B&B Transcript Tuesday 8/19/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 8/19/14


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Ridge: It's a good picture. Caroline's a good designer.

Katie: So are you.

Ridge: Really? Look at this. It's weird. I-I know what's in my head. It's just my hand won't draw it anymore.

Katie: Here.

Ridge: [Sighs]

Katie: How bad is it?

Ridge: Ah, it's okay. [Sighs]

Katie: Listen, I think that it's okay for you to be impatient with yourself, frustrated, you know? That's probably why your recovery has gone so well, but this one thing -- the drawing.

Ridge: It's the most important thing, Katie.

Katie: No, it's not. It's not. It's not who you are. What you do is not the most important thing.

Ridge: Who I am is an artist -- an artist who can't produce art anymore.

Katie: You will. Your gift is still in there. You know that. It's your talent that's compelling you to create. With every sketch, you're -- you're getting closer and closer to a sketch that will work.

[Telephone rings]

Ridge: Ridge Forrester.

Brooke: Hi. It's me. I'm home, proofing the copy for the promo that we're sending out to the buyers, and I just wanted to call and see how things are going there.

Quinn: Cat got your tongue?

Deacon: [Chuckles] Why? Because I know what you want me to say and I'm not saying it?

Quinn: Such a shame you're not the man I thought you were.

Deacon: [Chuckles] Okay. I'll bite. What did you think I was?

Quinn: Manly.

Deacon: Really? I mean, really? Come on. I expected more. Dig a little deeper into your bag of tricks.

Quinn: [Scoffs] You have such a strong self-defeating side, you know that?

Deacon: You know what? You want to go after Bill Spencer, have at it, okay? As much as I'd like to, I'm not gonna knock the guy out and drag him here.

Quinn: Did I ask you to do that? We are going to have help breaking up Bill and Brooke. Somebody else is gonna do all the heavy lifting.

Deacon: Let me guess. Did you hire a henchman?

Quinn: [Chuckles] No, no. No, he's going to do it for free. Ridge Forrester.

Aly: I think we should call her Ethelred.

Pam: [Gasps] I love that name.

Charlie: Ethelred the pure.

Oliver: Except that's a man's name.

Aly: No. Is it?

Charlie: Well, maybe in France. [Scoffs]

Oliver: There were two English kings by that name.

Aly: Too bad.

Pam: Hmm.

Aly: I've never written a medieval ballad before, but a lot of words rhyme with Ethelred.

Oliver: Like what?

Aly: Oh, dragon's head.

Charlie: Water bed.

Pam: Gingerbread. Thoroughbred. Overfed.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

[Telephone rings]

Pam: Oh. Ridge Forresterís office. Um...he can't be disturbed right now. May I take a message? Oh, good. Thank you. Ciao. [Exhales sharply]

Aly: What is it, Pam?

Pam: I just hate disturbing Ridge recently. He's been so grumpy. He hasn't been himself at all since he got back from Abu Dhabi.

Ridge: Well, everything's pretty quiet at the office. There's not reason why you need to come in today. Just work from home.

Brooke: So, you don't have any new graphics that you want to include in the promos?

Ridge: What -- I don't -- [Sighs] What does that -- I-I don't do graphics. That's the P.R. department. I'm a designer.

Brooke: Okay. Sorry to bother you. I was just asking.

Ridge: I didn't -- [Sighs]

Quinn: I'm going to pay Ridge a little visit.

Deacon: Aren't you supposed to be in the nut house?

Quinn: I've been released. I'm on the road to normal, and so is he.

Deacon: [Chuckles] Listen, I hate to break it to you, but normal is a destination you ain't ever gonna reach.

Quinn: Plus, he doesn't like his ex, or yours, with Bill, and neither do I.

Deacon: Well, he doesn't want Brooke with me, either.

Quinn: Yeah, but you haven't tried to kill him. Not recently. [Sighs] Come on! Don't you ever get tired of losing... of being jobless, homeless, friendless, or is feeling superior enough for you? Don't you ever want to try your hand at a real life? Look, I'm not in love. My dial doesn't go to that station, but there is no other excuse for your sad case.

Deacon: There's too much water under the bridge for me and Brooke.

Quinn: I think there's too much water under the helicopter for Brooke and Bill.

Deacon: [Chuckles]

Quinn: But you and I are the missing link to what they want. You, Brooke, and Hope are a family. Me, Bill, Wyatt are a family.

Deacon: They don't even know what they want. I mean, they just -- they -- they just think they want each other.

Quinn: Then it is our job, as Americans, to help them remember.

[Doorbell rings]

Brooke: Oh.

Deacon: Oh. You were expecting someone else.

Brooke: Good guess.

Deacon: Anyone else. Listen, Brooke, maybe that's my role in your life -- to be the guy that you never expected.

