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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 10/17/13


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Caroline: Well, if that doesn't convince you to tell me where you're taking me...

Rick: Okay. I'll give you a hint. It's someplace familiar.

Caroline: Mm-hmm?

Rick: And it's a place that's very important to us.

Caroline: Paris!

Rick: Even better.

[Camera shutter clicks]

[Indistinct conversations]

Hope: Hey.

Maya: Hi.

Hope: Hi. So, Rick should be back soon. I-I'm not sure where he and Caroline went.

Maya: Okay. Is it cool if I hang out?

Hope: Absolutely. Do you want some champagne?

Maya: No, no. I'm okay. Thank you.

Hope: I'm really glad to see you here today. I know I've said that before, but...

Maya: Thanks. I miss you guys, too. More than I realized.

Hope: You were such a big part of Hope for the Future. The fashion show was not the same without you.

Woman 1:  Hope, sorry to interrupt, but we're still waiting on that shipment.

Hope: Oh! Uh, okay. I'll -- I'll call Thorne. Will you find out where it is? Uh, I'm so sorry.

Maya: No. No, no, no. Go do your thing.

Hope: Okay. Don't go anywhere.

Maya: Okay.

Hope: Okay.

Maya: [Sighs]

Woman 2:  Um, you're Maya Avant, right?

Maya: Yes.

Woman 2:  Would you mind signing this?

Maya: Sure.

Woman 3:  Will you sign mine, too?

Maya: Absolutely. Oh, may I borrow your pen? Here you are.

Woman 3:  Oh, thank you.

Maya: My pleasure.

Woman 2:  Will you be modeling for hope for the future again? We miss you.

Maya: I miss being a part of Forrester Creations, too.

[Indistinct conversations]

Hope: Hey. Hi. Hey. So, we're running out of inventory.

Wyatt: That's a good thing, right?

Hope: It's amazing! Yes! The promotion, this diamond -- it's -- the success is huge already! Has anyone ever told you that you are a genius?

Wyatt: Uh, you, just now.

Hope: Well, it's true.

Wyatt: [Laughs] Wait, wait, wait. Shh, shh. Shh. You know, if you listen, you can actually hear the cash registers going off in Tokyo right now.

Hope: [Gasps] That far?

Wyatt: Yes. [Laughs] I mean, it's a beautiful sound.

Hope: Sales are important. They really are. But honestly, this is more important to me on a personal level.

Wyatt: I was just thinking the same thing.

Dayzee: Hey, guys.

Wyatt: Hey.

Hope: Hi!

Dayzee: Not too shabby, right?

Wyatt: You should have seen it an hour ago. The line was down to Wilshire.

Dayzee: That explains why I couldn't find any parking.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Dayzee: Hello, gorgeous.

Hope: [Chuckling] Oh, this old thing?

Dayzee: [Chuckles]

Hope: I am so glad that you're here. Seriously. I know how busy you've been since Marcus left for South Africa.

Dayzee: Mnh. No. It's fine. And I just talked to him, and, you know, I had to represent the family. I told him I'd send him pictures and keep him posted.

Wyatt: Hmm. Oh, speaking of pictures, we should probably go do that photo-op thing with the Shanghai crew.

Hope: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Dayzee: Okay. Go, go, go, go, go! We are going to guard the diamond.

Hope: [Laughing] Okay. All right. I trust you.

Dayzee: [Laughs] So? Where is he?

Maya: He left with Caroline before I got here, so I'm waiting until he gets back. Is that pathetic?

Dayzee: No. It is not pathetic. This is his event. Where is he?

Maya: I don't know. I can't imagine what could possibly be more important than this.

Caroline: A place that I like more than Paris. Does such a place even exist? [Chuckles] Aah! I am so stumped!

Rick: [Chuckles]

Caroline: Please give me a little hint. Please. [Gasps] Oh! Is it Milan?

Rick: No.

Caroline: [Sighs] Okay. I'm gonna go in a completely opposite direction. Is it the Maldives? What... this is not the way to L.A.X. and we're still in Beverly Hills.

Rick: Finally, you're starting to get warmer.

Caroline: The suspense is killing me!

Rick: [Chuckles] Derek, take us directly to Forrester Creations.

Caroline: Forrester? What are you up to?

[Indistinct conversations]

Woman 4:  That looks stunning on you.

Woman 1:  Those boxes just arrived.

