B&B Transcript Tuesday 11/19/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 11/19/13


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Brooke: You want my forgiveness.

Bill: You don't have to tell me it's a lot to ask.

Brooke: Actually, it's pretty easy for me once I've loved somebody. Easier for me than most, I think.

Bill: Brooke, are you saying --

Brooke: But nobody has used my love against me the way you have to get what you want. So I have to wonder if that's what you're doing right now.

Bill: And if I come to your door every day and I tell you how much I love you and that I want you back?

Brooke: Maybe all you want back are those documents that you had Katie sign.

Bill: You still have them?

Wyatt: Well, it seems like she doesn't want me to leave, bro.

Liam: Don't call me "bro."

Hope: Why can't he call you "bro"?

Liam: Because it's annoying and that's why he's doing it.

Hope: No! It's -- no, it's endearing.

Liam: Oh, well, then he can call you bro at a later date. After you and I have finished our lunch.

Wyatt: Okay. Of course I will go if Hope wants me to leave.

Liam: Pretty sure she does.

Wyatt: You know, you don't really have that ventriloquist thing down yet, bro. I can totally see your lips moving.

Thorne: Wow. What a great shoot. Tell me we're not going to waste these on black-and-white print ads.

Eric: I don't know what Hope had in mind, but I'd like to.

Aly: I hate to tell you, but corporate spies could walk in here and see anything.

Thorne: Aly! How did the interview go?

Eric: Interview? What interview?

Thorne: Well, Aly's been approved to do an independent study for her last semester. She met with a law firm today about doing legal research for them.

Eric: Really? Well, good. Excellent.

Aly: You are gonna be so mad at me.

Thorne: Oh, I don't do mad. Well, at him.

Aly: Disappointed, then.

Thorne: Honey, as long as you did your best and you behaved, that's all that matters.

Aly: But aren't there times where you have to choose between behaving well and doing what's best?

Eric: You can't be saying they passed you up. Did you tell them you graduated high school early?

Aly: Anna Paquin won an Oscar when she was 11. I didn't tell anyone anything. I met the partner I'd be working with, and he talked to his secretary the way people talk to dogs. And then he showed me their little law library. I think if I sat in it for an hour, I'd jump out of a window, if there were one.

Thorne: So you said?

Aly: So I said, "excuse me, I think I'm in the wrong place," and left.

Eric: Well, uh, perhaps -- it's just a guess -- you don't really want to be a lawyer.

Thorne: And can I just say how okay with that I would be?

Aly: I wanted to do something different.

Thorne: Honey, you can still run for president.

Eric: Aly, you don't have to commit to a career path yet. Although it's a shame you have to give up the independent study.

Aly: Well, dad always said I'd be good at any number of things.

Thorne: Very true. Absolutely.

Aly: Would this be a good time to get more specific?

Hope: Wyatt, it was really, really sweet of you to run these photos out to me.

Liam: Yeah, "sweet" would have been dropping them off and then leaving. Or sending a carrier pigeon.

Wyatt: Oh, come on, bro. We had fun, didn't we?

Liam: You had fun. I had tennis balls bounce off my face.

Hope: Okay, okay. This really was kind of a private party, so I will call you when I get back to Forrester.

Wyatt: All right. Which will be...

Hope: I don't know. What time is it now?

[Cell phone chimes]

Hope: Oh, it's Eric. He wants me back at the office. "And Wyatt, too, if you're together." He wants these photos out in front of the public A.S.A.P.

Wyatt: Hmm. What are you gonna do? Public calls. [Chuckles] Come on, "Hopi." Let's get out of here.

Bill: I would have thought you destroyed those papers.

Brooke: If I tell you I did, will that keep you from having somebody break in and search my property?

Bill: Oh, come on, Brooke. W-what should I do? I mean, is it somehow nobler to pretend that losing my job, my company, my son is no big deal, being exiled from my own life is insignificant?

Brooke: Everything you lost, you lost because of me.

Bill: No. Because of Katie. Don't you remember how easy it was? No looking back. No looking forward. We can be happy again.

Thorne: Aly, you have so many talents.

Aly: I wonder if I have any fashion-related talents.

Eric: Talents such as what?

