B&B Transcript Monday 4/28/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 4/28/14


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Aly: Taylor Hayes destroyed my family.

Oliver: Hey. Its okay, Aly.

Aly: No, it's not, Oliver. She killed my mother, and then she tried to steal my father away from me. What she did to my family is not okay.

Oliver: It was a long time ago. Taylor can't do anything to hurt you now.

Aly: Because I scared her away.

Taylor: Mm. You know, people are going to start to talk. You don't think your employees are going to start to wonder what's going on when their boss is late for work every day?

Thorne: [Chuckles] Mnh-mnh. I think they're gonna wonder why I'm smiling all the time, though.

[Waves crashing]

[Hope remembering]

Hope: I think this is a good time to tell you that Liam wants to make me dinner tonight.

Wyatt: Um, like a date?

Hope: Yeah. Uh, he says that if I'm going to date you...then I have to date him, too.

Liam: I did know that you'd show up tonight. I did. I knew that you weren't quite ready for this to be over.

Hope: [Sighs] Well, it's a little different now.

Liam: [Chuckles] Yeah. But it's a step in the right direction, even if only a half a step. At least we're moving again, you know? We just had dinner. You're -- you're actually here. You're in my arms. I mean... I don't want anything else.

[Back to present]

Liam: Whoops. Lost you there.

Hope: I'm sorry. Just -- it was just a second. I'm sorry.

Liam: No, it's okay. It's okay. Um, when you're with me, just be with me...

Hope: Yeah.

Liam: ...Because if you don't, you're gonna drive yourself crazy, and I don't want that for you.

Hope: Trust me -- neither do I.

[Both chuckle]

Hope: It's just this -- this can't go any further until I've talked to Wyatt, okay? If I'm gonna be dating both of you, then he really needs to know.

Liam: Yeah, well, I agree. I mean, if this is the next step, and if it can't go any further, then you do need to talk to Wyatt, but you got to do it right away.

Aly: I know what you're thinking. It's over. I was a little kid. I should just get over it.

Oliver: That's not what I'm thinking. [Sighs] Your mom died. You grew up without her.

Aly: And the woman who killed her -- she didn't have to pay for it -- we did. My parents were so in love, Oliver, and I know that if it wasn't for Taylor, they would still be together today.

Taylor: When you asked me to dinner when you first arrived in Paris...

Thorne: Mm-hmm?

Taylor: [Chuckles] ...I thought...

Thorne: [Chuckles] You thought we'd spend the whole evening talking about Ridge, huh?

Taylor: And that dinner has turned into something wonderful. Being with you -- it's starting to feel like old times. I don't think you realize how much you've changed. There's like a new energy about you -- a renewed passion.

Thorne: [Chuckles] Well, if I'm enjoying my life more these days, I have to give some credit to you.

Taylor: Well, and your new job and maybe, uh, Paris.

Thorne: Mm. Well, a lot of things are, uh, going my way. [Chuckles]

Taylor: Well, I'm glad I'm here to share it with you.

Thorne: Yeah, me, too.

Taylor: Things are just so -- they're so different than they were before.

Thorne: Yeah.

Taylor: You know, you never blamed me for Darla's death, and I was responsible.

Thorne: It was an accident.

Taylor: No, you forgave me.

Thorne: I had fallen in love with you, Taylor. We were getting married.

Taylor: And that's what I wanted. But Aly was just so angry.

Thorne: Yeah. She still is...about a lot of things.

Taylor: Well, that's why we decided to keep things like they are -- very quiet, discreet, cautious. I think that's the right choice.

Aly: I've been thinking about my mom and dad a lot lately -- how they felt about each other, how they were with each other.

Oliver: Now, why would you be thinking about that?

Aly: But then I remember how sad my dad was -- how she swooped in and took advantage.

Oliver: I know. I know.

Aly: I'm sorry.

Oliver: Don't be. I'm glad I can be here for you. Everybody thinks you and your family don't have any problems. You're a Forrester -- you shouldn't have a care in the world.

Aly: Everybody says I worry way too much, especially about Hope and her line.

Oliver: You won't get a lecture from me.

Aly: You were so in love with her. How can you be interested in me? I don't compare.

Oliver: Miss F., you are completely interesting and unique. You're original, authentic. I'm a photographer. That's what I do for a living. I see everything that's made you who you are. That's what drew me to you.

Aly: I was drawn to your eyes. They're so honest. I can tell you're a really good person, Oliver. I have a pretty strong intuition about people. I know I can trust you.

Liam: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Wyatt: Welcome...to the Casa de Wyatt.

Hope: Thank you.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Oh, what's this?

Wyatt: [Chuckles] Well, this is what happens when you text me and say that you're coming over.

Hope: [Chuckles] You shouldn't have.

Wyatt: I'm gonna pretend that you don't actually mean that, so...

Hope: I was just at Liam's.

Wyatt: Huh. I figured.

Hope: Aren't you curious about what happened?

Wyatt: Nope. I am only interested in what's happening right here.

Hope: [Sighs] I made a decision.

