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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/3/14


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(Liam’s flashback)

Quinn: Let them be happy. Go to Paris. Be with Steffy. Go work in the Spencer offices in New York. Leave them alone!

Liam: What are you gonna do? You -- you gonna kill me with a bunch of tiny, little stab wounds?

Quinn: [Grunts] I'll kill Hope, too, before I see her with you. I warned you. Live by the sword... die by the sword.

Brooke: Hope. Honey, I thought you left.

Hope: Oh, uh, almost.

Bill: Busy morning?

Hope: I just like to get out of here a little early.

Bill: Yeah, well, that's a good idea. Get a jump on the day. Uh, your mom tells me that Hope for the Future is the main event while Ridge is out of commission.

Brooke: Yes, that's right. Ridge needs to focus on his recovery.

Hope: Yeah, yeah. How's that going?

Brooke: Katie's taking good care of him.

Hope: It's still hard for me to think about. It is a miracle that they found him. I mean, Ridge could have died.

Brooke: All because of Quinn and the fact that she can't face reality. When that woman doesn't get what she wants, she goes nuts.

Quinn: [Gasps] You're here.

Wyatt: Why aren't these in the catalog?

Quinn: I've been a little preoccupied.

Wyatt: I can't sell things if they're not in the system, okay? And without Forrester, we need all the sales we can get.

Quinn: I don't want you to worry about that, sweetheart. Soon enough, Hope is going to come to her senses, and she's gonna take you back.

Wyatt: Why would you say that? Liam said that he saw you at his house. You weren't there, were you?

Brooke: You going to pick up Liam?

Bill: No. Gave him the day off. He's got to keep his ankle iced and elevated.

Brooke: I could be persuaded to play hooky.

Bill: Is that so? I didn't think that was possible after you brought Quinn up.

Brooke: Oh. Yeah. Well, Quinn -- the day that you were with her, Ridge and I were getting married.

Bill: Well, it's a good thing that didn't happen.

Brooke: Mm. Yeah. You didn't cheat...but you did keep it a secret. And Quinn used that to her advantage.

Bill: She tried. It didn't work.

Brooke: [Sighs] She could try again. But whether she does or not, it wouldn't really matter because she is Wyatt's mother, and that means there is no getting her out of our lives.

Wyatt: You told Hope that you didn't go over to Liam's house. Is that true?

Quinn: You've been talking to Hope?

Wyatt: Mom!

Quinn: Yes. [Clears throat] That is, um, what I told her.

Wyatt: I told you to stay away from them, okay?

Quinn: And I would have --

Wyatt: But you went there anyway. What did you do to Liam?

Quinn: Nothing.

Wyatt: He went to the hospital, Mom.

Quinn: Yeah, for sprained ankle. You should have seen him hobbling around on his crutches. It was pathetic.

Wyatt: Mm.

Quinn: You know he blamed me, right? The spineless wimp trips and falls, and it's all my fault?

Wyatt: Was it?

Liam: Aah.

[Door opens]

Liam: [Sighs] Hey.

Hope: Hi.

Liam: What are you doing here?

Hope: Well, I wanted to come check in on you, see how your ankle's doing. Hello. Mm.

Liam: Hi.

Hope: How's the swelling?

Liam: It's -- it's down.

Hope: Good, good. Are you taking the pain pills that your doctor gave you?

Liam: No. I stopped. I, uh -- I want to keep a clear head.

Hope: You know Bill's not gonna make you come into work.

Liam: Yeah, well, it's better than being stuck here.

Hope: Well, I don't have any meetings this morning. I could stay and play nurse. Are you okay? What's wrong?

Liam: Uh, Quinn came by to see me again last night...and threatened to kill both of us.

Quinn: You're starting to sound as paranoid as Liam.

Wyatt: [Sighs] Just -- I just want a straight answer out of you, mom.

Quinn: Okay, fine. You want me to be completely honest?

Wyatt: If you can be, yeah.

Quinn: You know what? That's a little harsh.

Wyatt: Mm.

Quinn: Fine. Here's the truth. If I wanted to hurt Liam...he'd have more than a sprained ankle.

Wyatt: That is not funny.

Quinn: Look, I just went over there to try and talk some sense into him. That's all.

Wyatt: You did what you always do. You overstepped. You interfered. That is why Hope chose Liam -- because you act this way. No. You're done. You stay off that property. You stay out of their lives.

Quinn: All right.

Wyatt: You won't ever go over there again.

Quinn: No.

Wyatt: Promise me.

Quinn: It's done. You know I did this for you, thought, Wyatt. You're the man that Hope should be with -- not Liam. Wyatt. [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Quinn: [Exhales deeply]

Deacon: Wow. I mean, no wonder Liam fell all over himself trying to get away from you. Your own kid doesn't want to be in the same room with you.

