B&B Transcript Wednesday 10/22/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 10/22/14


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Katie: Ridge? What are you doing?

Carter: Sorry.

Maya: For what?

Carter: For not being Rick. I know that's who you were hoping to see.

Maya: Do you know where he is?

Carter: He's at home... with his wife.

Rick: [Gasps] You're home! [Chuckles]

Caroline: And you're observant.

Rick: What you got there? Oh. One of the better days of my life.

Caroline: Me, too.

Rick: You're early.

Caroline: We're finished.

Rick: Completely?

Caroline: Yeah.

Rick: I thought you and Ridge would be at it all night.

Katie: Lost you there for a second.

Ridge: I got a lot on my mind. I'm sorry.

Katie: Yeah, I can imagine. Did you wrap things up with Caroline?

Ridge: Yeah.

Katie: So, the two of you finished your final design?

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Katie: I see.

Ridge: See what?

Katie: Why you're in this mood. Caroline was upset, wasn't she, when you ended your collaboration?

Maya: They are not a supercouple, carter.

Carter: They've been married for, what, less than a year?

Maya: All the more reason that it's not too late for them to reassess.

Carter: They don't need to reassess. What they need is some privacy.

Maya: [Scoffs] Tell that to Caroline! She's been giving all her private time away to Ridge these days.

Carter: Maya, we're behind schedule. We need those designs. That's why they're working so much.

Maya: [Scoffs] What I saw would not be construed as work.

Carter: You're asking for trouble, Maya.

Maya: What have I done? Nothing. Are you sure?

Maya: I walk in on an intimate moment between Caroline and Ridge.

Carter: You were eavesdropping!

Maya: No, I wasn't!

Carter: Maya.

Maya: What difference does it make? So I was snooping a little bit. The point is they were practically making out!

Carter: I'm sure that's an overstatement.

Maya: Ridge is not the saint that you believe he is.

Carter: He's no saint, but he's not stupid, Maya. You keep this up, you're gonna ruin your career.

Maya: For telling the truth?

Carter: Wait. Telling the truth? Maya, who exactly have you told?

Maya: Well, Ivy knows.

Carter: Anyone else? Maya?

Maya: Rick.

Carter: You -- Rick?! How -- how did he find out?

Maya: You don't think he has the right to know?

Carter: Maya, you are -- you are deliberately out to cause trouble!

Maya: That's not fair!

Carter: It's the truth. You're trying to break up their marriage so you can have Rick. Maya, you're nothing but a gold digger.

Katie: So, how's Caroline taking it?

Ridge: Well, she feels as I do -- it had to end.

Katie: Must have been difficult.

Ridge: Yeah. We created some beautiful designs together.

Katie: Well, sure, but, I mean, difficult in other ways. You said yourself she has a crush on you. You were even thinking of using that crush to get the CEO position.

Ridge: Well, that -- that was -- that was a passing thought. I wouldn't have done that to her.

Katie: Good. Good. I'm glad to hear that, because I was concerned when you first told me.

Ridge: Hey. I love you. Don't ever doubt that.

Katie: I don't. I just didn't like the thought of you manipulating someone. I mean, that's not you. That's not the kind of man you are. You're honest and you're loyal, and that's why I love you.

Rick: So... I have you to myself tonight? Thank you, Ridge!

[Both chuckle]

Rick: Let me guess -- he wanted you to stay, but you insisted on coming home.

Caroline: No, no. He -- he knew that we both had to stop.

Rick: Well, maybe there's hope for him yet.

Caroline: [Sighs] I really wish you two would get along.

Rick: Well, until dad settles this whole CEO position, uh...

Caroline: I know. I just -- it's silly because we're all family. You two squabbling over a title --

Rick: A very important title. But you're right. You're right. I have been a little intense lately about the time that you spent with Ridge.

Caroline: I have been spending too much time with him.

Rick: You had to, Caroline. You guys were working on the couture collection.

Caroline: I-I am so sorry.

Rick: For what?

Caroline: For --

Rick: For saving the entire line?!

Caroline: For being distracted, putting my attention elsewhere.

Rick: I get that now. You and Ridge -- you two are artists. You were creating.

Caroline: It was. It was amazing. It affected me in ways I never could have imagined. But... it also took my time away from you.

Rick: I blame myself for that.

Caroline: Why?

Rick: I should have been more supportive. Ridge lost it all. He lost his ability to draw, his confidence. And then there you were. You came to the rescue. I mean, what would the guy have done if you hadn't helped him? But I still couldn't get past my own ego.

Caroline: Rick... there's something I need to tell you.

Rick: What?

Caroline: It's about Ridge and me.

Maya: Will you stop with this? I am not a gold digger! Do I want a better life? Who wouldn't?! But it's not Rick's money that I'm after. I happen to love him.

Carter: You loved me, too. It's just that my pockets weren't deep enough. All I'm saying -- it's good to know who you are, what you are.

Maya: You can really be mean-spirited.

Carter: [Sighs] I care about you, Maya, okay? You're beautiful. You're charming. You -- you have so much to offer this world.

Maya: But I'm a greedy gold digger?

Carter: Your perspective's a little skewed.

Maya: Oh, that's so much more flattering.

Carter: You're king a play for a married man.

Maya: Whose wife is not --

Carter: Is loyal! Caroline is loyal!

Maya: Carrying on behind Rick's back? That's a strange definition of "loyalty."

Carter: Were they making love? Were they even kissing? No. You saw a friendly embrace.

Maya: It was more than friendly.

