B&B Transcript Friday 11/22/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 11/22/13


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Quinn: That's not your call! You don't get to decide what the rest of his life is gonna look like!

[Birds chirping]

Bill: We good?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Bill: There. You see? You can talk to me about this stuff.

Wyatt: [Scoffs] About women? No offense, dad, but --

Bill: Hey, watch it, watch it. We're getting along right now.

Wyatt: But the only woman that I'm interested in you'd rather see with my brother.

Bill: What I want to see is my sons getting along. And that's not going to happen until you agree to leave hope alone.

Wyatt: [Scoffs]

Liam: Listen, I get it. You don't trust my dad right now. And what he did to your mom and your aunt was...

Hope: Slimy.

Liam: Slimy. Yeah, having my dad on our side just makes everything easier, even Wyatt. I mean, my dad's caused us so many problems over the years. I think he owes it to us to finally fix one. And he will, hope. He will.

Eric: [Sighs] You don't think Aly's gonna be happy about this?

Thorne: I mean, dad, this is a big change.

Eric: Thorne... you've worked very hard to give her a stable life and a constant life. She's not a little girl anymore.

Thorne: Mnh-mnh. Don't remind me.

Eric: [Laughs]

[Door opens]

Eric: Oh, here she is.

Aly: Hi, dad.

Thorne: Hi, honey.

Eric: Hey, kid.

Aly: Grandpa.

Eric: Hi. Glad you could make it.

Aly: Is this your thing? Sneaking away from work in the middle of the day?

Eric: Uh, no. I just think your dad wanted to talk to you away from the office.

Aly: Oh, no. Don't tell me I did something wrong my first day on the job.

Thorne: You did well today, Aly.

Eric: We're all very proud of you.

Aly: I really admire hope. There's so much that I want to learn.

Eric: Well, shadowing hope at Forrester's the best way to do it.

Thorne: Honey, I don't want to talk to you about work, okay? I want to talk to you about us. Our family.

Aly: What about it?

Thorne: It's time for a change.

Hope: Well, having your dad in our corner is definitely going to take some getting used to.

Liam: Yeah, well, don't expect him to throw me a bachelor party.

Hope: I wouldn't let you go if he were throwing it. No, I mean, if we were planning a wedding.

Liam: Well, we will be eventually. It's just -- it's just gonna be really nice not having to defend my relationship with you against Wyatt anymore.

Wyatt: Weren't you listening to me?

Bill: Every word.

Wyatt: I'm not messing with Liam! I have real feelings for hope!

Bill: All the more reason to stop this.

Wyatt: So, give up because I have feelings for her?

Bill: Hope was engaged to your brother.

Wyatt: Not anymore.

Bill: The wedding's on hold.

Wyatt: She took off his ring.

Bill: I don't care if she left him at the altar! You stand by your family! You don't interfere!

Wyatt: Please tell me you see the irony in that.

Bill: Look, if you pursue this, you will lose your relationship with your brother and your friendship with hope.

Wyatt: And my relationship with you? Will I lose that, too? You giving me an ultimatum here, dad?

[Cell phone ringing]

Aly: Aren't you gonna get that?

Thorne: No. No. It can wait.

[Ringing stops]

Aly: So serious. Making me nervous.

Thorne: Honey, I've been getting calls from a real-estate agent. A buyer has made an offer on the house.

Aly: It's not on the market.

Thorne: I know, honey. And every time I said no, the buyer came back with a higher offer. This last offer was so high... I had to take it.

Aly: What do you mean?

Thorne: I sold the house.

Aly: Our house?

Thorne: Yes, honey. And it's in escrow, and we're gonna have to move out very quickly.

Aly: I'm sorry. Move?

Thorne: Look, honey, I know -- I know this isn't how we do things. We discuss them. We talk about it. But, sweetie, there was just no time. The offer was too high. I had to take it.

Aly: What about our memories? Aren't they worth anything?

Thorne: Hey. We will always have those memories, okay? But the house is not ours.

Liam: Okay, okay. After this, we don't even have to acknowledge Wyatt's existence. But I just want to make sure this is okay with you.

Hope: I'm sorry. What?

Liam: Me going to my dad, asking him to talk to Wyatt.

Hope: Talk to who? I don't -- it's not ringing a bell. I don't --

Liam: Ah. Yes. 'Cause we're not acknowledging his existence.

Hope: Not acknowledging whose existence?

Liam: Wow.

Hope: [Laughs] It was lame, right? It was lame.

Liam: I think it was awesome.

Hope: Oh, god. If that's an example of an awesome joke to you --

Liam: I'm not talking about the joke. I'm talking about the smile that accompanied it.

Hope: Oh, this one?

Liam: That's it. That's the one right there. I will work overtime for the rest of my life just to keep that smile on your face.

