B&B Transcript Thursday 9/26/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 9/26/13


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Brooke: So, how was your trip?

Katie: Well, it wasn't exactly a vacation, and I'm sure you know all about it since bill had my followed.

Brooke: He was concerned. He wasn't sure when you'd be back.

Katie: So, when I do surveillance, it's criminal, but when bill does it, it's concern?

Bill: Everything okay in here?

Brooke: Yeah, we're fine. Aren't we, Katie?

Will: [Crying]

Bill: I'm gonna go put him down.

Hope: What does this mean?

Wyatt: I don't know. I only know California Spanish. Abierto, cerrado, mojito.

Hope: Seriously! Really, I would look it up, but I can't. The pilot turned off the Wi-Fi for landing.

Wyatt: Look, Ricardo only needs two things from us. First, to know that his diamond is safe.

Hope: And we can promise him that.

Wyatt: And second, to love the company that it'll be keeping.

Bill: How's your ba-ba, huh? Oh, I missed you.

[Door opens]

Liam: Hello? Oh.

Bill: Look at that. Look who just comes barging in. You know how many times your brother dressed me down for not knocking?

Liam: What is this? What happened?

Bill: This is my son being back where he belongs.

Liam: But not Katie.

Bill: Uh...Katie. Katie is upstairs, having a word with Brooke.

Katie: [Sighs] Can you please put some clothes on?

Brooke: This is my bedroom. You came up the stairs to see me, so obviously there's something that you want to say.

Katie: Yes, I suppose there is.

Brooke: Oh, good. I'm happy. I'm hopeful. 'Cause I can deal with anything, except the thought of you turning your back on me for good.

Wyatt: Isn't landing when you have to turn that thing off, or is it different when you own your own jet?

Hope: I feel so lost not being able to get in my e-mail.

Wyatt: Oh, you're waiting for an e-mail from Liam?

Hope: He knows I'll only be gone a few hours.

Wyatt: Right. With me.

Hope: And he knows it's just business.

Wyatt: For you.

Hope: You just have no respect for me.

Wyatt: What? Yes, I do! Where does that even come from?

Hope: No, because if you did, you would respect Liam, too.

Wyatt: You've earned it. He hasn't.

Hope: Well, then at least respect my choices.

Wyatt: Okay. How many happy days have you had since you met him, and how many unhappy days?

Liam: Hey, so, did hope come by earlier?

Bill: And here I thought you came by to see me.

Liam: Hey, cheer up! You're always my plan "B."

Bill: You hear anything?

Liam: Well, no, but maybe he's asleep, like you said he was gonna be.

Bill: Or maybe the monitor is too far away.

Will [Whines]

Bill: Ah. Okay. That's better. Brooke's got this house all -- it's just laid out all wrong. And the room designated for will, I don't know. It's just not where it should be.

Liam: What's wrong with it? I'll help you fix it right now.

Bill: I'll tell you what's wrong with it. He should have one room with two parents. Not two rooms with one parent each.

Liam: Ah.

Katie: All right. I guess I'd like to know something.

Brooke: Ask away. There isn't anything you don't already know.

Katie: Well, that's not true. I'd like to know how long you expect this to continue.

Brooke: What to continue?

Katie: This situation.

Brooke: The situation being?

Katie: Oh, my god. Really? [Scoffs] Okay, is bill living here or is he just staying here while he finds a place to live?

Brooke: Why do you care where bill lives? I mean, you already made it very clear that you're done with him.

Katie: I care because you keep saying that you want to rebuild your relationship with me, and yet I'm not sure how you do that while you've offered my husband a permanent place in your home and your bed.

Brooke: I would ask you to think about what you're doing.

Katie: What I'm doing? That's -- that's almost funny.

Brooke: Bill didn't contest the divorce. He gave you whatever you wanted. You took his job. You kicked him out of his office. You took the house -- a house that he bought for both of you. I mean, when does all this stop, Katie?

Katie: It stops when I don't have to think about the two of you together and what you destroyed.

Brooke: So, if I leave bill, that fixes everything?

Katie: At least I won't have to visualize what I almost walked in on -- his hands on you, his mouth on you, his smell on you.

Brooke: You've been having that vision for a very long time, before bill and I were even together. When you sent us to aspen, when you told bill over and over that you were done with him. You ordered us to be together.

Katie: Well, I was sick, as we now know. What's your excuse?

Brooke: I never had designs on your husband. I never made him look at me that way.

