B&B Transcript Monday 12/2/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 12/2/13


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[Indistinct conversations]

[Glass clinks]

Hope: Everyone, can I get your attention? Thank you. I just wanted to say that this has been a really wonderful day, celebrating with friends and with family and celebrating an upcoming wedding.


Wyatt: Well, I think we should be celebrating you for pulling all this together. You're incredible.

Liam: And beautiful. Incredible...and beautiful.

Wyatt: Incredible, beautiful, and inspiring.

Bill: Okay, you two. I think we all get the picture.

Brooke: We all think she's very special.

Hope: Okay, this is not what today's about. Today is about these two and this wonderful wedding they're going to have.

Charlie: And, um, when would that wedding be?

Brooke: Christmas is always a nice time of the year for a wedding.

Rick: Uh, no. Actually, Mom, Caroline and I can't wait that long.

Caroline: Rick and I -- we're getting married.

Donna: We know.

Eric: We know.


Rick: Now, we mean. Right now.

Brooke: Now? What?

Rick: Carter's already agreed to officiate. Everyone's here.

Caroline: Well, no, not quite everyone. My moms are out of the country, but... we just -- we really can't wait.

Rick: Call us impetuous, huh?


Caroline: Crazy in love.

Rick: I don't want to spend a moment without this beautiful woman as my wife.

Eric: Well, everyone, it appears we're gonna have a wedding!

[Cheers and applause]

Pam: You get the mixing bowl. I'll get the eggs and the flour.

Charlie: Right. Wedding cake. How many layers? Think we can pull this off?

Pam: Well, we better. Otherwise, they're gonna call a bakery!

Charlie: Not on my watch! Okay, what kind of frosting?

Pam: Swiss buttercream -- it's Rick's favorite. I can do it with my eyes closed.

Charlie: Do not close your eyes.

Pam: Why not?

Charlie: Because then I... I couldn't see them twinkle. [Cracking eggs]

Pam: [Gasps] Oh, my God! What are we gonna do now?

Charlie: Would you like an omelet?

Eric: Sweetheart, I am so happy for you -- for both of you.

Brooke: A little advance notice would've been good.

Rick: Oh, come on, come on. We didn't want a lot of fuss.

Hope: Oh, really?

Caroline: Rick didn't want a lot of fuss. I wanted a fairy-tale wedding. You know, with a horse-drawn carriage and a 30-piece orchestra.

Eric: Well, maybe you could settle for a future father-in-law playing the baby grand?

Caroline: Nothing would make me happier.

Hope: So, there's a lot to do.

Rick: Actually, I think we were trying to keep things simple, right?

Donna: But a wedding's not a wedding without flowers.

Dayzee: What about Caroline's dress?

Rick: Actually, I have a surprise for you. It's in the guest house. Dayzee, Maya, you mind helping Caroline?

Dayzee: Of course.

Caroline: Thank you.


Hope: Okay, I'll be there in a minute to come help.

Aly: Impromptu weddings -- so romantic. Maybe you should do the same with Liam.

Caroline: We're really doing this!

Dayzee: I just texted Marcus. He's so excited. He asked me to take lots of pictures.

Maya: And for your moms, too. You're sure you're okay with them not being here?

Caroline: They're gonna kill me, but, yes. They'll understand.

Maya: Of course they will. They love you.

Hope: Hey! This is so exciting! I'm so glad that you guys are doing this today.

Dayzee: I found Rick's surprise.

Hope: [Gasps]

Caroline: My wedding gown.

[Birds chirping]

Bill: I get that you're still mad at me. But I'm not giving up on us. I mean it, Brooke.

Brooke: We're not doing this again.

Bill: I will get through to you.

Brooke: It's over, Bill.

Bill: I know you still love me. And we will share a life again. May seem impossible right now, but we'll get there. As long as I have you.

Charlie: Smells like heaven.

Pam: Well, thanks to you. If you hadn't found those eggs in the back of the fridge...

Charlie: Oh, please. How's the frosting?

Pam: You tell me.

Charlie: Mm, mm.

Pam: Touch more vanilla, right?

Charlie: Yeah.

Pam: Ooh. [Chuckles] Mmm! Perfect.

Charlie: [Chuckles]

Pam: What?

Charlie: Oh, you... you got some right -- right -- right... there.

Pam: Oh.

