B&B Transcript Thursday 10/30/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 10/30/14


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Rick: Don't make me say it again. Go.

Caroline: I cannot believe that you got sucked in to her again.

Rick: Don't bring Maya into this.

Caroline: I made a mistake with Ridge.

Rick: Call it what it is. It was a betrayal. It was a betrayal to our marriage.

Caroline: Ridge and I never spent the night together.

Rick: Oh, it was just a few innocent kisses, right? Didn't mean anything? What do you take me for?

Caroline: I want to speak to my husband alone.

Maya: Is that what you want, Rick?

Rick: What I want is you out of my life. Go back to New York or wherever the hell you want to go, but just leave.

Ridge: [Sighs]

Carter: How does it feel, Mr. CEO?

Ridge: Like it's been a long time coming.

Carter: But now that it's here?

Ridge: I got to make sure dad knows he made the right choice. As for the other stuff...

Carter: What Maya pulled, you mean.

Ridge: You know what's funny, Carter? This thing with Caroline -- I saw where it was headed. And I couldn't stop it.

Carter: Ridge, listen, um... you guys are artists, right? These things happen.

Ridge: [Chuckles]

Carter: Once everyone cools off, especially Rick, they'll work it out. Couples who truly love each other usually do. Speaking of which, does Katie know?

Ridge: She's not happy with me.

Carter: But you're still together, right?

Ridge: I'm not sure. But, hey, Carter... I'm CEO.

Liam: Ah, it's so nice to have everybody's favorite employee back. You know I'm gonna need you all over that premiere tomorrow, right?

Donny: I'm on it, Mr. Spencer.

Liam: So, any buzz? You think it's gonna be good?

Donny: The jury is out, but I'll keep you posted. As for now, I have house guests in town. We're all heading to the Halloween party at Bikini. Want to come?

Liam: Oh. Yeah, I'll think about it.

Donny: Maybe I'll see you there. Anything else?

Liam: Uh, yes, actually. Tell that beautiful young lady it's okay to come in.

Ivy: [Chuckles] Hey. I'm sorry. I wasn't -- I wasn't eavesdropping.

Liam: Are you kidding me? Your timing is perfect.

Ivy: Oh, really?

Liam: Yes. As it happens, a very trusted source informed me that there are big things going on at Forrester.

Ivy: Oh.

Liam: Mm-hmm.

Ivy: By trusted, you mean talented and beautiful source, right?

Liam: Yeah.

Ivy: [Chuckles]

Liam: So, has Eric named a successor?

Ivy: Liam!

Liam: What?

Ivy: I told you that in confidence. I am a trusted Forrester employee. I can't just run off and tell the media.

Liam: Oh, come on!

Ivy: Do you really want to know?

Liam: Yes.

Ivy: Off the record?

Liam: Yep. Off the record.

Ivy: Mm-hmm. Pam Douglas.

Liam: [Laughs]

Ivy: [Laughs]

Liam: Shut up. Well, on the record, you're a terrible liar, so...

Ivy: No, really, it is. It's Pam. All those lemon bar corners -- they finally paid off.

Liam: I knew it was the lemon bars!

Ivy: It's, uh -- it's Ridge, obviously the designer.

Liam: Oh.

Ivy: Mm.

Liam: Which is not going over well with Rick, I imagine.

Ivy: Well, no. And, uh, there is another reason why Rick is quite upset, actually. His wife, Caroline, your cousin?

Liam: Yeah.

Ivy: You're not gonna believe this.

Ridge: Rick overstepped. He changed my design, and now I'm changing it back. So if you could help with that, it'd be great.

Gayle: Very well, Mr. Forrester.

Ridge: And the other thing is if any major decisions that I need to take care of come over your desk, just bring them to me. I'm the new boss. Thank you, Gayle. [Chuckles]

[Door closes]

Ridge:  Hey, Dad. Didn't see you there. Something on your mind?

Maya: What part of "leave" don't you get?

Caroline: Shut up, Maya.

Maya: Oh, at least you got my name right. Usually you can't be bothered.

Caroline: I never bothered because I had your number from the start. I knew that you were a gold-digging piece of --

Rick: Don't speak to Maya that way. She didn't push you into Ridge's arms.

Caroline: Ridge and I kissed. That is it. But what you two did here last night --

Rick: Donít. Don't go there. Not after your betrayal with Ridge.

Liam: Ridge and Caroline, huh?

