B&B Transcript Thursday 9/19/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 9/19/13


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Hope: [Chuckles]

Liam: Mmm. [Sighs] So I guess this means we're okay?

Hope: There are 35 ingredients in that energy shake. What do you think?

Liam: I tried to wait up for you.

Hope: Oh, no, didn't you get my text last night? I said don't worry about it!

Liam: I-I know. I just -- I thought... we should talk.

Hope: After you finish your breakfast. [Giggles]

Liam: Mmm. That is delicious.

Hope: Yeah? Here. Let me -- let me -- let me taste it.

Liam: Yeah?

Hope: Mmm.

Liam: It's good, right?

Hope: Mmm. That is good.

Liam: Wait. Hold on. Wait. Yeah, I feel more energetic already!

Hope: [Laughing]

Quinn: [Sighs]

Wyatt: Hey, you were working on that one yesterday!

Quinn: Oh! Yes. I didn't get to finish it last night.

Wyatt: Ah. Working on something else?

Quinn: You could say that. I was at Eric Forrester's house.

Wyatt: What were you doing there?

Quinn: Protecting our contract. But I should've known a man like Eric would never back out of a deal because hope's fiancé didn't like it.

Eric: [Sighs] Okay.

Rick: Considering some changes?

Eric: No, no. She fell off the wall last night. I had to hang her back up today.

Rick: Uh-oh. What'd you do to make Stephanie mad this time? I know you and Thorne were going out to dinner. You guys got into some kind of trouble, now, didn't you?

Eric: He had to cancel.

Rick: You were home alone?

Eric: Well, I was home. But I wasn't alone.

Eric: I had an unexpected visitor last night.

Rick: It wasn't, uh --

Eric: No. Uh, Quinn fuller.

Rick: The new, uh, jewelry designer!

Eric: An interesting woman.

Rick: She want to discuss our collaboration?

Eric: And to express her gratitude. You want some coffee?

Rick: Uh, no, thank you.

Eric: Okay.

Rick: I see. I see. Is that when Stephanie took offense? Dad?

Eric: [Sighs] She kissed me. W-why is that such a big surprise to you?

Rick: Well, it's great! ...For you! But I have to look at this from a business perspective! This is a new partnership for us! Things are...complicated enough between Wyatt and hope.

Eric: Uh, Wyatt and hope are gonna have to work this out for themselves, all right? I-I-I told her I wasn't gonna negate the contract.

Rick: Well, who wants to negate the contract?

Eric: She did! She came over here last night and asked me to cancel the contract. I said no.

Wyatt: But our contract with Forrester has nothing to do with Liam!

Quinn: He told hope to break it.

Wyatt: Oh, that's what he was going on about last night.

Quinn: I overheard them talking in the office.

Wyatt: Look, you don't have to worry. Hope would never do something --

Quinn: She did.

Wyatt: Well, I'm sure that's just how it sounded! She -- she just doesn't want to upset the guy! They live together!

Quinn: She showed up at Eric's! Hope asked him to cut us loose.

Hope: Mm.

Liam: Hey, unh-unh-unh! Where do you think you're going?

Hope: I have to get ready for work! I, uh -- I want to talk to Eric before he gets too busy.

Liam: Are you gonna talk to him about ending the contract with Quinn artisan?

Hope: Actually, I-I already did. Last night, I-I went to his house, and I-I asked him to break the agreement.

Liam: So Wyatt and his mom are gone?

Hope: Um... he said no, Liam. Eric doesn't want to break the contract. Quinn and -- and Wyatt aren't going anywhere.

Eric: You calling your sister into the principal's office, are you?

Rick: No! But I should! Trying to cancel a contract that we just signed... with a vendor that she picked?!

Eric: Try not to be too hard on her.

Rick: Dad, we have spent too much time and money rebranding her line. We don't want our vendors to question our integrity!

Eric: I explained that to her -- that it's business.

Rick: No, this is Liam! He's behind this! He doesn't like Wyatt and hope working together!

Eric: Liam's name never came up.

Eric: She's got too much pride for that, dad. But Pam did tell me that he was sulking outside the meeting.

Eric: No, no. He was just waiting for hope.

Rick: He was keeping an eye on the situation! I tell you, if I was in his shoes, I'd do exactly the same thing! But canceling the contract -- that's not an option.

Eric: No, no. Hope understands that now. Look, whether this is a problem for hope or a problem for Liam, it's not gonna be a problem for Forrester and Quinn artisan jewelers.

