B&B Transcript Friday 2/7/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 2/7/14


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Hope: Someone's making the most of his second chance.

Wyatt: I'd better. I mean, the rest of my life is about making sure that you don't regret giving it.

Liam: I had no idea how hungry I was.

Aly: Glad I ran into you, then, making you eat.

Liam: Well, you might have saved me from a potentially embarrassing moment at the bar. What kind of impression do you have of me, seriously? Hope chooses Wyatt, and where do you find me? Typical lonely guy drowning his sorrows.

Aly: Hey, drowning is not allowed on my watch. Consider me your personal floatation device.

[Doorbell rings]

Katie: [Gasps] Who's here? Who's here? Let's go see! Ooh, let's go see. Oh, my goodness. I think it's your favorite cuz. It's your favorite cuz! Ready? 1...2...3! Wow! Hi!

Ridge: Hi again. Hi.

Katie: Hey!

R.J.: Hi, Auntie.

Katie: Hi!

Ridge: May I?

Katie: Sure! Yeah. We're having a little snack. We just woke up from a nap.

R.J.: I used to play with these all the time. Remember, Dad?

Ridge: I remember. May I?

Katie: Sure. Yeah.

Ridge: Come on. Let's go over here. Dahn, dahn, dahn! Ah, look at these toys. Nice!

R.J.: Come on, Will. Help me set this up.

Ridge: [Sighs] Thanks for calling. Thought you'd be sick of us.

Katie: No. No, not at all. You guys are so good with Will. It's -- it's nice to have you over.

Ridge: Okay. Let's see what you've got.

R.J.: Wow.

Katie: Oh, cars.

R.J.: Aunt Katie, did you need a nap this afternoon?

Katie: Um...no.

R.J.: Dad totally did.

Katie: You did?

R.J.: You wore him out.

Ridge: Hey, now!

Katie: [Laughing] Really? I wore you out, huh?

Ridge: No, you -- well, you kept me on my toes -- soccer, poetry.

Ridge: "And the sunlight clasps the earth and the moonbeams kiss the sea: What is all this sweet work worth if thou kiss not me?"

Ridge: It's a day well spent.

Katie: [Chuckles]

Liam: So, what made you, uh...?

Aly: I know. It's weird.

Liam: No, it's not weird. You look amazing -- really. I mean, you always look amazing. I just haven't seen your -- your "I'm going out tonight" look.

Aly: Are you worried about my self-esteem -- getting all dressed up just to come to a restaurant by myself? "Excuse me. Table for one."

Liam: [Laughs] Yeah. Well...confess. Who do you have a crush on?

Aly: What?

Liam: Come on. I mean, it's got to be one of the waiters, right? I mean, why else would you come here alone looking like that? I'll tell you what -- if he walks by, you give me a swift kick under the table.

Aly: No, that's not --

Liam: I'll butt out, man. I will.

Aly: Thank you, but I doubt he'll notice me.

Liam: What are you talking about?! You're beautiful! Whoever he is, he'll notice. Are you gonna eat that? It looks amazing.

Hope: A reminder of Emerald Bay.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm. Thank you for putting it back on.

Hope: Hmm. So, you ready for another trip?

Wyatt: Really?

Hope: Yeah! I had fun up until that last part.

Wyatt: [Laughing] Yeah.

Hope: But I like the adventure. I like sharing it with you. Although we have a lot to live up to.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm.

Hope: I don't expect a trip like that every time.

Wyatt: Hey, they'll just keep getting better and better.

Aly: You know, you didn't have to switch to water for my benefit.

Liam: No, trust me -- this is better. Any more beer and I would have -- I would have been droning on and on about Hope and probably bored you to death.

Aly: That's okay. I don't mind. I'm a good listener. Just ask my dad.

Liam: How's that going, by the way, now that Thorne's in Paris?

Aly: Fine. He called me every day. Not the same as having him here, but I'm happy for him.

Liam: Yeah.

Aly: Living with my grandpa helps. He's taking care of me and filling in as the father figure.

