B&B Transcript Wednesday 5/14/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/14/14


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Aly: How do I do it, Taylor? How do I forgive you for killing my mother?

Taylor: Oh, Aly.

Aly: I'm not saying I can. Or ever will. But you're the famous psychiatrist. So tell me how it's done.

Brooke: Thorne!

Thorne: Hey, Brooke.

Brooke: Hi! When did you get into town?

Thorne: Earlier today.

Brooke: Business?

Thorne: No. How are you?

Brooke: I guess you've heard.

Thorne: The rumors about you and Bill Spencer?

Brooke: And Katie and Ridge, all of us.

Thorne: Everybody happy?

Brooke: [Sighs] For the most part. Ridge is... well, he doesn't want Bill to spend any time with R.J.

Thorne: Well, good. I don't blame him. You have to put the kids first, Brooke. I'm learning that the hard way.

Bill: And have Alison set up video conferences. Morning for Europe, late afternoon for Asia.

Janette: Tomorrow?

Bill: As soon as possible.

Janette: Anything else?

Bill: Uh, yeah. I want three hours uninterrupted.

Janette: Done.

Ridge: Not quite.

Bill: Oh, boy. Are you selling evening gowns door to door again? I'm gonna have to pass. Janette, we're done. Thank you.

Bill: So, I guess you didn't come here to congratulate me.

Ridge: For what? For taking Katie's job or control over her son? If you want someone to congratulate you, you should probably call Brooke.

Bill: Well, I can congratulate you. Congratulations on your engagement to Katie.

Ridge: I'm sure that thrilled you.

Bill: Uh, well, I didn't exactly, uh, kick up my heels, but I do want Katie to be happy. And if you're the ticket, cheers.

Ridge: I appreciate that. Thank you. I wish I could say the same about you and Brooke.

Bill: I'm feeling some separation anxiety on your part.

Ridge: On my part, no.

Bill: Attaboy. That's why I like you. You don't leave home without your ego. But I got news for you. She's over you by light years.

Ridge: Okay.

Bill: You see, Brooke and I, we -- we have something that she never experienced with you. It's called loyalty. She knows I'm not gonna go running off to Paris over a freaking text message.

Ridge: Oh, Spencer, you don't know anything. Not about me, not about Brooke, what her needs are, or how to hold on to her.

Bill: Hmm. Yeah, but I'm learning. And I'm enjoying the process.

Ridge: You should enjoy it... while you can.

Brooke: Your trip to L.A. has something to do with Aly?

Thorne: I didn't come here alone. Taylor is with me.

Brooke: Oh.

Thorne: We've, uh, been seeing each other again.

Brooke: You know how Aly feels about that.

Thorne: She didn't know, Brooke. That's why we're here. She needed to be told.

Brooke: I assume she didn't react too well. [Sighs]

Oliver: Aly needs to forgive so she can move on. She wants this, Taylor. She just doesn't know how.

Taylor: You're a good friend, Oliver.

Oliver: I just want her to be at peace with this.

Aly: I don't think that's even possible.

Oliver: It is.

Aly: You killed my mother. And people call it an accident, but driving when you're drunk isn't an accident.

Taylor: No, Aly. It isn't.

Aly: Then why did you do it?

Taylor: It was a mistake. [Voice breaking] It was an awful, horrible mistake!

Ridge: You know, getting the lawyers involved hasn't been ruled out. It wouldn't take long to overturn this thing.

Bill: Listen, get yourself a little espresso and think about what you're saying. You don't want to go there. That's right in my wheelhouse. I love a good battle, particularly one I know I'm going to win. And besides, we both know that Katie wasn't really happy here. It just gave her something to focus on.

Ridge: [Sighs]

Bill: Strange as it may be, she's happier now.

Ridge: Happy, yes. She's happy to be rid of you.

Bill: She won't be if you drag her into a court battle.

Ridge: That's a good point. She does want you out of her life.

Bill: Wish granted.

Ridge: And I want you out of my life.

Bill: You're batting a thousand.

Ridge: But you're not really out of my life, are you?

Bill: Hmm. Yeah. We both have children, don't we? And you're gonna be marrying Katie. I'm involved with Brooke. I don't see any way around it.

Ridge: There's got to be, Bill. There's got to be. I can't have you anywhere near my son.

