B&B Transcript Wednesday 6/4/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 6/4/14


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Katie: Brooke. Answer me. Is Ridge okay? Is he okay?!

Brooke: I don't know.

Katie: What do you mean you don't know?! You said he fell out of the helicopter! How could that happen?

Brooke: [Sighs] There weren't any doors on the helicopter. And... I guess Ridge was too close to the side, and when the chopper banked, he just fell out into the water.

Katie: Where is he now?

Brooke: They haven't found him yet.

Katie: Oh, my god.

Wyatt: Ridge is just gone? How is that possible?

Liam: I don't know. I don't know. Dad's got a whole team searching for him right now.

Liam: But there's got to be something we can do.

Liam: Yeah, I know. I'm waiting for him to call me back and let me know.

Quinn: Ridge's just probably hiding out somewhere. I'm sure they'll find him.

Liam: What if they don't, Quinn? What if -- what if Ridge didn't survive that fall?

Wyatt: Hey, we don't even know exactly what's going on here. We just have to think positively, okay?

Liam: Yeah, well best-case scenario, Ridge is sitting on a beach somewhere, sipping a cocktail. Worst-case, he's dead. How's that gonna make you feel knowing you're responsible for the death of Ridge Forrester?

Katie: This can't be happening. I can't believe this is happening.

Hope: Aunt Katie, I'm -- I'm so sorry.

Katie: He fell out of a helicopter. I mean, I don't understand how that happens. It doesn't make any sense.

Hope: I know, I know, but mom and Bill -- they're all -- everyone -- everyone is doing everything they can to find him.

Katie: I knew he shouldn't have gone. I knew it! I knew something like this would happen. I had a feeling that -- [Sighs] I'm not gonna think like that. I just gonna think that he's gonna be okay and that he's -- he's gonna come home.

Hope: He will. He will, he will, okay? He's gonna be fine. Everything's gonna be fine.

Caroline: How is the beautiful bride-to-be? What happened?

Rick: Katie? What is it?

Hope: Uh... I don't know if you guys know this, but Ridge flew to Abu Dhabi.

Eric: Yeah, determined to keep Brooke from marrying Bill Spencer. Why? What happened?

Hope: Okay, so he and mom got into a helicopter, and they were flying away from the hotel, and... I-I-I don't know how this happened, but somehow... Ridge fell out.

Rick: Out of the helicopter?!

Caroline: How?!

Hope: I don't know. I have no idea. But he fell into the Persian gulf.

Eric: Wait, wait. How did this happen? Is he hurt? Is he all right?

Hope: We don't know. No one can find him.

Quinn: How exactly is Ridge's accident my fault?

Wyatt: It's not, mom. No one ever could have predicted this would happen.

Liam: Yeah, they could. You provoked Ridge. You sent him that photo of you and my dad knowing full well he'd run off and try to stop him. You know how much they hate each other.

Quinn: Oh, my, my, my, my, my. Oh. Aren't you being insensitive. [Sighs] A wonderful man is missing and you are wasting precious energy pointing fingers at me.

Liam: Consequences, Quinn. Repercussions -- do those words mean anything to you?

Quinn: I accidentally sent Ridge a silly, little photo.

Liam: Accidentally?! Who are you trying to fool? You knew exactly what you were doing. You instigated this whole thing from the beginning. If it hadn't been for you manipulating, none of this would have happened.

Quinn: [Scoffs]

Bill: He's gonna turn up, all right? We'll get him back.

Brooke: How could anybody survive a fall like that?

Bill: Listen to me, Brooke. People have survived much worse. We have the coast guard looking for him. I have a whole team on their way here. I'm -- I'm calling in every favor I can. And we're not gonna stop until we find him.

Brooke: How did this happen? We were getting married. And then Ridge showed up.

Ridge: Logan!

Brooke: Ridge! We have to find him. We really have to find Ridge.

Wyatt: Ridge is M.I.A. He could be dead, and instead of doing something helpful or productive, you're spending all your time trying to blame my mother.

Liam: Wyatt, come on, man! I know she's your mom, but you can't honestly condone what she did after what just happened.

Wyatt: Question. How long before you try getting us fired again? Or until you give hope an ultimatum? Don't waste your time. Hope and I are good. God forbid this ends tragically, but whatever happens, I will always be the one that she comes back to.

Liam: Now who's making it about himself?

Quinn: Oh, stop! Will one of you call your father and see if there's any news?

Wyatt: I will.

Hope: [Sighs]

Liam: Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Liam: How's -- how's Katie?

Hope: Um... I don't know, in shock. Trying to be hopeful? I don't know. It's just this -- this doesn't seem real.

