B&B Transcript Thursday 11/7/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 11/7/13


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Bill: I realize this is coming out of nowhere, but I need you to under--

Brooke: You're going back to Katie. You never should have left. I told you that over and over again. If you had just listened and not pushed so hard and made me believe... [Sighs] Oh, God. Oh. Why did I believe you? Don't ever touch me again.

Katie: I'm not gonna come in until about 10:30 tomorrow. I want to make up for some lost time with Will.

Adele: Your first meeting isn't until 10:30, so that should be fine. But you'll have to hit the ground running, though. Are you okay? You seem far away.

Katie: Oh. No. I'm not far, just Aspen.

Adele: What's in Aspen?

Katie: Bill and Brooke climbing mountains.

Adele: Perfect couple. [Chuckles] Two adrenaline junkies. Guess you knew what you were doing.

Katie: I'm sorry. What?

Adele: Bill and Brooke together. That's what you wanted.

Katie: Bill is my husband and we have a child together. Why would I want him living with my sister?

Adele: I'm sorry. I must be confused. But I thought that was the point when you set them up in Aspen.

Rick: You're shocked.

Maya: I am.

Rick: But not in a bad way?

Maya: Can you just say this again so that I know that I didn't mishear you and I don't completely embarrass myself?

Rick: On behalf of Hope for the Future, I'm asking you to resume your position as spokesmodel... effective immediately.

Maya: Thank you.

Maya: You know, your timing is impeccable. I was just talking to Carter about how -- he spoke to you, didn't he?

Rick: Who?

Maya: [Scoffs] Don't even try to play it off. God, that guy!

Rick: Would do anything to put a smile on your face. You're not mad at him, are you?

Maya: No. It's typical Carter wonderfulness. I... thank you for making it so easy. I won't let Forrester Creations down again.

Rick: Welcome back, Maya.

Katie: How did you know that I set them up in Aspen?

Adele: You don't remember?

Katie: Um...not really. The postpartum was kind of like...living in a fog. There are a lot of missing pieces.

Adele: You sent me to Aspen with your cell phone knowing Bill would track your GPS and come after you with Brooke and Will.

Katie: I-I'm sorry, Adele. I should never have put you in that position. I-I wasn't thinking clearly or I wouldn't have done that.

Adele: I'm just glad you're better. I'm gonna get back to that spreadsheet.

Katie: Donít. No. Don't worry about it. Why don't you just go home?

Adele: All right, Ms. Spencer.

Katie: Okay.

{Flashback 1}

Katie: Were you followed?

Adele: No. I was careful. I left the envelope in Aspen just as you asked, and here's your gate key.

Katie: Oh, thank you.

{Flashback 2}

Bill: "Bill, I'm sorry, but I can't be Will's mommy. I want a divorce. Our son is yours now. Find him a good mother, something I can't be. Katie."

{Present time}

Bill: I never lied about my feelings for you.

Brooke: It was wrong. I knew that. Breaking up a family, putting myself ahead of a child. And Katie, my precious little sister -- how much she adores me and respects me and looks up to me, and what did I do to her? I betrayed her. I took her husband. I-I took you away from Will.

Bill: No, Brooke. No. You didn't do any of that. It was me. I walked out, and I walked out of my own volition.

Brooke: To be with me. Why couldn't you just have left me alone? Why couldn't you just have appreciated what you had? You wrecked everything. And for what, Bill? To end it like this -- overnight, like it was nothing?

Bill: When you come that close to death, that kind of death, it makes everything very clear -- how it is and how it has to be. And I am not the kind of man who can relinquish control of every aspect of his life. And I see that now.

Brooke: What was I, Bill? Was I just a conquest, something that you had to prove that you could have?

Bill: You know that isn't true. I love you, Brooke.

Brooke: Well, your love hurts like Hell.

[Door opens]

Carter: Hey.

Maya: Hello. Been gone awhile.

Carter: Yeah, I had to, uh, take care of some things.

Maya: Business.

Carter: Yeah. Yeah. Hope for the Future. [Chuckles]

Maya: Yeah. It, uh...wouldn't have anything to do with me, would it?

Carter: You're upset.

Maya: Do I look upset?

Carter: Yeah. You kind of do.

Maya: You went to Rick. Asked for my job back.

Carter: So, you know about that already, so...you must have spoken to him.

Maya: I did.

Carter: [Sighs] Didn't go for it. I guess I should have just left it in your hands.

Maya: You are the...most fantastic man. Thank you. [Chuckles]

Carter: What? Wait. You're back on board?

Maya: Effective immediately.

Carter: What?!

Maya: Yeah!

Carter: Oh, that's great!

[Both laughing]

Rick: Gorgeous.

Caroline: [Giggles] It will be. It's just a glimmer right now. Where have you been?

Rick: I have something to tell you.

Caroline: Good news, I hope.

Rick: Mm, yes, but I'm not exactly sure how you're gonna feel about it. I have a spokesmodel for Hope for the Future.

Caroline: [Sighs] And Myrna's in the building. Please, please tell me that that is a coincidence.

Rick: Maya's already associated with the brand. It would be a lot easier bringing her back than launching someone else.

Caroline: You're really gonna put me through this again.

Rick: Not if it's a problem. But if it is, you know, you should speak up. Because now is the time.

Katie: We are so lucky to have aunt Donna on nights when mama has to work late, huh?

Will: [Babbling]

Katie: I know. Our support group has kind of thinned out lately, hasn't it? Aunt Brooke is not around. She and daddy are in Aspen... where it all started.