Bill: [Sighs]

Brooke: How long has this been going on, you and Taylor?

Thorne: Well, we were in Paris. Didn't take us long to reconnect. But we've kept it under wraps.

Brooke: Because of Aly?

Thorne: Yep. And as things progressed, we knew she, uh, needed to be told.

Brooke: So, how did it end? I mean, were you able to reason with her?

Thorne: Ha. No. There was no reasoning, not about this. She felt betrayed. She even threw Darla's name into it and said that her mother would never approve, and neither would she.

Brooke: Oh, Thorne.

Thorne: So that's why I had to back away before she just completely lost it.

Brooke: Back away?

Thorne: I can't hurt my daughter anymore, Brooke. She's too fragile. I... I broke it off with Taylor.

Taylor: I wish I could tell you how to forgive me, Aly. I've told you many times over the years how sorry I am for my part in your mother's death. And I don't believe in living with regret. But I do. When I think about that day... and I'll regret it for the rest of my life.

Aly: Why did you do it? Why did you drive when you had been drinking? You're a doctor, a psychiatrist. You're supposed to be responsible.

Taylor: My daughter. She was out in Malibu, and she had a flat tire, and she called me. I just wanted to rush to help her.

Aly: No, I know the story. Why couldn't you have called someone else?

Taylor: I should have, but as a mother, getting a call from my child when she was in a dangerous situation, I wanted to just get there. That's all I could think about was getting to phoebe! I wasn't thinking clearly.

Aly: No, no, you weren't. And now my mother's dead. Can you understand why I can't accept you with my father? Does that even resonate with you at all?

Taylor: Yes. That's why I'm going to Paris.

Oliver: What about your dad?

Aly: What about him?

Oliver: He forgave Taylor.

Aly: That I don't get.

Oliver: Eventually he even wanted to marry her.

Aly: That I don't even want to think about.

Taylor: He forgave me, but it doesn't lessen my guilt. The anguish, the utter regret will never leave me. The only reason I was able to go on with my life is because he forgave me. But that also helped him recover so he could be there for you. Because he was able to let go of all that anger, he was able to move forward and he was able to be there for you and he was able to help you...as much as he possibly could!

Bill: So, you're asking the impossible. You do -- you do realize that.

Ridge: Stay away from R.J. Why is that so impossible?

Bill: How am I gonna do that if I'm living with Brooke?

Ridge: Stop living with Brooke. It's simple.

Bill: Ah. Now I see. It's not about R.J. You want me to stay away from Brooke.

Ridge: Honestly...

Bill: Mm-hmm?

Ridge: ...I would love for you to stay away from both of them.

Bill: All right, well, listen, I'm gonna give you a little advice, okay? I'm gonna be a bro. You might want to keep that quiet around Katie. I'm telling you, she's not going to appreciate it.

Ridge: Katie knows how I feel.

Bill: That you don't want your ex involved with another man?

Ridge: No. That I don't want my ex involved with you. And Katie obviously understands why.

Bill: Well, I hate to be the, uh, bearer of bad news, my arrogant friend, but you and me, we're, you know, almost like -- like family. Well, actually, you know, we will be family once I marry Brooke, which is just a matter of time.

Brooke: You're ending it with Taylor?

Thorne: Already have. She's heading back to Paris tonight.

Brooke: [Sighs] I'm sorry.

Thorne: Yeah, well, it needed to be done. I mean, the look in my daughter's eyes when she heard about us... I thought she was ready, Brooke. I was hoping she was, but she's not.

Brooke: So, when do you go back?

Thorne: I'm not.

Brooke: But you're the head of Forrester international.

Thorne: Not for long.

Brooke: Are you resigning?

Thorne: I need to be here for Aly.

Brooke: Thorne, you love that job!

Thorne: Not as much as I love her. And she needs me here, and I'm going to be here for her.

Brooke: You can always take Aly with you to Paris.

Thorne: Taylor's in Paris. It's another reason why I can't be there. We can't live in the same city, especially Paris. It...[Sighs] Meant too much to us.

Taylor: Aly, before I go... I want you to know that there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about what happened, what I did to your mother... and your father... and especially you. [Voice breaking] If there's ever anything I can do for you, you let me know.