Brooke: You know what? There is something we need to talk about. Why don't you come in?

Deacon: Okay. Spencer here?

Brooke: You would know if he was. My party planner is stopping by this afternoon.

Deacon: Ooh, a party. You want me to run and get some ice?

Brooke: Bill and I are planning a reception for Hope and Wyatt when they get back to celebrate their marriage.

Deacon: Sounds nice. I'm kind of guessing that the -- the wedding was a little underpopulated. And, uh, I'm not invited. Is that the message?

Brooke: No. You are Hope's father. I think she might want to share her happiness with you.

Deacon: Well, I mean, are we sure that that's -- that it is about happiness -- I mean, you know, this -- this wedding?

Brooke: [Sighs] I just need to ask you to be respectful of Bill.

Deacon: Gladly. I mean, if you give me one good reason why.

Pam: [Reading] So Florinda dropped from her steed, and, keeping apart, watched the hurled sword find the vile sorcerer's heart.

Charlie: Nice syntax.

Pam: Whoa!

Aly: What are you doing here?

Quinn: Nice to see all of you, too.

Pam: I thought you were supposed to be locked away somewhere.

Quinn: Says the woman who shares her desk with Donna.

Pam: [Scoffs] Sorry.

Quinn: I'm here to see Ridge.

Pam: Yeah, but I don't think he's gonna want to see you.

Quinn: Well, I think I'll let him decide that.

Charlie: You know, Ridge just hasn't been himself since he fell out of the helicopter.

Aly: Yeah. Thanks to you.

Quinn: Oh, still blaming me. How pathetically convenient.

Aly: Look, you're not welcome here.

Quinn: I'll take my chances.

[Door closes]

Quinn: I'm sorry. Did I startle you?

Ridge: What are you doing here?

Quinn: I wanted to have a word with you.

Ridge: Yeah, I think security would like to have a word with you.

Quinn: No, no, no. I-I don't mean any harm. I'm not here to ask for my job back. I accept the consequences of my actions, and I know that I've been discharged. See, I-I've been in a facility, and I'm an outpatient now, and my doctor and my social worker think that the next step in my therapy is to make amends with the real-world damage that I've done. And I know that I haven't hurt anyone worse than I've hurt you.

Ridge: Let me ask you -- is this the part of your story where I say, "it's -- it's okay, 'cause there's no way you could have known what would happen if you sent me a picture of you and Bill"?

Quinn: Well, I thought it was information that Brooke needed to have, but I wasn't sure. That's -- that's why I let you decide. But neither of us could have known how Bill would react. I'm sorry. I-I-I've -- I've interrupted your work.

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Quinn: I just want to say that I'm sorry for my part in what happened to you. And you should know that I'm gonna be talking to Bill and Brooke, as well.

Ridge: Don't do that. Why? Just leave it alone. Why?

Quinn: Well, not together, of course. I-I'm sure Brooke would never want to have anything to do with him again. [Chuckles]

Ridge: Yeah, well, what Brooke decides today may not inform what she does tomorrow.

Quinn: Really? You -- you think that she would --

Ridge: I don't -- I didn't -- I'm -- I don't mean that. I don't know why I said that.

Quinn: Well, y-you know that Bill's never going to give up.

Ridge: How does any of this concern you?

Quinn: [Chuckles] Well, we can't let him talk her into another wedding, can we?

Brooke: Bill is now your daughter's father-in-law. It doesn't matter what you feel about him. You just need to respect him.

Deacon: Okay. I'm his son's father-in-law. I mean, are you gonna tell Bill to respect me, too? And what do you imagine he's gonna say about that? Brooke, I can't even -- I can't even believe that you're on civil terms with this guy. I mean, come on. How many more people that you love is this guy gonna have to hurt before you -- you know, you finally just decide to slam the door on him?

Brooke: We've all done things that are unforgivable, but we can't change the past. You need to accept that and move on with your life.

Deacon: That's all I want to do -- more than anything.

Brooke: Great. Well, then do it. We can't let these mistakes define who we are.

Deacon: Do you know how long I've waited for you to say that?

Brooke: Deacon, donít.

Deacon: Brooke, why not us?

Brooke: I don't even know what that question means.

Deacon: You're willing to bring Spencer back on the altar of family. Why not me? The only reason that you -- that you kept me at arm's length was because you hated yourself for how Hope came to be. I mean, do you remember why you named her Hope?

Brooke: Of course I do.

Deacon: Look, how do you think our daughter would feel if we could go to her and say, "your parents -- we're back together"?

Brooke: What are you talking about? She is a grown woman. She loves both of us, but she understands the situation, Deacon.

Deacon: Really? Did she love you being engaged to Bill?

Brooke: [Sighs] Look, all I can offer you is an invitation to this party. So you can do what you want with it.

Deacon: Look, just don't blame me for wanting what I wanted before.