Wyatt: I was just about to call dad. So, no news? All right, well, we just got to keep the faith.

Hope: Yeah. Um, I told -- I told Eric and Rick and Caroline, and they're in with Katie right now, but I -- no one knows what to do!

Quinn: You just let us know if there's anything we can do to help.

Liam: I think you've done enough, Quinn.

Quinn: For the record, Liam is blaming me for the accident.

Liam: Yeah. Because it all leads back to you. If it weren't for your lying an manipulating, my dad and Brooke would be married right now, Ridge would be safe at home with Katie, not lost at sea 8,000 les away.

Carter: There weren't any doors on the helicopter?

Eric: Apparently not.

Maya: And now they can't find Ridge?

Carter: No, he's there. He's got to be. Why don't they track the GPS on his cell phone?

Caroline: They're assuming that he's somewhere in the water.

Rick: Which means his cell phone wouldn't be working.

Maya: I am so sorry that you guys are going through this. It must be incredibly frightening for all of you.

Eric: Ridge is a survivor. He's not gonna give up. They're gonna find him. Katie and I both know that he's gonna be fine.

Katie: Of course he will be. There's no other option.

Carter: What can we do? I can't just sit around. I want to help.

Eric: Bill is using all his resources. He's doing everything he possibly can.

[Speaking foreign language]

Mr. Spencer. This is Hassan. He's heading up the search team.

Bill: How are you?

Hassan: Mr. Spencer.

If there's anything you need, please let me or my staff know.

Bill: I will. Thank you.

Hassan: I'm very sorry for your loss.

Bill: Loss? There's no loss. Ridge is alive. You hear me? And we're gonna find him.

Hassan: I hope so, sir.

Bill: All right, listen to me. I want updates on the minute. And you tell the search teams in the air and on the ground that nobody's leaving until we find Mr. Forrester.

Hassan: Yes, sir.

Bill: Brooke. There's a lot of man power. It's just a matter of time until we find Ridge. And then he and I, we're gonna shake hands, we're gonna put our differences aside, go back to L.A., And... and life goes on.

Brooke: I pray you're right.

Bill: I'm always right.

Brooke: We can't lose him. He's the father of my child. And he's my sister's fiancÚ. A lot of people are counting on him, Bill.

Hassan: Mr. Spencer.

Bill: Hassan, this is Brooke Logan.

Brooke: Have you found Ridge?

Hassan: We're doing our best. But I must warn you, we're getting ready to transition from a rescue mission to a recovery mission.

Brooke: What does that mean?

Hassan: My men are dragging for the body.

Brooke: No. No. Don't say that.

Hassan: I'm sorry, ms. Logan.

Brooke: No, I'm not giving up hope. Ridge is alive! I know it! I can feel it. He is out there somewhere.

Liam: Are you -- are you okay? Do you want me to take you home?

Hope: No, no. I want to stay here.

Wyatt: If there's anything any of us can do --

Hope: Oh, thanks.

Liam: Listen, I mean, you, your mom, Katie -- everybody who cares about Ridge -- this is not fair to any of you. And it makes me angry that it all could have been avoided.

Wyatt: This is not the place or the time, Liam. Have some respect.

Liam: I'm sorry, Wyatt. I haven't heard an apology from your mom yet. I'll back off. I really will back off as soon as I hear her take one iota of responsibility. So, go ahead, Quinn. Just -- just tell hope you're sorry.

Quinn: For what? Accidentally sending a photo?

Liam: [Sighs]

Quinn: Look, hope, what happened to Ridge is horrific. And, believe me, I hope this all ends well, just like you do. But I can't apologize nor take responsibility for something that happened halfway around the world.

Hope: Well, the thing is, Quinn, Ridge never would have been on that helicopter had you not sent that picture.

Wyatt: Yeah, but I'm sure that if she could do it all again, given the circumstances, she wouldn't have sent it.

Liam: Boy, your tune changes once she's in the room.

Quinn: Okay, you know what? With all due respect, Ridge is an adult. He makes his own decisions. And as I said before, I didn't encourage him to go to Abu Dhabi or stop this wedding. He made those choices all on his own.

Liam: Wow. Do you see that? Do you see what I'm talking about? Nothing -- no accountability whatsoever. I mean, Quinn, you really don't care who gets hurt, do you? As long as it's not your son. Everybody else is fair game. I mean, you'll lie and manipulate. You'll put people's lives in danger just to get what you want.

Wyatt: Knock it off, all right?!

Liam: Wyatt, wake up, man! Don't you see what your mom is doing? Don't you see how dangerous she is? Eric might have lost his son today. R.J. Might have lost his father. Katie, her fiancÚ. And you -- [Scoffs] You're gonna sleep just fine tonight, aren't you?

