B&B Transcript Tuesday 3/11/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 3/11/14


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Katie: I really am sorry, Brooke.

Brooke: Don't apologize. There's nothing to apologize for. You were vulnerable, and Ridge was there. That's understandable. But if you think this is going any further, it's not.

Katie: It already has.

Brooke: You're not sleeping with him, Katie.

Katie: No. No, I-I wouldn't do that. I'm not like...

Brooke: Like what? Like me? Look at you. You're angry, and you're acting out. You're not doing this because you love Ridge. You're doing this to get back at me, and it's got to stop.

Rick: It's your decision, Dad.

Hope: I like the idea.

Aly: Well, you're not exactly objective, Hope.

Hope: Neither are you, Aly.

Caroline: Well, I love the idea. I mean, a jewelry collection like Stephanie’s?

Quinn: Who wouldn't want to see it?

Pam: We are not a museum.

Aly: And we're not in the business of selling jewelry.

Wyatt: You're missing the point here.

Aly: Well, by all means, educate us, Wyatt.

Wyatt: [Chuckles] The Stephanie Forrester Collection is nothing less than a promotional bonanza. It'll bring customers. It'll generate huge publicity for us.

Pam: Right, just like the diamond did...especially after it was stolen.

Hope: I like the idea. It's not my call, but I think it's brilliant. I think we should run with it.

Caroline: How could anybody object? Look at these. They are scrumptious. I have been lusting after these for years.

Rick: Stephanie always wore these pieces to every major event. It yielded tons of press coverage. These pieces are known. Eric?

Wyatt: Do a search. "Stephanie Forrester jewelry." You'll get at least 25 pages of results.

Aly: Well, that doesn't mean we have to profit by them. These are sacred family treasures. Where is the respect? My grandma would hate this.

Rick: Dad, you've heard everyone's opinion. I think it's time. So what's it gonna be?

Aly: Grandpa, can I say something?

Eric: No, Aly. I've heard enough...from everyone. Aly and Pam are right -- every piece is precious, particularly to me. The thought of exploiting the extraordinary woman who wore them is abhorrent to me. I could never do that. Stephanie was very proud of this collection -- every piece. Not because of the attention it brought her. I mean, she could do without that, God knows. She was proud of every piece because she was proud of the man that gave every one of them to her. Whenever anybody asked her about them, and when they complimented her about any one of these pieces, she would always say the same thing -- "Eric gave me that." If I were to ask Stephanie today how she feels about Wyatt’s proposal, I know what she would say. She would say, "Well, if it's gonna be good for the company that you and I spent so many years building for our children and our grandchildren, then, by all means, use them." And so we shall. It's a great idea, Wyatt. It furthers our reputation for class and elegance. It preserves Stephanie’s legacy, as well, so I-I give this project my blessing, and it has Stephanie’s, as well, I'm sure.

Caroline: Ohh!

[Light applause]

Rick: Congratulations, Wyatt. We'll display the pieces at the Beverly Hills boutique.

Wyatt: Perfect. Perfect.

Caroline: Whoo-whoo!


[Indistinct conversation]

Katie: You're wrong, Brooke. My feelings for Ridge have nothing to do with revenge.

Brooke: My God, what are you thinking? You and Ridge? That's not even real!

Katie: You know, for weeks, I felt the same way -- that he could never feel the way I do, but he does, Brooke. He does. This is not some fantasy.

Brooke: You can't possibly think that you have a future with Ridge.

Katie: Why, because I'm not you? Because you still see me as your little kid sister, the runt of the litter? Someone like Ridge could never have feelings for someone like me?

Brooke: That's not what I'm saying.

Katie: Then what are you saying? You know, it's amazing -- no matter what I do, you, Bill -- you still see me as this little girl who needs to be protected, who needs to be guided, who can never stand on her own two feet. And that may have been true at one point in my life, but not anymore. Ridge sees me, Brooke. He sees me for the woman I am today, and I got to tell you -- it feels really good.

Brooke: Ridge and I have a history. We've been together most of our adult lives, and, yes, we've had issues. And we will continue to have issues, but it's a love story, Katie. Everybody knows that, including you. And it's not going to end. Oh, my God. Ridge is not gonna leave me, and you are crazy to even think that he will. Please, don't do this to yourself. I don't want to see you in pain.

Wyatt: So, I'm suggesting that we keep it simple. We let the jewelry speak for itself.

Rick: I think that's a great idea.

Hope: Yeah. Should we have, um, like, display cards, you know, that talk about each piece, say where it was worn?

Wyatt: Yeah, I love that.

Aly: [Scoffs]

Eric: Aly, what is it?

Aly: What are we doing? What happened to Hope for the Future? Think about the name -- Hope...for...the...Future. Why is it called that? Do you even remember?

Hope: Yes, Aly, I do. To keep my generation mindful of their individuality and, yes, their responsibility for the future.

Aly: Thank you. Thank you. Now, let me ask you something. What does a flashy jewelry display have to do with that message?

Eric: Aly, this is not going to be some flashy jewelry display -- not at all. Now, this is the collection of a woman who was the very epitome of individuality.

