B&B Transcript Tuesday 11/25/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 11/25/14


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Ridge: This has to end. There's no future for us. You know that, too.

Caroline: What if there was?

Ridge: Rick asked you to forgive him. And he wants you back, and that's what you wanted all along.

Caroline: I don't know what I want.

Ridge: Who does?

Maya: But you're not going to. You're not -- you're not reconciling with Caroline.

Rick: I'm so sorry to put you through --

Maya: No! No!

Rick: Maya, listen to me.

Maya: No, Rick! You would not go back to Caroline, not for any reason!

Rick: That's what I thought, too.

Maya: Rick! Tell me that this isn't happening! Tell me I'm wrong, that I misunderstood!

Rick: My dad, he gave me an ultimatum. I can't be C.E.O. unless I get back together with Caroline, so that's what I'm going to do. I'm gonna go back to my wife.

Bill: What the Hell is this? I asked for it to be streamlined.

Robin: Well, I asked for it two hours ago.

Bill: That was two hours ago! What good does that do me?! All right, just go, Robin. Surprise me, all right?

Robin: As you wish, Mr. Spencer.

Bill: Yeah.

Robin: He's impossible.

Katie: Don't I know it. Let me see this. He'll have the turkey, no mayo. Still terrorizing the staff, I see.

Bill: What? I'm hungry. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Katie: Oh, I was in the neighborhood, and I thought I'd stop by and see your hands, specifically your knuckles.

Bill: Forrester opened his mouth, huh?

Katie: He didn't have to. I saw the damage.

Bill: You're mad.

Katie: Well, of course I could never condone violence. But I do appreciate you standing up for me.

Bill: So, what's the catch?

Katie: No catch. I'm grateful that you stuck up for me. Is that crazy?

Bill: So I'm not in trouble? Not gonna read me the riot act?

Katie: Obviously I wish that you had handled things a bit more diplomatically. I mean, you didn't have to run over to Ridge's office and punch him in the face.

Bill: He deserved it. All of it. Except maybe that last shot in the gut, but whatever. Not going to apologize for it.

Katie: I'm not asking you to.

Bill: He betrayed you, Katie. He manipulated Caroline. He may have ruined her marriage to Rick.

Maya: You want to go back to your wife?

Rick: I asked her to forgive me.

Maya: I...don't believe you. I cannot believe this!

Rick: It's like I said. My dad, he gave me an ultimatum. I don't have a choice.

Maya: Look, I love you as CEO, and I love the life that it would provide for us, but I don't care! I just -- I just want to be with you.

Rick: Maya, Maya, listen to me. I am doing this for us. I'm doing this so we can have a future together.

Maya: I don't understand. You just said --

Rick: I asked Caroline to make our marriage work so I can hang on to the C.E.O. Position. Don't you see? I want to run this company with you.

Maya: [Exhales sharply]

Rick: I don't want to be with Caroline. She betrayed me with Ridge, and that is something I-I could never, ever forgive.

Caroline: I didn't think he'd forgive me. But Rick wants to make it work.

Ridge: I think you should let him try.

Caroline: I don't know if I can, Ridge. Being with you has changed me.

Ridge: Yeah. Yeah, it's changed me, too. And I... I love that. I really do. Rick's your husband.

Caroline: It's just that simple? Pretend that we never felt this way?

Maya: So you are pretending to get back with Caroline?

Rick: So I can keep the C.E.O. position. Everyone's gonna have to think that we're done and I'm back together with Caroline, that our marriage is intact.

Maya: For how long?

Rick: Until my dad retires or I have some sort of irrevocable control over the company.

Maya: That could be years down the road!

Rick: But I've got a plan. You've got to trust me.

Maya: I don't know how I feel about this.

Rick: I know. I know it's a lot to ask, but just be patient. I want to run this company with you. And when we have that power, no one's gonna be able to take it away from us. Not my father and especially not Ridge.

Maya: And what if it doesn't work? What if it backfires?

Rick: That's a chance I got to take. It's our only option.

Maya: [Scoffs]

Rick: I'm gonna keep you on as lead model.

Maya: [Chuckles]

Rick: Maya, I need my team around me. I'm gonna have to work harder than ever to fortify my position.

Maya: All while going home to Caroline at night.

Rick: Temporarily.

Maya: No. No!

Rick: Maya, we'll still be together. That's not gonna change. We will have to be careful. There's gonna be eyes on us.

Maya: So we have to -- we have to live apart, sneak around, keep our relationship a secret?

Rick: Until the job is done, yeah.

Maya: Yeah. No.

Rick: Maya. Maya, I need you. I really need you.

Maya: Okay.

Rick: I don't like it, either, but it's necessary. You just got to trust me, okay? I will take care of us. I've just got to find a way to get Caroline back.

Bill: I really didn't intend for it to go that far, but that glorified tailor pushed it. And, you know, I have trouble keeping my temper in check sometimes.

Katie: I know that. I'm just a little surprised. I mean, I knew that you would be upset over Caroline, but I guess I wasn't expecting a beatdown.