Ivy: Mm-hmm. Surprised me, too, especially when Caroline confided in me.

Liam: Oh, so you knew before Maya let it slip?

Ivy: Um, Maya did not let anything slip. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Liam: Oh, be-- 'cause she has a thing for Rick, and she wants to get back with him. Okay.

Ivy: Caroline and Ridge -- they just got swept up in a moment working together. It was just a few kisses.

Liam: Yeah, but it didn't go further than that, right?

Ivy: Well, no, but... look, we all know Rick, and we all know Rick and Ridge's relationship, especially even though that Ridge is running Forrester.

Liam: Do you think that Eric has second thoughts about making Ridge CEO?

Ivy: I don't know. What I do know is that this is not what Eric would have expected when he tapped Ridge for successor.

Eric: Carter, good, you're here.

Carter: Yeah. Congratulating the new CEO.

Ridge: Thank you. And, uh, speaking of which, we have an official press release to tell them my appointment. If there's anything you want to add...

Eric: There's some legal work that you and I need to look at now that I'm gonna be stepping down. We'll meet soon on the specifics, all right?

Ridge: Thanks, man.

Carter: I'll be in my office.

Ridge: [Sighs] Dad, thank you. Thanks for showing so much faith in me, and I know that faith was shaken because of what happened with Caroline, and... and I'm -- I'm sorry about that, but -- but once Rick gets over the initial shock of it... everything's gonna be fine.

Caroline: You are just loving this, aren't you?

Rick: Maya is not the issue. Your infidelity with Ridge is.

Caroline: I kissed a man. But you -- you went and slept with --

Rick: Maya -- what we did or didn't do is none of your concern.

Caroline: How can you say that to me? I am your wife, Rick.

Rick: Yeah, well, once I file for divorce, we're not gonna be married for much longer.

Caroline: You are not filing for divorce.

Rick: Will you get it through your head? I'm not coming home. I'm not going back to Forrester. I was deceived by you and by my father. I thought I was gonna be made CEO, rewarded for all my hard work, loyalty. All he did was stab me in the back. You stabbed me in the back.

Caroline: I'm sorry.

Rick: Oh, I don't want any more apologies. The only thing that I want from you is a quick divorce.

Caroline: You're hurting. And it is my fault, but if you just let me explain instead of running out... I messed up. Okay? But so did you. So I'm not just gonna sit here and let you put all the blame on me, not after walking in on this.

Liam: Whoa. I mean, I knew there would be fallout from the meeting, but not like this.

Ivy: I know. Tell me about it.

Liam: How are you doing, by the way? I mean, all these new family business dynamics, and you're trying to create a jewelry line.

Ivy: Well, [Chuckles] It's pretty stressful. That's for sure.

Liam: You want to fix that?

Ivy: Why? What -- what have you got in mind?

Liam: How do you feel about Halloween?

Ivy: Well, it's today.

Liam: Yeah.

Ivy: And I do not have a costume, so...

Liam: No, you do. No, you could. You could. Uh, you could be... "Liamís date." I'm sure you'd pull it off very convincingly. Bikini's having a Halloween party.

Ivy: You're not needed here?

Liam: Am I needed? What -- what is the point of being the boss if I can't play hooky now and again? What do you say? Yeah!

Ivy: Okay!

Liam: Let's do it!

Ivy: [Chuckles]

Ridge: I knew you were looking for a power couple to run this company the way that you and mom did.

Eric: And so you got Caroline to believe that you had feelings for her so that she would dump Rick and, uh, jump to your side.

Ridge: Uh, no. It's -- it's not that simple, Dad. We -- we were working together, and -- and -- and we both felt something, and as soon as we did, we stopped it. It was -- it was innocent, you know? And, hey, here I am, CEO of Forrester, or I will be once you file all the papers. It's what I always wanted. And it's what you wanted, too. I mean, you've been grooming me since I was sitting next to you, just taking any information that you would give and just grabbing all of it, and now I'm ready to step into your shoes. That's a weird thing to say. I'm not -- no one ever will be you. You're Eric Forrester. I will never be able to fill those shoes, but I can promise you I will do my best not to let you down.

Eric: But you did, Ridge. You did. You got involved with your brother's wife.

Rick: No. Don't turn this back on me. If you hadn't been lip locking with -- you know what? Forget it. Run Forrester with Ridge. I'm not gonna be around to see it.

Caroline: Stop saying that. We just need time to --

Rick: No, time is not gonna change anything. You humiliated me. You -- you deceived what I thought that we had together, Caroline. There's no coming back from that.