Aly: Well, that's not how he sees it. This is a photo op for him and Hope, just like that diamond was.

Quinn: That is so unfair.

Pam: Overstated, maybe, but I wouldn't exactly say "unfair." I mean, I certainly remember photographs all over the press of the hero and his girlfriend, Wyatt saving the day.

Aly: You see? That's right.

Hope: Look, there was a problem with the diamond. That was so long ago. It was nothing to do with the Stephanie Collection.

Eric: All right, I've heard enough. This meeting needs to be adjourned. Good work, Wyatt. Thank you very much.

Wyatt: Thank you.

Hope: [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Hope:  Eric? Is it okay if -- if Wyatt and I talk to you?

Eric: This is about Aly, isn't it?

Hope: Yes. Wh-- she's becoming so aggressive. Eric, she tried to fire Wyatt.

Aly: He controls them. It's like they're under a spell.

Pam: Wyatt and his mama are definite smoothies.

Aly: Yeah, that Quinn -- I don't like her.

Pam: I know what you mean, sweetheart. She's worse than her kid. She is not someone to be trusted, Aly.

Aly: You know something, don't you?

Pam: Look, um, just stay away from that woman.

Aly: Why?

Pam: Don't let her fool you.

Aly: What has she done?

[Cell phone beeps]

Pam:  Oh.  [Sighs] Oh, I'm wanted downstairs.

Aly: Pam, I want to hear what you know.

Pam: Um, look, we'll talk later, okay?

Aly: [Sighs]

Quinn: You are fighting a losing battle, Aly. I know you're family, but the look on your grandfather's face -- he's not gonna tolerate that attitude much longer.

Brooke: Ridge is a kind, compassionate man. I could see why you would develop a crush.

Katie: [Chuckling] See, there you go again. Don't be a fool. I'm not a child, Brooke. This is not some schoolgirl crush.

Brooke: It's certainly not what you're thinking.

Katie: Ridge seems to know what he wants.

Brooke: Ridge wants you to feel better about yourself, and so do I.

Katie: Well, then you both are succeeding, because I feel much better these days.

Brooke: [Scoffs] For all the wrong reasons. This is not going to work. Ridge always comes back to me, and you know that.

Katie: Yes, I do. It's been a source of conflict for us. But Ridge has helped me get through it.

Brooke: Because he wants to help. That's what he does. He saw my poor little sister in pain, and he wanted to make you feel better in any way he could, within limits. He doesn't have to be intimate with you.

Katie: We haven't made love, but we have been intimate.

Brooke: Ridge came back from Paris, and he was upset when he found out about my relationship with Bill.

Katie: Your affair -- your sexual affair with my husband.

Brooke: You are just angry, Katie. You're doing this for a payback. Why can't you see that?

Katie: How many times do I have to say this isn't about you?

Brooke: Yes, it is! It is about me! You ruined my wedding with your stupid, cheap, little stunt! And now you're trying to steal my husband? This is not you. This is sick, and it is disgusting. And it's not going to work.

Aly: I don't want to talk to you.

Quinn: No. I imagine you don't, because I'm the voice of truth, and the truth is, we're going ahead with the Stephanie Collection. Stop fighting my son. You'll only end up hurting yourself.

Aly: Your son is hurting this company -- my family company. I can't let that happen.

Eric: Aly tried to fire Wyatt? She has to have been kidding.

Wyatt: She wasn’t. She looked me dead in the eye, and she said, "You’re fired."

Hope: She has to rein it in. I don't know what's going on, but she has this deep hatred for Wyatt. She even got physical with him.

Wyatt: Look, I have no idea what I did to set her off.

Hope: I've tried to be sweet, I've tried to be understanding, but I don't know what to do anymore. I have to confront her.

Eric: No, no, no. Please, don't do that. I'll handle it. She's very young. She lost her mother when she was a little girl, and ever since then, she's had a very difficult time.

Hope: No, this is -- this is sudden. This just started. I mean, does Thorne notice? Does he realize that there's been a change in her?

Eric: Believe me, Thorne is well aware of it.

Hope: So, how do we deal with it?

Eric: I'm just asking you to be more patient. Please? And above all, don't confront her.

Quinn: What do you have against my son?

Aly: He's poison.

Quinn: You've got to be kidding me.

Aly: I want him out of this company and far away from Hope.

Quinn: Where did you get that stick up --

Pam: Uh, excuse me, but what is going on here?

Quinn: Aly and I are just having a little talk.

Aly: Yeah.

Pam: Oh, really? About what? [Intercom buzzes] Excuse me. Yes, Eric?

Eric: Bring Aly in here.

Pam: Right away. Eric wants to speak with me and Aly. Come on, sweetie.

Eric: Aly, I've learned something that needs to be addressed. What's this about firing Wyatt?

Aly: He's hurting the Hope for the Future line.

Eric: And how is that?

Aly: The message -- it's meaningless now...because of him and his mother.

Eric: Listen to me. I want this to work for you here, but you have to respect our decisions. And you have to respect Wyatt’s and his relationship with Hope.