Bill: You mess with my niece and the mother of my child, you're gonna pay.

Katie: I think you've made that clear.

Bill: You know, maybe I loosened a couple of teeth, but as far as really getting through to him, sending a message, I think he was just merely, uh, inconvenienced, late for his fashion show.

Katie: It was a preview, and it went very well, apparently.

Bill: Thanks to Caroline. He used her, he betrayed you, he treated Brooke like garbage for years. I...guess I'm just missing what the appeal is.

Katie: Careful. You're kind of sweet when you're protective.

Bill: Well, you know, I can be...sweet every now and again.

Katie: At least once or twice a year.

Bill: Look, Katie, I obviously realize that I am your ex-husband and probably the last person you want getting involved in your life, but... I can't help it. I will always be protective over you. And not just because you're the mother of my son. You're an amazing woman. And I hope that loser realizes how lucky he is.

Ridge: I got to spend this incredible moment in time with an extraordinary person. And I will never forget that.

Caroline: But we have to forget each other.

Ridge: Yeah. And how do I do that?

[Knock on door]

Rick: Uh, Caroline. Um... I wanted to give you some time, but I-I really need to know where we stand. Look, I need you. It's not too late for us. We're still committed to each other. We're still married. And I still love you. So tell me... tell me that you still want me. Tell me that you want this marriage. But more importantly, tell me that it's not over.

Bill: So, where exactly do you stand with Forrester?

Katie: We've talked. He's apologized. He knows that what he did was wrong.

Bill: Yeah, well, I would think so. He hurt you, Katie. He betrayed you. He was making out with my niece, and yet you're still wearing that...freakin' string on your finger.

Katie: [Sighs] We're trying to work things out. And for the record, I was prepared to take this off.

Bill: Till Forrester told you everything you wanted to hear.

Katie: He stopped me from untying it.

Bill: Can we talk about that for a second? Who unties their engagement ring? I mean, the guy's got a couple of bucks, yet his fiancée is wearing a string on her finger.

Katie: It's a ribbon, thank you very much.

Bill: Uh, ribbon, string, twine, whatever. You deserve to have some serious bling on that finger, like, you know, 10 carats minimum.

Katie: Well, maybe I'm trying something different. I mean, you gave me lots of giant diamonds. Look how that turned out.

Bill: And you loved all those giant diamonds. Don't kid yourself. We had something very special for a while, Katie.

Katie: Yeah, we did for a while.

Bill: And we made a very handsome, charming kid together.

Katie: We did do that. That is correct.

Bill: And now you've moved on with that bozo Forrester. I look at you, Katie. And I just wish you were happier.

Katie: Ridge and I are gonna be fine. We just... have to get over this hurdle.

Bill: You know, people are going to let you down in life. I did. And the fact is that you deserve the perfect white knight. But he doesn't exist. I'm sorry Ridge disappointed you. But I'm not surprised.

Ridge: Are you okay? I'm gonna go.

Rick: No. Stay, if you'd like, 'cause you can hear this. I know I haven't treated you well. I've been cruel, and I've been dismissive. But when I found out what you two did... I mean, my God, it was so painful. And I overreacted. And I know that turning to Maya, that was... that was a huge mistake. And I am sorry for how much I hurt you.

Caroline: I don't know that I can forget it.

Rick: I understand. That's why I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure that you feel like you're the most special woman in the world.

Caroline: Rick...

Rick: There's still love there. There's love. I can see it in your eyes. All you have to do is say the word.

Caroline: Okay.

Rick: Okay?

Caroline: Okay, I-I... I want to work on our marriage.

Rick: Thank you. Thank you. Do you still have my ring?

Caroline: Yeah, I've been holding it, hoping this day would happen.

Rick: Would you do the honor of putting it on my finger for me?

Katie: Have you talked to Brooke?

Bill: I've called her. She doesn't answer. Hope said she's not coming home for the holiday.

Katie: God, I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving.

Bill: Yeah, I know. I'm preparing myself for dinner with Forrester. That should be a blast.

Katie: I wish Brooke was gonna be here. She's always a peacemaker. You know, she said something crazy to me before she left.

Bill: What's that?

Katie: She said that she thought you and I should get back together.

Bill: Yeah. Yeah, she said the same thing to me.

Katie: I told her she was nuts.

Bill: Oh, me too. You know, Katie, um... you really deserve to be appreciated, and I didn't always do the best job of that.

Katie: Careful. Careful. You're -- you're about to be sweet again, and I don't know if I can handle it twice in one day.

Bill: I have to make my quota for the year.

Katie: [Chuckles] You always did know how to make me laugh. I like this. It's -- it's nice when we can talk like this.

Bill: We were a family, Katie. You were my wife.

Caroline: He's forgiven me. I have to be grateful for that. You heard him. You heard how sincere he -- he was, how... excited he is about our future.

Ridge: He's finally come to his senses. He's trying to do the right thing. As are we.

Caroline: Goodbye.

Ridge: Let me look at you. Hey. You are magnificent.

Caroline: [Sniffles]

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