B&B Transcript Monday 10/13/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 10/13/14


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Ridge: We're the future of Forrester. You know that, right?

Caroline: I mean, I -- I feel like... Ridge...

Ridge: Your vote means something.

Caroline: That's if your dad even steps down.

Ridge: He is stepping down. He will. And who -- who do you want to replace him? Rick or me?

Caroline: I -- I can't...

Ridge: You can. You have to. My dad wants to know from you who should head this company into the future. And I got to tell you, after these last few weeks, the way we connect -- and what did you call it? This...intimacy that we had. It's got to be us.

[Door closes]

Rick: You, too, mom. We'll have the estimates within the hour. Well, you heard the woman. It's getting late in Milan. The sooner you can take care of that, the better.

Yes, Mr. Forrester.

Rick: Thank you.

Eric: Hi. Brooke?

Rick: She's making progress, but wow, what a mess.

Eric: Well, I think she can handle it, especially with this support team you're providing here in L.A.

Rick: You mean the kind of support team that's gonna lead Forrester into the future?

Eric: [Chuckles] Yes.

Rick: Ivy, I'm glad that you're here. I have some budgetary issues.

Ivy: Oh. Yeah, of course.

[Ringtone plays]

Rick: Our current liability's here.

[Indistinct talking] :

Would you like me to adjust? Ridge?

Ridge: I'm sorry. What?

Are you seeing what you like?

Ridge: [Sighs] Yes. Yes, I am. It's not too tight in here, is it?

You tell me. A Ridge Forrester design always fits just right.

Ridge: You like it?

Eric: Beautiful. Heidi, turn. Let me see. Yeah, it's just perfect. You were right.

Ridge: When am I not?

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: Thank you, Heidi. That's it. Oh, dad, dad, dad. I know what you're thinking.

Eric: You know what I'm thinking?

Ridge: Mm-hmm. I do. After all these years running the family business, Eric Forrester, businessman and designer. That's what you want to happen here. You want someone to run this place the same way -- perfect balance of design and business. Rick doesn't have what it takes.

Ivy: Okay. Well, I'll just explain all this to Wyatt. We should be able to make the adjustments.

Rick: Yeah?

Ivy: Mm. Actually, you know what? Of course we're gonna make this work. What am I talking about? You're the boss.

Rick: Oh.

Ivy: Yeah.

Caroline: Hey. Am I, uh, interrupting?

Rick: Oh, no, never, never.

Caroline: Oh.

Rick: Are you all right?

Caroline: Am I all right? Uh... what do you mean?

Rick: You just seem on edge.

Caroline: Do I?

Rick: You -- you're practically shaking.

Caroline: I, uh -- I just, um... had to block someone.

Rick: Block?

Caroline: Yeah. You know, that photo that I posted this morning, the one with the omelet?

Rick: No.

Caroline: Rick, I posted that photo hours ago! What have you been doing with your life?

Rick: [Chuckles] Work.

Ivy: Yeah, yeah, I saw it.

Caroline: Okay, yeah. See? Thank you. It was super-cute, right? The way I had the apron and the pan?

Ivy: Yeah, it was really adorable.

Caroline: Thank you.

Rick: Oh.

Caroline: Yeah. So, anyway, um, someone posted a really rude comment, and I... had to block them. But, you know, I'm -- I'm feeling much better about it now, so...

Rick: Good.

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

[Knock on door]

Excuse me, Mr. Forrester. Uh, would you mind checking something before I send out that report?

Rick: Yeah. Sure thing. Uh, can you give me a minute?

Caroline: Oh, yeah, go. I'm fine.

Rick: You positive?

Caroline: Yeah, no, I'm -- I am over it. See?

Rick: Okay. I want to see that breakfast selfie when I get back.

Caroline: Okay.

Talking about the omelet? Oh, that was a good one.

Caroline: Yeah. See? Oh, my God.

Ivy: Okay. What is going on?