Katie: I can see why you'd be confused. What I've done -- it's -- it's not me. But maybe that's a good thing. Maybe I should follow my heart for a change and see where it leads me. Isn't that what you've been wanting me to do?

Brooke: Okay. I'm gonna be blunt. Ridge will never be satisfied with you.

Katie: [Sighs]

Brooke: He loves romance, and that's what you're thinking, but Ridge and I share something that no two people have ever shared, and he's not going to want to lose that.

Katie: Well, I guess we'll see.

Brooke: What you are doing is wrong. It's as wrong as what I did to you. Remember how you felt, Katie? The betrayal. This is retaliation, and you know it.

Eric: Pam, Aly is getting worse. She's getting erratic.

Pam: Yeah. You mean that business about wanting to fire Wyatt?

Eric: I mean, a girl with a balanced mind -- an intern -- doesn't do that sort of thing.

Pam: You think maybe we should call Thorne now?

Eric: No, I don't want to do that -- not -- not yet. I want to see if I can -- if I can possibly handle this thing myself.

Pam: I wouldn't wait too long. I mean, Hope is pretty perceptive. If she isn't already picking up on something, she will soon. Do you think maybe you should clue her in?

Eric: No. No, I promised Thorne I wouldn't do that. We have to keep Aly's problem a secret for now.

Pam: Then you should try to keep her away from Hope and Wyatt.

Eric: Yeah.

Hope: What is going on with her?

Wyatt: Who? With Aly?

Hope: Yes. [Sighs]

Wyatt: She'll get over it. And even if she doesn't, she's not gonna stop me from showing that jewelry.

Hope: It really is a great concept.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Hope: Yeah.

Wyatt: I got another one.

Hope: Hmm?

Wyatt: Move in with me.

Hope: Maybe I will.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Hope: Someday.

Wyatt: [Gasps] How can you play with my emotions like that? That is -- at least I got a "someday."

Hope: Yeah.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Hope: In the meantime... [Sighs] ...I can't stop thinking about my mom and -- and Ridge and Katie.

Wyatt: Ugh. Well, they'll figure it out.

Hope: Yeah.

Wyatt: Don't think about them. Don't think about shadow girl.

Hope: Mm.

Wyatt: Just think about this.

Hope: [Chuckles]

Katie: This is not about retaliation -- far from it. And for the record, I have no intention of keeping Ridge from R.J. R.J. will have as much family as he's ever had. He and Will are becoming best buddies.

Brooke: [Scoffs] So where do I fit into this pretty little plan of yours?

Katie: [Sighs]

Brooke: I go back to Bill? So, you and Ridge, me and Bill -- we live happily ever after?

Katie: Oh, my God! Brooke, it's not a math problem! Just because I'm with Ridge doesn't mean you have to go back to Bill! How about this -- you're just alone for a while -- just by yourself?

Brooke: [Sighs]

Katie: But we all know you can't do that. So I suppose if you want Bill, then he'll take you back. I mean, you were in love with him, right?

Brooke: Yeah, so that would be great. Okay. Me and Bill, and you and Ridge, coexisting happily together, raising our children together. Yeah, that'd be nice, Katie.

Katie: Isn't that what you wanted when you took up with my husband -- for me to find someone? You could be with Bill, and I could be with...whomever?

Brooke: I didn't take up with your husband. I actually sent him back to you.

Katie: Thank you. That was really generous of you.

Brooke: Okay, you know what? You're -- you're still angry. I thought you were past all this.

Katie: I am.

Brooke: No, obviously, you're not. This must be your coming-out party. After all those years of living in my shadow, here you are. You have Ridge...or so you think. It's the perfect payback.

Katie: This has nothing to do with paying you back! Haven't you been listening? I'm in love with him.

Brooke: You're not in love with him! You're infatuated with him!

Katie: It's more than that for both of us, I assure you.

Brooke: Well, then you are a hypocrite.

Katie: A hypocrite?

Brooke: Passing judgment on my behavior, when you're doing exactly the same thing!

Katie: Maybe you're right. I guess I learned it from you -- my protective older sister sleeping with my husband.

Brooke: So you ruin my wedding, and you just take off with Ridge.

Katie: Spin it however you want. The fact is, Ridge and I have fallen in love. I know you can't imagine it.

Brooke: You cannot have him, Katie. I'm not gonna let that happen.

Katie: I did not take Ridge from you. He came to me of his own free will.

Brooke: And he's going to leave you of his own free will!

Katie: [Sighs]

Brooke: I don't want you to be alone and bitter.

Katie: [Scoffs]

Brooke: I really hope you're listening to my warning.

Katie: Don't you dare talk down to me.  You're not my mother. You want to put me in this little box. You want me safe and sound in my childhood bedroom, looking out my window, watching the world go by. You don't take me seriously, but you should. Ridge and I are going to be together.

Brooke: You are not gonna get away with this.

Katie: Again, we'll see.

Brooke: Ridge is going to leave you, and you're gonna be left picking up the pieces. You don't need that kind of rejection.

Katie: Why, because of my health? Because of my weak, little heart? That's Stormie's heart, Brooke. Remember him? The pillar of our family? I have his heart. And I have Ridge's heart, too. So you don't have to worry about me.

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