Wyatt: You heard him ask her to break the deal?

Quinn: Oh, he didn't ask. He put his foot down. You know, everything you've told me about Liam -- I expected him to be nothing like his father. But everything I heard yesterday was pure Spencer. No debate, no compromise, and no way will his fiancée be working with you.

Wyatt: Hope didn't agree with him.

Quinn: She didn't say much of anything. Frankly, I think she was a little shocked.

Wyatt: [Scoffs] Yeah, I bet she was.

Quinn: That's why I went to Eric's -- in case Liam got through to her, you know? He's C.E.O.! She can't make any changes to our contract without his permission.

Wyatt: You put on that fuller charm?

Quinn: I don't know!

Wyatt: [Laughs]

Quinn: But...I guess it worked, because, uh, when hope showed up, asking him to reconsider... he turned her down flat.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Hope: You know, I-I understand where Eric's coming from. It looks bad to break a contract and go back on your word. I really thought that I could get him to change his mind. I'm sorry.

Liam: And I love you for trying.

Hope: You're not mad at me?

Liam: Oh, believe me, I am very aware that it was a lot to ask.

Hope: And I understand why you did it! I do! You know, but we made a deal, and Eric says we have to honor that.

Liam: Even if it's bad for us.

Hope: Well, but Eric really liked what he saw! You know, they're this small, California-based company trying to make a name for themselves, and that's how Forrester got started.

Liam: Is that the angle that Wyatt played up at the meeting?

Hope: No, it's not an angle! This could be huge for them! If they link their company name to ours, it could change everything. I asked Eric to break it because I don't want it to cause problems for us.

Liam: [Laughs] Well, causing problems for us is exactly what Wyatt wants to do.

Hope: I know that's what you think.

Liam: No. Hope, that's what he said last night to my face. I mean, he's gonna do everything he can to steal you away from me. Wyatt wants you.

Hope: You went to see him last night?

Liam: Yeah, he was -- he was still at Forrester, probably waiting for you, just like he's gonna be waiting for you every day, 'cause that's his plan, right? He wants to get close to you. He wants to do everything he can to undermine our relationship until I can get a ring on that finger. I know that day's not coming as soon as I would like it to, but it's gonna happen. It is. And until it does, I guess we just... don't let him interfere.

Hope: That's what I told my mom.

Liam: How was she? Was she supportive?

Hope: She didn't tell me what to do, surprisingly enough.

[Both chuckle] She said the decision was mine.

Liam: Well, I'm sure she just trusted you to do the right thing.

Wyatt: Um...

Quinn: I know that I... shouldn't have been eavesdropping, but... it was kind of like listening in on a private conversation with the royal family or -- or the Kennedys.

Wyatt: Mom, the Forresters are just people, just like us.

Quinn: No. They don't live like us. You should've seen Eric's house.

Wyatt: Was it big?

Quinn: Oh, it was... grand. They don't even use that word anymore -- grandeur. But, oh, the Forresters, they have it in spades. I mean, Eric started out just like us. Look at what he's created. We are a part of that now! Honey. I know you're upset about what hope did.

Wyatt: [Scoffs]

Quinn: But this is good for us. I am so excited about this job! I'm so excited about our future!

Wyatt: Yeah, but what if he hadn't have said no?

Quinn: He did.

Wyatt: What if he hadn't?! What if she convinced him like Liam convinced her? Where would we be then? No.

Quinn: What? Wait. Wyatt, don't.

Wyatt: [Clears throat]

Quinn: Wyatt, where are you going?! [Sighs]

[Door shuts]

Eric: I'm looking forward to working with her, actually. She's a fascinating woman. Very passionate about her work and...her family.

Rick: Sounds like someone else I know.

Eric: Yeah, being with her reminds me of... myself -- my early years at Forrester. I was full of ambition and fighting to make my mark.

Rick: You, uh, happen to make some more plans with her?

Eric: No, not really. Just thought I'd see her at the office. Uh, she's probably there already.

Rick: Oh, dad... don't let me hold you up.

Eric: I'm not making a big deal out of this, all right? It was just one kiss! It may not mean anything at all. But if it does... I will thank you to keep your opinions to yourself!

Rick: [Chuckles]

Liam: Mm, I better go.

Hope: Mm, yeah. Me, too.

Liam: You want me to drop you off?

Hope: Will you carry my books and walk me to class, too?

Liam: [Chuckles] No, Oliver has some -- some proofs for me. I got to go swing by Forrester and pick them up.