Katie: That's always your defense, isn't it? "I never meant for this to happen. It was not my intention." Well, your intentions don't matter, Brooke. Your actions matter. I'm telling you how you can start -- start to make things right, but you're not interested in that. You're like the thief who's so sorry that she got caught, but you have no intention of giving back the goods.

Brooke: Oh, my god! You want him back. That's what this is all about.

Liam: Have you said all this to Katie?

Bill: Well, not now. But more times than I can count when I was trying to save our marriage.

Liam: I know, and then came the spy cameras and she changed her mind.

Bill: It's one thing I can count on with Katie -- changing her mind. How are you supposed to be in a relationship with someone who can't keep a commitment? What?

Liam: Nothing. It's... a lot of people might say the same about me.

Bill: Let me tell you something. Don't let anybody guilt-trip you about staying with the woman who was carrying your child, Liam.

Liam: I know. I know that. But, you know, I'm old enough to recognize that sometimes making one commitment means breaking another. Nobody's blameless here. Not me. Not Katie. Not you.

Bill: I really don't want to hear that hope is shaming you about the past when you're about to get married.

Liam: She's -- no, she's not.

Bill: Good.

Liam: It's just there, and it's weighing on me. Especially when I know she's in Mexico with Wyatt.

Bill: What?

Buenas tardes. Una mesa para dos?

Wyatt: Yo creo que señor Montemayor nos reservo una mesa.

Ah, sí. Sígame, por favor.

Wyatt: Gracias.

Hope: Gracias, gracias.

De nada.

Hope: Okay, so, I don't really know what part I'm supposed to play here. I mean, we haven't strategized at all.

Wyatt: I don't want it to sound rehearsed. He'll smell strategy from 100 yards away.

Ricardo: Hey. So sorry you were waiting.

Wyatt: No, it's okay. We just got here, actually. And thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us. My mother sends her regards.

Ricardo: Oh, please pass along mine. This is Estefan. He looks out for me. And this must be miss Logan.

Hope: It is a pleasure to meet you. Please, call me hope.

Ricardo: Gladly. Hope has always been good to me.

Hope: [Chuckles]

Ricardo: This is not the request I expected.

Wyatt: No?

Ricardo: Oh, you said that hope Logan was with you. I thought that she might want to buy the diamond for Forrester.

Wyatt: To which the answer, I'm guessing, would have been no.

Ricardo: Well... [Chuckles]

Hope: You don't want to part with it.

Ricardo: Legally, I am its owner. But truthfully, I am its steward. It has its own life, many centuries longer than ours. And like all of us, the stone longs to be understood. Even to be loved. I sound a little mad to you.

Both: No.

Hope: No, not at all. I guess I just feel slightly ashamed that our motives are purely commercial. I have a clothing line called hope for the future, and we've taken some hits, but with Quinn and Wyatt's help, we're really hoping to reenter the market with a splash.

Ricardo: And hope -- what better way than with the stone they call "the other hope diamond"?

Hope: Exactly. Now, this is the part where I'm supposed to sell you.

[Both laugh]

Hope: I need to negotiate, make you some promises. Well, I can promise a usage fee for every day it's in our possession. We will insure it. We will keep it safe in los Angeles. That is of the utmost importance to us. But if you're asking me what's in it for you, well...

Wyatt: Unless I missed my guess, Ricardo already has that answer. The diamond wants to be known, to be loved, to be all over magazine covers and TV screens all over the U.S., To be the subject of news reports and documentaries. We can make that happen. That's what we bring to the table.

Bill: Hope's trying to make you jealous, right? Don't let her.

Liam: No, she's just living her life and it's making me think back on my past behavior, which is, you know, not such a bad -- I got to go.

Bill: Why?

Liam: 'Cause I got this meeting and you're being kind of weird.

Bill: Wait, wait, I'm not being weird. I'm being sympathetic.

Liam: You're not a completely different person, but you're kind of a different person.

Bill: No, I'm not. How?

Liam: Well, for one, you're less obnoxious, which I don't care for.

Bill: But isn't that a good thing?

Liam: You're not talking about yourself nonstop. What gives?

Bill: Listen, if there's somebody more interesting to talk about, then I would -- [Sighs]

Liam: [Sighs]

Bill: I am trying to be a better person. You know how I told you I wanted to be a better person? Well, I thought it would be a good retirement project.

Liam: I wasn't saying you're better. I mean, I don't even want you to be better. But you're... happier.

Bill: All right, well... when someone loves you for who you are, it makes a difference.

Liam: I hear that.

