B&B Transcript Monday 9/29/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 9/29/14


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Bill: You know you want to say yes. You did before.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Bill: And now your last reservation has been removed. Ridge can draw again.

Deacon: Which makes throwing people out of helicopters okay.

Bill: Don't you have a liquor store to go knock over, loser?

Brooke: Stop sniping at each other.

Deacon: Listen to me. I could say everything that he's saying. I've loved you longer than he has. Brooke, I -- the timing -- it was against us before. I was my own worst enemy. But if you can forgive him, you could forgive me. Please don't marry him. Just give us another chance.

Quinn: You had lunch?

Wyatt: I didn't come by to be fed, and I didn't even bring my laundry.

Quinn: Ohh, baby, I taught you how to do your laundry when you were 9 years old, but I could be nostalgic.

Wyatt: I was joking, mom.

Quinn: If you were joking, then things must be good.

Wyatt: Well... you've been great in the self-control department.

Quinn: [Gasps]

Wyatt: You weren't at my doorstep first thing this morning, and I've been here -- oh, five whole minutes -- and you haven't started grilling me yet.

Quinn: I'm trying. I'm trying to concentrate on myself like -- like you keep telling me to do, but, you know, I have to say that I'm not nearly as interesting as you are. [Chuckles]

Wyatt: I came by to tell you that hope is home.

Quinn: Which home?

Wyatt: With her husband. With me. And that's where she's going to stay.

Quinn: Ohh!

Quinn: I'm so happy! [Inhales deeply]

Wyatt: So am I.

Quinn: Oh, I didn't ruin your life. I could stand anything but that.

Wyatt: Well, hope and I are okay. We're shaken, but we're okay.

Quinn: Does she hate me?

Wyatt: She's not here.

Quinn: She doesn't want to see me?

Wyatt: Let's not jump to conclusions, okay?

Quinn: Well, she must have said something.

Wyatt: Mom, stop.

Quinn: Well, I'm just saying, the last time I saw her, I might have been just a-a wee bit harsh.

Wyatt: I'm the one in a relationship with hope, not you.

Quinn: Well, she's my daughter-in-law. Obviously, we have a relationship.

Wyatt: Maybe someday. Why do you think I'm here, mom?

Quinn: To give me the good news.

Wyatt: And to keep you away from our doorstep. This fixation with hope has to end, mom.

Donna: It's so sad.

Eric: Did Luca have family? A-a wife? Children?

Donna: No. No, he had a fiancée. They kept postponing the wedding because, um, his parents were having medical crises.

Eric: Well, get me the fiancée's name. I want to call her, of course. And get me Thorne at international. I want to know what's going on over there.

Donna: Okay.

Eric: All right?

Donna: No problem. Can I talk to you about Brooke?

Eric: Sure.

Donna: I'm not that crazy about bill, you know, but she is.

Eric: Yeah, well, nobody's crazy about bill.

Donna: [Chuckles] I just keep wondering how long they can keep putting off this future that they say that they want together...before one day it's just too late.

Bill: Are you really gonna listen to this nonsense from this street trash?

Deacon: You barged in on us, Spencer. You ought to be grateful you're not in jail.

Brooke: Okay. [Sighs] Deacon, please. I appreciate you stopping by. We have a daughter, and you're back in her life, and that's great. And at first, I had my reservations, but you've been a help to both of us.

Deacon: I could be even more if you'd let me.

Brooke: Bill is the man in my life now.

Deacon: He's gonna disappoint you again. You know that. It's only a matter of time. I guess you have to find that out for yourself. I can wait.

Bill: You're gonna be waiting a long time. I could help you out with some bus money, though.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Bill: Can I take that as a yes? Okay. Only "yes" means yes. Will you marry me, Brooke?

Brooke: It's just... [Sighs]

Bill: It's not a new question.

Brooke: I don't want to rush into anything.

Bill: [Sighs]

Brooke: I will give you an answer soon. I promise.

Quinn: Yeah, but listen.

Wyatt: Look, I should probably go 'cause I said what I had to say.

Quinn: Yeah, but listen. Hey, wait. You don't have to protect hope from me.

Wyatt: Hmm.

Quinn: I don't dislike her. And now that I did what I set out to do, I'm reminded of how starchy and self-righteous she can be.

Wyatt: Hey! You don't get to talk about my wife that way.

Quinn: Well, but you get to treat me like some sort of naughty child?

Wyatt: Yes.

Quinn: Really?

Wyatt: Yes.

Quinn: Okay, well, then you know what? Answer -- answer this one little thing for me. Be honest with me, and you can object on principle if you'd like, okay?

Wyatt: Fine.

Quinn: Okay. Um, my little stay in paris got you your wife. Am I right?

Wyatt: Really?

Quinn: It did. See? And you're not about to give her back any time soon, are you? Then again, why should you? Because the other part of the gift that I gave you is to spare you any responsibility of my actions. See, it's good to have big shoulders in this world, sweetheart, and you are going to learn that now that you're on your own. And I want you to know I'm not upset. It's okay. If hope needs her space from me...she can have it... as long as you're gonna come and visit me every now and again. Because I'll tell you this -- I will never allow anyone to forbid me from seeing my son.