Bill: I thought I'd planned everything perfectly.

Brooke: You did.

Bill: Well, I didn't exactly plan on Ridge showing up.

Brooke: If you want our marriage to be full of adventure, you have to expect a few surprises at your wedding.


[Middle-eastern music plays]

(Present time)

Bill: Another few minutes, and we'd be married.

Brooke: We'll get there.

Bill: Well, what are we waiting for? There's nothing standing in our way now. Let's finish what we started.

Hope: Why... [Chuckles nervously] I-I mean, I don't understand why Quinn would do that.

Liam: 'Cause she's crazy.

Hope: Threatening you isn't gonna get her what she wants.

Liam: Hope, she's not just threatening me anymore.

Hope: Well, that doesn't make sense, either.

Liam: Yeah, 'cause you're thinking logically, but, trust me, Quinn is way beyond that at this point.

Hope: Wyatt says she's not dangerous.

Liam: Wyatt? What -- Wyatt isn't even speaking to her right now. He has no idea what's going on in her head. I mean, I know -- I know -- Wyatt wants to believe that she would never hurt anyone, but am I willing to take that risk, especially with your life on the line? I mean, Quinn -- Quinn is -- who are you calling?

Hope: Wyatt. I need to see you.

Wyatt: Everything all right?

Hope: No. How fast can you get to Liam's?

Wyatt: I'm on my way.

Hope: Okay, he's -- he's on his way over.

Liam: Hey, I agree that -- that he should know, but I don't know if there's anything he can do about it.

Hope: He has to do something, Liam. This can't continue. Quinn has to be stopped.

Liam: [Sighs]

Quinn: Don't make me sorry I let you stay here, Deacon.

Deacon: I'm just trying to give you some friendly advice.

Quinn: You know what? My son and I are going through a very, very difficult time right now, but that is all going to change very soon.

Deacon: Not if you keep going this way.

Quinn: I am trying to do what is best for my child.

Deacon: Whether he wants it or not.

Quinn: Wyatt has lost his confidence. He doesn't think he can compete with Liam.

Deacon: I'm sorry -- 'cause I-I didn't see you giving him a little pep talk.

Quinn: He wouldn't listen.

Deacon: Because he doesn't want you involved, Quinn.

Quinn: Well, somebody has to fix it, and if he won't, I will.

Deacon: Or make it worse.

Quinn: Oh. Like you did for Hope? [Sighs] Please. I am sorry, but you are the last person to give me parenting advice.

Deacon: No, you're right. I mean, nobody's, uh, nominating me for father of the year. I think we all get that. And you're right -- I have made a lot of mistakes with my kids, but you know what? I've learned from them, and if you would just get off your high horse, maybe -- just maybe -- you could learn, too.

Quinn: You know what? Spare me your heartbreaking cautionary tale. You abandoned your children. You sold out your only daughter, and the only person you care about is yourself. I don't care what happens to me. My son's happiness, the future he deserves -- that's all that matters.

Deacon: Then do what he's asking. Butt out of his love life.

Wyatt: Right. Let me guess. You guys are talking about my mother? Look, I'm sorry. I just heard. I know she was here last night.

Hope: She told you that?

Wyatt: I had to drag it out of her, but yeah.

Liam: Well, what are you gonna do about it?

Wyatt: I told her to stop.

Liam: That is not gonna be good enough, bro.

Wyatt: Whoa! You know, I know you're all banged up and hurting right now, but you need to dial it back, all right? My mother didn't touch your ankle.

Liam: My an-- no, she did a lot worse than that.

Hope: Wyatt, do you think that you got through to her?

Wyatt: Like, did she listen?

Liam: Like, will she back off?

Wyatt: She knows what I want, all right?

Liam: I don't think what you want is even her objective anymore.

Wyatt: Look, I get it. You're ticked off. She probably came over here and said a bunch of things that you didn't like.

Liam: No, you don't understand. Your mom's always been delusional, Wyatt, but this was dark. This isn't about getting you and Hope back together. This is about getting rid of anyone who makes you unhappy.

Bill: You know it's gonna happen. It's just a question of where and when.

Brooke: Tiny, little details.

Bill: Keep it simple. Courthouse. Tomorrow morning.

Brooke: No. No. I'm gonna need some time to plan the wedding.

Bill: Oh, really? You're gonna take the reins on this one, are you?

Brooke: Well, I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to top yours.

Bill: I don't know about that. There's a lot of exotic locales in the world.

Brooke: Oh, you know what? This time, I just want it to be here. I want the entire family to be there.

Bill: All right, well, Ridge only gets an invitation if he can promise to be a good boy.

Brooke: What about your sons? Are they gonna behave?