Hope: Oh, great! Great. Okay, can you make sure that they get unpacked and steamed right away? And can you please make sure that everyone has enough champagne?

Woman 1: Certainly.

Hope: Thank you so much. [Sighs]

Wyatt: [Clears throat] I'd say it's a success. Congrats.

Hope: Thank you. But you deserve just as much credit as I do. This was a team effort.

Wyatt: Stop. Stop it.

Hope: Seriously, you -- you do know that Hope for the Future was in serious trouble before I met you, right? I mean, my options were either let it go, watch it fade away, or take a chance, revamp the line. And now look where we are!

Wyatt: Well, it's good to take chances in life. You never know unless you give it a shot.

Marcus: Come on! Show me!

Dayzee: No, I am not cutting in line to show you the diamond. I'll text you a picture.

Marcus: That's my Zee.

Dayzee: [Chuckles]

Marcus: Always being honest. You see, baby, that's one of the reasons why I married you.

Dayzee: Oh?

Marcus: Well, that and also --

Dayzee: Stop. I'm in public. So, how's South Africa? It's good?

Marcus: Absolutely. Yes, it's going very, very well. I mean, Cape Town here is amazing. Speaking of that...

Dayzee: Yeah?

Marcus: ...Check it out.

Dayzee: Ooh!

Marcus: You see, that's what I get to wake up to pretty much every morning.

Dayzee: It's so pretty.

Marcus: And that right there, that's Table Mountain.

Dayzee: Aww, it's beautiful. Okay, well, I'm gonna have to go, but I love you. All right. [Smooches] Bye.

Maya: Hey. Rick and Caroline are still not back. I-I don't know where they could possibly be that's more important than this. I don't get it. And I can't text him. I-I have to talk to him in person.

Dayzee: My gosh. Have you even though about what you're gonna say? You're engaged to Carter. And whatever you tell Rick, you could risk losing Carter. But then again, I mean, if you feel this strongly, you -- you have to tell Rick.

Maya: It's just so strange being here. I mean, this is where I found out that Rick was a Forrester.

Dayzee: Yep. And wasn't one of my waiters.

Maya: It bothered me so much then, but now... this family is so special.

Dayzee: Yeah. We are.

Caroline: Okay. Forrester Creations, here we come. It's my favorite place in the whole world. Except for Paris.

Rick: I think you'll be pleased.

Caroline: You have a big project for us, don't you?

Rick: Yes, we have -- we have a very big project.

Caroline: I have some really great ideas for Spring.

Rick: Ah, Spring would be good. But then again, Summer would be good, too.

Caroline: Summer?

Rick: Mm-hmm.

Caroline: I've never heard of a Summer line before. I mean, resort wear, yeah, but --

Rick: Before your -- your beautiful brain goes into overdrive, I have to tell you something. [Sighs] You're the most complex, confusing woman that I've ever known.

Caroline: Really?

Rick: Mm-hmm.

Caroline: Aww.

Rick: And I've, unfortunately, known a lot of complex, confusing women in my life. But I...I adore you. And you have frustrated me.

Caroline: [Chuckles] You've been a very patient man. You're sweet.

Rick: I'd be a fool not to love you.

Caroline: Did you just say...

Rick: I said I love you.

Caroline: [Exhales sharply] Do you realize how long it's been since you've said that to me?

Rick: I feel it and mean it more now than ever.

[Both laugh]

Caroline: Oh. This is the same spot that I pulled up to when I first arrived in L.A.

[Camera shutter clicks]

[Indistinct conversations]

Wyatt: I think it's time for a toast. Mm-hmm. To our obscenely successful day and to our dear friend, the Hope for the Future diamond. May she sparkle for all eternity.

Hope: Cheers.

[Glasses clink]

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Wyatt: Rock and roll.

Hope: [Chuckles] This has been quite a journey.

Wyatt: Yeah. And it's only just the beginning.

Hope: How are we ever gonna top Mexico?

Wyatt: Our quest for the elusive diamond?

Hope: It has brought us some serious luck. I mean, publicity from all over the world.

Wyatt: Yeah, and what I predict to be a completely sold-out line.

Hope: All because of one stone and the mysterious power behind it.

Wyatt: And to think I get to experience all of this with you. You know, if these people weren't here... I would kiss you right now. But... I'll wait. Because you just broke off your engagement with Liam, and it's been tough. But you're gonna get through it. And I'm gonna be right here when you do.

