B&B Transcript Friday 5/9/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/9/14


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Aly: Why are you here?

Taylor: At Forrester, you mean?

Aly: At Forrester...in los Angeles. You left. I could f-finally breathe. Why are -- why come back?

Taylor: Oh, Aly. There are so many things I want to say to you. I'm here for you.

Oliver: You're lucky it was me and not Aly. If she'd walked in and seen Taylor in your arms...

Thorne: I'm not sure why it's any of your business.

Oliver: I know what happened to your wife and how it's affected Aly. I care about your daughter. I don't want to see her get hurt. Are you and Taylor a couple?

Wyatt: So, we got to advertise it in the newspaper?

Justin: Once a week for four weeks. I know it's weird -- California law.

Wyatt: But then it'll be done? I'll be a Spencer?

Justin: You know, you might have a court hearing, depending on the judge. It's all pretty simple.

Wyatt: Wyatt Spencer.

Justin: Yeah, nice ring to it, huh?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Justin: Congratulations.

Wyatt: Thanks, man.

Caroline: Congratulations. Wait. [Gasps] You and hope?

Wyatt: No. No, no, no. Not yet. No.

Caroline: Oh. Well, then why are we congratulating you?

Wyatt: I have a new name.

Hope: Okay, turn to me. Yeah, I think that's much better. Okay, uh, well, you guys are good to go. Thank you so much.

[Door opens]

Quinn: Oh, hey. Ohh, nice. Thank you. I told you that necklace would work.

Hope: Yeah, you were right.

Quinn: Oh, well, I always am -- not just about jewelry.

Hope: Oh, Quinn. When it comes to picking a necklace, I trust you with my life, but a man -- that's up to me.

Quinn: Well, you're gonna want to get to picking. You're not gonna want to wait any longer once you hear my news.

Caroline: So, what is this new name you're talking about?

Wyatt: Well, "fuller" is becoming "Spencer."

Caroline: Ohh, I like it.

Wyatt: Yeah. Dad wanted to make it official.

Caroline: Oh, way to step up, uncle Bill.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Justin: Yeah. He gets all of the credit, while I'm doing all of the grunt work.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Justin: Off to file some papers.

Wyatt: Thanks, Justin.

Justin: Anytime, Mr. Spencer.

Wyatt: "Mr. Spencer."

Caroline: That's you.

Wyatt: Huh?

Caroline: Ahh.

[Both chuckle]

Hope: What do you mean, "no more fuller"?

Quinn: Bill wants Wyatt to take his name.

Hope: Okay. Wow. Uh, how do you feel about that?

Quinn: [Sighs] Oh, well, I mean, the Spencer name made me furious for years. I swore I'd never let Wyatt know, but, well, I mean, now that he does, the world hasn't come to an end, and even I have to admit that that name brings a certain level of respect, so I'm -- I'm happy for him.

Hope: Well, you know, as long as he's happy.

Quinn: Yeah.

Hope: But I don't see how this has any bearing on whether or not I choose Wyatt or Liam.

Quinn: Well, I mean, you have been dating two brothers, you know? And your fans might not have made that connection before, but now this is gonna be painfully obvious. I just -- I don't see you letting it go on for too long.

Thorne: Look, I appreciate your concern, but Aly's old enough now.

Oliver: Not for this. Aly hates Taylor.

Thorne: This is not entirely unexpected, okay? Because, through the years, Taylor and I started something. We had a history...before I even married Darla, but for some reason or another, we just couldn't make it work. Aly was one of the reasons... because of the accident. Look, I was willing to put my life on hold to be the best damn father I could be to my daughter because she lost her mother. But Aly is old enough now, and we live in different cities. I'm allowed to do this.

Oliver: So it's true? You're together?

Thorne: Yes, we are. And that's why we are here to tell everyone, especially Aly.

Aly: I don't think you understand what seeing you does to me.

Taylor: I do.

Aly: Go back to Paris or wherever you were -- anywhere but here. [Panting] I can't have you near me.

Caroline: Um, Wyatt?

Wyatt: Yeah?

Caroline: It still says "fuller" on your page.

Wyatt: I haven't updated it yet.

Caroline: Uh, hello? If it's not on here, it didn't happen.

Wyatt: Okay, I will -- I'll get right on that, okay?

Caroline: And excuse me? You still don't have me listed as a cousin.

Wyatt: I don't?

Caroline: I sent you the request ages ago.

Wyatt: I don't check it all that often.

Caroline: Genetics are so weird.

Wyatt: You're weird.

Caroline: How could two cousins be so different?

Wyatt: Even more different -- two brothers.

Caroline: Oh, my god. You just did hope the biggest favor ever.

Wyatt: How?