Wyatt: Oh.

Hope: Liam asked me for equal time, and... I agreed.

Wyatt: So, you're -- you're gonna date both of us?

Hope: Yeah. And I really want you to be a part of this, but if you can't, then I understand.

Wyatt: [Scoffs]

Hope: It's... it's just that when I thought that I was pregnant, it really freaked me out, and it made me think about Liam. It made me think about everything that we planned for -- marriage, kids, and -- say something.

Wyatt: You know, I-I better not.

Hope: Wyatt. We have been through a lot together, and -- and this relationship is really important to me...but if this is what's gonna happen, then some things need to change.

Wyatt: Oh, you mean...?

Hope: Yeah.

Wyatt: Oh, that is -- that's... [Laughs] My brother is a genius.

Hope: Well, no, Liam and I won't have that kind of relationship either.

Wyatt: Well, I-I would hope so. Um, look, I-I -- we have been so good together lately. Why are you stepping away?

Hope: I know. And I'm not. I-I'm not stepping away. In fact, I actually -- I need this time to move forward.

Wyatt: Ohh.

Hope: I know that's hard to see, and I know that you're disappointed. I've tried really hard to not send you mixed signals, you know? That's why I didn't want to move in. That's why I wanted to take things slow, and... if you -- if you can't do this, then...

Wyatt: Did I say that?

Hope: You really haven't said much of anything.

Wyatt: Look... do you want to talk... or do you want my answer?

Thorne: You know, as happy as I am and as amazing as this is...

Taylor: You don't want to hurt your daughter. Neither do I.

Thorne: You know, I thought with time and all the counseling Aly's had...

Taylor: But it's helped. It's helped. She's working at Forrester. She's making contributions. She's making friends.

Thorne: But she's also acting out -- I mean, the issue with Wyatt. I'm just -- I'm not sure she's ready to hear about us yet.

Taylor: There's no need to tell anybody anything.

Thorne: So you understand?

Taylor: You're just being a good father, just like you were back then.

Thorne: I wanted to marry you, Taylor. I was ready.

Taylor: But Aly wasn't. It doesn't mean she isn't ever going to forgive me, but... I just don't think we should push her.

Aly: I want to tell everyone how I feel about you.

Oliver: Not yet. You're the boss's granddaughter. I'm just an employee.

Aly: Not to me.

Oliver: But you could see how that might look to people. What we have is special. I don't want people judging it, you know?

Aly: Me neither.

Oliver: Besides, you don't need anyone's permission or approval. You can make your own decisions. You know what feels right to you.

Aly: You do.

Wyatt: Well, you and Liam have had a few weddings. You lived together. I mean, am I gonna get that, too?

Hope: Oh, God.

Wyatt: I just want to know. Look, I know I'm the right guy for you. What we have is what you need.

Hope: [Sighs] Look, I don't like this either, okay? Two boyfriends -- it's -- you know, I've watched my mom ping-pong men around, and I-I really never thought that I would be guilty of the same thing.

Wyatt: Guilt is the last thing you should be feeling right now.

Hope: I'm in love with two men, Wyatt. I'm sorry, but it's the truth.

Wyatt: You know what? You love me.

Hope: I do.

Wyatt: That's all I need to hear.

Hope: I promise that I won't drag this out, okay? It won't take long. I promise.

Wyatt: Okay, good. Good. But if this is gonna be our last night together for a while, maybe we should make it one to remember. Let's just shut our phones off, open a bottle of wine. Stay with me tonight.

Oliver: See? Secrets can be fun.

Aly: Is that all I am to you -- your little secret?

Oliver: No.

Aly: Good, because I wouldn't be kissing you like this unless...

Oliver: Unless -- unless what?

Aly: Unless...you were my boyfriend. Are you my boyfriend, Oliver?

Oliver: I certainly hope so, Miss F.

Aly: I -- [Clears throat] I should get home.

Oliver: You -- [Chuckles] You're just gonna leave me here all alone?

Aly: Mm, Grandpa will wonder where I am. Besides, I'll see you tomorrow. Good night.

Oliver: Sweet dreams.

[Door closes]

Oliver: [Exhales deeply]

Wyatt: [Sighs]

Hope: [Sighs] I can't spend the night with you.

Wyatt: What -- that -- that's not allowed anymore?

Hope: No.

Wyatt: Okay, so then let's make a list so I can be clear, then.

Hope: [Chuckles]

Wyatt: Can I do this?

Hope: Yes.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Hope: Yeah.

Wyatt: How about this?

Hope: [Chuckles] Yes, that's fine.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Hope: Yeah.

Wyatt: So as long as there's no risk of pregnancy, we're good -- that's the line? Oh, there's a lot we can do. There is a lot of fun that we can have.

Hope: Oh, Wyatt. [Chuckles] I need you to understand why I'm doing this.

Wyatt: [Sighs]

Hope: I-I know that it's not an ideal situation for any of us, but I'm thinking about the rest of my life. I just need some time.

Wyatt: And that's what you'll have -- the time to decide what you need for the rest of your life. And it's me, so...

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