Carter: Looks like that's the helipad. If he fell from the helicopter...

Caroline: Shouldn't they be able to find him?

Katie: I can't look at this anymore. I have to find out what's going on.

[Cell phone ringing]

Brooke: Katie. Hi.

Katie: Anything?

Brooke: No.

Katie: But they're still looking for him. They're doing everything they can.

Brooke: Yes. Bill is making sure of it. And I want you to know I'm not giving up.

Katie: No, of course not. I'm not, either. I mean, he's alive. I can feel it.

Brooke: Me too.

Katie: Listen, I can't stay here. I'm coming to Abu Dhabi. I'm coming right away. Donna said that she would watch will, and I will see you when I get there, okay?

Eric: All right, here. I'll go with you. I just booked a jet. Come on. Let's go. We'll go now.

Katie: Thank you. Thank you.

Rick: I'll take care of things here. Go. Find Ridge.

Brooke: That was Katie. She's on her way.

Bill: Hopefully we'll have good news for her by the time she gets here.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Justin: Hey. I heard about the accident. I came as soon as I could. Are you okay?

Brooke: Yeah, it's not me. It's Ridge.

Justin: Oh, any word?

Bill: Nothing.

Brooke: I can't stand this. I can't stay here. I'm just gonna look for Ridge myself.

[Door closes]

Justin: Hey, look, Bill. You told me to cool him off.

Bill: No, no. No, I told you nothing. All right? Nothing. You know why? Because I never made that phone call and you were never piloting that chopper. What happened to Forrester was an accident.

Katie: Thanks for getting a plane so quickly.

Eric: We need to get there as soon as possible. What's this?

Katie: Uh, it's a book of poems that I carry with me. Some of mine and Ridge's favorites. We just found each other, Eric. We're just starting our lives together. I want more time with him. I need more time with him.

Eric: You'll have it, Katie. You'll have it. You'll have years and years with Ridge. We're gonna bring him home.

Katie: Yeah, you're right. They probably already found him. He'll be waiting for us at the airport. [Chuckles]

Eric: With a bouquet of desert roses. You'll see. It's gonna be all right.

Quinn: I will say it again. I'm not sorry Brooke found out. She had a right to know about Bill and me before she married him.

Hope: At what price, Quinn? There's been a horrible accident, we have no idea where Ridge is, and you're still standing by this argument that it was a mistake!

Liam: It wasn't a mistake. It was calculated, every last detail of it, and now look what happened. Do you feel bad? Do you feel anything?

Quinn: You know, Liam, you better take a little bit of care. You've been throwing around a bunch of ugly accusations, and last time I checked, slander is illegal.

Liam: So is blackmail. My dad had one drunken encounter with you and you've been milking it for all its worth. You already used it to blackmail him into making my brother a Spencer, and now you're showing it to Ridge? Do you think --

[Laughs] Do you think that my father will want anything to do with you after this? Do you think hope will? Do you think any of the Forresters will? It's over. Forget it.

Quinn: You are really embarrassing yourself. Using this catastrophe as leverage, calling me out, hoping it's gonna reflect badly on Wyatt?

Liam: You're dangerous. And I regret not working harder to expose you. But now you have exposed your own depravity more than anybody else could. You went too far. You put a man's life at stake. There's no coming back from a stunt like that.

Justin: You think I'm gonna tell anybody? I was the one who was flying that chopper. It's my ass on the line, too.

Bill: I told you to cool him off. I didn't say lose him forever.

Justin: You gave me an order and I followed it.

Bill: All right, look --

Justin: I don't know, maybe I was up too high.

Bill: He couldn't have just disappeared. What if he's dead?

Justin: You can't think like that.

Bill: Then where the hell is he? Did you see where he landed?

Justin: I was busy making sure Brooke got down safely.

Bill: Listen, Brooke -- Brooke can never know that you were the one piloting that chopper. No one can ever know that.

Justin: How is anyone gonna know? I'm not gonna tell anybody, and neither are you! I left that helipad before anyone could question me. We are the only ones who know. Ridge couldn't have known you sent me to pick up you and Brooke after the wedding. He must have ordered his own chopper and assume our was his, so stop looking so suspicious. You got guilt written all over your face. Come on! I need you to calm down and get it together.

Bill: [Sighs] I didn't want to hurt Forrester. Much. I certainly didn't want him killed. I just wanted to teach him a lesson. You don't come here, cheap shot me in the face, steal my bride on my wedding day. Nobody's gonna do that to me and get away with it. Now, he's got to be out there somewhere, Justin. He couldn't have just disappeared off the face of the earth.

Bill: I've got to know if Forrester is alive.

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