Katie: Yes. I'm calling to arrange an excursion for today in Aspen. Sure. I'll hold.

{Present time}

Will: [Babbles]

Bill: Letting you go is killing me.

Brooke: What difference does it make? It shouldn't have happened in the first place. But you insisted, Dollar Bill Spencer. You take what you want when you want it, and when you're done, you're gone.

Bill: I know it seems that way.

Brooke: That's what you did with your business, what you did with Katie, and what you're doing with me right now. You told me so many times that you loved me, to not pay attention to the scandal or the disapproval of our families because it's going to blow over and we're gonna have a wonderful life together, many adventures. How could I be so gullible? I should have listened to Hope. She told me not to listen to my heart, only to listen to my conscience. But I didnít. I disrespected Katie, and I destroyed her family. I took Will's father out of the house. And now you're done. But, hey. [Chuckles] [Sniffles] Karma, right? I mean, you can't really build happiness on the ruins of somebody else's life.

Bill: You have no idea how hard this is for me.

Brooke: I bet you want me to make it easier for you. I will. I'm gonna release you and every promise you ever made me. You're free -- free to go back to your family. And while you're basking in the glow of Katieís love, why don't you convince her to forgive me?

[Bell chimes]

Brooke: [Sighs]

Bill: I need to tell you one thing, and I need you to hear me. You asked me if you were a conquest. You are everything I ever wanted, Brooke. And you always will be.

Brooke: Stop it. Don't hurt my sister again. Be the husband that she thought you could be, and when you make a commitment, mean it. I'll find my own way home.

Caroline: If I told you that Myrna coming back was a problem for me, would you stop it?

Rick: Of course.

Caroline: That just made my day. You don't have to. I'm fine with it.

Rick: Really?

Caroline: Mm-hmm. You are engaged to me, and Maya is engaged to Carter. Everyone's happy. And I agree with you. She's great for the line. People responded positively to her when she was a spokesmodel, and they missed her when she was gone. So, it's a win all around.

Rick: I really would have told her that it was no-go.

Caroline: And that means a lot to me. But I'm not that petty. Well, not anymore. [Chuckles] There's enough room here for both of us.

Rick: Have I told you how sexy you are when you're generous?

Caroline: Mm. [Chuckles]

Carter: Oh! Uh... [Laughing] Bad timing. [Laughing]

Caroline: [Laughing] Sorry.

Rick: Come on in.

Maya: Or perfect timing.

Caroline: Carter, Marybelle.

Maya: Oh, just like I never left.

Caroline: Well, I just wanted you to feel welcome.

Katie: I know you miss your daddy. I just don't want you to ever doubt how much he loves you. You are the one thing that we will always agree on. You're the most amazing little miracle. Bill. What -- what's going on? Why are you here?

Bill: I need to hold my son.

Katie: O-okay. All right.

Bill: [Smooches]

Katie: What's going on?

Bill: There was an accident. Thank God I didn't solo climb.

Katie: What are you talking about?

Bill: I lost my footing, Katie. I fell down the mountain.

Katie: Oh, my God.

Bill: I was dangling thousands of feet in the air, and a rope was the only thing between me and death.

Katie: [Breathing shakily]

Bill: It's true what they say -- your life does flash before your eyes -- at least, mine did. And certain things became undeniably clear.

Caroline: I'm not trying to be snarky, but I have to ask something.

Maya: Here we go.

Caroline: From a business standpoint, Forrester built an entire re-launch around you as the spokesmodel and you walked. So, what guarantee do we have that you won't do it again?

Maya: My word. Things are different now. I left my job because what was going on between all of us was just too painful.

Caroline: But Rick and I are together more than ever now.

Maya: And I'm with Carter, committed to him and the life we're making.

Caroline: Well, I guess we're back in business.

Maya: [Chuckles]

Carter: That could have gone worse.

Maya: It's new. Give it time.

Rick: Carter and I are, uh, friends, so none of that. That means our, uh, ladies need to get along, too.

Caroline: [Clears throat] Can I, uh, um, make a suggestion, please?

Rick: Yeah, I suppose that you can.

Caroline: Baby steps.

Maya: Like -- like teeny, tiny, miniscule baby steps.

Caroline: Mm-hmm. Yeah. See, and there was one right there. Mona and I agree.

Maya: Hey.

Caroline: Fresh start?

Maya: All right.

Caroline: All right.

Maya: You got it, Carol.

Caroline: [Sighs]

{Flashback 1}

Bill: We're gonna get to the top of that mountain and leave everything else behind.

Brooke: Yes. We will.

Bill: I love you.

{Flashback 2}

Brooke: I was so afraid I'd lost you.

Bill: You'll never lose me. I want you to remember that always.

{Present time}

Brooke: [Sighs]

Katie: Oh, my God. You could have died. You could have died.

Bill: I would have if I'd gone ahead with the solo climb. You were right, Katie. It was too dangerous. It was reckless. You were right about many things.

Katie: Thank God you didnít. Thank God you didnít. I don't know what I would have done. I donít.

Bill: There's so much I need to say to you. I had an epiphany, Katie. Knowing my life was completely dependant on a rope holding, I thought about Will. I would never see him again, never hold him, never kiss him. I thought about Liam and Wyatt, how much they still needed their dad. And I thought about you. I made a mistake. Brooke was a mistake. You called it. I was hypnotized. But that mountain? That mountain broke the spell, and I know where I need to be -- with Will and with you. I want my family back, Katie. Will you let me come home?

Katie: [Crying]

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