B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/23/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/23/14


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[Cell phone ringing]

Hope: [Sighs] Hi.

Liam: Just, uh, calling to remind you about dinner tonight at my place.

Hope: [Sighs] Liam, uh...

Liam: Listen. If you come, great. But if you don't, I got to move on.

Quinn: Liam is making his move.

Wyatt: [Sighs] What else is new?

Quinn: If you're not careful, you are going to lose Hope forever.

Wyatt: Mom, Hope and I are fine, okay? I can handle this without you.

Quinn: I'm just worried that you are getting way too comfortable, and --

Caroline: Knock, knock! It's almost time for the meeting.

Wyatt: Saved by the cousin.

Quinn: This conversation isn't over.

Wyatt: There's nothing more to discuss. I've got it under control.

Rick: Everyone should be here soon.

Brooke: I had Jake make copies of the proposal.

Rick: Well, look at you.

Brooke: [Chuckles]

Rick: Fitting in quite nicely as my V.P.

Eric: Uh, that's co-V.P.

Rick: Right. Right. I almost forgot.

Eric: Where's Ridge? Is he coming to this?

Rick: He said he had some other pressing matters to attend to.

Eric: Is that right? Be a little less tension, then.

Rick: Yeah.

Eric: So, this is about the bedroom line, is it?

Rick: Yeah. We need to find a new spokesmodel. And if Ridge had anything to say about it, a new photographer.

Brooke: That's been settled. Oliver is staying.

Aly: Oh! Hi.

Hope: Hey! You must be looking for Oliver.

Aly: We're all really lucky he's still around, huh?

Hope: Yeah. He's amazing at what he does.

Aly: Yeah, he is. I'm glad Ridge didn't get his way, end up firing him.

Oliver: You and me both.

Hope: We're all really glad you're still here, Oliver.

Oliver: I'm looking forward to taking on a new project.

Hope: Good. There should be plenty of opportunities for that.

Oliver: That's what I'm hoping for.

Hope: Uh, I will see you guys in the meeting?

Oliver: We'll be right behind you. I had an amazing time with you yesterday, Miss F.

Aly: Me too. I was surprised to see you.

Oliver: Get ready for another surprise. I got something in store for you today. Come on.

Bill: Oh! Ooh! [Chuckles]

Liam: Geez! Dad, what are you doing?

Bill: Sweating. Water.

Liam: What?

Bill: Water, Liam.

Liam: Fine. All right. Here's -- here's a water. Have a water. What are you doing in my house? Your house.

Bill: [Chuckles] Was running 9k. Pier and back. Sprinting the last part of it.

Liam: Wow. Well, good. Good -- good for you. Can you not track, uh, sand into the house, please?

Bill: You know, I think I'm hearing a little attitude in your voice. And you keep that up, you're gonna hurt my feelings, make me feel like I'm not wanted.

Liam: Uhh! [Chuckles] I see what's going on. So, Brooke kicked you out. That's -- that's a bummer. I gave it a couple of weeks.

Bill: Please. She came to me. I just came back here to get my stuff. Things couldn't be better now that I'm living back with Brooke.

Rick: These are the projected figures for the next quarter. 10% increase.

Carter: Not bad.

Rick: Yeah, we must be doing something right, not that Ridge would agree.

Caroline: My husband! Isn't he the most brilliant and dedicated president this company has ever seen?

Allen: It was magnificent! Front row and center. All the jousting and falconry a man could ever dream of.

Pam: Only next time, Allen, don't jump into the ring.

Allen: I fell, Pam. I dropped my turkey leg, and when I went to grab it, I landed on the knight.

Pam: And his horse almost trampled you to death.

Allen: It was so worth it.

Pam: Just don't get us banned from the royal court, Mister. Oh. Hey.

Allen: Hey, Aly! You missed a great medieval night, fair maiden.

Oliver: Ah, medieval night.

Aly: Oh, it's -- it's just, um --

Pam: It's just -- hello! -- Your favorite thing in the whole world.

Allen: Yeah. You are so going with us next time.

Pam: Guess what. Allen got V.I.P. tickets.

Aly: I-I don't know, Guys. I'm not sure I'm really up for it, but thanks.

Pam: Party pooper.

Allen: More turkey legs for us.

Pam: Yeah!

Allen: [Chuckles]

Wyatt: Uh, Aly's coming?

Rick: Yes. Why?

Quinn: I-is there any way to have this meeting without her?

Wyatt: I mean, it's just that we're gonna be discussing the bedroom line, and we all know how she reacted last time. I'd just -- I'd hate for her to have to get on her soapbox again.

Eric: Not your call, Wyatt.

Wyatt: I know. It's not that I dislike her.

Quinn: It's just that she has a bit of growing up to do. I think we can all agree on that.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Eric: She's had a difficult time. I expect everyone to be very supportive.