Caroline: So, then what -- what are you gonna do? Are you gonna -- you gonna stay here with her?

Rick: You know, Maya actually had the decency to tell me the truth, and thanks to her, now my eyes are wide open.

Caroline: No. You -- you're only seeing what Maya wants you to see. We can get through this, Rick. We can get through anything together.

[Indistinct conversations]

Devin: Hey, where should I put this?

Cody: Uh, Zach wants them stacked in the back.

Devin: Got it.

Cody: Just watch your step.

Liam: Oh, nice.

Ivy: Whoa! [Chuckles]

Liam: See? I told you -- not everybody's in costume, you know?

Ivy: Yeah, good. See, this is the hardest thing about Halloween -- I never know when to dress up or what to dress up as.

Liam: Yeah. Okay, so, they do have Halloween in Australia, right?

Ivy: We actually -- we just got internet and electricity and phones.

Liam: Oh, my God. Uh, seat. Grab a seat. Grab a seat. There we go.

Ivy: Thank you.

Liam: Yes, yes, yes, yes. [Sighs]

Donny: Mr. Spencer, you made it.

Liam: Donny, hey. Wouldn't miss it.

Donny: Uh, this is my friend Caleb.

Liam: Caleb, nice to meet you.

Donny: And this is my friend Zach. He's H.H.O.H.

Liam: H...H.H. -- What?

Caleb: The head honcho of Halloween.

Liam: Ah.

Zach: Yeah, I'm running a contest today. Got some pretty cool prizes.

Liam: Nice. Sounds good.

Zach: Hayden, Nicole, you're up at the second corn hole pit.

Nicole: All right. Ohh, sorry.

Zach: You fruit loop dingus.

Liam: All right, so what are you having? 'Cause I think I need a drink in me before I start bobbing for stuff. Hey, Brendon?

Brendon: Just one minute, bro.

Liam: Yeah.

Jeff: So, man, big news.

Jordan: Jeff proposed to me in my big brother's backyard.

Brendon: What?

Jeff: And she said yes!

Brendon: Congratulations!

Jeff: Yeah, buddy!

Brendon: Man.

Liam: They look happy.

Ivy: Hey, thanks.

Liam: For what? We haven't won anything yet.

Ivy: No, just for bringing me here and taking my mind off everything that's going on at Forrester.

Ridge: I tried to tell you why it happened, and if Rick hadn't run off yesterday --

Eric: Now stop. I don't want you to bad-mouth Rick in front of me, not after everything that's happened.

Ridge: I'm not bad-mouthing anyone, Dad. I'm trying to explain what happened.

Eric: I don't need you to explain anything. I want to explain something to you. I thought long and hard about who was gonna replace me as CEO when I stepped down. It was agonizing for me. But in the end, your experience as a designer won out. After everything that has happened, though, I have to think that maybe I gave that a little too much weight. Forrester Creations is not a big success exclusively because of our designs. Your mother and I took great pride in the fact that at the core of this company, there was integrity and honesty and believing in what we said. That's the why I wanted to run this company as CEO all these years. And that's exactly the kind of CEO I hoped that you would be. Unfortunately, I no longer feel that way. I told you that I reserved the right to -- to change my mind. That's exactly what I'm doing.

Ridge: Don't do it, Dad.

Eric: Your involvement with your brother's wife calls into question your -- your judgment, your values -- two qualities that really make a true leader stand out. For that reason, I'm reversing my decision and naming Rick the CEO.

Maya: Bravo. You're real good at trash-talking me in front of Rick. Not that I'm surprised. You've done it practically every moment since the day we first met. But now Myrna finally gets to have her say. Last night was one of the greatest of my life. A man who I fell in love with a long time ago and thought that I had lost forever was suddenly not lost anymore. And all of your putdowns, your calling me Myrna, your snootiness, a Spencer married to a Forrester -- none of it mattered. Because Rick finally saw you for what you really are -- the wife who messed up one too many times, who was smacking all over his brother and thought she could get away with it, but you didnít. And now you've lost Rick to your worst nightmare.

Caroline: Are you gonna let her talk to me that way?

Maya: Look at his hand. Do you see a wedding ring? This belongs to you. Rick doesn't want it anymore. Fine.

Caroline: Put this back on your finger. Don't walk out on our marriage. I'm not giving up on us.

[Door closes]

Maya: I'm here now. I'm here.

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