Caroline: "Hope fuller"? Like "hopeful"? Ugh! God, that would have been so awful. I mean, could you imagine? But now, either way, she gets to be a Spencer.

Wyatt: Huh.

Quinn: You don't have to get involved in a scandal -- you know, "which Spencer brother will she choose?" I mean, you -- you and Liam have tried and tried to make it work, and it didn't happen, and, well, this attempt at dating both of them is just -- it's prolonging the obvious.

Hope: Which is a life with Wyatt?

Quinn: As I said, I'm always right.

Hope: [Sighs] Will there be gossip about me? Yes. I won't like it, but I'll deal with it. M on the verge of making a huge life decision, and I need to be sure that I'm making the right one.

Quinn: You will.

Charlie: Is there a damsel in distress?

Pam: [Gasps] [Chuckling] Oh, Charlie! You are my knight in shining armor.

Charlie: Yeah. Listen, uh, does this chain mail make me look fat?

Pam: No. Charlie, you look delicious. I could just eat you up.

Charlie: Well, you know, they say that armor is a good source of roughage. Now, we must be away, milady. My steed's double-parked, and, you know, we have to get there early. You know, we have to have front-row center.

Pam: Oh, that's right, because you like to sit close enough so that you can see that spittle of fear on the jousters' quivering lips.

Charlie: Aye.

Pam: [Chuckling] Oh, Charlie. I love how into this you are. It's gets -- I don't know -- gets my bustle all in a bunch. [Chuckles]

Charlie: Excellent turn of, uh, medieval phrase, milady. So, is Aly coming?

Pam: No. And I don't understand why. I mean, she used to love this. She said it was our thing.

Charlie: Well, my little 12th-century tart, now it's our thing.

Oliver: How are you planning to tell Aly?

Thorne: We're gonna sit her down, and we're gonna tell her the truth. Look, Taylor is a psychiatrist. It'll be fine.

Oliver: You don't understand. You haven't been around. She still talks to her mom.

Thorne: She told you that?

Oliver: Yeah.

Thorne: Well, it comforts her, and she knows that it's just her imagination.

Oliver: Maybe, but when she finds out about you and Taylor...

Thorne: Okay, you know what? Let's forget about Taylor and me for a minute, okay? What is going on with you and my daughter?

Oliver: We hang out. We've gotten to be good friends. And, yes, she confides in me. That's why I know what I'm talking about. You have to believe me. This will not end well.

Taylor: Maybe we should call your father.

Aly: Why? He would tell you the same thing -- stay away from me.

Taylor: I don't want to upset you, honey. I-I would like for us to talk.

Aly: I won't forget what you did.

Taylor: I won't either. [Voice breaking] It haunts me every day.

Aly: Oh, so that makes it okay -- what you took from me? [Voice breaking] I was too young to lose my mom.

Taylor: I know.

Aly: I can't escape, and it's your fault.

Taylor: Escape?

Aly: The memory. My birthday -- other kids -- they -- they have parties and go out with friends. But me -- my birthday is nothing but the day a person drank too much and got behind the wheel.

Taylor: Aly...

Aly: And what was my mom doing? She was helping your daughter -- just a good person going out of her way to do the right thing.

Taylor: That's who she was.

Aly: But you are the one still alive. You pretend to be so moral, when you are the first person to stand in judgment of people -- Brooke and hope. Well, I have heard plenty. You pretend to be a saint. Well, you aren't. You...are a murderer. My mom -- she was a saint. She earned her place in heaven. But you -- you will never get there.

Taylor: Darla was a special woman. Everyone loved --

Aly: She was my mom! You took her from me.

[Door opens, closes]

Wyatt: Hello, beautiful.

Hope: Hey. I just heard your big news.

Wyatt: What? Is Caroline posting about it?

Hope: [Chuckling] No, no, no. Uh, your mom was just here, and she seems very excited about you becoming a Spencer.

Wyatt: That makes two of us.

Hope: Three.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Pam: You're not gonna take the club with us, are you?

Charlie: Oh, sure. We'll get better service.

[Both chuckle]

Charlie: Looks authentic, huh?

Pam: Yeah, it sure does. How do you think you're ever gonna get that past security?

Charlie: I'm going to disguise it as a huge leg of lamb. No. Their head of security and I go way, way, way, way back. I mean, you know, actually, the thing is just -- is just kind of harmless. Although, uh, Quinn did, uh, lock herself in a bathroom when she saw me come in.

Pam: Yeah, and the ax that you bought wasn't harmless. I could shave my legs with that thing.

Charlie: Right you are, my dear. Oh, by the way, did you remember to take it to the photo studio?

Pam: Oh, you bet your longbow I did.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Pam: Oliver is gonna love our pitch. You, me, medieval weapons. It's gonna be the best photo shoot ever.

