B&B Transcript Wednesday 10/8/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 10/8/14


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Ridge: You can't fire me.

Rick: I'm not gonna have to. You're gonna resign. You see, quality and integrity -- that's what our clients have come to expect from us, Ridge.

Ridge: And that's what they get.

Rick: Not from you. Not since you had that accident in Abu Dhabi.

Ridge: The collection is good.

Rick: Thanks to my wife.

Ridge: She's been very helpful, yes.

Rick: She's been covering for you because you can't draw. You know, Ridge, I knew something was up. You told me to be patient, and I would get those designs.

Ridge: And you did.

Rick: Because of Caroline. You have put this company and this collection at risk because you couldn't tell the truth. You took credit for her drawings... and that makes you a fraud.

Donna: One event can really change everything.

Katie: Oh, thank God bill was there. He knew exactly what to do.

Donna: Thank goodness.

Katie: It was terrifying.

Donna: I mean, he couldn't breathe at all?

Katie: No. But he's fine now, right? Right? You're fine now.

Donna: Yeah. What about you?

Katie: I'm -- I'm relieved. I'm grateful.

Donna: So, you're good, then?

Katie: Yeah.

Donna: It's okay if you're not. I mean, you can tell me.

Katie: Tell you what?

Donna: I don't know. I just -- I-I feel like ever since will's accident and Brooke's surprise trip to Milan...I haven't really talked to you at all.

Katie: We talk almost every day.

Donna: I know, but I don't really know what's going on.

Katie: Nothing's going on.

Donna: So, no plans? You and Ridge haven't set a wedding date?

Katie: You know, Ridge -- he's been very focused on his work. He's got a lot of deadlines to meet.

Donna: So, no wedding plans?

Katie: No, not yet.

Donna: But soon, right? I mean, right? I'm sorry. I-I don't mean to bring up a bad subject if it is one.

Katie: No, we've had other priorities, and we've been focused on his recovery, his work.

Donna: You don't have to tell me he's busy. I-I get it.

Katie: He makes time for me and for will and R.J.

Donna: But his mind's at the office.

Katie: Well, he -- he's under a lot of pressure to deliver this collection. I mean, Rick's really been on him.

Donna: [Chuckles] If Rick has a problem with the collection, he should talk to his wife, not Ridge.

Katie: Well, what's that supposed to mean?

Donna: I'm at the office, Katie. I-I can see what's going on. Look, you say Ridge is focused on the collection... but he's spending a lot of time with Caroline.

Ridge: If you have a problem with the collection, you can talk to dad about it. If he has a problem with it, he can talk to me.

Rick: And then what? You'll fix it?

Ridge: If I find it necessary, yes.

Rick: All right, then show me. Do it. I asked you to do it before. Please.

Ridge: The designs are fine the way they are.

Rick: You mean the way that Caroline drew them.

Ridge: We worked on them together.

Rick: No, you're passing her designs off as your own.

Ridge: No, I'm not.

Rick: Prove it. Come on. Take the pencil. My wife's always going on what a genius you are. I'd love to see the genius at work. Come on, Ridge. Go ahead. Draw something.

Caroline: Rick, stop. What are you doing? Leave him alone.

Katie: [Sighs]

Donna: Will's okay?

Katie: Yeah, he's fine. He's just fussy, and I'm jumpy.

Donna: Well, who can blame you, right? I mean, will's accident, and... here I am making you uncomfortable.

Katie: You're not making me uncomfortable.

Donna: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to suggest anything with Ridge and Caroline.

Katie: It's just work. That's all.

Donna: I know, but Ridge usually works alone.

Katie: He's collaborated with people in the past -- you know, Eric and Brooke.

Donna: So, he and Caroline are a team, then?

Katie: Yeah. You know, he's giving her guidance, and it's been good for him, too. It's opened up his process and forced him to focus on the fundamentals.

Donna: Yeah, of course. You know, when you put it that way, it actually kind of makes sense.

Katie: Listen, Rick and Caroline are happily married. Ridge and I are happily engaged, and after this collection is over, then we'll be happily married, too.

Donna: I know. I know. I wasn't, uh -- I'm sorry.

Katie: No, don't be. Listen, our marriage or our wedding has gotten sidetracked because Ridge went missing in Abu Dhabi, and we've had to focus on his recovery and this collection, but it's just temporary delays.

Donna: So, nothing's changed?

Katie: No. Our feelings for each other haven't changed.

