B&B Transcript Monday 5/12/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 5/12/14


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Taylor: Aly! Aly! No!

Oliver: This is bad. You and Taylor? The way Aly feels about her?

Thorne: I didn't say this conversation was going to be easy.

Oliver: It's gonna be a lot harder than you think. I'm sorry, Thorne. I can't tell you how to live your life. But Aly can't handle this. She still blames Taylor for her mother's death. You know, a lot of people say it's best to be honest, but sometimes it's not. Sometimes it can be devastating.

Donna: Wow. You and Ridge are engaged. That... that is just really, um... unexpected. And great, of course.

Katie: Yeah, well, we think so. [Chuckles]

Donna: Wow.

Katie: I-I mean, I'm sure he's gonna get me a real ring at some point, but this means so much to me. I'm so happy. I hope that everyone else can be happy for me. Yeah! Everyone else!

Donna: Of course, I'm happy for you. Come here. [Laughs]

Katie: Oh, love you.

Donna: I love you.

[Door closes in distance]

Katie: Aw. Oh, did you hear the door? I told Bill just to come on up.

Donna: Oh, does he...

Katie: No.

Bill: Hello, hello! Oh!

Katie: Hi!

Bill: Hey! There's my boy!

Katie: Look who's here!

Bill: Oh, what do we have here?

Katie: It's daddy with the ball!

Bill: Get it! Come here! Get it! Get the ball! Get the ball! Get the ball! Here, take it. Look. Look.

Katie: Oh, I actually have some news, so...

Bill: What's up?

Ridge: Hey. [Sighs] I told R.J. he could play his game for a while.

Brooke: He didn't really have much to say.

Ridge: Well, he's thinking it over, knows we're here if he needs to talk.

Brooke: Yeah. It's good we told him together.

Ridge: We're his parents. It's not gonna change 'cause I'm engaged to Katie. And that's what I wanted R.J. To understand. We'll always be family.

Donna: Uh, you know what? Why don't I take will downstairs and give you guys a second, yeah? Come here, baby. Come to auntie donna! Auntie donna wants to go with you.

Bill: Take that with you.

[Will cries]

Bill: Take that with you. Yeah.

Katie: [Sighs]

Bill: What's going on? Problem?

Katie: No, no. Um, just something's happened, and it's a good thing, but I wanted you to hear it from me.

Bill: Okay. Shoot.

Katie: Ridge proposed.

Bill: Uh...well, that's, uh, cute. Dress business gone south? Couldn't pop for an engagement ring?

Katie: Well, you wouldn't understand, but this means more to me.

Bill: So you're engaged.

Katie: Yeah. [Chuckles] Um, we're gonna be married soon.

Bill: Yeah, I thought you sounded, uh, kind of strange on the phone.

Katie: Strange?

Bill: Civil.

Katie: [Chuckles] Right. Well, I hope you can be civil, too. I know that Ridge isn't your favorite person, but he's gonna be my husband, and he's gonna be will's stepfather.

Bill: Well, bad enough I have to deal with Quinn. Now I have to get along with Forrester, as well.

Katie: He is gonna be part of will's life.

Bill: Well, I guess that means he'll be a part of mine, too.

Katie: Hmm.

Ridge: The kids will be fine.

Brooke: We have to make sure of it.

Ridge: We will. Katie, too.

Brooke: And Bill.

Ridge: [Sighs]

Brooke: Being a father and spending time with will -- that means so much to him.

Ridge: And that's something I'm gonna have to deal with.

Brooke: Ridge, I really want us all to get along.

Ridge: I know. But right now, let's just focus on what's best for our kids.

Oliver: Aly's your daughter. I know you'd never do anything to deliberately hurt her.

Thorne: And I'm not gonna keep this secret from her.

Oliver: It's that serious? Overstepping, I know. I'm just asking for Aly's sake. 'Cause if it's not, you can't. You don't know what this will do to her.

Thorne: Taylor and I have made our decision, Oliver. Aly needs to know. And when Taylor gets back to this office, we are going to tell Aly together, okay?

Oliver: She's been gone for a while. You don't think she could have ran into Aly, do you?

Taylor: [Breathing heavily]

Aly: Terrified? Now you know how my mother felt when you ran her down, killed her with your car. You need to get out of here. My father isn't dating you. He wants nothing to do with you.

Bill: It's just Alison wondering when I'll be back at the office.