Aly: Oh, maybe...shoes? Okay, so you know how baby ducks will see a dog and think it's their mother? It was like that with me and Sally Spectra's shoes. I was little, I'd be playing on the floor, and there they were, more awesome than all of my toys, even with her feet still in them. Sometimes she sends me shoes for my birthday. They hardly ever fit, but they're fabulous.

Thorne: Sally forgets her birthday, but she would never forget yours.


Dr. Paxson: A few more good pushes. Come on.

Sally: Gladys, Gladys, you getting a shot of this, huh?

Gladys: Yeah, I'm getting it, coach.

Sally: What do you mean? You're not getting it. Get the camera up there. Put it on the mother's face. Come on, Darla. Smile pretty for the camera.

Darla: I don't feel like smiling, Sally!

Dr. Paxson: Here comes the baby! Here comes the baby! Oh, here we go. Here we go. It's a girl! [Laughs]

Thorne: It's a girl?

[Baby crying]

Darla: I love you. It's mommy. It's mommy.

Thorne: Oh. She's beautiful. She is beautiful. Look at that.

Darla: Yes. I'm right here.

Thorne: Look at that.

Darla: I'm right here, baby.

(Present time)

Aly: Was that the Gladys that cut Sally's hair?

Thorne: One and the same.

Eric: She had more careers than a caterpillar has legs. She even married your grandmother and me once.

Aly: You know, dad, it's funny Sally's name should come up, because she thinks I could follow in your footsteps. Or hers.

Wyatt: We ready?

Liam: What? No, she's not riding with you. I'm driving her.

Wyatt: What sense does that make? You're here. You're home.

Liam: Yeah, and the point, as I keep trying to explain to you, is to have a little bit of alone time with Hope, and now maybe that'll happen in the car.

Hope: All right, um.... Wyatt, you go ahead. We'll see you there.

Wyatt: You're not invited to the meeting.

Liam: Okay. Bye. Bye. Take care, now. [Sighs]

Hope: Well, this was fun.

Liam: Yes. I hope you enjoyed laughing at me. For the record, if he hadn't cheated, I could have totally passed all his little challenges.

Hope: Oh, yeah. I know. I know.

Liam: [Chuckles]

Brooke: [Sighs] I packed your things.

Bill: Yeah, I can see that. I'm so sorry I hurt you.

Brooke: I believe you... if it matters.

Bill: But you still have to punish me.

Brooke: No, Bill. We just never should have happened. And I just wasn't strong enough to... to let you go until you broke my heart.

Aly: So I said, "what do I know about fashion?" I couldn't do the things Hope does, and Sally said, "listen, Einstein --"

Thorne: When did she start calling you that?

Aly: I think when I won the science fair. Anyway, she said, "I never knew anything about fashion. I never had any taste, but did I let that stop me? You owe it to Queenie --" that's what she calls grandmother.

Thorne: We know.

Aly:  "You owe it to Queenie to try your hand at the family business. Or your feet! Forrester has yet to produce a decent line of women's shoes." Or so Sally said.

Thorne: Actually, that's true.

Eric: It's been mentioned, actually, but nobody's run with it.

Aly: I just thought... I know my advisor would approve me to do an independent study here in design or marketing. I don't actually know how to do anything, true, but I'm pretty sure I can learn how to do anything.

Hope: Aly! Hi!

Aly: Hope! OMG! You looked so gorgeous with that diamond on. You were all over the news. Hello, Liam.

Liam: Hey, Alexandria.

Hope: Yeah, it was a little hair-raising, especially when the --

Wyatt: Whoa, whoa! Hey! [Chuckles] Don't start without me.

Aly: You.

Hope: This is Wyatt, Liam's brother.

Both: Half-brother.

Aly: You stopped those jewel thieves.

Hope: And this is my cousin, Alexandria.

Aly: We're not actually related.

Hope: Don't ask.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Eric: All right, Hope, two things. Don't go anywhere. We sent the photos down to graphics, and they're working up some mock layouts for us to approve of.

Hope: Okay.

Eric: And second, I want Aly to follow you.

Hope: Follow -- I thought you said stay here. Where are we going?

