B&B Transcript Monday 11/24/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 11/24/14


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Caroline: I'm sorry. Ex-- excuse me?

Rick: I need you. We've -- we've hurt each other enough. If our wedding vows mean anything to you... we can make this work. We can get back to what I -- to what I almost threw away. Caroline. This is what you want?

Taylor: So, you really took a hard line with Rick.

Eric: Well, he's acting like a 2-year-old. He's got to stop this nonsense with Maya, and he's got to reconcile with Caroline.

Taylor: Mm-hmm, for the sake of the company...and his marriage, of course.

Eric: [Sighs] Look, Caroline made a mistake. So did Ridge. But Rick's just making it worse by the way he's reacting, and he's got to stop all this, or he's finished as C.E.O. of Forrester.

Taylor: Mm, and that's what you told him?

Eric: Yes, and I meant every word.

Maya: O...M...G. Forrester's website just crashed.

Carter: What?

Maya: The server is overloaded with hits. We are that hot. I am that hot.

Carter: Is it really possible for one person to be that self-absorbed?

Maya: Oh, please. I'm having fun with this, and why not? I'm excited for Rick. His first time out of the gate as C.E.O., And he's a winner.

Carter: Thanks to Ridge and Caroline's designs. Only instead of being grateful, he's upset their partnership paid off for the company. Now, why do you suppose that is, Maya?

Maya: Please. Spare me. I'm not on the witness stand, okay? And I prefer to keep my eye on the prize.

Carter: Which is...?

Maya: The buttload of loot Forrester is gonna make off my man's savvy pricing of those gowns. It's gonna be a gold mine, and since I'm Rick's chick... [Giggles]

Katie: Not if I can help it.

Maya: Katie, hi. When did you get back into town?

Katie: I'm looking for Ridge. Uh, I think the preview was today.

Carter: Yeah, it was a huge success for Ridge and Caroline.

Maya: Rick, too. You know your nephew's C.E.O., Right?

Katie: Yes, I've heard.

Maya: And have you heard that I'm lead model?

Katie: No, but it doesn't surprise me.

Maya: It was Rick's idea.

Carter: A brilliant one, if she does say so herself, and she does.

Maya: I think everything Rick does is brilliant. I mean, not that I'm biased, of course, now that we're working and living together.

Katie: Living together?

Maya: Mm-hmm. You betcha.

Katie: Excuse me.

Rick: Working through this... it is what you want, right?

[Cell phone beeps]

Ridge: Well, I got some work to do, so, um...

Rick: That's good. I'd actually like some time alone with my wife.

Rick: Coming to you after everything I did -- I wouldn't blame you if you'd given up on me.

Caroline: You gave up on us, Rick. You said you wanted a divorce.

Rick: I said a lot of things that hurt. Truth is, Caroline, I can't lose you. I won't lose you.

Katie: Hey.

Ridge: Hey. You're back.

Katie: Yeah, I'm back. What happened to your face?

Ridge: Bill's fist happened. He was defending Caroline's honor...and yours.

Katie: You gonna be okay? Are we gonna be okay?

Maya: Can this day get any better? E-mails from all over the world congratulating me and this amazing future ahead of me with Rick. Together at the office during the day and in each other's arms at night. Mr. And Mrs. Eric Forrester Jr.

Carter: You say it like it's a given. Despite their problems, everyone can see that Rick is still into Caroline.

Maya: He's done with Caroline and with that marriage.

Taylor: [Sighs] I thought Rick and Caroline were just so much in love.

Eric: I'm convinced they still are.

Taylor: What, exactly did happen? I mean, were -- were they doing more than kissing?

Eric: You know, suffice it to say that all three of them made mistakes. Ridge and Caroline crossed the line, and then, uh, Rick overreacted when he found out about it. I mean, it's no reason to end a marriage, though...especially now, now that Caroline's working so hard to keep it alive.

Rick: I know what you're thinking -- how relentless I've been -- trying to hurt you, piling up the guilt, and here I am. I'm reaching out to you. The truth is, Caroline, I-I'm still having a hard time getting over what you and Ridge did. And I'd like to believe that I will. Heck, I'd like to believe that we can put the pieces of our marriage back together. But the truth is... I still love you, Caroline. I want to fix this. Will you let me try?

Katie: So, what happened?

Ridge: I told you -- bill was defending your honor.

Katie: My honor doesn't need defending.

Ridge: Well, he thought otherwise, so...

Katie: I'm sorry he did that.

Ridge: It's not your fault. None of this is your fault.

