B&B Transcript Friday 7/18/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/18/14


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Ridge: You did this.

Bill: I'm a powerful man...capable of a lot...but controlling a helicopter from the ground? Not really.

Ridge: I saw.

Bill: What did you see? Me twirling my mustache, using my super-villain, radio-controlled remote?

Brooke: Ridge, come on. Bill and I were getting married. We had no idea you were gonna show up and drag me down the beach to the helipad, no less.

Bill: You punched me. I chased you. My mind was on getting to Brooke -- nothing else.

Ridge: And you want me to believe that this is just a coincidence that your sidekick, Justin, is the pilot? This wasn't an accident. You ordered it.

Aly: Are you okay?

Oliver: Oh, thanks to you. I had to come. I had to show you how I feel. I'm not the guy in those recordings. I don't know why I said those things.

Aly: Well, you could have just bought a ticket -- easier than joining the show.

Oliver: I had to get your attention.

Aly: Well, you -- you got it.

Aly: You could have been seriously hurt.

Oliver: It doesn't matter.

Aly: Are you crazy?

Oliver: A little bit.

Aly: Oliver.

Oliver: I wouldn't be here right now if I didn't care about you. I know you say that you can't trust me anymore, but you can, and I will take on every knight in this kingdom until you believe me.

Bill: This is ludicrous.

Ridge: You're denying that Justin was there?

Bill: No. Justin came with us to Abu Dhabi.

Ridge: Why?

Bill: To fly around in a helicopter and dispose of wedding crashers.

Katie: [Scoffs]

Bill: What do you want me to say?

Katie: His memory is slowly coming back. We're just trying to fit the pieces together.

Bill: I understand. I can't imagine what you're going through. You're lost. You're confused. You're looking for answers. I hope you get them. But you're not gonna find them here.

Alison: What do you mean Ridge looked at you weird?

Justin: Like he knew.

Alison: He couldn't.

Justin: He saw me, Alison.

Alison: But he doesn't remember.

Justin: Well, what if he's starting to?

Alison: You told Bill?

Justin: Yes, of course.

Alison: And?

Justin: He's not worried. He wants to make sure there's no paper trail.

Alison: That's where I come in.

Justin: Yes, you are the best at cleaning up Bill's messes.

Alison: Tell me you've already shredded anything remotely related.

Justin: Yes, shredded, deleted. There shouldn't be anything tying it to us. But I do want you to double-check.

Alison: No problem. Let Ridge remember if he can. We'll make sure there's absolutely no proof you were the pilot of the helicopter.

Justin: [Sighs]

Thank you. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

Erica: You were great. We had so much fun.

Until next time.

Erica: Fight on.

Aly: Okay, okay, okay. Hold on. Just -- you have to explain to me -- how did you even know I was here?

Oliver: I saw you getting on the elevator at Forrester, and your dress gave it away.

Aly: And you decided to join the show?

Oliver: More like crash. I didn't exactly audition. [Chuckles]

Yellow knight, fair maiden, can I have a picture?

Aly: Uh, actually, we're not --

Oliver: More than happy to oblige.

Thank you so much.

Aly: Sure.

Pam: Holy guacamole! Oliver! You were amazing.

Charlie: One of the best top-10 shows ever, ever.

Pam: Come on. My heart is still pounding.

Charlie: Oliver, listen, I got to ask you a-a question. Uh, professional reasons. Um, this place has top-notch security. I mean, how did you gain access?

Pam: Right.

Oliver: Uh, well...

Pam: Come on. Come on. Everybody get in. Get in. I've never actually known someone in the show before. I mean, sure, I've been to the fan meet-and-greets and all that, but not an actual friend. Wait. We are all friends again, right?

Alison: What about Brooke? Will she be a problem?

Justin: Well, why would she?

Alison: Brooke knew you were there to whisk them away after the ceremony.

Justin: Well, no. She had no idea. It was all part of Bill's big honeymoon surprise.

Alison: Oh, wonderful. This'll be easier than I thought. I almost hope Ridge remembers. With no evidence and no one to back him up, everyone will think he's gone completely bonkers.

Justin: Yeah.

Ridge: I saw what I saw.

Bill: What you think you saw.

Brooke: I don't remember anything about the pilot. We were frantic. You grabbed me, and Bill was chasing us. We weren't paying attention to much anything else.

Bill: Right, look -- you know, I think I know what this is all about -- what your subconscious is doing. It actually makes perfect sense.

Katie: What does?

Bill: Well, why did Ridge leave you, his new fiancée, and rush off to Abu Dhabi?

Brooke: To stop the wedding.

Bill: To stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life -- marrying me. He had to save you from big, bad dollar Bill. Am I right?

Ridge: You cheated on her, and she needed to know.

Bill: I did not cheat on her. That has been well established. But I was keeping a secret, and that's no way to enter a marriage. Now, had you simply texted or e-mailed Brooke the picture, then called her on her cell to gossip about Quinn and me, this all could have been avoided.

