B&B Transcript Friday 9/27/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 9/27/13


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Liam: You're spending the night?

Hope: [Sighs] I know. I'm sorry.

Liam: Uh, I thought you were just gonna fly down for, like, one day.

Hope: Well... [Sighs] We haven't seen the diamond yet.

Liam: Ah, well, I'm sure Wyatt doesn't mind.

Hope: Wyatt had nothing to do with it. This was Seņor Montemayor's idea.

Liam: Right, the diamond guy.

Hope: Yeah, yeah. He's -- he's on his way to show it to us.

Liam: I swear this is beginning to sound like a setup.

Hope: This guy's legit! He knows Quinn and Wyatt!

Liam: Oh. Well, okay, then.

Hope: It is one night. I will see you tomorrow.

Liam: All right. Have fun. Don't drink too many margs.

Hope: [Laughs] I won't. Bye.

Rick: After you.

Caroline: Thank you.

Liam: Hey!

Caroline: Hey!

Rick: Liam. I got those photos you were asking about.

Liam: Nice.

Rick: What are they for, anyway?

Liam: Little surprise for Hope, something I'm working on while she's away.

Caroline: Um, she remembers that we have the fashion show coming up still, right?

Rick: Oh, don't worry. She just went to Mexico for the day.

Liam: Uh, actually, now it's gonna be overnight, with Wyatt, so...

Brooke: I tried getting through to Katie, but she's so hurt. What we've done --

Bill: All we've done is what she demanded. Let go of the guilt, Brooke.

Katie: [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Donna: Busy?

Katie: Yeah, I have a lot to catch up on.

Donna: Oh! Well, I can come back. It's just, you know, I'm kind of dying to know how it went with Bill. What happened?

Donna: Was it that bad?

Katie: It's nothing I didn't expect. And I guess the one good thing is when Brooke has a new man in her life, you always know where to find her. In the bedroom.

Brooke: [Sighs] I don't want to feel guilty anymore.

Bill: [Sighs]

Brooke: It's just frustrating... [Sighs] ...Knowing that Katie may never acknowledge what we are. But you belong here. And I don't want to change what we've started. But Katie's been hurt. She can't stand the sight of me. I don't really know how to deal with that.

Bill: With me.

Caroline: Hope is in Mexico with Wyatt.

Rick: They're bringing home a diamond.

Liam: Uh, well, they're trying to. I don't know if it's a done deal yet.

Caroline: What diamond? [Gasps] She didn't like the ring that you got for her, did she?

Liam: Oh. Ha ha ha.

Rick: It's not for her. We might use it for the line. But that's a -- that's a long story.

Caroline: Um, speaking of rings, did my invitation get lost in the mail or something?

Liam: Oh, you're not invited.

Caroline: Oh!

Liam: No, we haven't set a date yet.

Caroline: Why not? Steffy's still giving you the annulment, right?

Liam: Yeah, no. Uh, there's just a little bit more paperwork to be filed. It's fine. I-I have my attorney on it, and, uh...yeah. So Hope and I will be married very soon.

Wyatt: Was Liam pouting?

Hope: He's not thrilled, but he understands.

Wyatt: Oh, it'll be good for him -- a night alone, eating tofu stir-fry all by himself. After all he's put you through, it's about time you're in a foreign country with another man.

Hope: [Sighs] Yeah, maybe you're right. But I don't want you thinking that I'm trying to get back at Liam in any way.

Wyatt: I know!

Hope: Okay? I chose your jewelry because it's unique, and it complements Hope for the Future. I would never use you --

Wyatt: Well...except to get beautiful diamonds from around the world.

Hope: Well, except for that.

Wyatt: Yeah, of course. Yeah.

[Both chuckle]

Donna: You walked in on them?

Katie: No, thank God.

Donna: [Scoffs] I-I can't even imagine. With Will?

Katie: He was with Bill. I went up to see Brooke alone, and that's when I realized what had just happened.

Donna: You know, Bill could have warned you.

