B&B Transcript Tuesday 11/5/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 11/5/13


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Brooke: He should go up that way, right there.

[Wind whistling]

(Flashback voice)

Katie: I'll win any court case. There's no question what the ruling will be. You'll be lucky if you ever see Will again.

Bill: I love you. Daddy will always be here for you.

Katie: You'll see him every two weeks.

Bill: That's not enough!

Katie: I don't want him over at Brooke's. There are consequences, and this is your new reality. You're not in charge anymore, Bill. I am. [Echoing] You'll be lucky if you ever see will again.

(Present time)

Bill: [Screams]

Brooke: [Gasps]

Bill: [Grunts]

Brooke: Bill!

Katie: Hey.

Liam: Hey. Everything okay with Will?

Katie: Yeah. Donna's taking him home. He's had a very busy day with mommy, but...look at this. I think he has quite a flair.

Liam: Mwah! Not that you're a proud mama or anything.

Katie: No, no.

Liam: [Laughs]

Katie: [Sighs] I hate not spending time with him.

Liam: Well, I -- you could always be a full-time mom again. I'm just -- just saying.

Katie: I know you want your father back in this chair.

Liam: [Sighs] Speaking of dear old dad, you hear anything from Aspen since last time we talked?

Katie: Oh, no, I'm sure he's way too busy free climbing mountains to reach out to his son by phone. Or maybe he and Brooke decided to cancel. Spend the day in bed.

Liam: [Sighs]

[Indistinct conversations]

Quinn: What were you thinking? Staging a fake jewelry heist?

Wyatt: Mom, chill. I only took the diamond long enough so that Charlie would call the cops and make headlines. And then I'd have him find it. No harm, no foul.

Quinn: And the robbers?

Wyatt: That I didn't plan for. Two real-life diamond thieves with guns? Wow.

Quinn: Yeah. Don't make light of this, Wyatt Fuller. You could have been killed.

Wyatt: Oh, come on, Mom! They didn't stand a chance when I threw Charlieís coffee in their faces, and that bought me just enough time so that I could slip it in the bag as the police were rushing in. It's pretty smooth, huh?

Quinn: If you hadn't been in danger, but you were in danger!

Wyatt: Mom, look. About the robbers -- it was a coincidence. Okay? And, sure, yes, I wanted all kinds of huge publicity, but this? World-famous diamond thieves are caught at the Forrester Boutique. The news is being heard 'round the world. Hope's face is everywhere.

Quinn: That's what this was all about? Are you gonna tell Hope what you did?

Wyatt: Mm?

Hope: Sorry. Tell me what?

Wyatt: [Chuckles nervously] Um...

Wyatt: Hope, uh... just -- just that the -- you know, wow, paparazzi are just going crazy out there.

Hope: [Sighs] I know.

Pam: [Deep voice] Nobody move! This is a stickup! [Laughs]

Rick: [Laughing] Whoa! Nobody needs that, quick draw.

Thorne: We come in peace. [Laughs]

Pam: I had you going for a minute, didn't I?

Charlie: You could have been shot, young lady.

Pam: [Chuckles]

Eric: You have to excuse my sister-in-law. She has a very strange sense of humor.

Wyatt: Wow! Is there anybody, uh, left at Forrester Creations?

Caroline: Well, we just wanted to make sure that you were both okay.

Thorne: Yeah, must have been some ordeal.

Charlie: Well, for a ordinary run-of-the-mill guard, I suppose it was, but for a highly trained, finely honed professional like myself, it was just another day at the office. [Camera shutter clicks] That's enough.

Oliver: I'd get used to it. You're famous now.


Caroline: You both are.

Eric: So, Wyatt, are you sure you're all right?

Wyatt: Uh, whew! My mother, on the other hand. Uh, she's a little freaked out.

Quinn: Yeah, with good reason. Those robbers could --

Wyatt: Are behind bars for a very long time. Look, everything that happened today is a win-win for everyone.

Katie: [Sighs] Go ahead and say it. You think I've been too hard on poor Bill. I've taken his company.

Liam: [Chuckles] A company that the world still sees as his.

Katie: That's changing.

Liam: Yeah, but for the better? I mean, just like me, Katie, you've heard rumblings.