Donna: Okay. I just -- you know, I just want my sisters to be happy. I want you to get married to Ridge, and I want you to move on with your life.

Katie: Believe me -- that's all I want, too.

Caroline: Why are you doing this?

Rick: All he had to do was tell the truth, and he won't.

Caroline: You're attacking him.

Rick: He's lying.

Ridge: I'm not resigning.

Caroline: You asked him to resign?

Ridge: He didn't really ask, did he?

Caroline: Whoa. Baby, look, I love you, but you are overreacting.

Rick: Overreacting? He's putting Forrester in jeopardy. As president, I can't allow that.

Ridge: I'm not jeopardizing anything. The collection is good.

Rick: My wife is a good designer.

Caroline: And working with Ridge has made me a better one. Rick, please, you know how much this means to me.

Rick: He's not helping you, Caroline.

Caroline: Yes, he is!

Rick: He's telling everybody that these designs are his!

Caroline: They are his designs. They're his ideas. They came out of his mind.

Rick: Okay, who put them on paper?

Caroline: I am so sorry.

Rick: Why are you apologizing to him?

Caroline: Because this isn't fair! Ridge has suffered a terrible loss.

Rick: I see. It's all -- it's all coming to me now. Is that what you did? You conned her into feeling sorry for you?

Caroline: I am getting hands-on instruction from a fashion visionary. Ridge has shown me things that no other designer could -- could possibly explain or describe. He's sharing his instincts with me.

Rick: He's using you, Caroline. He couldn't do it without you.

Caroline: I couldn't do it without him! We're a team.

Rick: He asked you to keep a secret. He didn't want anybody to know about it. I mean, what were you gonna do, Ridge? You were gonna call her up on the runway and thank her in front of everyone? Show your gratitude? No. 'Cause your ego can't handle that.

Caroline: I knew what I was getting myself into, and I agreed to go along with it.

Rick: It's not going any further. This arrangement's over... as is your tenure at Forrester.

Caroline: No, I don't need credit.

Rick: You know, you could have just told us. You could have been honest with us. You could have told dad. You -- you could have told everyone. They would have understood. Dad would have helped you. But you tried to pass these designs off as yours. You told us that you had them, and you didn't. You told us that the work was yours, and it wasn't.

Ridge: I care about this collection more than anyone.

Rick: You're unprofessional and selfish.

Caroline: No, you're wrong. Okay? Don't do this.

Ridge: Let him get it off his chest.

Caroline: No. You're not selfish. You've been incredibly generous with me. What we have done together is amazing. This line -- you can feel the focus and precision of every stroke. Every detail is essential. And we did that together.

Ridge: But I shouldn't have asked you to lie to your husband.

Rick: [Scoffs] Wow. That's the first true thing I've heard you say all month.

[Cell phone rings]

Rick: It's a vendor. I've got to take this. I'll see you at home. If I were you, I'd get a jump start on that resignation. Yeah, this is Rick.

[Door closes]

Caroline: I'll talk to him.

Ridge: You've done enough.

Caroline: No, we have to keep going.

Ridge: He doesn't want that.

Caroline: That's because Rick sees things in black and white. He -- all that matters to him is who's on top, who gets credit. But he doesn't understand. We're creating something that has never existed before, and, yeah, maybe it's in a way that no one has ever tried, but when we draw together, I feel plugged into something bigger than both of us -- a creative energy that I have never felt before -- and I am not ready to give that up.

Ridge: [Sighs]

Katie: Hi. You're home early.

Ridge: Hey. Yeah, I had to get out of the office.

Katie: Hey. Mm. I wish I had known. I would have had will stay up. You could have seen him before he went to bed.

Ridge: I'll go check on him. Can I talk to you for a minute... about me and Caroline?

Katie: Okay.

Ridge: Rick knows.

Katie: About you?

Ridge: Yeah. He stuck a pencil in my face and asked me to draw something.

Katie: Why would he do that?

Ridge: Because Caroline told him that I couldn't.

Katie: She what? She told him?

Ridge: She feels terrible about it.

Katie: How did this happen? It couldn't have just slipped out. I mean, you've worked so hard to keep it a secret.

Ridge: I -- he was suspicious, and he just, uh, kept forcing the issue.

Katie: [Sighs] I told him not to worry about it.

Ridge: What do you mean you told him not to worry about it?