Bill: [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Katie: All right. Hi.

Bill: Hey!

Katie: Are you busy?

Bill: Of course I'm not busy. This is our scheduled time, isn't it?

Katie: Yes. Oh, look. Just what we need -- more toys.

Bill: Oh, not just any toy. A nice [Toy squeaks] Noisy one.

Katie: Oh, awesome. Noisy.

Bill: That's gonna keep, uh, mommy and Ridge awake, isn't it?

Katie: [Chuckles] Have I told you lately that you are evil, evil to the core?

Bill: Mommy's just saying that to try to make me feel better.

[Toy squeaks]

Katie: Why? Is something wrong?

Bill: No. Everything's good. Uh, you can go if you have to.

Katie: Oh, I don't have anyplace to be. I don't have a job anymore. Remember?

Bill: I'm gonna tell you a few things when you get a little bit older about your mom, all right? All right?

Katie: Uh, trouble with Brooke?

Bill: No. Everything's great. Uh, in fact, we are very happy to hear that the temperamental artist is designing again. You didn't think I knew that, did you?

Katie: Does it make a difference with Brooke?

Bill: I'm wearing her down. She could say yes tomorrow.

Katie: Well, she's not acting impulsively. Good for her.

Eric: No, no, Thorne, this goes way beyond alarming. Now, is this the first you've heard of this? Well, is there any substance to it? Uh, get me the latest financials from Milan, will you?

Donna: Oh, don't those go to paris?

Eric: No, Thorne says no. Yeah, no, Thorne, I want you to stay in paris. That's where I need you. I'll send somebody else to Milan right away.

Brooke: What's going on?

Donna: Um...do we get statements from the Milan office?

Brooke: Bank statements?

Donna: Yeah.

Brooke: And P&Ls? International does.

Donna: Okay. Um, I'll check with, um, accounting, I guess.

Brooke: Okay.

Eric: Well, Luca Cormino is dead.

Brooke: What?

Eric: Presumed. Uh, he was on vacation in the Adriatic. His boat washed up onshore without him.

Brooke: Did you call Giuliana, his second in command? My Italian's kind of rusty, but I could put the call out.

Eric: No, it's -- she's turned up missing, as well. And now there's all these rumors of financial improprieties. I mean, they're probably covering for each other.

Brooke: So you think they ran off together with everything they embezzled.

Eric: [Sighs] Thorne is beside himself. He doesn't know the players well enough to do anything.

Brooke: Oh, my God. This is a mess.

Eric: Yes, it is.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Eric: So, you want -- you wanted to see me?

Brooke: It's not important.

Eric: No, no, no. What is it? You want to block out a couple of weeks for a honeymoon?

Brooke: [Chuckles] That's funny you should say, actually. I got a couple proposals this morning.

Eric: I don't think that's even a record for you.

Brooke: [Chuckles]

Eric: You don't have to marry anybody, Brooke.

Brooke: It just seems like the next natural step is to marry bill.

Eric: So... why don't you do it?

Deacon: Honey, I'm home. Let me guess -- the neighbors are coming over for dinner?

Quinn: Anything's possible.

Deacon: Oh, I'm sure there's no end to the, uh, VIPs that you entertain here.

Quinn: [Sighs] Nothing's stopping me from having company if I want... or kicking you out whenever I want. Besides, the only VIP that I'm interested in right now is me. Stop treating this place like an open suitcase. I live here.

Deacon: Okay, so, Wyatt and hope are not inviting you to move in with them, then, right?

Quinn: My son was just here, for your information. Things are very good between us. I'm sure you know that he and hope are good and that she's staying.

Deacon: Yeah, Brooke told me. Listen, your message said something about, uh, needing my help, so, I'm assuming it's not psychiatric. Since I don't vacuum, what gives?

Quinn: What else did Brooke say?

Deacon: Uh, she's marrying the man of your dreams...or your nightmares.

Quinn: Bill?

Deacon: All right, look, she didn't exactly say she was getting married, but bill proposed to her again. That's pretty much the gist of it.

Quinn: [Sighs]

Bill: So, you're happy?

Katie: Yeah. Uh, I'm happy. Of course I'm happy.

Bill: I mean...Ridge, you know, being all the way back to being his normal temperamental, grumpy, tortured self.

Katie: Well, I'm glad that he's making progress, and, you know, when you love someone, and you commit to them, you sign up for whatever comes your way.

Bill: Until you don't.

Will: [Babbles]

Katie: Until you don't. Do you ever wonder what -- listen, I know that you -- you think that I hate you, but I don't hate you.

Bill: Are you trying to say that there are times when you miss me?

Katie: Maybe that's what I'm trying to say.

Bill: Well, there are times when I miss you, too.

Katie: You just miss my eggs Benedict Arnold.