Katie: I'm sure she missed you.

Bill: I'm sure there's a couple of people that miss you, as well. So, tell me. Forrester going cheap on the honeymoon, as well?

Katie: I don't think you have to concern yourself with that. It's been a crazy day. But things are looking better now. I'm seeing a future for myself that I never would have imagined when Brooke shoved those papers in my face.

Bill: Oh, Katie, come on. Enough with the papers. You conned me out of my company, you took my son from me --

Katie: We're having a nice conversation. Let's just...

Bill: Look, all Brooke did was right a wrong, and she tried not to use the papers. She tried to reason with you.

Katie: No, no, she made everyone believe that I actually had a choice in the matter when really it was all up to her.

Bill: Well, I hope someday you'll see that it was the right choice.

Katie: Of course, you see it that way.

Bill: I'm not going to apologize for getting back what was rightfully mine.

Katie: Fair enough. I'm not going to apologize, either.

Bill: Yeah, but how long will that satisfaction last with a man like Ridge?

Katie: And there it is.

Bill: Just a question.

Katie: [Sighs] You know what I've learned? If I dwell too much on what happens in the future, I can't enjoy the present.

Bill: That sounds like Forrester.

Katie: Well, what can I say? He's had a very positive influence on me.

Bill: Yeah, all that poetry. Bet the proposal was pretty flowery.

Katie: It was beautiful.

Bill: And well-timed.

Ridge: I didn't get the feeling R.J. Was upset, did you?

Brooke: He handled it very well.

Ridge: He did. And he took his cue from you. A boy wants to protect his mother. If he felt that you were gonna be hurt in any way, I think he would have reacted a little differently.

Brooke: I'm not really hurt. I'm just worried. And not for myself.

Ridge: You're worried about the timing of everything because of Spencer publications. Hey. I promise you, there was one reason why I proposed to Katie and one reason why she said yes. We want to spend our lives together.

Brooke: [Sighs] Yeah. I know that feeling. It's just --

Ridge: It's not the same.

Brooke: Bill hasn't proposed, but our feelings are just as strong.

Ridge: Oh, Bill, Bill, Bill. Bill is a clown. How do you do that? How do you put your faith in a man whose only loyalty is to himself?

Taylor: Your father and I wanted to tell you this together.

Aly: Could you just shut up?

Taylor: Listen to me, please, please. I should have waited, but you asked me a question, and I couldn't lie.

Aly: You are lying.

Taylor: No, honey, I'm not.

Aly: Don't you dare call me that. Don't act like you and I are friends.

Taylor: You're angry. It is completely understandable.

Aly: You killed my mother. You destroyed my life, the life I was supposed to have, the happy one with two parents who love me, who will always be there for me.

Taylor: And you will always have your father! Our relationship isn't going --

Aly: You don't have a relationship! Whatever he said to make you think that he could be interested in you, well, he's not.

Taylor: You're grown up now. You're starting to understand how life works. This is the perfect time for you to let go of this resentment in your heart.

Aly: I don't resent you, Taylor. I hate you. Do you hear me? I hate you. Dad, thank God you're here. She has been saying the most terrible things. Please just tell her she's wrong.

Katie: Listen, you obviously have something to say about my engagement, so why don't you go ahead? Get it off your chest.

Bill: Any chance I can change your mind?

Katie: No.

Bill: Then what's the point?

Katie: So, you're neutral. You're Switzerland?

Bill: Uh, I have my focus where it should be -- on our son. Is Ridge the guy I would choose to help raise him? No. Do I think that he will stand by you and live up to being the man you think he is? I do not. And I'll tell you this. If he hurts you or will, I'm telling you --

Katie: He won't. He won't.

Bill: And I don't want will calling him "dad," either. That's where I draw the line.

Katie: Fine. That's totally fine. I don't want will calling Brooke "Mommy," just for the record. This must be a little bit easier to swallow now that you're C.E.O. again.

Bill: Those papers didn't just give me back my company, Katie. They gave me back equal custody of our son. Now I can have a real relationship with him. So if that means I have to try and get along with Forrester, I will try. Have a relationship with R.J., No problem.

Katie: Well, it means a lot that you're willing to try.

Bill: When you and Ridge get married, will and R.J. Will be family. So I think it's important that we all try to act like one.

Ridge: Bill Spencer is not the right man for you.

Brooke: That's your opinion.