Jake: Okay. Oh. Packets for everyone -- right there.

Eric: Wonderful.

Brooke: Thanks, Jake.

Eric: Nice.

Rick: All right. Well, it looks like everyone's here. We have a lot on the agenda today, but, more important, we need to find a new spokesmodel for the bedroom line. Come down here with me. I know you have an eye for this sort of thing.

Bill: Why are you so uptight? I can answer my own question. I know why you're uptight. Because you need a date -- a woman.

Liam: If you must know, I do have a date.

Bill: You do? Oh! All right. Now we're talking. Let's hear it.

Liam: Tonight, as a matter of fact.

Bill: Great. Where you taking her?

Liam: Dinner. Here.

Bill: I like it. Get the candles going, the fireplace.

Liam: You do realize I'm talking about Hope, right? If she shows up.

Bill: Wait. What? Wait. Didn't you just tell me she's with Wyatt?

Liam: Yes. But I told her that if she's not gonna give up Wyatt, she can date both of us.

Bill: You -- you said that?

Liam: I did.

Bill: You told her to date both of you?

Liam: Yeah. If that's the way it's got to be, Dad, yeah.

Bill: And what did she say?

Liam: I haven't gotten an answer yet. That's what tonight's all about.

Bill: Ultimatums?

Liam: It's -- no, no, no. It's not an ultimatum. It's a compromise. She can be with me or not. It's up to her. But I'm not gonna sit around waiting for her to get tired of Wyatt.

Bill: Maybe you ought to just let them ride this out. Just hear what I'm saying, because I know you're not gonna be happy sharing the woman you love.

Liam: Believe me, dealing with Wyatt on any level is the last thing I want to be doing, but I can't make him go away. Only Hope can do that.

Bill: Okay. Well, uh, I am out of the meddling business, so I'm just gonna trust that you know what you're doing.

Liam: Oh, by the way -- by the way, have you talked to your son lately?

Bill: No.

Liam: 'Cause, uh, unless you're ready to be a grandfather, you might want to give him a little lecture on contraception.

Bill: W-what are you talking about?

Liam: He almost got Hope pregnant.

Rick: Whoever we choose to represent the bedroom line needs to be exactly the right fit.

Eric: We have a lot of really good choices here.

Maya: I still think Brooke should make a comeback.

Caroline: Yes. That's what I've been saying. That's perfect.

Brooke: No. No. That's not happening.

Eric: I know we've been all over this, but we would all be thrilled if you would reconsider.

Brooke: Eric, please. I couldn't.

Quinn: Why not, Brooke? I mean, it would be so empowering to so many women.

Rick: We've already asked her, Guys. She said no.

Brooke: Thank you for thinking of me. I really am flattered, but I enjoy working behind the scenes alongside Ridge as co-vice president.

Carter: I respect that. Got enough on your plate as it is.

Wyatt: Okay. Well, back to the drawing board, then, huh?

Caroline: Well, uh, I see that you're thinking about Alexa. I mean, she's a great choice.

Maya: I've worked with her. She's wonderful.

Pam: And she's really sweet, too, although she could certainly benefit from eating a few of my lemon bars. [Chuckles] She's really skinny.

Eric: I think Alexa's really a strong choice. My only thing is that she not be a blonde, all right? Too many comParisons to Brooke.

Quinn: Eric has a point.

Wyatt: Unless...

Hope: Don't look at me. I'm not doing it.

Wyatt: [Chuckles] That was worth another shot, right?

Quinn: But I do agree that it should be somebody from the inside.

Eric: Someone who really represents Forrester Creations.

Oliver: I don't want to overstep, but I think I have the perfect model for the bedroom line.

Eric: Who?

Rick: Is she on our list of contenders?

Oliver: No. But she should be. She's incredible. The only woman who truly represents the Forrester name, and she's sitting right here at this table.

Brooke: Who is it?

Rick: Oliver, who are you talking about?

Oliver: None other than Miss Aly Forrester.

Bill: What do you mean, "Almost"?

Liam: I mean, Hope thought she was pregnant.

Bill: With Wyatt's kid?

Liam: Yeah. Are you not following?

Bill: Yeah, I'm completely following you. But she is 100% not pregnant?

Liam: 100% not pregnant. The test was negative. Thank God.

Bill: Oh, yeah, 'cause they are not ready for that.

Liam: Thank you. My sentiments exactly.

Bill: So this is why you're all freaked out?

Liam: [Chuckling] Well, yeah. Duh. I mean, if -- if Hope had been pregnant with Wyatt's kid, I-I would have lost her completely. It would have been over between us.

Bill: Nothing like a kid to tie you to a woman forever.

Liam: I mean, I think it was a wake-up call, and not just for me. I think it scared Hope, maybe made her re-evaluate some things, you know, question her future with Wyatt.

Bill: That's why you're laying it all out there.