Katie: Oh, please. Bill's not above stoking all of that. Listen, I didn't want any of this. But I can't just click my ruby slippers and change what is. Right now, Bill and Brooke are in Aspen having the time of their lives, I'm sure, so I have to take care of what I have left, which is this company and my son.

Liam: Katie. Are you telling me that you've completely written off my father?

Katie: I don't want anything to happen to him, Liam. Of course not. But free climbing is dangerous. Brooke could have talked him out of it. He would have listened to her. But she couldn't risk sounding like her nagging little sister. Let's just hope he came to his senses at the last moment.

Brooke: Oh, my God! Bill! Hold on!

Katie: Well, the layouts are exceptional. Hope looks beautiful.

Liam: Yes.

Jarrett: Sorry, Adele. We have to see Katie right away.

Katie: What's going on?

Thea: We're hearing over the police scanners that there's been an attempted diamond heist at the Forrester Boutique.

Jarrett: It's all over the internet.

Liam: What? What happened?

Katie: Was anyone hurt?

Jarrett: Well, no, thanks to some quick thinking from Wyatt.

Thea: He and a security guard subdued the thieves.

Jarrett: They're honest-to-goodness heroes. Look.

Thea: It's trending on all the top search engines.

Katie: Well, what are you doing here? Get over there!

Jarrett: Right.

Eric: Normally, one wouldn't celebrate an attempted robbery, but I think in this case we're just all glad that everyone's all right.

Pam: [Laughs]

Oliver: Talk about heroic.

Charlie: [Chuckles]

Pam: I, uh, whipped you up a special batch of my lemon bars.

Charlie: Meyer lemon? Reduced sugar?

Pam: Would I ever make them any other way again?

Caroline: Ooh, my God. Is Pam still?

Rick: Crushing on the security guard, it looks like.

Caroline: [Squeals]

Thorne: Thanks for that. Um, that was Lieutenant Baker. The thieves still insist that they are, uh, innocent.

Charlie: We caught those sticky-finger girly-boys red handed. Right partner?

Wyatt: Yeah. [Chuckling] Yeah.

Eric: Actually, you know, Wyatt, I'm still a little fuzzy on how this actually happened. So, the diamond was missing before these two bad guys came in with their guns drawn?

Pam: Details, schmetails. What really matters is Forrester is getting more publicity than ever before.

Rick: You know what? Pam's right. This photo of you and Wyatt is actually starting to get some traction.

Oliver: Just wish I'd taken it.


Eric: The important thing is how it all lines up. I mean, first of all, the trip to Mexico and then the diamond and then pairing it with Hope's line, and now this attempted robbery? I mean, it couldn't have turned out better if you'd planned the whole thing. Hear, hear, everybody.

All: Hear, hear. Cheers.

[Glasses clinking]

Hope: Cheers.

Wyatt: Cheers.

[Wind whistling]

Brooke: Bill! Oh, my God! Hold on!

Bill: [Breathing heavily]

Othello: Bill! The gear's no good. There's only one piece in. Get back on the wall and climb to the top.

Bill: [Groans]

Brooke: Oh, my God! Please! Oh!

Bill: [Grunting]

Liam: Wyatt a hero. Right. [Sighs]

[Keyboard clacking]

Eric: To our two quick-witted heroes, Charlie and Wyatt. We are forever in your debt.

All: Cheers.

Wyatt: Well, we'll try not to get swelled heads, right, Charlie?


Charlie: What?

Pam: Another lemon bar, big guy?

Charlie: Well, just one. Got to drive, you know. [Chuckles]

Pam: [Laughs]

Caroline: Gosh, the press is relentless.

Charlie: Yeah, they've been trying to get in since the cops left. You know what? I'll handle this. As the great John Wayne once said, "Cover me. I'm going in."

Rick: [Laughs]

Quinn: [Laughs]

Eric: Proud of your son, aren't you?

Quinn: Yes. Very. I'd also like to give him a swift kick. The things he'll do.

Thea: Wyatt! Wyatt! It's Thea! Wyatt!

[Indistinct shouting]

Wyatt: Thea Andrews. Charlie, let her in. It's okay. Let them in.

Man 1:  Where is the diamond? Come on!

Charlie: Stand back.