Ridge: You would have talked your way out of it.

Bill: Talked my way out of what? You mean explaining what actually happened -- rationally, calmly, no punching, no dragging my bride across the sand? It was a one-time event -- a regrettable one. But it happened when Brooke and I weren't even together. In fact, it was the night she was marrying you. So, okay, I guess you're right. Horrifying. I mean, it certainly justified you rushing off to Abu Dhabi.

Katie: We didn't have all the details.

Bill: No, you didn't, and that's the point. Just had to stop me. So this -- this Justin being a pilot and -- you're trying to remember what happened. Your brain is trying to fill in the blanks, but there is one thing you know -- you hate me. You don't want me with Brooke. Now, you could have full-on amnesia, but that -- that you would know deep inside. So, these little -- little memories that you're having -- these images of Justin piloting the chopper -- that is just a manifestation of how much you despise me, how much you can't deal with me being with Brooke and being an influence on your son. You'll stop at nothing to keep that from happening, including accusing me of something that I couldn't possibly have done. Now, I'm not saying that you're lying. I think you actually believe these memories...but they're fake. Your mind is playing tricks on you, inventing this scenario. I'm no psychiatrist, but, I mean, come on. What other explanation could there be? You have to let go of your hatred. Accept that Brooke is happy with me. Then, and only then, will these fantasies that you're having in your head go away.

Oliver: I hope we're all still friends. Aly?

Charlie: Uh...maybe we should give them a moment.

Pam: Okey-dokey.

Charlie: Yeah.

Pam: But, you know, Oliver, you were truly great out there, and, you know, maybe you should consider doing this for a living. No, if fashion doesn't work out. I'm just -- [Gasps] Charlie, look. I think they have new t-shirts at the gift shop. Hold your ear. Come on.

Oliver: [Chuckles] When I say "friends," I mean...

Aly: I know what you mean.

Oliver: I screwed up, but I've always cared about you since day one.

Aly: I know.

Justin: What are these credit-card bills?

Alison: Oh, we'll find nothing unusual, unless Bill bought you a new flying jacket.

Justin: Uh, no. No.

Alison: In fact, we want Ridge to look at this. Everything here is as expected -- hotel fees, wedding costs.

Justin: Aw, man. You know, we -- we never chartered a helicopter, and that's the truth, so I would love for him to try to prove it.

Alison: And the fact that the Spencer helicopter happened to be there -- well, nobody needs to know about that. And as I erase this file, there shouldn't be any indication that his helicopter left his yacht in the first place. You deleted that day's flight plan?

Justin: Yes.

Alison: Log on to your e-mail.

Justin: Why?

Alison: 'Cause you may think you've deleted it, but I'll make sure it's gone forever.

Justin: So, they would still be on the server?

Alison: I'll take care of it -- make sure there's no digital footprint.

Justin: Okay, here we go. Well, thank you. Nice. I know you think I shouldn't be this worried about things, but, uh...

Alison: Hey, I get it.

Justin: Yeah.

Alison: If the truth got out, it could get ugly.

Justin: Yeah, like going-to-jail ugly.

Alison: I have bills to pay. I'm not about to let you two get caught.

Justin: [Sighs]

Ridge: Brooke was buckled in, so Justin knew she wasn't in danger. The only one falling was me.

Bill: See, this is why I get a kick out of you. Even in your current state of confusion, you still find a way to blame me. You fly to Abu Dhabi, you break up the wedding, you punch me in the mouth, you drag my bride across the sand, you arrange a helicopter getaway, and yet somehow, this is my fault. Actually, it's very flattering.

Ridge: It wasn't my helicopter.

Bill: Wasn't mine, either.

Katie: There has to be some sort of explanation.

Bill: Let's try to figure it out. How did I mastermind it so that Justin turned Ridge into the high-dive champion of the world?

Ridge: Don't be condescending.

Bill: I'm not being condescending. I'm trying to help you get to the truth. I didn't try to kill you. You had an accident. That's all it was. So blaming me, Justin being the pilot -- none of this does you any good. It just gets in the way of your recovery. You want to fixate on -- on blaming me? That's not gonna help you. You need to focus on the positive. You're -- you're getting married to Katie. You should be planning a wedding, focused on your future.

Ridge: I'm not fixating on anything. I'm remembering stuff, Bill.

Bill: Maybe he needs to talk to somebody -- a professional.

Ridge: The only person I need to talk to is you.

Bill: Take a moment.

Ridge: I'm fine.

Bill: You need to rest. Go home. Get your head on straight. You're obviously not thinking clearly. You need to take care of yourself. Katie, take care of him. And don't come at me with these accusations again. I'm done.

Aly: I forgive you.

Oliver: Thank you.

Aly: One condition, though.

Oliver: Anything.

Aly: The truth, even when you think I won't like it.

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