Liam: Here's the thing. Wyatt's charming. He's a little dangerous. And for some reason, lately Hope seems to be taken with that. But it's not gonna last forever. Eventually, she's gonna want more, and she knows he's not capable of going deeper than that, and I am. And I will, for the rest of our lives.

Bill: Taking a risk.

Liam: Yeah. But Hope doesn't want to lose me -- that much I'm sure of. And I'm giving her the opportunity to date us both. But if she wants to be exclusive with Wyatt, then, you know, I'm -- I'm not gonna sit around on standby. I got to move on.

Caroline: Aly as the spokesmodel for our bedroom line?

Pam: No, Oliver. I mean, Aly is a very beautiful, young girl. This is a terrible idea.

Wyatt: No offense -- Pam's right. This is -- this is insane. Aly's gonna flip in five...

Quinn: Four...

Wyatt: Three...

Oliver: Why don't we ask Aly what she thinks?

Aly: You really think I could do it?

Oliver: You're gorgeous. Of course, you can.

Hope: What is happening?! I'm s-sorry. You're not honestly considering this?

Eric: Aly, are you sure that you understand all the implications of what Oliver's suggesting you do?

Aly: Yes. He thinks I should be the spokesmodel for the bedroom line.

Caroline: And? You realize it's not onesies and PJs? It's -- it's...lingerie.

Aly: I know. Like lace and teddies and stuff.

Oliver: We'd shoot it tastefully. Make it artsy, imaginative. What do you think?

Eric: I have some reservations. Aly, your -- your dad is in Paris. I would certainly want to run this by him before making any decision.

Aly: Can I speak for myself, please? Look, I know I came on too strong and judgmental at the last meeting. I'm sorry I went overboard... especially to you... and Wyatt. I realize now that is was wrong. I've done some growing up lately, and I know you're all just trying to be protective, but I can take care of myself. Oliver is an extremely talented photographer. He has worked with so many beautiful models. Maya. And Hope. It means so much that you believe in me. You know, what an awesome opportunity. I am so grateful for the offer -- flattered -- I mean, especially because I've never even worn this kind of thing before. And I know I wouldn't let any of you down. I think I could do it. But... I'm not going to.

[Many express relieved sighs]

Aly: But thank you for thinking of me.

Rick: All right, uh, then. Let's get back to our choices. I know we have four really good contenders. Anybody have thoughts about this?

Caroline: I still think Alexa.

Carter: But if she's blonde...

Caroline: I mean, why not dye her hair?

Aly: You little devil.

Oliver: Did I shock you?

Aly: Me? In lingerie?

Oliver: Why not? You're just as pretty as any of those other models.

Aly: You really mean that?

Oliver: I've been saying it all along. You are a natural in front of the camera. Those underwater shots -- those could be in any magazine in the world.

Aly: You're really sweet. Actually thinking that I could be the spokesmodel for the bedroom line means you really do see me as a woman.

Oliver: Of course I do. You -- you're a fascinating, complex, stunningly beautiful woman... and I like you.

Bill: I'm gonna tell you something from experience, Son. You have to be ready to blow Hope out of the water. You have to mean it when you say it.

Liam: Yeah, I know. I-I mean, I hope it doesn't come down to that. It's the last thing I want to do. But if I have to walk away from Hope, I will.

Bill: I respect you, Liam. It's not easy, what you're going through.

Liam: Well, enough's enough, you know? I just -- I hope to God it works out.

Bill: There's a lot on the line tonight.

Liam: Yeah. If hope shows up, we're dating. And if she doesn't, it's over. I have to get on with my life.

Wyatt: I mean, the way she reacted, with such sanity. Is she on her meds or something?

Hope: I'm sor-- what?

Wyatt: Aly. She's kind of like a normal person now.

Hope: Oh -- oh, yeah. I was, uh, really surprised by the way she acted, too.

Wyatt: Hey... hey, you're someplace else right now.

Hope: Oh, God. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Wyatt: It's -- don't be, all right? Hey, look, we've -- we've -- we've been through a lot. You've been though a lot. We thought you were pregnant. It freaked us out. It opened up our eyes. But it made me even more committed to you.

Hope: It's been a really weird couple of days, you know, and I-I just -- I haven't stopped thinking about... everything.

Wyatt: I don't blame you, you know?

Hope: I think this is a good time to tell you that... Liam wants to make me dinner tonight.

Wyatt: Uh...like a date?

Hope: Yeah. Uh, he says that if I'm going to date you, then I have to date him, too.

Wyatt: [Chuckling] What? Th-- that's crazy.

Hope: Basically, if I show up at his house tonight, then that means we're dating. And if I don't, it means that he's done... and he and I are over... for good.

Wyatt: Hope, don't do it. Don't go to Liam's. We have something special here. I don't want to lose it, and -- and I don't think you want to, either. Send him a message. Tell him it's over. Tell him that your future is with me now.

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