Liam: Well, good. Good.

Aly: Listen, if you ever want me to pass along a message, I will.

Liam: A message?

Aly: You know -- for Steffy. My dad sees her every day, and now that you and Hope are --

Liam: Oh. Um... thank you. I don't -- I-I don't think so. That -- that marriage was a really precious time in my life, and I'm always gonna love her, but I think that chapter has closed. I want to be with Hope, and, honestly, I think it's still possible.

Aly: Then it is.

[Mid-tempo music playing]

How great is love? It's an ocean I blinked my eyes, and you were here outside, I'm calling for you inside, I'm trembling in fear my heart knows I can't hide it, though your mouth looks sweeter when you say what is of course delivered I try my best just to breathe breathe breathe breathe

Hope: What's that look?

Wyatt: Um... I'm just happy.

Hope: Oh. Okay.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Me too.

Wyatt: Talk about facing the worst. You know, we did, and we're still here.

Hope: Mm-hmm, because I trust you. I trust that you will never do anything like that ever again.

Wyatt: I won't. I won't. You've changed me. I mean, I know I've said that, like, a million times. The guy I am today would never make that kind of mistake again. I messed up, and we're moving on. More fun... more adventures.

Katie: All right! Oh, my gosh. Hello, claustrophobia.

Ridge: Oh, you love it.

Katie: Oh, I know. We do. Come over here. It was awesome. [Laughs] Who knew you were so great at building forts?

Ridge: Well, there's more to me than pretty dresses.

Katie: Ah. I can see that. Thank you. Will and R.J. are having a blast.

Ridge: Yeah.

R.J.: I've got some books. I'll read them to Will.

Katie: Okay.

Ridge: R.J., what do you think about taking these guys to a Galaxy game once the season starts?

R.J.: Yes!

Ridge: We'll see if they like watching soccer as much as playing it.

Katie: That sounds great!

R.J.: Well, there's always hockey.

Ridge: How 'bout a Kings game?

Katie: Oh, man, you guys are speaking my language. That sounds awesome. I don't know. He might be a little young to --

Ridge: Nah, you got to start 'em early. That's how they learn.

Katie: Thank you.

Ridge: Well, you haven't gone yet.

Katie: No, I mean -- I mean thank you for today. Watching R.J. play with Will and -- I just can't tell you how much I appreciate... well, it's the simple things, you know? I mean, it's about going to the park and playing soccer, and it's not all about business and money and control. Thank you.

Ridge: Well, I'm going back to the tent.

Katie: Okay. [Laughs]

Ridge: Hey.

Katie: Okay. Can you read that last part back to me? Okay, yeah. That sounds great. Send it out. Thank you. Sorry. A memo had to go out.

Ridge: Duty calls?

Katie: Yeah.

Ridge: [Sighs] I think it's pretty cool.

Katie: Yeah?

Ridge: Well, you're running Spencer Publications.

Katie: I bet that's not what you thought I would be doing when you first met me.

Ridge: I always thought you were driven.

Katie: Really?

Ridge: You -- you don't think that?

Katie: No, I-I-I do, actually. I'm just used to other people thinking otherwise -- mostly family, I guess. I guess that's what you get when you're the youngest. Everyone expects you to never grow up. I know that Brooke and Donna don't mean to, but sometimes the way they talk to me, it's -- it's like they think I'm weak and I need protection. They still think I'm that little girl looking out her window at the lives they're leading.

Ridge: I always thought you were shy, but I didn't think you were weak. But you're smart. You're watching your sisters, learn from their mistakes, and make your own decisions.

Katie: Hmm.

Ridge: Look at you now -- a woman, a mother, running a company. I'm not surprised. It just seems strange to be part of your life for so long and it just...feels like I just now met you.

Aly: You know, I didn't like the fact that Hope was seeing both of you. It felt dishonest. But this almost feels worse. It never occurred to me that she would choose Wyatt.

Liam: Well... I think -- I think despite everything else at this point, there's a tiny part of her that feels like she has to.

Aly: Why?