Hope: [Chuckles]

Bill: This isn't about us. We're fine.

Wyatt: Except you're taking Liam's side in this.

Bill: I don't want you two fighting over hope.

Wyatt: But you want me to give up.

Bill: Move on.

Wyatt: [Chuckles] Or what? I asked you before. Are you giving me an ultimatum, dad?

Bill: Wyatt, if I came here to give you an ultimatum, there would be no doubt about it. I'm not telling you anything you haven't heard from Liam or from hope.

Wyatt: Well, she hasn't said anything like this in awhile.

Bill: Which is why you're hearing it from me right now.

Wyatt: Because Liam's nervous! Hope said that she needed time to think, and now she's spending way too much of that time thinking about me. And you were pretty aggressively opposed to them even being together. Why the sudden turnaround?

Quinn: I'd like to hear the answer to that myself. Why is Liam's happiness more important than Wyatt's?

Bill: I never said that hope would make Liam happy.

Quinn: But he should be with her and not my son regardless of how he feels about her or how she might feel about him?

[Cell phone chimes]

Wyatt: It's that shipment we've been waiting for.

Quinn: You can take care of it.

Wyatt: Good luck.

Quinn: How dare you interfere with my son?

Thorne: I know this is a big change.

Aly: It's our home. Where I grew up. How would you feel if grandpa sold this place?

Eric: I've thought about that, Aly. A big house like this, an estate like this, it's really too big for one person.

Aly: One person and a whole lot of memories. Almost all of the memories I have of mom are at that house.

Thorne: No, honey. Those memories, they're right here.

Aly: But that house is where I feel the closest to her. You have memories of mom all over the place -- here, home, the office.

Thorne: I do.

Thorne: Darla, I'm asking you to marry me.

Darla: That's what I thought you said.

Thorne: Well? Don't tell me that you have to think about it.

Darla: [Laughing] No, no, I don't have to think about it. [Sniffles] Not for a second. [Chuckles]

Thorne: I'm gonna make you the happiest girl in the world.

Darla: Maybe it's too late. You already did.

Thorne: I still love your mother very much. And I cherish every connection that I still have with her. Most of all... you. It was very difficult to sell the house where we lived. But I had to take it. And... [Chuckles] Your mother would kick me in the pants if I'd passed this offer up. You know that? [Chuckles]

Eric: [Chuckles] Sally taught her well.

Thorne: Your mother didn't have a place she could call home when she was growing up. Sally was her home. Our -- our family was her home.

Eric: Your parents were married in this room.

Thorne: [Chuckles] Your mother loved this house.

Aly: So do I. It's the only other place I feel really connected to her.

Eric: Then I think this is where you should live.

Hope: All right, well, I have to get downstairs. There's a meeting I need to prepare for.

Liam: I should probably get back to work, too. So, goodbye.

Wyatt: Wow. You can't leave before I congratulate you. Wow. You really stepped up your game. Whining to daddy. Bold move, yoga boy.

Liam: Well, I wasn't having any luck getting through to you.

Wyatt: Hmm. Neither did he. Did Liam tell you about this?

Hope: We were just discussing it.

Wyatt: Mmm. I can't wait to hear what kind of spin he put on it.

Hope: Liam just said he went to bill and asked for support.

Wyatt: He invited bill to interfere in your life. After everything he's put you through, you'd just ask him to step in? Who you gonna ask next? Eric? You gonna ask him to rip up our contract now?

Hope: Okay, okay. If you boys cannot play nice with each other --

[Cell phone chimes]

Hope: ...Then -- then just... ugh, I-I have to go to this meeting.

Liam: No, it's okay. Go, go. I'll catch up with you later.

Hope: Okay.

Wyatt: Not if I catch up with you first. [Chuckles] Oh, you still here? You didn't go rushing off to complain to daddy again?

Liam: No, I think you're right. I should probably deal with this one on my own.

Wyatt: Huh.

Bill: You don't know me that well anymore. But you should know that "how dare you" is not a good way to start a conversation with me.

Quinn: This is not a conversation. This is you listening to me.

Bill: No, it's not. You don't want to do this here. So come see me after you've cooled off.

Quinn: I think we're gonna do this right now.

Bill: [Sighs] I see you haven't lost your considerable charm over the years.

Quinn: I am just looking out for my son.

Bill: You're not doing him any favors.

Quinn: Unlike you. All the strings that you're pulling for Liam. You never even thought that he and hope were a good match. Now suddenly, what? You are their champion?

Bill: Liam asked me to talk to Wyatt.

Quinn: Wyatt doesn't have to listen to you.

Bill: He will.

Quinn: Why? Because you're his father?

Bill: Because I understand the situation, and I know how it's going to end.