Katie: Well, he was asking questions. He's been wondering what you've been doing with Caroline. I can't believe she would tell him.

Ridge: Well, she did, and now he wants me to resign.

Katie: He wants you out of the company?

Ridge: Yeah.

Katie: You delivered a collection. That's what he wanted. You did what he wanted.

Ridge: It was a good collection, but he thinks it was all Caroline's work and that she should have all the credit.

Katie: So, is that what this is really all about?

Ridge: No, no, it's -- no. [Sighs] No. Uh, she's gonna talk to him.

Katie: She's gonna talk to him? She's the one who caused this problem.

Ridge: Well, maybe when she talks to him, hopefully, there won't be a problem.

Katie: "Hopefully"? Ridge, what she's done could ruin your career.

Ridge: What she's done is help get my designs on paper.

Katie: Her husband wants you gone before they hit the runway.

Ridge: He's always wanted me gone. That's not news.

Katie: Well, thanks to Caroline, that could happen.

Ridge: But she doesn't want me gone. She appreciates what we have and how special it is, and his temper and jealousy's not gonna interfere with that.

Caroline: I stopped by your office before I left. The call didn't take very long.

Rick: I cut it short. My head wasn't in it.

Caroline: Sorry.

Rick: No more apologies, all right?

Caroline: You don't think that you owe me one?

Rick: Caroline, I was just looking out for you.

Caroline: After you accused Ridge of using me -- as if I would ever let that happen. And then you berated him and threatened his job.

Rick: I gave him an opportunity to tell the truth. He didn't want to.

Caroline: You tried to humiliate him by forcing a pencil in his hand. He didn't deserve that.

Rick: I can't believe you're still defending him.

Caroline: Ridge and I are artists. I understand what he's going through. But what we do -- it -- it's more than that. It's -- it's who we are. It's -- it's what we're made of. So not being able to draw -- it's like not being able to breathe.

Rick: He should have told Dad.

Caroline: He didn't want to tell anyone. He wasn't gonna tell me. I just figured it out. And then when I found out that I could help, I had to do it.

Rick: Because he made you feel that way.

Caroline: Oh, my God. Hi. I'm sorry. Have we ever met? Caroline Spencer-Forrester. Super nice to meet you. No one makes me do anything. The choices that I make -- yeah, maybe they're not always right, but they are always mine. Working with Ridge has been amazing. It is the most fulfilling thing in my entire career.

Rick: As president of this company, I have to see what kind of effect it'll have on the business.

Caroline: Okay, but I don't want it to have an effect on us.

Rick: And neither do I.

Caroline: Okay. So then why do we have to make this such a big deal? Why can't we just put this all behind us? You just get so worked up sometimes. You -- baby, you get so intense, especially when it comes to things about me. I... just come give your wifey a kiss.

Rick: I have to clear my head.

Caroline: Rick?

Katie: I just can't believe that this is happening. I know how fiercely you guarded this secret.

Ridge: I tried.

Katie: You kept it from your father. I kept it from my sisters.

Ridge: I thought it was gonna come back to me. I thought this thing with Caroline was gonna be a breakthrough.

Katie: You trusted her.

Ridge: Can you stop doing that? It's not her fault.

Katie: How can you say that? She knows your history with Rick. Every time the two of you butt heads, she takes his side.

Ridge: Well, not today.

Katie: Because she's already handed him all the ammunition he needs.

Ridge: Please listen to me. I did this. I told you what was going on, and I asked her not to tell Rick. That's not fair.

Katie: Okay, so now what?

Ridge: I'm not quitting.

Katie: Rick could go to your father.

Ridge: He's not going to my father. He's a businessman. He's not gonna start off some scandal before the line is finished.

Katie: What about after?

Ridge: I don't know. Maybe I'll learn how to draw again. But until that happens, I have to see this through with Caroline.

Katie: You've been giving this an awful lot of your attention.

Ridge: And you've been great. Thanks for understanding. [Sighs]

Katie: I think I'm just beginning to realize how important this is to you.

Rick: Caroline? I'm sorry. You're right. I can get worked up. I can get -- I can get intense because of you. [Chuckles] I guess -- I guess you don't have to be an artist to be passionate about things. All this time that you're spending with Ridge and -- and how you talk about him and how he fulfills you -- did you ever think that -- that maybe I want to be the person to fulfill you...and that maybe I'm a little bit jealous?

Caroline: I-I didn't mean to make you feel that way. I'm sorry.

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