Bill: What? Will? That party animal? You kidding me? Perfect wedding guest.

Brooke: [Chuckles] I-I just think it'd be good, you know, for the family to be there at our wedding, and maybe we'll all get a glimpse of how it is if we put our differences aside and we move beyond all those negative things and into the future.

Bill: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Right? I mean, I think it would be good. It'd be a new beginning for our family.

Bill: Right. Well, it is a pretty tall order.

Brooke: It might take awhile to get everybody on board, actually, but -- ah, especially Hope, right?

Bill: You noticed that, did you? The temperature dropping about 10 degrees when I walked in the room?

Brooke: I did. I did. But she wasn't there in Abu Dhabi, and she didn't see how hard you were looking for Ridge and how supportive you were being of me.

Bill: She thinks I betrayed you.

Brooke: Betrayal is a hot button for Hope.

Bill: I did not betray you, Brooke.

Brooke: I know. I know, but that's exactly what I'm talking about. This'll give us a chance to put all that blame and judgment behind us, right? Everybody can just be at the wedding and move past all of that.

Bill: So, is it a wedding that you're planning or a group-therapy session?

Brooke: [Chuckles] [Sighs] Just give me a little time, okay? I'm gonna plan something that nobody is ever going to forget.

Bill: All right. Well, I will keep my tuxedo at the ready, then.

Brooke: [Chuckles]

[Telephone rings]

Bill: [Sighs] Yeah, Spencer. Hang on.

Brooke: Ridge and Katie have gotten past all that, and I think Hope will be next.

Bill: And that's it, right? Nothing else standing in our way.

Brooke: That's right. That's it.

Bill: Okay.

Brooke: Mm.

Bill: I love you.

Brooke: I love you.

Bill: Yeah? What's the problem?

[Knock on door]

Bill: Yeah, I'll take care of it when I get in.

Deacon: Hello, Brooke.

Deacon: May I come in?

Brooke: What are you doing here?

Deacon: Well, I'm back in L.A. I just wanted to drop by and let you know. Knew how thrilled you'd be to see me.

Brooke: You're back for how long?

Deacon: I'm not sure.

Brooke: So, is little D here with you?

Deacon: No, he's at school. He's -- he's doing great.

Brooke: You're here for business?

Deacon: Well, I'm in between jobs. I'm staying with a friend.

Brooke: So, you're out of work, and you don't have a place to live?

Deacon: I prefer to think that I'm open to new opportunities.

Brooke: I can't offer you anything, Deacon.

Deacon: Yeah, I kind of figured that.

Brooke: And I don't want you to be bothering Hope. She said that she saw you. She's in a good place in her life right now. She's very happy. She's very secure.

Deacon: With Liam.

Brooke: Yes.

Deacon: [Sighs] Look, I-I get that you're not thrilled to see me. I expected that. I've caused a lot of problems for you and for Hope. I don't want to do that again. That's one of the reasons why I'm here -- to show you both that I'm not that same guy anymore.

Brooke: So you've changed?

Deacon: Well, at least my attitude has. I'm trying to live my life in gratitude -- uh, you know, remain in the present, be authentic. And that means owning up to the fact that I have been a real jerk in the past. You know, Brooke, I've pretty much been bad news for every single person in my life that I've cared about. I'm determined to fix that, especially with Hope. But I can't do that without your support. I'm not gonna put her in the middle. Now, she wants to build a relationship with me, but not if it's gonna upset you. And I know what you're thinking. Look, I'm not here to ask for another shot. God knows I don't deserve it. But if you'll let me try, I would really like to earn it.

Wyatt: This is why you had me come all the way down here -- so that Liam could complain about my mother again?

Liam: Are you really not concerned?

Wyatt: What -- that she's suddenly gone psycho? Look, I'm sorry she bothered you, but it won't happen again.

Liam: Wyatt, she threatened our lives.

Wyatt: Wh-- she threatened you?

Liam: She threatened Hope and me. If I don't give her up, if I don't go back to Paris with Steffy, Quinn's coming after both of us.

Wyatt: No. No, no, no. That's -- that's --

Liam: What? Insane?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Hope: Wyatt, you told me that she wasn't dangerous.

Wyatt: She's overbearing. She's not violent. [Sighs]

(Wyatt’s flashback0

Quinn: If I wanted to hurt Liam...he'd have more than a sprained ankle. [Echoing] Sprained ankle. Sprained ankle.

(Present time)

Wyatt: I mean, she's never been violent before, so...

Liam: You got to get control of her before this gets worse.

Hope: You can talk to her. She's got to listen to you.

Wyatt: [Scoffs]                                                            

Liam: Look, I don't -- I don't want to have to go to the cops, but I will if I have to.

Hope: This is something that we need to know, Wyatt. Is she or is she not capable... of murder?

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