Bill: You see, that's why I rag on you. Because hope only loves you when you're good. Now, okay. I mean, that could be very powerful in and of itself because it makes you want to be good all the time. But sooner or later...

Katie: I'm not about to get into a tug of war over bill, no matter how exciting that might seem to you.

Brooke: This is so like you. Why didn't I see it coming? You love the drama of taking a big, public stand, and then it wears off, and you regret every decision you ever made!

Katie: If I regretted divorcing bill, you'd be the last person I'd come crying to. And, for the record, I could have him back if I wanted him.

Brooke: If that's how you really feel, what's stopping you?

Katie: If I'm looking for marital advice, you'd be my last stop. No, Brooke. The ruined relationship that I have forced myself to come here and confront is ours. You're my sister. You're my blood. You've always been there. When dad left, you were there. When we lost storm, when we lost mom, you were my comfort. I trusted you. I looked up to you. And I'm just wondering if there's any of that left. And if there is, what are you willing to do about it?

Ricardo: The proposal has a certain attraction.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm. How long has it been since anyone else has even seen the diamond? That weighs on you, doesn't it? To be the sole owner, the sole steward, for something so miraculous that by rights should belong to the world. If only the world knew how to see it without an invisible price tag.

Ricardo: The truth is, I have been looking for the right circumstance. [Sighs] Much to think about. Can we meet again in the morning?

Wyatt: We're actually flying back tonight.

Ricardo: I'm sorry to hear it.

Hope: Um, well, um, um, well, that's what we planned, but...

Wyatt: But we can stay.

Hope: Yeah. Yeah.

Ricardo: I'm so pleased. Allow me to make the arrangements.

Hope: Thank you so much. Um... will we be able to see the diamond?

Wyatt: I mean, unless that's -- we understand if it's not possible.

Ricardo: I would not understand if you didn't ask. Take the next few hours to prepare yourselves, and I will come to you this evening. The stone has a power to it. That's the simplest way to put it. Once you see it, I promise you...your lives will nevebe the same.

Liam: Man, I thought you said an annulment was a simple process.

Well, the court has to be satisfied that it's not a financial shortcut, like bankruptcy, to avoid a fair division of assets.

Liam: Yeah, but, I mean, hope and I are planning a wedding soon. I can't have that stalled.

Well, it doesn't need to be. As long as you can get an electronic signature from Steffy on those disclosures.

Liam: All right. Okay, I'm on it. Thanks. [Groans] Hey. It's me. Um...listen, I hate to ask you for one more thing, but I'm gonna need another signature, and then I swear -- at least, I think -- that's gonna be the last hoop for us to jump through for the annulment. Um... what else? Katie's back with will. My dad's insane, as always. And, oh. Steffy, this guy, Wyatt -- this freaking guy. He's my brother. I wish you would come back here and kick his ass around the block, because I swear I'm about to do it myself. Uh...anyway, everything else is, uh, the same. Okay.

[Cell phone beeps]

Bill: Mwah! Boy, did I miss you.

Will: [Burps]

Bill: Oh, a little burp? Hmm? [Chuckles]

Will: [Giggles]

Bill: [Laughs] So good to hold you. [Smooching] I am never gonna take this for granted. Enjoy every moment of it. But I'll tell you something. It's hard living in the moment when you're all grown up. [Sighs]

Brooke: You know I would do anything to feel like sisters again.

Katie: Not while my husband is living with you. And that's what he still is, Brooke. No imaginary permission from some court order or from a heartbroken, deceived wife can ever make this okay.

Brooke: I understand. But it happened.

Katie: My question is why is it still happening?

Brooke: What do you want, Katie? Do you want bill to be alone and miserable for the rest of his life?

Katie: I just don't want him with you. I mean, where do you see this going? Do you think you're gonna marry him?

Brooke: [Scoffs] I don't know, okay? The damage is already done, and the only thing we can do right now is to make sure there's not going to be more of it.

Katie: [Laughing] Oh, my god, you do. You do, don't you? You have turned this into a storybook romance, where you and bill can overcome any obstacle, even his pesky wife, who just happens to be your baby sister.

Brooke: I understand you want to hurt me.

Katie: No, I don't. I want to love you. But you won't let me. You're too selfish.

Brooke: Bill is his own person. He comes and goes as he pleases. So, how can I promise to you what he's going to be doing? I can't, Katie. The future is unknown, and we have to accept that.

Katie: This isn't about bill. It's about you. And the future is plain as day. You and bill straining for happily ever after. And you think I should accept that? Never!

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