Brooke: All right.

Deacon: I mean, I still remember us. I remember the way your hair smells. I remember the way you feel under my hands. Everything else has changed. But not that.

[Door closes]

Quinn: I only say this because I know how you care about Brooke.

Ridge: You what? You know how I care -- now you know what I care about? You don't know what I care about. You don't know the first thing about me.

Quinn: I'm sorry.

Ridge: Who do you think you are, coming in here, telling me what I care about? Have you said what you want to say? Are you done?

Quinn: Now I've upset you.

Ridge: No! No, you haven't upset me. You're annoying me. I'm busy, and you come here saying you want to make amends. All you want to do is get in my head.

Quinn: I accept that I've damaged the trust you had in me --

Ridge: Trust? I don't trust you. I've never trusted you. You're sketchy and insincere, and this takes the cake.

Quinn: Uh, well, I... guess I was naive not to realize that, um... I would need time to undo the damage that I --

Ridge: Hey! Put that down. If you want to talk to me, make an appointment. You got it?

Quinn: Can I call someone for you?

Ridge: What?

Quinn: You don't -- you don't seem yourself. Can I do something?

Ridge: Yeah, you can do something. You can get out. What makes you think, for one second, that I would help you get Bill Spencer back into your bed?

Quinn: Oh, trust me -- Bill Spencer's the last thing that I want --

Ridge: Although you two are perfect for each other.

[Knock on door]

Ridge:  Come on in.

Aly: Uh, just a reminder -- you're meeting Katie at Il Giardino in 20 minutes.

Ridge: Thank you.

Charlie: Would you like me to throw -- show Quinn out?

Quinn: That won't be necessary.

Ridge: No, please, um... yeah, walk her off the premises.

Quinn: I can show myself out.

Ridge: Do it.

Charlie:  Come on. This way. Hup-up. Come on.

Quinn: Oh! I forgot my bag. I'll go get it. Sorry.

Charlie: Come on. Let's go.

Quinn: Y'all have a nice afternoon in half-wit junction.

Ridge: Hi.

Katie: Oh, hi.

Ridge: I'm not late, am I?

Katie: No. No, you're fine. How's the headache?

Ridge: What makes you think I have a headache?

Katie: Well, you had one earlier, and...you have this murderous look on your face.

Ridge: Quinn stopped by the office today.

Katie: Oh. Lucky you. She wasn't asking for her job back, was she?

Ridge: No. No. Um... but I'm not sure why she came. She made it sound as if she wanted to take responsibility for what happened, but, uh... I think what she really wants is to have me muscle Bill out of Brooke's life again.

Katie: Well, I hope you threw her out.

Ridge: I did. But she got to me. What if she's right? What -- what if... what if Brooke forgives Bill and they get married?

Katie: [Chuckles]

Ridge: See? You don't know what's gonna happen, either.

Katie: No, I donít. I donít. I mean, what Bill did should be reason enough for Brooke to never want to see him again, but I can't predict what she's going to do. I never have been able to do that. Listen, maybe if she knew that your fall has really cost you, that it's --

Ridge: It's -- it's temporary.

Katie: Okay. Well, temporary though it may be --

Ridge: Katie, it's temporary. I'm a designer. That's the one thing that I do better than anyone. It's what defines me. And I will draw again. So we don't need to mention this to anybody.

Quinn: Baby steps, okay? Baby steps.

Deacon: You didn't say "Simon says."

Quinn: So, Brooke threw you out. Never said it was gonna be easy. There's always tomorrow. So, come on -- what did she say? I mean, she did throw you out, right?

Deacon: Remind me why I'm telling you this again.

Quinn: May I remind you that this is a joint venture, that we both have something to win, and we both have something to lose? But you know what? Why don't we just swap, okay? And you can let Ridge Forrester wipe his feet all over you for a change.

Deacon: Won't be the first time.

Quinn: Oh! That man is arrogant and dismissive and sexist and rude.

Deacon: Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Quinn: But he does hate Bill, and he wants him nowhere near his precious Logan. And second, and most importantly, the guy was a mess.

Deacon: What? He get a little smudge on his Italian loafers?

Quinn: Mm. No, I don't know exactly what is going on with him, but he was all sweaty and taking medication. I couldn't see what it was.

Deacon: You know, they did say it was a pretty bad fall he took out of that chopper.

Quinn: Well, I heard that it was memory loss. But then I heard it went away.

Deacon: Well, maybe he forgot he lost his memory.

Quinn: [Choked laugh] Ha ha.

Deacon: What do you got there?

Quinn: It's from Ridge's waste basket.

Deacon: What is this? Like, some little art project R.J. was working on?

Quinn: No. These are his. One of the world's greatest designers... [Chuckles] He's lost it. This is what he was hiding. He can't draw anymore.

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