B&B Transcript Wednesday 11/27/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 11/27/13


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Eric: Welcome.

Dayzee: Hi.

Eric: Happy Thanksgiving.

Dayzee: Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

Hope: Dayzee, hi!

Dayzee: Hey, be there in a second. Then you can put me to work.

Hope: Oh, great. Thank you. Hi.

Aly: Name cards?

Hope: I want to play a little game later, and it's kind of critical where everybody sits.

Katie: Hi.

Liam: Happy Thanksgiving.

Katie: Yeah, you too.

Liam: Uh...

Hope: There is a lot going on with this family this year.

Charlie: I know you're nervous. Sometimes -- sometimes we have to take chances. You have to be brave. And you have to let it happen.

Pam: But mother hated cranberries. If she knew that I was replacing the raisins in her stuffing recipe, she --

Charlie: Do it!

Pam: Okay. Oh!

Charlie: Nice release.

Bill: What is she doing here?

Hope: Oh, you didn't think I'd invite Wyatt without inviting his mom?

Bill: Katie, Brooke, and now Quinn. All of bill's entire fan club.

Hope: So much to be thankful for.

Pam: Okay, Charlie, can you clear me a space over there?

Charlie: Have I ever denied you anything?

Hope: Hello? I brought reinforcements.

Pam: Oh, great!

Donna: We're here!

Pam: Well, you know what? Actually, we're good.

Charlie: Pam, Pam, Pam, Pam, we need yam duty, we got salads, we got nut --

Hope: Charlie's right, pam. It's fun, everyone cooking together. Cooking is therapeutic. Wouldn't you say?

Pam: Okay.

Hope: Okay. Thank you.

Pam: Donna, um, you can peel the carrots. Brooke, you can wash and dice the tomatoes. "Dicing" means cut up into little pieces.

Brooke: Yes, I know what dice means, pam.

Pam: And I'm gonna put you on yam duty because I do not trust your sisters with anything but the basics.

Hope: Okay, what about me? What can I do?

Pam: Here, you can take these out for me and just talk up how good it smells in here.

Hope: Okay, I got it.

Pam: I got you. No, you don't use a knife to peel...

[Indistinct conversations]

Wyatt: Hey.

Hope: Hi.

Wyatt: Turn around.

Hope: Why?

Wyatt: Just do it. Turn around.

Hope: Okay, all right.

Wyatt: [Clears throat]

Hope: [Gasps] What are you doing?

Wyatt: Shh. It's okay. Eric knows. He thought it would be perfect for this occasion. [Clears throat] And, plus, Charlie's here, in case we find ourselves in the middle of another jewelry heist. Let me see. Wow.

Rick: Marry me.

Caroline: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm -- I'm already engaged.

Rick: [Chuckles] No, I mean, marry me today. Now.

Caroline: What?

Rick: Before everyone leaves. After dinner. Carter can officiate. Hope's already treating this as an engagement party. Let's take it one step further. What do you say? Yeah, come on. Let's do it. Let's be impulsive.

Caroline: Let's do it.

Rick: Yeah?

Caroline: Yes. Should we -- should we tell everybody, or...?

Rick: No! We're gonna save it as a surprise.

Caroline: It's a Thanksgiving wedding.

Rick: Sure is.

Caroline: [Laughs] Eee! We're getting married!

[Both laugh]

[Indistinct conversations]

Bill: I'll help you with that.

Eric: Uh, everybody, everybody, welcome to Thanksgiving. Hope has been very mysterious about where everybody sits and adamant about these cards, and so I'm going to, uh -- I'm gonna give it to you now, hope.

Hope: It's really wonderful that we are all here today. I'm hoping that this meal will be a bit of a dress rehearsal for the unity ahead. It's really important, especially on holidays, to come together as families. We were all taught that Thanksgiving was, you know, a time when the pilgrims and the native Americans came together and had this beautiful feast. They all came together, they had a meal, and they found delight in one another and gave forgiveness to those who needed it. So, before we eat, I would like to play a little game. I would love for everybody to look to the person on your right and say a little something about them, something very nice, something sweet. If you only have one word, that's fine. [Laughs] Um, Liam, would you like to go ahead and start us off?

Liam: Um...

Hope: No, it's not meant to be stressful, I promise. It's just something nice in the spirit of the holiday.

Liam: Yeah, okay, okay, okay. Uh, Aly, I am so impressed with you taking the chance, working at Forrester. And, you know, I know you're gonna fit right in because you're charming and stylish and a romantic at heart -- every bit a Forrester.

Aly: Thank you. It doesn't take a holiday for me to acknowledge how important you are to me, dad. And ever since mom's passing... you've taken on more than any parent ever should.

Thorne: Okay. Maya. I can't tell you how excited I am that you are back at hope for the future. You are a joy to work with, and you are an asset to our company.

Maya: Thank you.