Eric: I want her to shadow you here at Forrester. She's doing an independent study for school next semester, and I want her to see how things are done here at Forrester -- at least, how you do them.

Aly: No, I-I couldn't ask a thing like that.

Eric: You didn't. I did.

Hope: I love it! I love this!

Thorne: Okay, sweetheart.

Aly: Thank you, Grandpa!

Eric: You're welcome.

Hope: I thought you were pre-law. What happened to that?

Aly: It's a long story. I met with a partner, and...

Thorne: Thanks, Dad.

Eric: Sure. Glad to do it. Did you, um, did you tell her the other news?

Thorne: I asked her to stop by after the interview thinking it would be the perfect opportunity, but...

Eric: Don't keep putting it off. It may not be that easy for her.

Bill: You don't want this.

Brooke: You think you know me so well.

Bill: I do know you. And I can see it.

Brooke: Well, maybe it's not as easy for me to say the things that you said to me when you walked out.

Bill: Because that was a sham.

Brooke: I know it's hard for you to tell the difference after so many years of practice, but to me, it hurts all the same.

Bill: And I'm sorry. And I know you can forgive me.

Brooke: Please, do we really have to put ourselves through this?

Bill: Are you saying you don't love me the way you did before?

Brooke: Bill... [Scoffs] Let's not talk about love. It's really impossible. And don't start telling me that you can't live without me. 'Cause then you'll just end up hanging 1,000 feet in the air. And inside yourself, you act to be fearless, but you're not. You're full of panic. And then you're just in the fight for your life, and it's brutal.

Bill: Because it is a fight. And you know this. Every good thing hurts someone. You know, people are raised to be satisfied and docile and accept what they get, even if it's not enough to keep the fire inside them burning. So they go on, getting grayer and colder, expecting less and less until finally one day they see that thing -- that thing that is worth the world, that thing that they have been told their entire sorry lives that they can never have. And in that moment, they know, just like I know, that nothing will ever make sense without it. I'm sorry for what I did to Katie. I know you're sorry, too. So do we go sorry and alone to our graves? Is that enough for you to call it a life, Brooke?

Brooke: [Sighs]

Hope: All right, well, I guess this means that you're gonna have to stick around and look at layouts with me.

Aly: I'm embarrassed to admit that sounds almost exciting.

Liam: Well, I would love to hang out and look at layouts, but...

Hope: Oh, I know. I know.

Liam: Yeah, that horrible place I work expects me to come in and actually do something for my salary. Can you believe that?

Hope: It's an outrage.

Liam: I know.

Wyatt: Occupy Spencer.

Liam: By the way, I want a rain check for our day at the beach that we almost had but didn't quite have.

Hope: Okay. Mm.

Liam: Call you later.

Hope: Okay.

Liam: Okay.

Aly: Bye, Liam.

Liam: Bye.

Wyatt: Well, I should make some calls and check in with the warehouse.

Hope: Okay.

Wyatt: Nice meeting you, Alexandria.

Aly: "Aly" for short. Nice to meet you.

Wyatt: All right, text me when graphics calls.

Hope: Okay, I will.

Wyatt: All right.

Hope: [Clears throat] What?

Aly: Oh, yeah, I want to shadow you.

Hope: [Chuckles]

Bill: Are you remembering?

Brooke: Yes.

Bill: Aspen?

Brooke: Yes.

Bill: Monte Carlo?

Brooke: Yes.

Bill: We can't make everything better.

Brooke: I know.

Bill: But we can still have this -- each other. Say "yes." One word. I'll take them upstairs.

Brooke: No. No, just take these... ...and take this... ...and go.

Bill: Your sacrifice is for nothing, Brooke. I'm not going back to Katie.

Brooke: That's none of my business.

Bill: And she will not forgive you. She's not you. There will be no redemption. Maybe in the moment, but it won't last. She will lay in wait and judgment of you. What if this is it, our last chance to love and be loved? What if the rest of it is just one long slog and everything we could have been goes to waste?

Brooke: Maybe I'll be able to look at myself in the mirror.

Bill: No. No, Brooke. You are stronger than this. Guilt is for cowards, not for us. We stand tall, and we say that we will pay the price, whatever it is.

Brooke: Goodbye, Bill.

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