Aly: There is something else. Tell me about what happened.

Taylor: What do you want to know?

Aly: [Sniffles] Tell me about that night on the road in Malibu.

Taylor: Like I said, phoebe called because she had a flat tire. The weather was getting bad, and Malibu was fogged in.

Taylor: Phoebe! Answer me!

Taylor: I told her to wait right there, that I was on my way. It was the night of your birthday party out at the beach house.

Aly: I remember. Mom and dad were there, grandma and grandpa, grandma sally, everyone.

Taylor: Phoebe was stuck on the highway maybe just a few miles from that house. After she talked to me, she called the house...

[Telephone rings]

Taylor: ...And your mother answered.

Darla: Hello?

Taylor: [Voice breaking] And she told her that she wanted her to wait right there, she was on her way. And your mother got to phoebe's car before I did.

Darla: Phoebe!

Taylor: Phoebe wanted to wait. She wanted to have the service station come out and change the tire.

Aly: But my mom wasn't about to call someone to change a flat tire. That was my mom.

Taylor: So she started changing the tire herself.

Aly: On a busy highway in the dark.

Taylor: And it was foggy. I could barely see in front of me. I was only thinking about my daughter, and I wanted to get to her, and... I knew I shouldn't be driving. [Sobbing] Darla slipped, and she fell while she was changing the tire...

[Tires screech]

Taylor: ...Right as I was approaching. I couldn't stop. It happened so fast. I'm sorry.

Aly: [Sobs]

Taylor: I'm sorry! I am so sorry, honey!

Aly: [Sobbing]

Brooke: You really were in love with her.

Thorne: Yeah. We had something.

Brooke: How's Taylor taking it?

Thorne: Uh, pretty much like me.

Brooke: She's not blaming Aly, is she?

Thorne: No, Aly's the victim, not us. It's a sacrifice, Brooke. The job, the relationship -- none of it matters if my daughter is in pain, and she is in pain.

Brooke: I know, but, Thorne, it was so long ago.

Thorne: I know, but... [Sighs] The night that Darla died, so did Aly. And, Brooke, she's, um... she's never been the same. And she has never forgiven Taylor.

Taylor: I don't blame you for feeling the way you do. I can't forgive myself. I can't expect you to forgive me.

Aly: We were all so happy together.

Taylor: I know. I know.

Aly: My dad, he loved her so much.

Taylor: Your mother was very special.

Aly: She was a saint. A saint of a woman. And then she was gone.

Oliver: So tragic... for all of you.

Aly: Obviously I never got over it.

Oliver: Somehow you have to. You all do.

Aly: Dad was my rock. I don't know how I would have gotten through all those years if he had been as messed up as I was.

Oliver: How do you think he got through them? Like you said, your father loved your mother. I'm sure he grieved terribly when she was gone, but he had to be strong for you. He had to grieve, and then he had to move on. Who helped him do that?

Aly: It wasn't me.

Oliver: You were too young to help your father. He needed someone else. I'm sure you wouldn't have wanted your father to be so sad and heartbroken the rest of his life.

Aly: No. That would have been worse. You helped him.

Taylor: I tried.

Aly: The woman who killed my mother... you gave my father back his life. I miss her so much.

Taylor: I know. I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Aly: [Sobbing] [Sniffles]

Ridge: You getting married to Brooke? Well, that's not gonna happen. It can't happen. I can't have you around my son. I just told you that.

Bill: Well, that's not your call. I'm going to be there. R.J.'s going to be there. We're gonna be hanging out, all right? I'm gonna teach him to ride motorcycles, fly a hot-air balloon. Come on! You know that's cool. He's a boy, and he's a great boy. He's gonna love it. You got to lighten up, grumpy. Why -- why don't you go, uh, sketch a new dress or something? Maybe that'll make you feel better. You think I want you hanging around my kid? I don't. But I am choosing to trust Katie. And you need to choose to trust Brooke.

Ridge: My trust in Brooke and her judgment went out the window the moment she took up with you.

Bill: Well, get over it, all right? You're obsessing. God, I am surrounded by that lately. Whether you like it or not, our paths are gonna cross, okay? Brooke is going to be with a man who is 100% devoted to her. We are getting married. Committed, no waffling. She is going to be my wife. Brooke will never again be your Logan.

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