Hope: Oh, okay. Well, that's sweet, but I need my car today.

Liam: Okay.

Hope: Mm.

Liam: I'll see you later.

Hope: Okay.

Liam: All right.

[Both sigh]

Liam: Hey. We're gonna figure this out.

Hope: [Sighs]

Liam: I mean, he's gonna do everything he can to steal you away from me. Wyatt wants you.

[Door opens]

Hope: Hey! Did you forget something? Wyatt! Hi.

Wyatt: I saw Liam leave. Is he off to work?

Hope: Yeah.

Wyatt: Good! Then we can talk.

Hope: Um, look. I-I-I know why you're here.

Wyatt: Then you know what I'm gonna ask.

Hope: You said some things to Liam last night?

Wyatt: I told him the truth, 'cause that's the kind of guy that I am. I don't back down. I thought you...appreciated that about me. I thought we could be straight with each other. Is there something you want to tell me, something you were... reluctant to say? You -- [Chuckles] You know what? I'm not the kind of person who goes where he's not wanted. Uh, well, I'm n-- I'm -- I don't want to pressure you. If you want out of the deal with my mom and me, then... we can be out of the deal.

Hope: [Sighs]

Wyatt: And if you don't want me around... then I'm gone.

Quinn: Oh!

Eric: [Chuckling] Hi. I was just thinking about you.

Quinn: I didn't think anyone was in here.

Eric: Well, I just got here. I would say it's one of the perks of being the boss, but you know better.

Quinn: [Chuckles] First one in, last one to leave.

Eric: I like this. I like -- I like this.

Quinn: Oh! Oh, it's not finished.

Eric: Well, that's a really interesting beginning. I like where it's going.

Quinn: So do I. Um, I-I-I'm -- I'm glad that, uh -- well, I was hoping that I would see you today. You know, I wanted to thank you again... just for everything you've done for my son and me.

Eric: Well, uh, this -- this whole partnership benefits both of our companies.

Quinn: Yeah. Um... I-I just want you to know that I take it seriously. I-I'm a -- I'm a professional woman, and -- and business is business to me. You know, I-I don't want you to think that -- I-I-I'm not the kind of person -- I-I think my behavior last night... was inappropriate, and, um, I wanted to apologize.

Eric: You're sorry about the kiss.

Quinn: No. Not sorry. Just, um... a little embarrassed.

Eric: You shouldn't be. You want to take it back?

Quinn: Yes. I do.

Eric: Let me give it back to you.

Hope: [Sighs]

Wyatt: Did I come on too strong? I mean, obviously, I did.

Hope: Let me explain this.

Wyatt: You know, I knew Liam didn't want us working together, but I-I didn't know that you felt the same way.

Hope: I didn't realize how complicated things would get.

Wyatt: Well, you didn't think it through! I mean, you felt bad for my mom and me, and you thought you'd just throw us a bone.

Hope: No, Wyatt! I love her jewelry, and I think you are perfect for my line!

Wyatt: So, working with me would be too difficult. I mean, the flirting was fun.

[Both chuckle]

Wyatt: But I think I just got a little too intense. Made you feel uncomfortable. You know, if that's how you feel, hope, then just say it! If you want me gone... say the word! This will be the last time that you ever see me.

Hope: We still have a contract!

Wyatt: Forget the contract! We were fine without the contract! You know what? I'll tell my -- I'll tell my mom to rip up the papers. We can just walk away and... pretend like none of this ever happened.

Hope: I don't even know your name!

Wyatt: Wyatt!

Wyatt: Ditch this guy! Come with me.

Hope: Wait. You're right. I didn't think things through. It was... wrong of me to try and break the deal.

Wyatt: [Huffs]

Hope: Quinn artisan jewelers and hope for the future are a perfect match. And... Liam...will learn to deal with that.

Wyatt: Hmm.

Hope: I made you an offer, Wyatt. And you can count on me to keep it. I don't want you and your mom taking your jewelry somewhere else.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Hope: I want you to stay right where you are.

Wyatt: Do you know my mom will be -- my mom will be glad to hear you say that.

[Both chuckle]

Wyatt: Our employees, too. But nobody... is happier...than I am.

Hope: [Chuckles] No. No.

Wyatt: I meant thank you. That's what I meant.

Hope: Oh. Okay.

[Both chuckle]

Liam: "Proofs on Pam's desk." Nice. "Got them."

Quinn: You made a big mistake messing with my son, Liam.

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