Katie: He was...caught up in seeing his son. I mean, he opened the door, and we were standing there, and his face lit up. He took Will from me, and... it felt good. Felt... like a wife coming home to her husband.

Donna: Oh, Katie.

Katie: You know, I-I didn't let him see any of that, you know? I'm just gonna have to stay closed off until it stops hurting.

Donna: One moment, you're looking at the man you've cared about for so long holding your son in his arms --

Katie: And the next, I'm walking into Brooke's bedroom, realizing what they've been doing. It's -- [Sighs] It's so wrong, Donna! And I'm supposed to just forgive. I'm supposed to accept their future together, as she had the nerve to ask me. Never. That's what I told her. Never.

Bill: Katie's your sister -- temporary C.E.O. of my company. She can't avoid us. Family gatherings, the office. Right now, Katie says that she'll never forgive, and she thinks she means it. But as time goes by and the world hasn't come to an end, she'll realize she's no longer holding a grudge.

Brooke: What about now -- all the pain that she's in, and her loneliness? I used to be able to comfort her. And now that I'm the cause of her problems... who's going to do that?

Bill: Donna. Hope. Karen. She has a support system. And eventually, you'll be part of that again.

Brooke: We did try to put a stop to this. But I can't... [Sighs] ...Deny my feelings for you anymore. And even though I don't want to see Katie in pain and... [Sighs] ...Hurting like that -- I mean, she is my sister, but... now that we're finally together... I just can't let you go. [Sighs]

Caroline: Ah! So, two weddings to look forward to. Did you hear? Maya and Carter are engaged.

Liam: Wow! We're -- well, we're gonna have to coordinate so our ceremonies don't overlap.

Rick: Yeah, well, more importantly, coordinate with our re-launch. Your bride-to-be's gonna be very busy in the next couple weeks, uh, with the fashion show and the press tour.

Liam: Yeah, I know. I'm sure we'll be able to squeeze in a wedding.

Rick: We're heading out, if you've got what you need.

Liam: Yeah. I'm, uh -- I'm all set. Uh, can I use your scanner?

Rick: Yeah, go for it. Uh, but if there are any company secrets in the next High on Fashion --

Liam: Rick, really? I want to sell magazines and all, but I'm not about to piss off my bride-to-be.

Rick: [Chuckles] Yeah, well, I've seen her angry.

Liam: Oh. [Shivers]

Caroline: Bye, Cousin!

Liam: Bye!

[Door closes]

Hope: [Sighs] Can you imagine the publicity?

Wyatt: An almost identical hope diamond -- a "Hope for the Future" diamond, worn by the beautiful Hope Logan.

Hope: What if I'm too nervous?!

Wyatt: What if you're not strong enough? I mean, a rock that size? Aah, ooh!

Hope: [Chuckles]

[Knock on door]

Hope: He's here.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm. Hola, Ricardo.

Ricardo: Hola. How's the hotel? I trust you're settling in.

Hope: It's gorgeous. Thank you so much for arranging this.

Ricardo: Oh, I couldn't have you come to my city and not at least stay the night. There's too much to see and do.

Wyatt: Well, there really is only one thing that we came to see.

Ricardo: Ah, yes. The reason you're here.

Hope: [Sighs]

Wyatt: [Clears throat]

Ricardo: You should know... that my life has changed since having this diamond. It's as if there's a power to it affecting me in a way beyond my understanding. Undoubtedly, it will change your lives.

Hope: [Gasps] [Sighs]

Bill: All right, that's it. Okay? That's it. No more talk about losing me. You're not losing me.

Brooke: Well, my sister, then. It's you or her.

Bill: This is a tough time right now. Katie's hurting, and you want to fix it. But you don't have to fix it, Brooke. Time will.

Donna: I bet you wish you stayed in New York.

Katie: No. No. I'm not gonna hide. I'm not gonna run. I'm going to concentrate on my work. I'm gonna concentrate on my son. I'm gonna run this company and be the strong, capable woman I know I am. How they live, what they do... I'm not gonna let it affect me. As hard as it may be... I'm going to try to forget how much I used to love them.