Charlie: Yeah.

Thorne: Now, I'm not sure about you and Aly. Don't you think you're a little old to be hanging out with my daughter?

Oliver: There's a few years between us -- not many. Aly's fun. I don't even notice that she's younger.

Thorne: Well, what is it, exactly that you two do?

Oliver: We talk, mostly. She's opened up to me a lot about her past. You know, she's still in a lot of pain. She has a hard time even saying Taylor's name.

Thorne: Well, I'm glad that she has someone to talk to about it.

Oliver: If you want, I-I could be there when you tell her.

Thorne: I don't think so.

Oliver: Trust me -- a shock like this -- Aly's gonna need all the support she can get.

Taylor: I know your childhood has been extremely difficult for you.

Aly: How would you know that?

Taylor: Your father's told me.

Aly: Why would my dad talk to

you about anything?

Taylor: We're friends.

Aly: Oh, he wanted your expert opinion -- is that it? Well, I'm not crazy, and don't you dare call my father your friend.

Taylor: We have been for many years.

Aly: Not after what you did. [Sighs]

Taylor: [Sighs] Aly, your father and I -- we -- we've stayed fond of each other over the years, and while we've been in Paris --

Aly: And I don't mean what you did to my mom. I mean what you did to him after.

Taylor: What did I do to Thorne?

Aly: You tried to make him betray my mother's memory.

Taylor: Aly. Aly, I-I wanted to marry your father because I loved him.

Aly: Well, he never felt that way about you. Thank god I stopped it. I was so young, but I knew. I could see right through you. He could never be happy with you.

Taylor: Your father and I agreed not to get married for you because your wounds were too fresh, and it was too much for you.

Aly: All these years, and he never got remarried. Tells you something, doesn't it? That my mom was his one and only.

Taylor: I think it also tells me that he was being a responsible father because he wanted to see you grow up to be a wonderful young woman like you are, and now it's time for maybe him to have his own life and -- and maybe find someone.

Aly: If the right woman came along, I would support it.

Taylor: Well, Aly, as I was saying, we've been getting closer lately.

Aly: No.

Taylor: Don't you think he deserves some happiness?

Aly: You can't. Not this.

Taylor: Aly, we -- we were in Paris, and old feelings came back.

Aly: You stay away from him! He wants nothing to do with you! You hear me?

Taylor: This isn't going to change anything for you. You're always going to be first in his life. You'll always be first to him. Don't you see? He gave up everything for you. Look at the choices he made. He -- he -- he became mom, dad, coach -- everything for you because he wanted to see you grow up. Don't you think maybe it's time for him to -- to have his own life now and -- and decide maybe who he wants to spend it with?

Aly: I have stopped you before, and I will stop you again. You may have taken my mother, but you will not take my father. You won't.

Wyatt: You know, it's good that you've decided to do this dating both of us thing.

Hope: I'm sorry. What?

Wyatt: Yeah. Yeah, imagine when we're married already. The embroidery on the pillowcases will say "fuller."

Hope: Embroidered pillowcases?

Wyatt: Oh, yeah. No, we're getting them. I might even make them.

Hope: [Chuckles]

Wyatt: "Mr. And Mrs. Spencer" with the wedding date.

Hope: Oh, my god. Does that kind of take some getting used to -- being called "Spencer"? I mean, aren't you gonna miss "fuller"?

Wyatt: No. I don't know. Feels right -- like I finally found where I belong. God. Things just keep getting better and better. And it all started with meeting you in the woods. It did.

Thorne: By no means am I taking this lightly. Taylor and I have been very, very careful about keeping this secret until we were both ready. Well, now we're ready, and we're not gonna lie anymore. We're gonna tell the family, and we're gonna tell Aly. And when she gets over the shock, she's gonna be fine.

Oliver: I don't think so.

Thorne: Well, my daughter wants me to be happy.

Oliver: Not with Taylor. Your wife died a long time ago. Of course, you're allowed to move on, but for Aly, that -- that pain is still very raw. She's not ready for this. She's not gonna react the way you're hoping. Telling her right now would be a huge mistake.

Taylor: Aly, I'm not trying to take your father away. Please, listen to me, not just for his sake, but for yours...

Aly: No.

Taylor: ...So you can heal, and you can grow.

Aly: No!

Taylor: I love your father. He's never stopped loving me.

Aly: You're lying.

Taylor: Aly...

Aly: Stop it!

Taylor: Let's call your father, and we can all sit down and talk about this. I know we can work through this. It's gonna be okay.

Aly: "Okay"? My mother is gone...forever. Now you want to take my dad, too? I can't let that happen. You keep taking from me and my family. It's time to cut you off.

Taylor: Aly? Put that down. Aly! No-o-o-o! No-o-o-o!

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