Carter: So back off. Let them work it out. If there's a problem, then they'll break up. Then go after the guy.

Maya: I don't want to wait.

Carter: Why?

Maya: Because this is my opportunity, carter.

Carter: For a lifetime of leisure. Admit it, Maya -- you're in love with Rick's money.

Rick: Caroline, what is it?

Caroline: Ridge and I had been working so well together --

Rick: And I've been seeing it firsthand, although I do have my notes. The designs that have been coming my way are -- they're incredible. They really are.

Caroline: He's -- he's taught me so much -- I mean, a whole new way of looking at everything, and I've never worked that closely with such talent before. It's just a very unique experience.

Rick: I support you as a growing artist. The work that you guys have been doing -- it's amazing, although I know that most of it is you because he can't exactly design.

Caroline: Ridge's -- Ridge's talent is coming back.

Rick: Are you sure about that? Well, it seems you've had a much bigger impact on him than I thought.

Caroline: More than I realized. And he's had one on me.

Rick: I'm just gonna put this out there. If it's working for you and if it's making you a better designer, I am all for that now.

Caroline: It is. But it's -- it's time for me to refocus.

Rick: Refocus?

Caroline: On -- on you, our marriage. The collection is finished, and... Ridge and I have agreed to end our collaboration.

Rick: You have?

Caroline: It was wonderful while it lasted, but it's taking my time away from you.

Rick: Are you sure that you're okay with this?

Caroline: It's necessary, Rick. I don't want to go any further with Ridge.

Rick: You're doing this for me, for our life together.

Katie: So, how did you leave things with Caroline?

Ridge: Hmm? What do you -- what do you mean?

Katie: Well, did you talk? Did you discuss her feelings for you?

Ridge: Yeah, we talked. Sure.

Katie: How serious was it?

Ridge: Come on. It's -- it's over now. It's in the past.

Katie: Oh, I'm not so sure. I mean, I had a crush on you for years, and I certainly couldn't forget about it.

Ridge: Well, thank you. Thanks for not getting me out of your system. Thank you.

Katie: [Chuckles] Hopefully, it's easier for Caroline.

Ridge: Yeah. I mean, she's got a husband that loves her, and -- what did I just say? It's over. It's done -- finished.

Katie: Were you gentle?

Ridge: I would never want to hurt her. She helped me rediscover what makes me who I am. And I will always be grateful for that, so...

Katie: Well, I'm grateful, too. And I'm sure Caroline's grateful for the time that she had with you. I'm sure she'll never forget it. It was the perfect collaboration. You both got a lot of out of it.

Ridge: Yeah, we did.

Katie: And it was the right time to end it... before she developed real feelings for you.

Ridge: My beautiful fiancée.

Katie: I have to admit... I was a-a little bit jealous -- just a little bit -- for a minute.

Ridge: Really?

Katie: Yeah.

Ridge: I would never want to hurt you, Katie.

Katie: I know. And I guess I'm lucky, too, 'cause I have you in my life.

Ridge: I'm the lucky one. It's funny, isn't it -- how things happen? Some silly accident, falling out of a helicopter... recovering. You were there the whole time for me. And Caroline helped me, and I'm -- I'm not the man I was. But I love you. That's never gonna change. It won't.

Maya: Why do you insist on thinking the worst of me?

Carter: Because that's what you show me, Maya. Are you evil? No. Misguided? Most definitely.

Maya: You don't think I'm capable of loving this man?

Carter: Of course you are, when you're not obsessed with his bank account.

Maya: Rick's bank account is not what I'm obsessed with!

Carter: Okay -- his name, his reputation.

Maya: And what's wrong with wanting a man with a name?

Carter: I would hope that you want a man because you love him.

Maya: I do love Rick. And there was a time when he loved me, too.

Carter: And now he's with Caroline. I know it's hard to accept, but --

Maya: He's with the wrong person. I can make him happier than Caroline ever will.

Carter: Rick doesn't want you. Keep pestering him, Maya, and you'll end up back on the street. You remember what it's like back there?

Maya: Of course I do, only too well! Why do you think I want Rick -- his life, this life? And I will have it, carter. This is my chance. I'm just waiting for Caroline to self-destruct, if she hasn't already.

Carter: With Ridge? Maya! Do you honestly believe that Caroline would give up a husband she adores for a man who's engaged? I mean, come on! You got to stop this! Maya, this gossip you're stirring up -- it's not only dangerous, it's ridiculous! Ridge and Caroline? [Scoffs] There's not a chance.

Katie: I love you.

Ridge: I love you.

Katie: Mm.

[Will crying]

Katie: [Groans]

Ridge: [Groans]

Katie: [Laughs] I'll go check on the boy.

[Will babbling]

[Water running in distance]

[Cell phone rings]

Ridge: Hi.

Caroline: Hi.

Ridge: You okay?

Caroline: Yeah. I, um... I just wanted to call.

Ridge: Where are you?

Caroline: Home. Uh, Rick's in the shower. Uh, you?

Ridge: I'm home. Katie stepped out.

Caroline: Look... we got caught up in something.

Ridge: Caroline --

Caroline: No, it'll never happen again, Ridge.

Ridge: I know. I know.

Caroline: Rick can never find out.

Ridge: It's all behind us now.

Caroline: Right. It's behind us.

Ridge: It's all forgotten.

Caroline: Is it?

Ridge: Has to be. Goodbye, Caroline.

Caroline: [Voice breaking] Bye, Ridge.

[Running continues]

[Running stops]

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