B&B Transcript Wednesday 7/23/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/23/14


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Ridge: We got him.

Deacon: See? Spencer didn't need to charter a helicopter in Abu Dhabi.

Ridge: He had his own.

Deacon: Back of his yacht. Just waiting to pick Brooke up for their honeymoon, presumably.

Katie: Well, that does sound like Bill.

Ridge: Justin was flying... and Bill gave the order to kill me.

Bill: I've taken care of everything.

Brooke: Admit it -- you like planning weddings.

Bill: All right, you got to keep it quiet, but I kind of do.

Brooke: Yeah.

Bill: This is gonna be the last one.

Brooke: So, when do we leave for Catalina?

Bill: Well, I'm taking the helicopter over there now. I'm gonna check things out and come back and get you.

Brooke: Oh. You talked to Alison. Is she helping?

Bill: She is, but I'm not taking any chances this time. We're getting married today. No interference, no surprises.

Hope: Thank you, Anthony. And will you just, like, text me when it's done? Okay. Cool. Thank you. Hi!

Liam: Hey.

Hope: You're here early.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Liam: First day back, he's ready to go.

Wyatt: Oh, you here to wish me luck?

Liam: I'm here to offer my support.

Wyatt: I'm glad to have it.

Liam: You nervous?

Wyatt: As much time as I've spent in this office, I shouldn't be.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: Well, it might feel a little different now, since you're kind of on your own.

Wyatt: Well, my mom's not here, but I'm not exactly on my own.

Hope: Does Quinn know that you're back at Forrester?

Wyatt: No. No, I want her to focus on getting better, and thanks to my brother, she's finally in a place where she can.

Liam: Me? I'm not the one who kept her out of jail, man. That was all you.

Wyatt: No, no, no. If it wasn't for you...

Liam: Well, I had a knife to my neck. What was I gonna do? I had my hands tied.

Wyatt: Okay.

Hope: Even when you're getting along, you're competing with each other.

Liam: I don't see how that's...

Wyatt: That wasn't competing.

Liam: I don't understand.

Wyatt: Were we competing?

Liam: I was definitely not competing.

Wyatt: I wasn't competing with you. I have nothing to compete about.

Liam: Not comp-- wasn't competing. Because, the thing is, I don't need to compete.

Wyatt: Why would I need to compete?

Liam: I'm not saying...

Wyatt: At least let me give you the credit for the second chance here at Forrester.

Liam: Are you kidding me right now? After what you did for me, I wouldn't dare. You -- you earned this.

Hope: And I cannot wait to see what you're gonna do with it.

Wyatt: Yeah, well, I've seen her jewelry, and believe me, there is a lot I can do with talent like Ivy's.

Liam: Ah.

Ivy: Well, what a lovely compliment.

Wyatt: Oh, hey.

Hope: Ivy, I would like to introduce you...

Ivy: To Wyatt Spencer. I've been looking forward to meeting you.

Wyatt: Oh, likewise.

Ivy: I'm so flattered you're familiar with my work.

Wyatt: Well, I've done a little research here and there.

Ivy: Mm. Well, in that case, I won't have to tell you how much I admire your mother.

Wyatt: Oh.

II' I'm really sorry to hear that she's going through a difficult time at the moment.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Ivy: Yeah. Well, I hope she's designing again soon. But until then, I'm extremely grateful to have your help with my line.

Wyatt: Hmm. [Chuckles]

Brooke: I can help set up. Take me to Catalina with you.

Bill: And spoil all my surprises?

Brooke: I thought you said there were no more surprises.

Bill: None for me.

Brooke: Ah.

[Cell phone rings]

Bill: Mm. Sorry. Uh, Justin, Alison told you what's going on?

Justin: She's right here. She says you're getting married today.

Bill: We are. Put me on speaker. Alison, you got my text?

Alison: The wedding planner and her team are on Catalina island now working away. It should be a go soon.

Bill: Great. Uh, Justin, Rupert's helicopter is in my hangar. I want you to get over there and make sure that she is fueled up and ready to go.

Justin: Copy that.

Bill: We're flying to the island, checking things out, coming back to Santa Monica, and picking up my bride. So hang up with me, get in your car, get over there, and make sure that helicopter's ready to go the second I hit the tarmac. Go.

Brooke: [Chuckles] If the ceremony's in a few hours, you're not giving everybody much time to prepare.

Ridge: Bill really thought he was gonna get away with this.

Deacon: If it wasn't for me, he might have.

Ridge: What do you want -- a pat on the back, or you want to help get this guy?

Katie: Okay, all right. Let's just hold on.

Ridge: Sorry, Katie.

Katie: No, this is horrifying, but he is still the father of my son.