Bill: I do. Just, you know, a little bit. I do. It's true.

Katie: I mean, I know that's the only thing I can cook, but, uh, I could teach Brooke, you know? She could learn. Give her time.

Bill: Well, I'm gonna give her a lifetime. All right, come here. Watch this one. Hey. Watch this one. I'm gonna do the reverse. [Grunts, yells]

Brooke: I know bill's not your favorite person.

Eric: Bill's not anyone's favorite person.

Brooke: [Sighs] That's not true, Eric.

Eric: Look, we don't fall in love with somebody because of their good qualities. We find their qualities good because we fall in love with them, and then sooner or later, we wise up, and, uh, we love them because they're trying to change. Don't you want to marry bill?

Brooke: Yes.

Eric: So, why isn't it simple?

Brooke: Do you always do what you want?

Eric: No.

Brooke: Other things factor in.

Eric: Is this about Ridge?

Brooke: What about him?

Eric: Well, he's the love of your life -- your words.

Brooke: Which life was that?

Eric: It's funny, isn't it? We live our lives pretty much in the same place with all the same people, and then once every couple of years, we wake up, and we say, "who am I? How did I get here?" Bill is who you want, and you have him...right?

Deacon: Quinn, what -- hey, what happened to the sink?

Quinn: Broke it... like I break everything.

Deacon: Come on. I thought you were in a good mood.

Quinn: Okay, just -- just tell me something. Why does every man want to marry Brooke Logan, and every man wants to burn me at the stake?

Deacon: Well, 'cause you're a witch, and she's not.

Quinn: Thank you for that.

Deacon: Come on, Quinn. What did you think -- that Spencer's gonna do a 180, and he's gonna get serious about you?

Quinn: And what did you think -- that Brooke was going to stop sticking pins in her deacon Sharpe doll and all of a sudden become gaga over you?

Deacon: We have a kid together -- me and Brooke.

Quinn: Bill and I have a kid together.

Deacon: Yeah, and another one that you tried to kill.

Quinn: [Sighs] I honestly thought my boy was going to come home to me last night. I thought that hope was gonna kick him to the curb and that he would -- he would come to me. So -- so I-I did something. I-I cooked him dinner. I cooked him a whole dinner, which I never do. I made him pumpkin pie, my first of the season, because it's his favorite, and I made him a whole rotisserie chicken.

Deacon: Gosh, Quinn. I'll eat your pie for you... and the chicken.

Quinn: Well...

Deacon: No. Wait. That -- you -- you threw the chicken and the pie in the disposal.

Quinn: That's why it needs to be opened up and flushed out.

Deacon: And that's why you texted me.

Quinn: I figured you can earn your keep.

Deacon: Feel like having a good cry?

Quinn: No.

Deacon: You want to -- you want to lean on my shoulder?

Quinn: I don't really go in for that kind of thing.

Deacon: You want me to tell you that I'm lonely, too?

Quinn: Okay, a little piece of constructive criticism. You need to learn to talk a little less.

Deacon: Yeah, I've heard that before.

Katie: Yeah, I'm not gonna be able to meet you today, Danny. I'm sorry.

Bill: Oh!

Katie: No, something important came up.

Bill: Nice.

Katie: Everything's fine, but I'll just have to see you next time you come into town. Okay. Give my love to Karen. Bye.

Bill: Oh, that was sweet! Dunk it. Ohh, yeah!

Brooke: He has a child with another woman.

Eric: So did Ridge.

Brooke: But Taylor isn't my sister. What is will gonna refer to me as? Aunt? Or a stepmother?

Eric: Can you put into words what worries you so much?

Brooke: [Sighs] This isn't appalling to you, Eric? It is to everybody else.

Eric: No, it's not. Not to me. Brooke, you and I -- we dress well. We pay our taxes. We use the turn signals when driving. We do everything just the right way. But what people don't see is that you and I are deeply unconventional people. Love matters to us. Lust matters to us. And we like to keep up appearances, but we both have this little voice inside that says, "you're not gonna live forever." And every time you deny an experience that draws you so powerfully, you die another little death inside.

Brooke: You understand me so well.

Eric: I've been studying you for a long time. You were one of those experiences that I didn't deny myself. I couldn't.

Brooke: You were one of those for me.

Eric: Yeah, to a certain extent, yeah. For a while.

Brooke: Longer. I keep coming to you when I feel like I lose my way.

Eric: Well, I'm glad. But you haven't lost your way. You know what you want.

Brooke: It's just a different kind of wanting that's at odds with that.

Eric: So you're worried about what people will think?

Brooke: I'm worried that they'll be right. Every time I-I think about having a life with bill, I just think it would be a terrible mistake to move forward with him... because of this -- this person that I just can't -- I can't forget about.

Eric: Not -- not Ridge?

Brooke: No, no, not Ridge.

Eric: Not deacon?

Brooke: God, did you really have to ask that?

Eric: Well, then who? Who's this person?

Brooke: Well, haven't we been talking about it?

Eric: You don't mean...me?

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