing that they're able to do here? The best thing for you -- what's the best thing they do for you?

The best thing for me is taking a man in that's broken from his drug and alcohol addiction. Help you learn the underlying issues that want to cause you to go out and drink or use.

Eric: So what do you think -- what do you think that we should all ask for for Christmas this year? I mean, if we could -- if we could change things in this world for everybody, what do you think you should ask for?

To learn how to love one another as brothers and sisters as God loves us as his children. That's what I will pray for.

Eric: Simple as that, huh?

Yeah. About that simple.

Aly: Hi, guys.

Carter: What's up, guys?


Aly: What are all your names?

I'm Sarah.

I'm max.


I'm Brendan.

Aly: So what would you guys say is your Christmas wish?

I just want our lives back. I lost my car, and we got into a wreck. Next day I lost my job. And we were doing okay before then. I want my kids to smile again and be able to say, you know, we're not relying on anybody else. But because of this place, it makes you realize that you don't have to be fiercely independent and to stay there. This place has helped us out, and [Sniffles] We're almost there. We're almost -- we almost have our lives back. I want our lives back for their sake. So...

'Cause, like, instead of looking at this as being homeless or being, you know -- like, being here, since this is a homeless shelter, first off, you know, I would walk down, you know, skid row and say, "oh," or, like, you know, think, "wow," you know? "It's dirty here. I don't want to be here." But then after awhile, you get to realize that these people -- they are people. They're human beings. Some of them choose to be here. Some of them don't.

Aly: Yeah.

Unfortunate things happen.

I can speak from myself and my experience -- being fiercely independent, sometimes you don't want to say, "I need the help." Anybody can end up down here. Like I said, I have a degree in psychology. Doesn't mean you're uneducated because you end up homeless. I had a home before. I had my kids, I had my job. You know? I'm mom. It was normal every day for us and then, bam, this happens. I can't say enough for the rescue mission, because every single day, they deal with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. Um... and they're caring.

Carter: Thank you guys so much for sharing your story. We've all had those times when we were down, regardless of what put us there, and you guys are showing us that it doesn't matter where you fall, that you can always get up, and you don't have to get up alone.

That's right.

Carter: So thank you very much.

You're welcome. Thank you.

Eric: Chef Darin, you cook here all the time?

Yes, sir.

Eric: You're on staff here.

I'm staff. I'm the day-side cook. 4:00 in the morning till 2:00 in the afternoon.

Eric: How many people do you cook for every day? Every day.

Approximately 1,500.

Eric: [Laughs] You do?

Every day.

Eric: That's fantastic.

Four times a day. 'Cause we have four different feedings.

Eric: What about today, now? This is like thousands. How many people is this today?

Today we -- our goal was to feed 4,500.

Eric: Yeah?

I think we went over. We might be at 5,200.

Eric: [Chuckles] That's a lot of turkeys. How many turkeys?

500 small turkeys, 200 large turkeys.

Eric: What do you get out of this -- you? Besides a nice meal once in awhile. [Laughs] For me, it's just the satisfaction of seeing someone get the nourishment they need. Everybody wants to feel valued. Everybody wants to feel needed. So, me, as a cook, as a chef, as a server, every day I come in to work, my goal is simply to make someone feel valued. And I do it with food.

Rick: What's everybody's names?


Rick: Jamel.


Rick: Joseph.


Rick: Janiah. Well, thanks for sitting down with us today and talking with us. What does this place mean to you right now?

It's like a blessing, because it was hard to find a place to go to with the children. Like, I'm a single father with children, then I have a teenager, and this is the only place I could get to help us.

Rick: Yeah.

Othello: If you had to get a message out there to people that they want to know more about missions or you want to share with them how to feel about problems that may arise, what would you say to them?

I would say that, um... well, this mission has been a blessing.

Othello: Mm-hmm.

I would tell people don't give up, don't be ashamed to go. Don't be ashamed to go into a mission. I mean, mission is where you're gonna get help. Um... I know that everybody has a story and everybody has a struggle. Um, and so do they. They know that everybody's got a different story and everybody needs help in different ways. So, um, if you need help, go for the help. You know, I wouldn't really want to be living on the street with my children. So I came here, and I didn't give up. You know?

Othello: That's awesome.

Maya: How long have you lived at union?

I'm gonna stay here for about a month and a half.

Maya: Okay. And where were you before that?

Well, I've been homeless since February of 2012, and I've been staying in family members' houses, motels, trailer. I even went to Baja California for awhile. And I recently came back, and that's when I came here.

Maya: And what's it been like for you, Haley?

Um... it's been hard. 'Cause we move to different schools.

Maya: So it's hard to leave your friends and yeah. What about for you, destiny?

Mm... it's too hard for us to be moving around a lot.

Maya: Yeah. Mm-hmm. How about you?

Well, I'm kind of sad because sometimes you can't really get a good report card when you move too much.

Maya: Yeah. That's really hard. Have there been moments through all of this, you know, where you've been able to, like, really laugh or any moments where you feel like, as a family, that you remember that are really joyful that you can tell us about?

Being here, honestly. We're here.

Maya: Really?

The people we met here. The people we met here -- we'd be busting out laughing in the room, praying, singing, praising the lord. Yes. Really.

Carter: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Well, I was born in Denver. I grew up in Glendale. Primarily an upper-middle class neighborhood, and, you know, had a decent childhood. Some little rough spots and little rebellion.

Carter: And how has being here changed your life, and not just as far as what you've taken, but what you've also wound up giving back?

What I want to do is just start working with teenagers, because when I was a teenager and things started falling apart and I started dabbling, you know, in drugs and alcohol, if somebody would have reached out then, I think I might have had a better chance. There's a lot of kids out there that, you know, they have no direction because they don't have anybody in their life to help guide them.

I owe a lot to this place. I got my dignity back. I got my pride back. I got my children back. And they say, "you can't get them back." Well, each and every one of us needs to be loved.

Maya: Yeah.

And be told that you're loved. And be treated nice, kind, and respected. And if you do that every day, your light inside will shine.

Maya: As the year comes to a close, was it everything you hoped?

So many challenges and struggles can make it hard

as we go through our days and try search for our way, did you find the time to step outside your own life?

It's the spirit of season

and the season gives us reason to remember our blessings and help one another, no matter who you are and no matter where you've been

this is where it all begins, because the greatest gift is the one

yeah, the greatest gift is the one we give each other

[Cheers and applause]

["Jingle Bells" plays]

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