Bill: I just got your text. And, yes, I will walk you down the aisle. Unh-unh-unh-unh. But I draw the line at public displays of gratitude.

Caroline: [Chuckles] Would a simple "Thank You" do?

Bill: [Chuckles]

Hope: We'll be up at the house.

Caroline: Thank you.

Hope: Of course.

Dayzee: Come here.

Maya: Congratulations.

Bill: All right, uh... I'm gonna make this short and sweet. Rick's a lucky guy, marrying a Spencer. You know, if I had a daughter -- and I kind of feel like I do -- she would be just like you.

Quinn: I never met you, Lady. But I'm guessing we wouldn't have liked each other. All those tributes they made? I understand you could be a royal pain. [Chuckles] Such a lovely picture of your wife.

Eric: It is, isn't it?

Quinn: It is.

Maya: Wow! Look at you.

Rick: Not too shabby, huh?

Maya: I'm really happy for you. And my new friend Cassandra.

Rick: Who?

Maya: [Chuckles]

Brooke: Oh, Honey! Oh, you look so handsome!

Rick: Oh, Mom.

Eric: Chip off the old block.

Brooke: Congratulations. We love you -- both.

Pam: Places, everyone! The bride's about to enter!

Eric: Oh, that's my cue.

Rick: I think that's mine, as well.

[Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" plays]

Brooke: This is from your Aunt Caroline's rose garden.

Caroline: Thank you.

["Bridal Chorus" continues]

[Song ends]

Rick: You look beautiful.

Carter: Everyone knows Rick and Caroline's love story. And like all good love stories, there's been some drama, some ups and downs before getting to this special moment. We are talking about Caroline Spencer, after all. "Drama" is the girl's middle name.


Carter: Through it all, though, their love has grown stronger, deeper... as has their commitment to each other. We celebrate with them now that for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer..."

Caroline: ...For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer...

Carter: "...In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish..."

Caroline: ...In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish...

Carter: "...Until death do us part."

Caroline: ...Until death do us part.

Carter: Now this is when the bride and groom would express in their own words their loving commitment towards each other, but since you haven't had time to prepare --

Rick: Who needs to be prepared... when it's coming from the heart? The day that you first arrived in L.A. and you stepped out of that limo... I never saw a more... exquisite woman... and, as I soon learned, a more, uh...talented or, uh, bratty one.


Rick: No, it's true. This vision of beauty... yeah, she can be a handful. You're a little -- little zany, maybe, a little crazy at times...

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Rick: ...But always classy and always determined. And, well, you're my Caroline. I almost gave up on us. But you never did. 'Cause you knew how good we were together. Every moment with you is truly a gift. And I will protect and cherish you... for the rest of our days... because I love you, Caroline. I love you always. I love you forever.

Caroline: Aren't you proud of me? I didn't blog my way down the aisle.

[Both laugh]

Caroline: But when people see this gorgeous gown, they are going to die.

Rick: Yes, they will.

Caroline: Thank you. Thank all of you.

Caroline: The Forresters and the Logans are gonna be my family now.

Rick: [Chuckles]

Bill: [Clears throat]

Caroline: Not that I won't always be proud to be a Spencer. But I have in-laws that I'm already crazy about. Brooke and Eric, you've always made me feel welcomed and appreciated. And, Hope... you're like the sister I never had. I adore this man. He fascinates me. He challenges me. He reins me in when I get out of line, which is like a couple dozen times a day. I mean, just even on the way here in the car, we were --

Rick: Caroline.

[Both laugh]

Caroline: See? You have a way of centering me, Rick, of making me see what's truly important in life. And I'm not gonna be... a typical wife or mother, but it'll make for a really exciting, unpredictable marriage.

Rick: Yes, it will.

Caroline: And many years from now, when we look back on our lives together, we're gonna know that we wouldn't have done it any other way or with anyone else. You're my best friend, Rick. And you're my partner. And I love you, always and forever.

Carter: The rings, please.

Caroline: [Chuckles]


Rick: I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows. With everything that I am and everything that I have, I give it to you.

Caroline: I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows. And with everything that I am and everything that I have, I give it to you.

[Both laugh]

Carter: By the power vested in me... I have the unique privilege... to pronounce you husband and wife. Rick, you may kiss your bride.

[Both laugh]


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