Caroline: Nothing. I -- I don't know. [Sighs] Okay. I -- I have to talk to someone.

Ivy: Okay. Well, I'm all ears.

Caroline: I mean, I don't even know if something is going on. I mean... everything was going great, you know, and designing together was just an absolute dream come true, and now...

Ivy: Okay. You're talking about Ridge.

Eric: Ridge has issues with Rick. Rick's president of this company. And if I decide to name him as my successor, you will respect that decision.

Ridge: I will. I -- I will -- I will try. I will try to respect your decision...to offer a job to Rick even though he doesn't have the ability to complete it. Come on, dad. I love you. I love this company and what we've done with it. I just -- I can't see you handing it over to a kid.

Eric: He's not a kid, Ridge! You have this image of Rick that he's still some 20-year-old. He's not. He's not a kid anymore. He's a grown-up, he's married. He's married to a wonderful, talented designer.

Ridge: Wait, wait, wait. Wait. So you're gonna promote him because of his wife?

Eric: I'm gonna promote him because of his loyalty and his skill and his talent. You know, he stepped up when you left. You left us. You walked out. We had no idea if you were ever coming back.

Ridge: Oh, man. Really? How does that work? Rick goes to paris, and he's the success story. I go to paris, and I run away. I just left everybody.

Eric: Run away is exactly what you did. You didn't go to paris to work. You went to paris because you were having trouble with Brooke. I get it, all right? I don't actually fault you for that. You did what you needed to do. But so did Rick. Rick saw the void that you left, and he filled it.

Ridge: Hey, but that's fine. That's just great. Now I'm back.

Eric: And you can't draw.

Ridge: Well, that's not true.

Eric: Oh, working with Caroline doesn't count.

Ridge: I don't mean that. It's coming back.

Eric: It's coming back?

Ridge: Yeah.

Eric: Let me see. Show me.

Ridge: It's coming back. It's not there yet. It's just -- it's --

Eric: It's not there yet.

Ridge: It's coming back. I will draw on my own again. Don't make a decision based on this, please.

Eric: No matter what, you and Rick will both be very important at this company.

Ridge: He can't draw! And I know -- I can't, either, right now, but I will. I will again, and... dad, even if I never pick up a pencil again, I know design. I know what it means to design something. That's what I'm doing with Caroline now.

Eric: Caroline's good, isn't she?

Ridge: Yeah. She is. She -- she's got a huge future ahead of her. She does.

Eric: Young, talented... Rick's wife.

Ridge: Come on.

Eric: Look, I look at the two of them, and they remind me of your mother and me in the early years. I have to tell you, that impresses me very much. Rick's my son --

Ridge: Yeah, and I'm not.

Eric: Oh, that's not what I'm saying.

Ridge: Look, I know mom played a cruel trick on you. Don't make me pay for it.

Eric: That's not what I'm doing. Now this is about loyalty, Ridge. This is about taking this company into the future. Rick can do that. And he can do that with his -- with his wife, this designer, this beautiful Caroline right at his side.

Ridge: Caroline's that important.

Eric: Yes, she is.

Ridge: I agree. Caroline is important. Let's do this. Make me C.E.O. And let me mold her, let me make her the designer we both know she can be. Come on. Let it be me. I can't -- I cannot answer to Rick. I can't do it.

Eric: I put you in charge before. You remember that? You remember how you treated me and everybody else? You don't play well with others, Ridge. You only want things to be the way you want them.

Ridge: Well, I'm different now.

Eric: Well, that doesn't mean I've forgotten.

Ridge: So we don't always agree. What does that mean? You want some -- some lapdog C.E.O. When you're gone? Is that what you're looking for?

Eric: I'm not leaving. Just want to pass off some of the responsibilities to somebody else, travel a little bit. I'm not dead. I still own this company. I want a C.E.O. Here who's gonna respect me. Now, that's why this is a difficult call. Now, who do I want here as C.E.O.? Do I want somebody who was a tyrant in the past?