Quinn: Mm-hmm.

Bill: Hope and Liam have endured too much.

Quinn: Oh! And what -- what have they endured? A few of your tricks? Some temporary setbacks? Wyatt is so much better suited for hope than Liam is. And you, you need to stay out of my son's way where that girl is concerned. And as far as all of the success that we've experienced, that we have made for ourselves, you had better not mess with that.

Bill: If you're worried about your little deal with Forrester --

Quinn: I am not worried about anything! I'm worried about my son! We have a really good thing going here, bill. Wyatt is happy, and he's in love. He has earned his chance with hope. Let him have it. Let him have what you never gave to me.

Bill: This isn't about you.

Quinn: You tainted me! You treated me the same way that Liam treats hope -- like a plaything, like a toy that he can pick up and discard whenever he wants! Well, you know what? Hope now has a choice, a better choice than I ever had. She can choose Wyatt. And she will... if you leave them alone.

Bill: [Sighs]

Aly: You want me to live with you?

Eric: Yes. Your dad can come, too.

Aly: But if this offer's so great, we can just get our own house.

Thorne: Well, honey, it's not the Forrester mansion.

Eric: Full of wonderful memories like this? Aly, come here. Come here. Aly, this house... this house used to fill with lights when your mother was in it. The way it filled up with light when you came in the door here awhile ago. This house needs that kind of energy and vitality. Without it, it's just... it's just me and a bunch of pictures in here. It's like a museum and I'm the -- I'm the caretaker. I want you to feel at home here.

Aly: I always have. This is where we celebrated holidays, birthdays. One year, I must have asked for roller skates. Mom told me someday she'd teach me to use them out in the courtyard.

Eric: [Chuckles] That -- that would have been something to see.

Thorne: You still can. Give mom a good laugh.

Aly: Only if you do it with me.

Thorne: Is that a yes?

Aly: Yes.

Thorne: [Laughs]

Liam: You know, I am so sick of this. This may be fun for you, but this is my life.

Wyatt: You can live it any way you want, my brother. Just know that you might not be living it with hope.

Liam: Do you know that there's something off about you? There has been ever since the day you showed up. It's -- it's the way that you do things, really. The way that you kissed hope, the way you disrespect me, our father, the way you inserted yourself into Forrester, the hope for the future diamond, that sketchy attempted robbery.

Wyatt: Oh, you're jealous.

Liam: I don't know, Wyatt. Something just doesn't feel right.

Wyatt: To you. But I can assure you [Chuckles] It does feel right to hope.

Liam: Hope doesn't see it, because you know better than to show it to her, but there is something very wrong with you. You and your mother.

Wyatt: Nice. Nice. Bring my mom into it. That's very classy.

Liam: No, I didn't have to. She brought herself into this. Snooping through my private e-mails?

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Liam: Sending that video to hope? She crossed a line. That is shady, Wyatt. And now I know where you get it. Yeah. I will enlist my father and Eric and anyone or anything that will keep you in check. So, please, enjoy, savor this attention you're getting from hope right now, because slow and steady wins the race, and you are two steps shy from blowing it, my brother. That I can assure you.

Wyatt: [Laughs] Oh, god! I love it! I love it.

Liam: Okay.

Wyatt: [Laughs] "Slow and steady wins the race." All right.

Quinn: I'm not gonna let you do this to my son, deny his happiness like you tried to deny his existence.

Bill: I think we're past that, don't you?

Quinn: You stripped me of my dignity, and now you're trying to do that to Wyatt!

Bill: You are making way too much out of this.

Quinn: Oh, my god. Has he told you what this relationship means to him? He's talking about marriage!

Bill: It's not going to happen.

Quinn: That's not your call! You don't get to decide what the rest of his life is gonna look like! God, I was so young and naive when you threw money at me and you told me to just disappear. Do you know what that did to me? The effect that that had on my life? Yeah. I told Wyatt that his father was dead because I didn't want him to know. You...are a despicable man.

Bill: I've been called worse.

Quinn: Yeah, but, see... [Chuckles] I'm not that young, naive girl anymore. And you, you -- well, you're no longer king of the business world. I mean, you're not even C.E.O. of your own company. Brooke, Katie -- oh, they're finished with you. And if you're not careful, Wyatt will be, too.

Bill: I'll take my chances.

Quinn: Yeah, well, he doesn't need you, bill. Wyatt is as happy and as successful as he's ever been in his entire life, and I am not going to let you ruin that for him. See, it's been so long, but I remember the day that I gave this to you. It represented how I saw you -- fiercely protective, strong as steel, a man who would never, ever turn his back on his own blood.

Bill: What the hell?

Quinn: [Chuckles] Revenge tastes...so sweet.

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