Ridge: His helicopter was in Abu Dhabi. Justin was flying it. He's lied to everybody, including Brooke. I'm gonna put him behind bars.

Liam: Okay, that -- that -- I think that's my cue. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna let you guys get back to work.

Wyatt: Oh, you're not gonna stick around?

Liam: Uh, you'll fill me in, yeah?

Hope: I sure will.

Liam: Well, okay, then.

Katie: [Chuckles]

Liam: Hey, good luck.

Wyatt: Thanks, man.

Liam: Yeah. You, too.

Ivy: Yeah.

Hope: Bye.

Liam: Bye.

Hope: [Clears throat] So, uh, where should we start?

Ivy: Well, I mean, I would love to hear about what Wyatt has in mind for the line.

Wyatt: Uh, total world domination, yeah.

Ivy: You know what? You're either extremely confident in my ability or your own.

Wyatt: Both, actually.

Ivy: [Chuckles]

Wyatt: Yeah.

Hope: All right, so you know that you're going to be working as a team.

Wyatt: And I will be handling the manufacturing end of things.

Ivy: Oh. Okay. It's just, I normally did all of that by myself back in Sydney.

Wyatt: Right, my mom did, too, until it took away too much time from designing.

Ivy: Oh.

Hope: You're used to designing pieces that are sold in one boutique, but now you could be potentially designing jewelry that will be sold all over the world.

Wyatt: Right, and my facility and my employees are the best, and we will do an excellent job at executing your designs.

Ivy: Yeah, well, Quinn artisan does have a reputation for quality.

Wyatt: Hmm.

Hope: So does Forrester.

Wyatt: Which is one of the many reasons why they make such a great combination.

Hope: And why I am so excited to see what the two of you will accomplish together.

Bill: All right, I'll be back soon.

Brooke: You really won't let me do anything?

Bill: Uh, yeah. You can plan every anniversary party we ever have -- all 100 of them. How's that?

Brooke: If I go with you, I could save you a trip.

Bill: Mm. Call your sisters. Have them help you get ready.

Brooke: Ohh, I don't think Katie's gonna want to do that.

Bill: Well, then she's as confused as Ridge is. This is a big day for us -- a cause for celebration. In a few hours, I'm going to be the luckiest man on the planet. I'll be back before you know it. Then you're gonna jump in that chopper with me, fly over to Catalina, and we're finally going to become husband and wife.

Brooke: Finally.

Bill: Finally.

Deacon: Brooke's being lied to.

Katie: If Bill was really responsible for all this...

Ridge: He was.

Deacon: Oh, come on. Of course, he was. There's no doubt about it.

[Cell phone rings]

Deacon: Hang on a second. This could be important. Hey. I was just thinking about you.

Alison: I was thinking about you, too. Earlier, you mentioned getting together. Well, it looks like there's gonna be an opening in my schedule.

Deacon: Great. I'll pick you up.

Alison: Not now. Later this evening.

Deacon: Won't your boss be needing you?

Alison: He'd better not. He'll be with his new bride.

Deacon: They're getting married today?

Alison: It's insane. I probably have six people calling from Catalina right now. Everyone's in panic mode. Bill's on his way to the hangar, and he's choppering over to check on everything now.

Deacon: Uh, so you better go and, you know, take care of all that.

Alison: We can make plans later?

Deacon: Yeah, big plans.

Ridge: What's going on?

Deacon: Bill and Brooke are getting married today.

Katie: Where?

Deacon: Catalina island. He's taking the helicopter over to make all the arrangements.

Ridge: Helicopter?

Deacon: Yeah.

Ridge: When is he leaving?

Deacon: Well, he's heading over to the hangar right now, so Brooke's getting ready while he flies over there to check everything out. Hey, listen to me. Hey. This is your chance. Go now and talk to Brooke and tell her what Bill did.

Ridge: I have a better idea.

Katie: Wait, wait. What are you gonna do? Where are you going?

Ridge: Scene of the crime.

Hope: So, for now, you can just work anywhere you can find a drafting table.

Ivy: So, does Wyatt have an office?

Hope: Uh, no.

Ivy: Oh. Really? Because I thought he spent a lot of time here.

Hope: He did. Uh, Quinn, too, but that's mostly for meetings. A lot of the work they do just goes on at their facility. He'll have to give you a tour.

Ivy: Okay, but we'll be working here at Forrester?

Hope: Yes.

Ivy: Okay.

Hope: Yes, you will.

Ivy: And -- and that won't be weird for you? You know, Liam's your boyfriend, and Wyatt's his brother, and they obviously get along, but Wyatt's your ex. That's not gonna be an issue?

Hope: You know, if anyone had trouble working with their exes at Forrester, nothing would get done around here. We all respect each other. That's the important thing. Relationships change, but on some level, we all still care about each other.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Deacon: Come on. I mean, you can't put a smile on and least say hello? Such a beautiful smile.