Man 2:  Charlie! Charlie! How does it feel to be a hero?

[Indistinct shouting]

Jarrett: Oh, thank you. We were about to get crushed by the throngs out there.

Thea: Thank you for speaking to us.

Wyatt: Absolutely, Thea. Um, you know, one thing that we want to make sure that we get across to your viewers and readers is that, after everything that happened today, the Hope for the Future diamond is still gonna be on display here at the Forrester Boutique.

Hope: Yeah, we want to make sure people know that they can come and see it from all over the world. They can shop. They can buy.

Wyatt: Right, and we're even considering creating a replica of the diamond for sale. Isn't that right, Mom?

Thea: Very impressive, Mr. Fuller.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Bill: [Gasps]

Brooke: Oh, my God!

Bill: [Grunting]

[Billís voice echoing] I love you, Will. I love you. Daddy will always be here for you. I love you, Will. Always be here. I love you, Will. Daddy will always be here for you. Always be here, always be here, always be here, always be here.

Bill:  [Grunting]

Brooke: Bill! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I was so scared. Oh! Are you okay?

Bill: I am now.

Brooke: [Sighs] [Crying]

Katie: You wondering what this means for you and Hope?

Liam: [Scoffs] You know, Wyatt catches one lucky break with this -- this heist thing, and I guarantee you -- I guarantee you he's gonna use it to his advantage with Hope. Well, guess what. I'm not gonna allow it. I'm not. [Sighs]

Charlie: When Wyatt finally figured out where I had strategically placed the thermos, he flipped off the lid and flung a wide swath of Smokin' Joe right in their faces. [Laughter] I got to tell you, at that point, it was all over but the screaming. [Laughter] Okay, then -- then -- then --

Pam: What? Don't stop, Charlie.

Charlie: I, uh...

Pam: What?

Charlie: No, Pam. Um, listen, no. This isn't about me, and, you know, it shouldn't be about me. I mean... t-this should be about, um... the bravest man I know. Wyatt Fuller.

[Camera shutters clicking]

Eric: Charlie, thank you. We all appreciate what you've done very much. And, Hope, I have to say, your choice was brilliant to bring Wyatt and his beautiful mother to us at Forrester.

Quinn: Thank you.

Eric: I appreciate everything that you've done for our company.

Wyatt: Thanks, Eric. Um, I'm the one who should be grateful. You've changed my life and my momís. You've given her a platform to showcase her talent. Plus a chance to do what she and we do best, which is make a little noise.


Thorne: A little noise heard 'round the world.

Wyatt: Yes. Um, but, Eric, I've seen how you run this company and your family, and you're a good man, and this has been a great experience for me, and I am humbled and flattered. And we're trending number one online.


Wyatt: Hey, I'm with you, Pam! Mwah! This guy? I'm telling you! This big, brave security guard. I mean, I had my concerns at first. But he really came through for me. For all of us.

Jarrett: Maybe the two of you should team up.

Eric: Look, Wyatt, I have to thank you. You're a little unconventional, but we like unconventional around here. Puts us out ahead of the competition, so thank you.

Wyatt: Well, that's exactly what Carolineís inspired designs and Rickís global approach has already done. Of course, none of this would be happening if it weren't for Hope. Mm-hmm. Oh, yes. Where do I begin?

Hope: You don't have to.

Wyatt: No, I'm gonna.

[Both laugh]

Wyatt:  You're gorgeous, inspiring, true to yourself and what you believe. And it's all reflected in your line. From the moment we started working together, I've been trying to find ways to let the world know that. Today, now the world knows.

[Cheers and applause]

Wyatt:  Cheers again.

Brooke: How are you feeling?

Bill: I'm good. Stop worrying.

Brooke: No, I know you're tough.

Ramona: Bill, what happened up there?

Bill: I lost focus. Then I lost my footing. Next thing you know, I was in trouble.

Brooke: Thank God you're okay.

Ramona: We'll be over there when you guys are ready to head down, okay?

Othello: Unless you want to try it again. [Chuckles]

Brooke: Never! He's never mountain climbing again! [Sighs] [Sighs] I was so afraid I'd lost you.

Bill: You'll never lose me. I want you to remember that always. I love you, Brooke.

Brooke: I love you.

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