Ridge: A tyrant?

Eric: You wanted me gone. Rick didn't do that. Rick respected me.

Ridge: I respect you. We can work together. We can do this. I'm different. I just told you.

Eric: There's something wonderful about having A... power couple at the helm.

Ridge: Come on.

Eric: No, no. Rick and Caroline remind me of your mother and me in the early years. That's what we need here -- a team.

Ridge: A team?

Eric: Yes.

Ridge: Caroline and I are working together. We're the team.

Eric: Yeah, but the two of you are just collaborating as designers. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about a relationship that's deeper, something more permanent, something that transcends home and work. Working with Caroline is just designing. She's never gonna have the kind of commitment to you that she has with Rick. I haven't decided yet. It could go either way. I just want you to understand the reasons... in case I end up going with Rick. I know this is difficult. I'll make my decision soon.

Ivy: So what's going on with Ridge? Are you having trouble working with him?

Caroline: No, no. It's been a great collaboration so far, but...

Ivy: Okay. So then what is it?

Caroline: I just -- it's... confusing. You know, I... I have to be careful because... Rick.

Ivy: Yeah, because Rick and Ridge, they don't get along.

Caroline: Yeah. Yeah, uh... it's just...awkward. You know, 'cause I'm married to Rick, and -- and working with Ridge...

Ivy: Yeah. I can't imagine what you must be going through. I mean, I know about the brothers' whole history, their bad blood. God, you must be kind of trapped in the middle.

Caroline: Yeah. That's...exactly how I'm feeling.

[Knock on door]

Rick: Hey, dad, you have a sec?

Eric: Sure. Come in.

Rick: I just ran into Heidi downstairs. It's going to be a beautiful gown.

Eric: Yes, it is. Ridge and Caroline are really coming through. We're gonna have our collection.

Rick: Yes, we will, thanks to Caroline.

[Door opens]

Caroline: Oh. Hey, Rick, you still want to see that selfie? Ridge. Why are you looking at me like that?

Ridge: Sometimes you remind me so much of her. It's crazy just thinking... that after all this time, I'M... this close to Caroline Spencer again.

Caroline: Ridge... please, I... this... I'm not my aunt.

Ridge: I know.

Caroline: I'm committed to my marriage.

Ridge: About the kiss...

Caroline: It -- it shouldn't have happened. And it's never gonna happen again. I love my husband. d-

Rick: You know, dad, I see the future of Forrester creations. Your design team. Now, you may be stepping down, but you're gonna be 100% involved, putting your stamp of approval on every single sketch. And one designer in particular, the best of the bunch, which happens not to be Ridge -- Caroline...

Eric: Your beautiful wife.

Rick: You and Stephanie ran this company for years, husband-and-wife team, the envy of every fashion house.

Eric: Yeah.

Rick: And it's all come full circle. Eric Jr. And Caroline. I have the support and loyalty of a very strong and talented woman. With Caroline by my side, I'm certain there isn't anything I can't do for this company.

Ridge: Why Rick?

Caroline: What?

Ridge: All the men in Los Angeles, all the men in the world, why?

Caroline: Stop it.

Ridge: You know, someone said to me once that it's a sin not to live life to its potential.

Caroline: Don't. Please.

Ridge: Does he fulfill you?

Caroline: Of course.

Ridge: Really? Your passion, your desires, and your art.

Caroline: Rick cares about Forrester as much as we do.

Ridge: No, not as much as we do. Not the same. He's not an artist. It's all about numbers. Me, I live life. Every day, I try to. We found something incredible between us. Don't know how, I don't know why, but it happened. Don't deny it.

Caroline: What -- what do -- what do you mean?

Ridge: You know what I mean. Don't deny it. It's not too late.

Caroline: For what?

Ridge: I know you don't want to hurt Rick. I don't want to hurt him, either. But this is it -- this is our life. No regrets, okay? Live life. Hey.

Caroline: [Gasps]

Ridge: What are you doing?

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