Thorne: And now that you are marrying our lawyer, you can bet that contract will be ironclad. You're not going to leave us again.

Maya: I don't plan on it. There are so many things that I am grateful for. What's coming to mind? Your determination. How you saw what could be, and you didn't quit until I saw it, too.

Carter: Okay, two words -- rock star.


Carter: All of us at this table owe you, big-time, for saving that diamond.

Charlie: It was -- it was nothing. Uh, thank you. Um [Clears throat] I have two words, as well. Lemon bars.


Charlie: First time I ate one of your lemon bars and then looked into that...pretty face and -- and those eyes, well, I knew that, um, you were something special. And I would just like to go on... baking with you for a very long time.

Pam: Thank you.

Charlie: The end.


Pam: [Exhales deeply] Donna. You are the most annoying person that I have ever met.

Donna: But?

Pam: You're my best friend. [Chuckles]

Donna: Wow. Uh... Eric, you're the man I've loved more than...anyone in my life. Nobody has ever made me feel so safe. Thank you for everything that you've ever done for me in our marriage and after. Come here. Have a kiss on the cheek.

Eric: Thank you. Take my hand.

Dayzee: Okay.

Eric: In fact, everybody join hands, if you will. Dayzee, you've been a blessing in all of our lives, especially Stephanie's life. You were a great blessing to her in the end. It's been almost a year now, and I'm so -- I'm so, so glad that everyone's here today. Stephanie, your spirit is alive and well here today. Thank you all for being here.

Dayzee: Running a busy company and still finding time to be part of something bigger -- I'm really impressed. You are a lucky lady.

Caroline: Don't I know it.

Rick: Thank you. You know, I feel I'm pretty lucky, too, spending this Thanksgiving with you. You know, and I can't help but think of holidays to come. Our kids sitting at this table, our grandkids. You're gonna remember this day.

Brooke: [Chuckles]

Caroline: I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for you. You know, you -- you saw my designs and you thought that I would be a great fit for Forrester and for rick. [Chuckles] So, I moved very far away from my moms, and... you've always filled that void. I've always thought of you as my west coast mom, and now you really are going to be.

Brooke: I hope so. And it better be soon. [Chuckles] Remember when mom used to make a Thanksgiving feast like this? And we used to do the same thing -- we'd go around the table and say what we are thankful for. And you know what you said every single time?

Katie: Family.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, mom's gone and stormy's gone... but I don't have to be. I'm here for you, Katie. When you're ready.

Katie: [Chuckles] I think I'm gonna pass.

Hope: Not allowed. You have to say something.

Katie: Um -- oh, boy. It's so embarrassing. Sorry. Um... you're the father of my child, and... and that's the best thing that's ever happened to me, so... thank you for that. And... and we've had a lot of good years together. Happy Thanksgiving.

Bill: Okay, hope. You put me in the hot seat here. Now I know what the turkey feels like. Uh, I'm actually gonna say something about the women on either side of me. Katie, I couldn't ask for a more incredible mother for will. You're smart, you're strong, and I know you will be his ideal for when he's looking for a wife someday, and that's a good thing. You have made me A... a better man. And regardless of what we've been through, I will always be grateful for that. Quinn. I respect your raising Wyatt on your own, starting your own business. I wouldn't have been, uh, the best father back then. But I hope today inspires you to know the father that I am now.

Quinn: Thank you. Wyatt. Last year at Thanksgiving, it was just the two of us. And now look. We're working with Forrester creations and being included with their family, and I couldn't be happier.

Wyatt: Me too. Where would I be today if I hadn't have gone camping in big bear? A gorgeous blond walks by and snaps a picture... and changes my life. And because of you, my mother's company finally has gotten the exposure that it deserves. And I'm celebrating Thanksgiving with my father. You affect people. It's not your clothing line. It's -- it's you -- your smile and your compassion. You're one of the few people that I know who brings out the best in others, so... thank you for taking a walk in the woods. [Clears throat]

Hope: [Sighs] Uh, well, I did the seating today. [Chuckles] I wanted to play this game partly because I knew that this man would be sitting to my right. And it gives me the opportunity to say to you, and in front of everybody, something I'm sure they already know. You're amazing, Liam. You are a genuinely good person. And that is why I... and everyone at this table... loves you. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

All: Happy Thanksgiving!


[Indistinct conversations]

[Cheers and applause]

Liam: So, uh... I never got to say anything to you.

Hope: No, that's okay.

Liam: No, it's not.

Hope: Liam...

Liam: Listen. Nobody else -- nobody -- could've pulled this off. Look at them. I mean, all these fractured relationships, all these hurt feelings, and they're setting aside their differences for today, for you. I mean, they are rising above the issues and recognizing that we're a family. I mean, and that's you. You wanted this day to be about gratitude, and I just... I just want to show you mine. I love you, and I thank you. Happy Thanksgiving, hope Logan.

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