Brooke: If you're looking for hope, she's at work.

Deacon: Why aren't you?

Brooke: I have other plans.

Deacon: Anything interesting?

Brooke: I'm just really very busy.

Deacon: Big plans, huh? Look, Brooke, small talk was never our thing, right? So I'm just gonna cut to the chase.

Brooke: Yes, please.

Deacon: You're wrong about me. Whatever you were thinking when I walked in this door, whatever you're thinking now, you could regret it. I don't want that for you. I don't want you to have any regrets -- you know, things that you wish you could undo.

Brooke: That's really very nice of you. But I think I'm okay.

Deacon: Well, you will be once you get Bill Spencer out of your life.

Brooke: Look, I-I'm not gonna have this conversation.

Deacon: Listen to me, please.

Brooke: Deacon, I'm in a hurry.

Deacon: You're wrong about Bill, too.

Bill: Well, well, well. Hopalong gracing us with his presence.

Liam: Yeah.

Bill: Where the hell have you been?

Liam: I have been at Forrester. What are you, uh -- what are you doing here? Alison said you wouldn't be in today.

Bill: Yeah, I-I'm not. I'm on my way to the hangar.

Liam: Are you taking a trip?

Bill: You might say that. Catalina island.

Liam: Oh.

Bill: Brooke and I are getting married.

Liam: What? Now?

Bill: Mm-hmm.

Liam: Hope didn't say anything about this. You're actually getting married?!

Bill: Shh! Shh! Shh!

Liam: What?

Bill: We're trying to keep this on the down-low, Liam.

Liam: Okay, okay. So this is a secret?

Bill: It's simple, private. In the vineyard.

Liam: That's awesome. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations.

Bill: Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Okay, now, really, please, all right? Just keep it to yourself. I don't want anyone to know.

Liam: Oh, what's the matter? You don't want your reporters reporting on your wedding?

Bill: No. No, I don't. Just Brooke and me.

Justin: [Sighs] Man. All fueled up and ready to go. Where are you, dollar Bill? Come on. [Grunts]

[Door opens]

Wyatt: Oh. Sorry. H.R. had a few dozen more papers for me to sign.

Hope: Hey. You're officially back.

Wyatt: Yeah. Back and ready to go.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Wyatt: Where's Ivy?

Hope: Oh, she just stepped out for a minute.

Wyatt: Oh. Well, then that doesn't give us much time, then... to talk about her.

Hope: Yep. Right. Yeah. Uh, yeah. You guys seem to have really hit it off.

Wyatt: Yeah. I mean, I-I get along with anybody under the right circumstances.

Hope: Mm. She really likes your work.

Wyatt: And I like hers.

Hope: Hey, I-I just want you to know that she doesn't know the details about your mom -- just that she's not designing for us anymore.

Wyatt: Right. Thank you for that.

Hope: Yeah.

Wyatt: I know Ivy's family and all...

Hope: Yeah, but she's also your co-worker, and I don't want there to be any awkwardness between you two. Or...between us.

Wyatt: That's not how I'm feeling at all.

Hope: No?

Wyatt: Mnh-mnh. All I am feeling right now is gratitude -- great, big, sappy, disgustingly beautiful waves of it, okay?

[Both laugh]

Wyatt: This is the second chance that I've been praying for, hope, and I'm not gonna waste another moment wishing that it could be any different, okay?

Hope: Okay.

Wyatt: I'm just gonna appreciate everything around me.

Hope: All right. Well, then I should let you get to it.

Wyatt: Already started.

Hope: Good luck.

Wyatt: Thank you.

Hope: Okay.

[Both chuckle]

Wyatt: [Sighs] I got all the luck I need right here.

[Helicopter blades whirring]

Deacon: Brooke, please, you don't want to marry Bill. Look, he's trying to make Ridge seem crazy. Well, guess what -- he's not.

Brooke: Ridge is recovering from a serious head injury, post-traumatic stress. He's confused.

Deacon: No, that's not true. All right? Look, the last thing that Bill wants is for Ridge to recover his memories.

Brooke: I-I-I really don't want to talk about this. I am in a hurry.

Deacon: Just hear me out.

Brooke: No. What happened to Ridge was a horrific accident -- him falling out of that helicopter -- but Bill was not responsible for that...and nobody is going to prove otherwise.

Bill: All right, Justin. Let's go, my man. Get us to Catalina. Check things out. Come back, get Brooke. It's taken us a long time to get here, but she's finally gonna be mine. And Forrester -- he can't stop us. Who does he think he's dealing with, anyway? I'm always in the driver's seat. He's no match for me.

[Radio chatter]

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