Maya: I just can't help but think I have made a huge mistake breaking up with Rick and leaving Forrester.

Dayzee: Are you sure you're not idealizing the situation? You and Rick had a lot of issues.

Maya: One. We had one issue. Caroline. She continued to try to put herself in between us. If it hadn't... I-I shouldn't even be thinking about this.

Dayzee: No, no, no. This is good. You need to process this. You have to be honest with yourself, Maya.

Maya: I am supposed to be marrying Carter! We're in the middle of planning a wedding!

Dayzee: Which you might have to put on hold!

Maya: Carter is so excited about marrying me! I mean, he's a devoted, kind, loving man, and I care a lot about him!

Dayzee: But is that enough?

Maya: I thought it was. But I'm not sure I'll ever get over Rick.

Rick: They say that your first instincts are always right. I remember the first time that I saw you getting out of that limo. I was mesmerized. I remember it so well.

Caroline: It's cute that you remember that.

Rick: Okay. I'm gonna get out of the car now.

Caroline: Okay, yeah. Me, too. Let's get to work.

Rick: No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Um... count to 10 and then come out.

Caroline: Why?

Rick: Just do it. Just trust me.

Caroline: Okay.

Rick: Okay?

Caroline: [Gasps] Can I do it in Italian?

Rick: You can do it in any language you'd like.

Caroline: Okay.

Rick: [Chuckles] Okay.

Caroline: All right.

Rick: All right.

[Car door closes]

Caroline: [Sighs] Uno... due... tre...

Rick: Okay! You can come out now!

Caroline: I haven't finished counting yet! I'm only at otto!

Rick: It's fine! Just -- just come on out! Walk the same way you did when I first met you!

Caroline: Really? Okay.

[Indistinct conversations]

Hope: Now, we do have this coming in in more sizes.

Woman 6: If you come with me, I'll take down your information.

Hope: [Sighs]

Woman 7: Hope, would you mind signing this for my daughter?

Hope: Oh, absolutely. What is your daughter's name?

Woman 7: Penny.

Hope: Oh, Penny. Well, tell, uh, Penny that she needs to come in after school sometime.

Woman 7: I will. Thanks for being such a great role model for my daughter.

Hope: Thank you for saying that.

Wyatt: [Clears throat] Hey.

Hope: Hey. Oh, let me guess. You want my autograph, too. All right. Take your shirt off. I'll sign.

Wyatt: Oh, sure. Okay. Um [Chuckles] I just saw that Maya was here.

Hope: Yeah, she's waiting for Rick.

Wyatt: That's what I was afraid of.

Hope: Why? What's wrong?

Wyatt: About your brother, um... I don't think he's coming back today.

Hope: Do you know something that I don't?

Maya: Rick and Caroline are a fling. She is convenient and easy. There's no way he really has feelings for her.

Dayzee: You're probably right. There's no way you're gonna know that unless you talk to him.

Maya: [Sighs] I-I have to fix this. I can't marry Carter while I feel this way about Rick. I just don't want to hurt him.

Dayzee: Well, that part is going to be unavoidable, okay? Carter is going to be hurt. But it's better that he find out now than six years from now when you guys are married. And the same goes for Rick. You just got to put it all out there, Maya. Put it all on the table.

Maya: And that's what I'm gonna do. Before Rick gets any closer to Caroline.

Dayzee: Okay. Good luck. I got to go pick up Rosie.

Maya: Give her a kiss for me?

Dayzee: I will.

Maya: And keep your phone on?

Dayzee: [Chuckles] I will do that.

Maya: Thank you. Thank you so much for listening to me.

Dayzee: Of course. Anytime.

Maya: Okay.

Hope: Hey!

Maya: Hey. Have you heard from your brother?

Hope: Um... Maya, I don't think he's coming back today.

Caroline: [Sniffles] Oh, my God, Rick. [Sniffles]

Rick: From the very first moment that I saw you, I knew I was gonna be in trouble.

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Rick: You have taken me on some wild rides. And I've jumped off a few times, but I always came back. Because with you is where I want to be. You never gave up on us, and you were always right. Spencer-Forrester is an unbeatable team till the end. Marry me, Caroline. Say that you'll be my wife.

Caroline: [Sobbing] Yes! Of course! I would be honored to be your wife. [Chuckles]

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