Liam: Because... [Chuckles] Because of how far she's allowed their relationship to go. I think she feels like she's supposed to make it work with him.

Aly: Oh. I'm sorry.

Liam: No, hey. I'm, you know, clearly not letting it stop me. A lot of guys would probably give up by now -- go find somebody else -- but I don't know. I just -- I can't. I can't. I love her. We've been through so many obstacles already. This is just one more.

Aly: Kind of a big one.

Liam: Not really. I mean, hope won't admit it yet, but Wyatt's a jerk, you know? He's self-centered and he's a liar, and I was right about him all along, and Hope knows that. She's not doing anything about it yet, but at least she's seen a glimpse of who he really is. So, you know, I'll wait.

[Emily Jaye's "Please Keep Melting Me" plays]

4:00 in the morning everyone's sleeping but we've been awake all night the sun starts to break through like me, it falls on you and nothing has ever felt so right and I don't close my eyes 'cause there's no dream as good as you by my side I'm me-e-e-lting

Aly: Careful, Liam. It's one thing not to like somebody, but to think they're genuinely bad --

Liam: He is! He's bad. Wyatt is bad, and I've proven it. He's bad -- bad Wyatt! -- And his mom is even worse.

Aly: She is a little intense, huh?

Liam: Uh, yeah. Listen, I'm not a parent, so I guess I don't know, but there's got to be a limit to how involved you let yourself get in your kid's life. I mean, Quinn is such a manipulator. She's always working it to make sure her baby boy gets whatever he wants. I mean, I'd be married right now if it weren't for Quinn, honestly. But, you know, it doesn't even -- it doesn't even matter. I -- she's just delaying the inevitable, and Hope and I haven't failed yet.

Aly: Does Hope know how lucky she is?

[Cell phone chimes]

Liam: Sorry.

Aly: Is that her?

Liam: No.

Aly: Is something wrong?

Liam: It's a memo from Katie. She's calling an executive meeting to make an announcement about me. Uh, you know, I'm really sorry. I think I might have to cut this short. I got to -- I got to find out what's going on.

Aly: Oh, yeah. Of course.

Liam: Hey, thank you for listening.

Aly: Anytime.

[Emily Jaye's "Please Keep Melting Me" plays]

The warmth of your body is blazing around me pull me in close

Wyatt: I don't know what I did right to end up Big Bear that day. I just remember looking into those eyes after kissing you awake, knowing what was ahead...

...You by my side...

Wyatt: And that we'd be here.

Me-e-e-lting With your hands through my hair and the heat of your stare, I'm unglued I'm Me-e-e-lting With your skin on my skin, I spill over within oh, please keep melting me the longer I lay in your arms the stronger I feel it's where I belong and I'm trying not to think of what tomorrow will do 'cause I just want to fall more in love with you with you mm-mm-mm I'm me-e-e-lting me-e-e-lting

Katie: Hey, you guys don't have to do that.

R.J.: We make the mess, we clean it up, right, Dad?

Ridge: Right. Didn't take you long up there.

Katie: No. Will was exhausted. All this fort-making wore him out.

[Cell phone chimes]

Ridge: Your mom's home.

R.J.: I can't wait to tell her about today.

Ridge: I should probably drop you off.

R.J.: It was fun hanging out with you and Will.

Katie: It was fun hanging out with you, too. Thank you so much for helping me with him.

Ridge: Why don't you go ahead and get buckled up? I got to talk to your aunt about scheduling a hockey game.

R.J.: Bye, Aunt Katie.

Katie: Bye, Sugar. I'll see you soon, okay?

R.J.: Okay.

Katie: [Sighs]

Ridge: You want to talk about it?

Katie: Uh, yeah. Let me get my schedule.

Ridge: That's not what I mean. Um... I know you're feeling something, and I'm -- and I'm feeling it, too. And...you deserve to be admired and to be appreciated... and desired.

Katie: [Sighs] Oh, my God, Ridge. What are we doing? I can't do this. I... I can't do this to my sister.

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