[Crickets chirping]

[Keyboard clacking]

Wyatt: Um... may I?

Ricardo: Please.

Wyatt: Wow. Um, check this out.

Hope: Oh, my gosh. [Sighs] Oh, wow! I -- this is incredible. I-I've never seen anything like it before.

Ricardo: A diamond like this is extremely rare.

Wyatt: I mean, I once saw the hope diamond in the Smithsonian, but that was in a crowded room full of tourists, behind a glass case! Uh, being so close to this one, it -- that color! [Chuckles] We need this.

Ricardo: Ah, Wyatt, I'm sure you do. But can I part with it?

Wyatt: Not forever. I-it'll be out on loan. Uh, Hope's line is called Hope for the Future. I mean, the tie-in alone would be --

Hope: What better way to introduce it to the world than through a Forrester Creations fashion show? I mean, the exposure alone --

Ricardo: I have been looking for the right platform.

Wyatt: The most important people in fashion will be there.

Hope: Not to mention the press. Instant coverage.

Ricardo: I insist on sending my bodyguard for the transport.

Hope: Absolutely. Of course. Security is very important in our line of work. Uh, this is our security detail, as well. We will keep it safe.

Ricardo: The beauty of the diamond matches the beauty of the woman.

[All chuckle]

Ricardo: How could I say no?

Wyatt: Really?

Ricardo: It's yours.

Hope: [Sighs]

Ricardo: Temporarily.

Wyatt: Right. [Laughs]

Hope: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!

Ricardo: I wasn't joking about the power of this stone. It leads people to their destinies. It's true, my dear.

Hope: Oh, uh... I'm -- I'm sure that it does. It's -- I'm sorry. It's -- it's just the word that you used just now -- destiny. Um, my mother talks about that all the time, but I'm not sure that I've ever really believed in it.

Ricardo: This diamond will make you.

When you're on your knees will you find any answers there? As you're breaking down you're breaking down I want to take you, hold you save you, know you when you're falling to pieces, I want all of you all of you

[Music stops]

Hope: Thank you.

Wyatt: No. Thank you... for coming with me... and leaving Liam for a night.

Hope: Well, it was business.

Wyatt: It's more than that. Or... it could be. Look, I got to say this before you marry Liam.

Hope: Wyatt --

Wyatt: What you've come to mean to me, how I feel about you... you've changed my life. And I don't mean finding my dad. I mean... you. You've changed...me. Don't marry my brother.

Hope: [Sighs]

Wyatt: What do you have with him e-except disappointment? It's different with us. You feel that, right? Look what we've accomplished in one day. We can do anything together. Someday... I'm going to give you this diamond. Someday... I will make you my wife.

Donna: Look, I know it's a difficult time for you. It is for Brooke, too. Uh, she's -- she's probably just so confused. She doesn't know what to do. She -- she doesn't want to hurt you, but she's --

Katie: Oh, come on! She doesn't care if she hurts me. She has no self-control.

Donna: [Sighs] She's not gonna truly commit herself to Bill. She wouldn't do that to you.

Katie: [Scoffs]

Brooke: I want to believe in us. I don't want to feel guilty.

Bill: I am never going back to Katie. Do you understand me? How could I... after this -- after being with you? I'm in love with you, Brooke. I don't want you to feel any guilt. You didn't make the decision to leave. I left. It was my decision. There are moments in life... pivotal moments... like when I went to Monte Carlo and I saw you on my yacht. That was the point of no return for me. That's when I knew exactly what we would be. And one day soon... the whole world will know how I feel about you. One day soon...

Brooke: [Gasps]

Bill: ...You'll be my wife.

Brooke: Bill, uh -- [Sighs]

Bill: I'm giving this to you now. But I know you're not going to want to wear it, not until after my divorce is final. But I wanted you to understand the depth of my commitment to you, Brooke. Will you marry me?

Brooke: [Sighs]

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