Ridge: It's not an opinion. It's a fact. He abandoned his kids, and he left their mothers to fend for themselves.

Brooke: No, that's not really how it was, but it's different now. He's making up for lost time. They have wonderful relationships, and he cares very much about will.

Ridge: The only thing that Bill cares about is winning.

Brooke: That's not true.

Ridge: If he cared about you, he would have taken those papers and ripped them up. But no, he wanted you to sacrifice your relationship with Katie.

Brooke: What Katie did was wrong.

Ridge: Bill got what he wanted, and you paid the price, just like all the other women in his life. And I don't want my son around that. I don't want him seeing his mother being used by someone who's not worthy.

Brooke: He won't. He's gonna see me very happy with a man who is completely committed to me.

Ridge: I don't want him around my son.

Brooke: [Sighs] Wow. I'm really sorry you feel that way. But that's not possible. That's not a decision for you to make. Bill is a very important part of my life, and he's going to be a very important part of R.J.'s life whether you like it or not.

Oliver: Thorne, you should talk to Aly in private.

Aly: Yes, please, Oliver. Just get her out of here.

Thorne: Okay, everyone, hang on. Aly, what's going on?

Aly: Taylor's crazy. She wants me to think that you're dating.

Taylor: Aly asked why I was here, and I told her that we --

Aly: He wasn't talking to you.

Thorne: Aly.

Aly: It's okay, dad. I-I don't believe her.

Thorne: Sweetheart.

Aly: What she's saying is sick. After what she did to mom, you could never.

Thorne: It's something that neither one of us expected.

Aly: No. No, she -- she's making it up.

Thorne: No, she's not, baby.

Aly: It's not what she thinks.

Thorne: Honey, I know that this is a shock.

Aly: It's not true.

Thorne: Yes, it is.

Aly: No. This isn't happening. This isn't happening. No. No.

[Breathing heavily]

Bill: Katie told me.

Brooke: Ridge was here. We told R.J.

Bill: How'd he take it?

Brooke: Better than me.

Bill: Ridge wasn't a jerk about it, was he?

Brooke: Not about that. And Katie -- she threw it in my face. Ridge proposed, and her life is better than ever. She's moved on.

Bill: That's good, isn't it? No hard feelings?

Brooke: Yeah, except she's not blaming you for those papers. She's blaming me for betraying her once again. I really don't think she's gonna forgive me for this.

Bill: I think she will. She's too happy not to.

Katie: Hey!

Ridge: Hey.

Katie: Welcome home. [Chuckles] It's crazy. For so long, it was just will and me in this big, old house. And then you came back from Paris and changed everything.

Ridge: You did the same for me.

Katie: You know, Brooke thinks that this is all about her --

Ridge: Let's not talk about Brooke or Bill.

Katie: Really? You don't want to know how he reacted? Because it might surprise you.

Ridge: Nothing about Bill surprises me. You, on the other hand...

Katie: Oh, no, no. I've got nothing on you. You are amazing.

Ridge: Yeah?

Katie: You turned one of my most difficult days into one I'll never forget.

Thorne: Aly, honey, look at me.

Taylor: Your father and I knew this would be difficult for you.

Thorne: [Sighs] Honey, you're not a little girl anymore, okay? We want to discuss this with you.

Aly: No.

Oliver: Your dad's trying to explain.

Thorne: Taylor and I, we didn't plan for this to happen, sweetheart.

Aly: I don't want to know!

Thorne: Aly, you have been doing so well. You're working here at Forrester, you're learning the business, making new friends. I mean, this is -- everything is going great for you. You should be happy and excited about your life.

Aly: You know what would make me even happier? If I was able to share this with my mother.

Thorne: Your mother would be so proud of you. You're so matured and grown up and --

Aly: Would she be proud of you?

Taylor: You don't think she would want your father to be happy?

Thorne: And I am. I'm happier than I've been in a long time, honey.

Aly: Happier than you were at home with me.

Oliver: That's not what he's saying.

Aly: Yes, it is. You heard him. He knew I couldn't accept this, and he did it anyway.

Thorne: Aly, Aly, please. Understand, I love you, baby, okay? I-I would never hurt you.

Aly: Then stop this. Please don't do this. Don't go back to Paris. Stay here with me. Just forget about Taylor. Please. I can't do this again. [Sobs] You can't see her anymore.

Thorne: Okay. [Sighs] Anything for you, baby, okay? Anything. And always.

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