Katie: So, the preview was today. I heard it went really well.

Ridge: Yeah, it was good.

Katie: I guess there really wasn't any doubt.

Ridge: Well, there was doubt. I didn't know how to draw, so it was -- it was a little complicated.

Katie: But Caroline helped you.

Ridge: Come on. Don't do that. [Sighs]

Katie: What are we doing? I had a lot of time to think about all kinds of things while I was away. I've been accused of running away from my problems, which... I don't really get that, because you can't really run away from anything. You still have to wake up with yourself every morning, and, generally, you still have the same issues that you did the night before. But space does have a way of making things clearer. I made a promise to myself not long ago...that I wouldn't change the way I love because of what happened with bill. We don't know how long we're gonna be here. But it doesn't make any sense to love someone with only half your heart. I want to love with my whole self. I want to love with everything in me. And I need that in return. [Sighs] We've had a rough couple of months -- no doubt about that. Maybe it isn't fair for me to expect you to give me all of yourself when you've felt so incomplete. But that's what I need. It's what I want. The question is... is it something you can do? I need to know. Do I have all of you?

Katie: [Sighs] You're quiet.

Ridge: I'm sorry.

Katie: I know.

Ridge: I'm -- I mean I'm sorry for everything.

Katie: [Sighs] I kept this on my finger because, um, I didn't want to take it off out of anger or disappointment. It's still a symbol of the commitment we made to each other. It's still more valuable than any ring.

Ridge: I remember that day.

Katie: But ultimately... it's also just a ribbon... and it can be untied. I love you. I really do. And I want our life together. I want it more than anything, but I need you. I need all of you -- not half, not 60%, not 70%, 80%, 90% -- all of you. Or I have to untie this and take it off.

Ridge: Don't do that.

Katie: What we have is good. Don't throw it away. Don't throw me away.

Maya: Ohh. [Chuckles] So sweet.

Carter: Word of advice?

Maya: [Sighs] If you must.

Carter: You're getting way ahead of yourself, Maya. Don't get too cocky.

Maya: I'm not cocky. I'm confident. Rick loves me. He loves what I bring to his life, and we are gonna be amazing together. We already are.

Rick: I don't expect it to happen overnight. Our marriage has definitely taken a hit.

Caroline: You turned to Maya. I wanted to work things out.

Rick: I couldn't get the image of -- of you and Ridge out of my head, and the more I thought about it, the more emotional -- it just beat me up. And I was -- I acted out. I was immature, and I was selfish. But I've finally come to my senses. I'm so sorry for the pain I've caused you, Caroline.

Caroline: I'm sorry for hurting you. But it doesn't change what you did.

Rick: Are you saying that it's too late?

Caroline: I don't know. I don't know.

[Door opens]

Maya: There he is -- my man.

Rick: What's up?

Maya: "What's up," you say, as if this is just another ordinary day at the office instead of one of the most magnificent of your career. Okay. Something's wrong. Look, I-I know you're upset that Ridge and Caroline's line is so successful, but it just means more money for the company. Seriously, baby. We are embarking on the golden age of Forrester creations... with you as head honcho and... with me by your side.

Rick: My C.E.O. position is on the line.

Maya: What?

Rick: It can happen any day now.

Maya: No, sweetie. No. You are doing incredibly well, and that preview today just proved it -- rave reviews and orders pouring in.

Rick: My dad knows that I tried to sabotage the line by making the prices too high. He's accused me of letting my personal issues get in the way of what's best for the company. He's questioning my -- my position at Forrester, my loyalty, and how I've treated Caroline.

Maya: What about the way she's treated you?

Rick: Yeah, but my dad doesn't see it that way. Bottom line -- he's given me an ultimatum. I can hang on to the C.E.O. position if -- and only if -- I reconcile with Caroline.

Ridge: Hey. How'd it go?

Caroline: I still can't believe the timing. I begged Rick to not let this be the end of us. And I couldn't get through to him. And then, out of the blue, he just comes in, and he's asking for my forgiveness and wanting our marriage back, when I've... told you that...

Ridge: Don't do that. That's, um... the important thing is that Rick has realized that he's about to throw away something -- something incredible. So, where do the two of you go from here?

Caroline: What about you and Katie? Where -- where do you go from here?

Ridge: We're gonna have the life that Katie and I were planning.

Caroline: That's what -- that's what you -- you want?

Ridge: [Sighs] Rick is your husband.

Caroline: I know. I know. But us...

Ridge: There's no us. This is goodbye.

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